2 Tim. 1:3

I thank God, whom I serve with a pure conscience, as my forefathers did, as without ceasing I remember you in my prayers night and day, 

Some people believe praying is about saying the right words in the christianized vernacular. Prayer is more an attitude of the heart that produces purity of life and a desire to communicate with God. Despite our good words, though our articulate and demanding speech, if we retain jealousy, un-forgiveness and revenge then our prayers are not heard by God no matter how loud or demanding they may be. Jesus through the apostle Paul teaches us to pray always. This entails we live a life of prayer in practicing forgiveness, compassion and love. If we always live life in Jesus and Jesus lives in us then it means that our life of prayer has become a real communication with God. 

Now the question is how do we learn and know what prayer is? Some interpret praying as an obligation and habit. Morning waking, before eating, or before going to sleep at night we must pray. Or when facing severe problems we should pray all the more. This type of praying is far to often one-sided, a monologue instead of dialogue and is not really communication because we do not allow God to speak to us.

God is love. He is the great lover and He desires us to fellowship with Him in prayer where communication is happening between Him and us. We are guilty of telling God what we want and fail to listen to Him to know what He wants. We want God to be our adult Santa Claus by giving us this and that, give me, give me, that is more arrogance in ignorance than prayer. 

Prayer is the believers umbilical chord to God through which He sustains and infuses relational communication, the power of love and the communication of His working in our lives. Prayer is not a custom to be publicly performed nor is it a formula to get what we think we need from God. Prayer is infused in our living as long as we are tuned to Gods desire to do His work through us and we permit Him to communicate with us. Sometimes this means we are to shut-up, put-up, get up, look-up and open-up to move with God even though the circumstance remains unchanged. 

Thanksgiving and praise with our life is communication with God that opens us up to hear Him communicate to us. 

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