Will the TRUE CHURCH please stand up.

The debate among adherents of denominated groups as to which is the True Church is preposterous. The scriptures teach that there is only "ONE CHURCH" it is neither Jewish, Protestant or Roman Catholic...it is the “Church of Jesus Christ", His Body, a called out people under Jesus the one and only HEAD.

The institutional church is not the "CHURCH", the unnamed, unclaimed, unorthodox, nondenominational, BODY OF CHRIST IS THE CHURCH! The CHURCH'S IDENTITY is not identified because of a denominational or a  nondenominational name tag. The TRUE CHURCH was purchased with Jesus’ blood and no human has the authority to be the Head of any part of His Body. Christ Himself is the ONE and ONLY HEAD of His BODY!

The Body of Christ is not a DENOMINATION it is a DESIGNATION of the “called out ones” to show forth the power that is in the love of God to people on a daily basis. Though all believers are united by the Spirit of Christ, the exclusiveness and segregation cause by denominations is an abomination because it segregates the functionality of the body from working as one under the headship of Jesus!

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