Struggling with Sin.

 Jesus...God's answer to sin, was, is and forever will be the ultimate sacrifice for sin. His death and resurrection was sufficient for sin...past...present...and future. What the ineffective and insufficient animal sacrifices and the Mosaic Law of the past could not do, He did. He settled the sin question and brings hope to the Community of Humanity and that hope is His Grace solution.

Romans 5:20 assures us that where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. News Flash...JESUS DIDN'T COME TO CONDEMN PEOPLE, HE CAME TO SAVE PEOPLE! Now...if Jesus believed in and loved people enough to be their hope, should we as believers in Him offer people hope rather than judgement and condemnation.

God's solution to sin was Jesus, Jesus solution to sin is Grace therefore, the hope we should offer to the Community of Humanity is Jesus the Grace One and His Grace message. There is no hope in trusting in our own efforts to be good by keeping the law and obeying religious rules...if there was then Jesus died in vain. Humanities hope is not the Law nor religion...It is Jesus.

The Community of the Redeemed would reveal God better to the Community of Humanity if we stopped focusing on people's sin, their weakness and their failures by becoming God-conscious rather than sin-conscious by abandoning our futile attempts to be a law-keeper and religious rule-keeper and simply trust and rest in the finished work of Jesus...His Grace...for that is the ONLY place where power to gain and maintain a relationship with God is found. It is also the only place where the power to forsake sin is found.

Being sin-conscious means we are focusing on the Law, which makes us self-conscious because we take our focus of Jesus and focus on ourselves which causes us to focus on our weakness, our shortcomings and our sinning and we end up sinning more.

Being God-conscious is the only way to appropriate Grace-power to empower us not to sin because we stop being sin-conscious, therefore we stop being me-conscious.

The answer to the struggle against sin is not more will-power to obey religious rules and laws. The answer to the sin struggle is Jesus and His Grace and the power for doing of the do's and not doing the don'ts flows from His Grace power.

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