Is Religion Robing Believers of Experiencing the Grace Life of God?

The reigns of religion control the people in its harness with the bit of deception in their mouth just has effectively as the reigns, harness and bit, control every activity of a horse that is in its bondage.

Bondage is a reality in the religious world due to the deception that the clergy/laity structure that is considered a God ordained concept that segregated religious denominations are structured around. The deception is so great in the religious culture, many caught up in the clergy system  honestly believe they are Holy Spirit led and are pursuing the call of God on their lives. When in fact the whole clergy/laity system is a major hinderance to Gospel reality being experienced in the Community of Humanity, and sad to say, opposes the reality of the Gospel of Grace from being experienced by the Community of the Redeemed.

God is so loving, merciful and graceful to us in our unrighteousness, He gives grace in our failings. Even though religion has replaced the headship of Christ, God reaches out and calls to His own in their deception, "I'm still here, longing for you. Come away with Me. I love you. Leave this religious machine behind and give your hearts totally to Me." In our religiosity we are  guilty of shutting Him out because of our desire to do things the religious way or the way we think they ought to be done. God desires grace living, but if we refuse His grace and settle for religion we will forfeit the flow of the Spirit in our midst and if we continue to neglect Him, His blessing departs altogether and we are left to our own religious musings. Religion has  manipulated the moving of God's Spirit and God's Spirit will not abide in a manipulative environment. This delusion by religious spirits saturates all who embrace this "religious thing" because of forsaking Christ alone. Religious mongers become so enamored with their man-made programs that they are oblivious to the true moving of God's Spirit In grace living. The greatest griever to the Holy Spirit is RELIGION.  

Therefore, the religious gospel is NOT the gospel of Jesus Christ...the gospel of Grace.

Religion has deceived believers and usurped the headship of Christ, taken control in an effort to maintain domination over God's people. They have frustrated, confused and misunderstood the "called out ones" of Christ and God's eternal purpose for the Community of the Redeemed in the Community of Humanity in walking and living together. Religion has manufactured a counterfeit spiritually.

 Remember when Jesus was magnificently transfigured on the mount before Peter, James and John? It is incredibly significant that we recall Peter's sudden reaction to this amazing event. I don't think there would be any fault in acknowledging that Peter's first remark was understandable. He said, "Lord, it is good for us to be here." But notice Peter's next comment, (Matthew 17:4): " if You wish, let us make here three tabernacles: one for You, one for Moses, and one for Elijah." There it is! The same excitement to place the Glory of God in a box, which has struck so many well-meaning religionists today. Peter might as well had said, "Lord, let me build three denominated churches right here... one after You and two more after these other prominent leaders in your kingdom."

Now note the immediate response of God the Father at Peter's excited remark (vs.5), "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!" The disciples all fell to the ground in fear. God's interest was not in three temples (HE WAS NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN ESTABLISHING A CHURCH DEDICATED FOR JESUS), but that they simply follow Jesus; in whom all things are summed up completely! Peter and the other disciples were afraid when they heard the voice redirecting their focus (Peter had just shoved his foot all the way inside his religious mouth), but Jesus gently touched them and said, "do not be afraid," and the Scripture says that they arose and saw no one but Jesus only. Friend be thankful for the understanding, merciful nature of our graceful God to our religious humanistic way of thinking...yet, at the same time, His most gracious call for people to recognize the TRUTH and follow Jesus...only.  Would to God that, like the disciples, we would open our eyes at this revelation and SEE JESUS ONLY...rather than keep pursuing all the religious hogwash. Religion only bears a form of godliness and prevents the experience of  the real life that only Christ gives! Religion always seems good to man, but Not to matter how garbed with a sprinkle of truth it is. Peter meant well. He was excited and he wanted to hold on to that good thing his eyes beheld. The funny thing was, Peter didn't even really understand what he had just seen because his reaction was so far out of God's will! His religious presumption distracted him from perceiving the real truth!

Unfortunately, there are far too many believers like Peter today who have yet to heed the Father's reply of, "this is My beloved Son, hear Him!" and they continue on with their building of segregated denominational buildings to honor Him; When all it does is dishonor Him In many ways, not the least by dividing rather than unifying God's people. 

Believers wake up from your religious spiritual slumber and restore sight to your religious blinded eyes to see the richness of God's grace. Do not respond as Peter' did, wanting to build another segregated church building, establish another religious program, and place (or try to maintain) the move of the Spirit into a denominational corner?

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