I wonder, if the focus moved from prophecy about end-time events to teaching end-time truths regarding OMEGA and the unity of His Church, would the unity prayer of Jesus be attained?

The OMEGA is bringing to a conclusion. He is bringing to a consummation. He is finishing what He started. He is completing the Building, for which He has laid the foundation and is jointly fitting building blocks to unify His Body. He will reconcile and join together in harmony the Family of God, for which He sent His Son to be the “firstborn among many brethren.”

The Vision is high, and we must keep it high. Man has obscured the Vision, because of trying to build His Church with building blocks that they have formed by their theological belief system, but the building blocks won’t fit into His building because they are of man. In reality it is because man is conditioned into believing that his way is the right way and refuses to go God’s way, and yield himself as clay in the hands of the Potter. For this is God’s work...this is God’s is not the work of man.

God is going to do what He said. I am of the opinion He is going to do it in a manner far different from, and far beyond, what any of us have believe or even imagined. He is going to bring to naught everything, the hierarchy church structure, every planting of man, every so-called gathering together in His Name that is nothing other than gathering together under a denomination’s flag, every self-made ministry, everything that is NOT THE PRODUCT, that is NOT THE FRUIT OF HIS OWN SPIRIT EXERCISING HIS LORDSHIP among HIS PEOPLE.

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