Lies Preachers Preach About Hell. Part 2

 What the fear mongering preachers thunder from the pulpit regarding hell...including "turn or burn" forever in Hell's torture not scripturally sound.

The aim of religious fear mongering is to keep saints and the sinners fearful and ignorant regarding hell...and hence the people will seek hell-proofing menacing hell as an endless punishment to keep people subservient by saying it is God's design, their scare tactics are a figment of the religious mind.  

That is covert (covert because the underlying agenda is unknown to most, or it is not openly taught), fascist  religion. Keep everyone in fear keeps them submissive, disables them to think for themselves and keeps them deceived. At the same time the fear-mongers rob them of their money by telling them that they are under a curse if they do not give 10% of their money to the Lord by giving to the denominated church.

Religious fear mongering ignites authoritarian aggression more than anything else. The aim is to keep people filled to the brim with fear so they will act from fear-fright. Don't expect the fear-mongers to curb their fear mongering, they have their underlying reasons for trying to scare the hell out of everybody.

Often the fear-mongers sermon is prefaced with the words, "This is God's message not mine". This statement renders them unaccountable for what they preach (at least in their mind), and it has to be truth because it is God's message...such manipulation is demonic in origin. What then flows from the mouth of the fear-monger is man-con-cocked fear fables that is accepted as bible truth, however, it is not Jesus truth.  

The first line of  bracketed quotes referenced at the beginning of the paragraphs below have all come over the pulpits as preachers preached "God's message". Judge for yourself if it is of God or not.

"John 3:16: You perish in the place called Hell."
Here is what John 3:16 says: "For thus God loves the world, so that He gives His only-begotten Son, that everyone who is believing in Him should not be perishing, but may be having life eonian."
In the King James: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Do you see where John 3:16 says that: "You perish in the place called Hell?"

"Paul believed in hell."
According to II Thes. 1:8-9. Her is what it says from a more proper translation:

" ... in flaming fire, dealing out vengeance to those who are not acquainted with God and those who are not obeying the evangel of our Lord Jesus Christ-who shall incur the justice of eonian extermination from the face of the Lord ... " (Concordant Literal New Testament).

Does it say...These people are "tortured" in fire. No, they are "exterminated." The Greek word here is ol'ethros = WHOLE-RUIN. It means to "kill or destroy completely." Notice that the firstborn of Egypt, which included little children and even babies, were "exterminated." (Heb. 11:28). It's the same Greek word. So let me assure you, Mr preacher, those little Egyptian babies are not being tortured in any fires of your fabled hell!

How long is this "extermination" to last? For all eternity? Get a concordance and read it. The Greek word translated in the Authorized Version "everlasting" is aionion, it means "age lasting" or "eonian," not eternally or everlasting. So how does this verse show that Paul believed in Hell?

"Mat. 7:13, Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to hell. Christ was saying the majority of humanity will spend eternity in hell."
The Scriptures say no such thing, and Christ said no such thing! It says: "Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat" (Mat. 7:13). Where does this verse say that the broad way leads to hell? It leads to "destruction"! It is This has nothing to do with eternal torture in the fire chamber of hell.

"You send yourself to Hell for rejecting the gospel of Jesus Christ"
The fact is that by fat the most of the population of the world through its entire history, have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. And hell loving preachers say these people are going to hell because they rejected a gospel they never heard?

"In this Bible parable, the rich man died and he went to Hell." "Lazarus died and he went to Heaven."
The Bible says no such thing. The rich man died and was entombed. And in "Hades" he figuratively lifts up his eyes-not in a fabled hell. Lazarus died and was figuratively carried away into Abraham's bosom-not Heaven.

"Every man, every woman, every boy and every girl who dies without knowing Jesus Christ spends an eternity in a city where the fire is never quenched ... "
 the response of the preacher to someone who says; 'Preacher, I don't believe in Hell.' is that's too bad, hell is still real and hot, and you're going there". The preacher's voice often builds to a crescendo when they are soliciting an applause, as a preacher did when making this statement. The congregation then began to snicker, laugh, and then broke out into an enthusiastic applause. That's really having compassion and empathy, isn't it! Laughing and applauding that people are going to burn in a hell fire for all eternity is sick. If people think that's funny may God help them because they will need it.

"For ever and ever all you're going to hear are the screams and the sobs and suffering forever and forever and forever ... and it's justice!" This statement reminds me of Jonathan Edwards belief of the subject. The statement is so sick in attributing that God would do such a thing, it warrants no comment.?

"Hell is called "The Lake of Fire."
No, the lake of fire is called the lake of fire. It is never called "hell." "Hell" is a word not found in the Greek language. And the lake of fire is not hades either. "Hades" is thrown into the lake of fire. Since it is thrown into the lake of fire, how could it be the lake of fire?

"Hell is called outer darkness, where one cannot see his hand in front of his face."
No, "outer darkness" is not in a place called Hell. Those who are not allowed to sit down with Abraham in the Kingdom are cast into the darkness outside. Logically, how can Hell "fire" be so dark that one cannot see one's own hand in front of his face? Remember the bon-fires you have experienced in the darkness of night? It throws off a lot of light and it's easy to see your hand in front of your face.

"Hell is called a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth."
No, this verse is not talking about Hell, hades, Gehenna, or the lake of fire, but those cast out of the Kingdom. Besides only the "sons of the Kingdom" are weeping and gnashing their teeth-the Jews. They rightfully should have been in the Kingdom, but were disqualified. This condition is not, however, eternal.

"Hell is called a place of torment with fire."
No, Gehenna is a place of fire..

"Hell is called a place without rest."
No, the “lake of fire” is a place of no rest.

"Hell is called a place where the fire is never quenched and its worm dieth not."
No, Gehenna is where the fire is not quenched and the worms don't die. It's a burning, city garbage dump. No one quenches the fire. If someone quenched it, it would loose its useful purpose, namely to burn up the garbage, offal, and any criminals that are thrown there. The worms don't die, because there is plenty to eat and keep them breeding. When nothing more is thrown into the fire, it will go out. It won't need to be quenched. When the food supply runs out the worms will die. How do I know that? Because the Valley of Hinnom (south of Jerusalem) was burning in Christ's day with many worms and now the fire is gone and the worms are gone.. It is no longer used for that purpose.

"Those in hell are pulling their singed hair."
Okay, somebody please give me a scripture verse on that. What, you mean there isn't one...therefore how can this be God's message?

Yes, the lies people tell regarding hell!

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