The Elusive Dream

A true believer is not one who manipulates people in pursuit of things nor is one who develops a friendship in order to control the other party for the reason of personal fame or personal gain. 

The world perceives "religionists" as self-serving and manipulative rather than be self-sacrificing to help people. The history of religion is littered with self-serving dishonest practices for the advancement of religion ant the gaining of egoistical positions to maintain their "spiritual self-identity". 

What a sad representation of the community of the Redeemed when the greatest commandment of Jesus was to love people has He loves people, so that the world would know that God is Love. It is a sad but true fact...religion has failed miserably in the love mission of Jesus Christ.

Why does an authentic, caring and loving community with other followers of, remain so much an elusive dream? One reason is the institutional religious system, merely offers selfish people another tool to serve their selfish agendas. Many religionists have never learned to live with the same self-sacrificing love that Jesus demonstrated to engage others beyond his own personal needs. They view people around them either as those they can exploit if they are cooperative, or forced to subvert if they dare challenge or question, and if they fail to subvert, the shame and blame game is played until the resistors leave voluntary or are excommunicated.
We will love well in the world only when we learn that the essence of love is in putting people before things, goals, ambitions...and yes doctrine, and  not using them for our own desires We will never understand the freedom of love until we know how loved we are by our loving God.
I have heard preacher's say that they would not step down from such a high calling (preaching) to fulfill the call of lesser importance, that of being the prime minister of Canada. Yet, they and many of the people they preach to fail to fulfill the greatest of all callings, the calling of Jesus Himself, that of loving people the way He loves people. Jesus did not have self-ambition, start any projects, plan any Sunday-event-meetings, or invent world wide ministries. He simply loved the people that He had an across-the-path encounter with. He is our great example...the one who loves us and taught us to love as He loves.
Folks the only way that the people of the world will get to know who Jesus really is is to love the way He showed us to love and love the way He loves. Religionists discard personal relationships in the pursuit of other things they consider more important...correct theology, doctrinal correctness, performance behavior, spiritual eliteness, behavioral conformity, personal acclaim and the list could go on. We have to realize that ANYTHING we make more important than loving people will only make us more a part of the world system that sacrifice people as sacrifices to the god of self-reliance.
We become so occupied with accomplishing something for God, that it becomes the means to reaching our goal, and we never grasp the truth that we are not called to work for God...we are called to work with God by allowing Him to work His work through us.
Wake up from the elusive dream so the dream can become a reality.

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