Indicators that your Vision as a Believer is out of FOCUS.

1. If you are more focused on what you do for Christ rather than who you are in Christ, refocus.

If your focus is on where you are going and what you have to do to get there, you have removed your focus off Jesus' finished work. We need to accept the fact that we are in Christ and Christ is in in that awesome truth and allow Him to do His work in us and through us and live in the freedom from our worry, hurry and scurry to work our fingers to the bone for Him.

Even though we are born of the Spirit we cannot do the things of the Spirit...BUT! He will do His work by His Spirit through us if we remove ourselves from doing things our way and allow Him to work in His way. After all "His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

If you are amongst a group that is only interested in their vision, their mission and their programs; are meeting oriented rather than people oriented, are rule enforcers to keep people under control, rather than point people to Christ and His control, your vision is in need of refocusing back on Jesus.

2. If what you believe can never be questioned without anger rising up in you, your focus is out of whack and in need of refocusing.

If you fear the challenging of what you believe because you cannot defend what you believe, it is time to change what you believe. There is no fear arising from challenging true belief, truth is its own defense and needs no defending.

If your belief system does not allow you to follow Jesus rather than the vision of the leader of the group you associate with, ditch the leader's vision and follow Jesus by focusing on and following Him, your focus is on the wrong thing.

3. If you are comfortable in your religiosity but, uncomfortable in moving into the freedom that Christ offers, your focus is out of focus.

If you are comfortable in the comfort zone of conformity to religiosity and you fear the threats of the religious judgements abs condemnations if you break from that conformity to the freedom of following Christ and His leading, you need to readjust your focus.

4. If you are content with being a silenced Pew-warmer where you follow the man-appointed leader's direction rather than the direction of Jesus your spiritual eyesight needs refocusing.

It is spiritually unhealthy to be a pew-warmer and content to be one.

If you have surrendered your God given gift to encourage, upbuild and comfort the Body of Christ, you have allowed the man instituted system to rob you of a vital gift that God has given you by your focusing on the wrong object.

Refocus your vision on Jesus and exercise your God given gift, a heart to serve people...not a religious establishment.

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