Is Involvement in Religion Involvement in the Kingdom?

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God...”

Nowhere do Christ tell His people to seek religion or get involved in religion or that such is involvement in His Kingdom, no matter how pious or spiritual religion may appear to be. This may sound heretical considering that the focus of Christianity is in the institution called religion, and the inordinate devotion to the religious system has been mistaken by people as the pursuit of godliness.

This religious system is the handiwork of men and not the workmanship of God, and it was spawned by the arch-enemy of God the prince of this world. There isn't one scripture that can be cited to substantiate man's inordinate preoccupation with religion and the fear-mongering preaching that is designed to frighten people into the kingdom of religion that is passed of as the the gospel. There is no scripture to support religious segregated denominations with the spiritual elite hierarchy as a church...let alone "The Church" (the Community of the Redeemed)

Is religion important to God...NO, are the people entrapped in religious deception important to God...YES.

Is religion central to the purpose of God...NO. Are people the central purpose of God...YES.

Is religion to be the focus of the believer...NO. Is God to be the Focus of the believer...YES.

Contrary to popular belief, religion is not the kingdom of God, nor is it the way to the Kingdom of God. Believer's will never experience the Kingdom of God by participating in religion or its practices. God's will cannot be accomplished through religion, no matter how much religious effort is expended, it can only be accomplished through His Spirit expended through His people.

Religion is man's attempt to accomplish the will of God without the Spirit of God or without the approval of God. God's will cannot be done through religious people...why? Because His will is not accomplished in the individual dedicated to religion. Religion usurps the work and the Grace Gospel of Christ. We are to be God conscious and people conscious, not religion conscious ans sin conscious...we are to be Christ focused not religion focused, we are to be spirit led not man led. We are to rest in God not work for God, we are to be Christ-o-centric nor religion-o-centric.

The Spirit of grace is sent to lead us into all truth... the religion of law is sent to lead us away from truth!

The Spirit will never focus our attention on religion...He will focus our attention on Christ.

Let's follow and put our trust in Christ...not religion!

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