Beware of Those Who Call Evil Good!

Is religion involved in doing evil while thinking they are doing good?
We are all aware that the wicked one's work is evil work, and yes...murders, hate, lying, robbing, adultery, fornication, etc... are evil and religion sees this work as evil and rightly so...but, are they themselves, though they may claim not to participate in such evil...guiltless when it comes to participating in evil?
What is evil in the eyes of God?
Well...Israel offered insufficient sacrifices to God. In Malachi 1:8, God told the people their sacrifices were “evil” because they offered something other than what He commanded. They were the right people, doing the right thing, at the right place, and at the right time. The only thing that differed, as far as noted in the account, was they did not offer the right type of animals. The people did differently than what word God spoke unto them.  That’s what made their doing sacrifice evil.
When our thoughts, words, or deeds transgress the Gospel of Christ (the Grace Gospel), we are a evil people. This is so even though we think that in preaching Grace plus works we are doing something acceptable and good. We are not!
God commands us to “abhor evil” (Rom. 12:9). We should not find pleasure in it, laugh at it or  agree with it, condone it, embrace it, or get comfortable with it. Evil, even in the doing of good ought to disgust us because it is not loving God enough to agree with Him, we would rather agree with religious tradition.
Religion" is a force for evil that is as bad or worse then the evil of the sinners. Also let it be clear that it is not the people in the religious systems that is the force for evil, it is the people giving themselves over to the system that causes them to do evil things while believing they are serving God that is evil. In saying that, there are good people in the religious system who are unaware they are in a evil system or in league with the devil because their understanding of evilness is different from that of God. Even so, there is no excuse to commit such evil without knowing it because the Holy Spirit is present to expose the evil religious trap.
Any reliance on institutions that depends on a system of rules, rituals and routine performance as a way to God or to maintain a relationship with God is evil because it diminishes Jesus as the Head of His Body and disregards the Gospel of Christ to post-cross believers. The Christian religion has it right regarding the belief that it is "by grace" that people enter into relationship with God, but to load people with constitutional bylaws, rule keeping and membership based on performance obligations and law keeping as a means to maintain their relationship and mature spiritually, is grace plus something, which is not grace at all and imprisons people in a yoke of bondage.
Religious beliefs and practices that are against God's plan for the Community of Humanity are evil in the site of God.

From bible history regarding the scribes, pharisees and chief priests, as well as Peter and Judas, we can determine that even the Community of the Redeemed can be deceived by the tactics of Satan if not submitted to the Christ life within.
Religious people today are not immune to the deceptions of  the fact, most of the religious agenda is fostered by the deception of Satan and is accepted as truths of the gospel. Satan masquerading as angel of light has infiltrated the minds of people to believe deceptions lies as truth to the degree where the people have closed their minds off to the real truth of the gospel.

Religious knowledge, information, profession, or even the bible does not bring transformation that salvation is suppose to bring to the unbeliever and believer alike, only Jesus can do that. 
The chief priests and scribes professed to know and fear the one true God. They professed to believe in the Scriptures. Judas professed to be a follower of Christ. Yet they killed the sinless Son of God. Anyone can make a profession of faith, but profession is not enough to guard us from evil religion.

The chief priests and scribes knew the Hebrew Scripture better than any of us know the Bible. They studied it for years in the original language. They could cite lengthy passages by memory. But in spite of their impressive learning, they missed Christ. Their knowledge filled them with pride, when it should have humbled them before God. Bible knowledge is good if it brings us to the true knowledge of God and of ourselves which will result in humility and total dependance in Christ. But if it puffs us up because of what we we know, we are opening ourselves to the devil's deception
Religious position and ritual is not enough. These men were the religious leaders of their day. They had spiritual oversight over the people. But they crucified the Jesus. Judas was one of the twelve apostles, hand-picked by Jesus Christ. Yet he betrayed the Savior of the world for a small bag of silver. 

You can be a part of the hierarchy of religion holding lofty positions, you can be a "lay" person partnering with religion, yet be in league with the devil. 

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