The Shallowness of the Religious Gospel.

Religion's understanding of the Gospel of Grace is shallow to say the least. The religious Gospel is an attempt to bring as many people as possible to the denominated segregated building on Sunday mornings for a two hour programmed-event-driven meeting headed by the denominated seminarian trained professional. This manipulating competitive approach reflects a poor understanding of God's Gospel of Grace, the Community of the Redeemed and the giver of Grace Himself. This religious approach breeds a competitive, consumeristic environment that is toxic to the Gospel of Grace and to the Community of Humanity.

Religion is the hub for merchandizing the gospel and religious denominations are warehouses full of blessings or curses to be dispensed on people depending on if they are tithers or not. Because some of these warehouses are the assembling places for large numbers of supporters we conclude they are successful spiritually and promoted as the best thing in the religious market today. Whether large or small, if they are merchandizing the gospel they are polluting the efforts of the Community of the Redeemed and cheapening the Good News for which Jesus died so we could experience its reality. Jesus didn’t die so we could put of programmed-event-driven meetings for two hours on Sunday mornings and take people's money. His Gospel is much more then a reason to meet for a couple of  hours once a week to fleece the flock. His Gospel is not about merchandizing, or what we can do for Him, it is about Jesus and what He has done for us, and given to us to give to others. As Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Religion is about changing the world for Christ. The Gospel is about changing YOUR world so that God, through you, will introduce Himself to the people around you. The Gospel of Grace empowers the Community of the Redeemed to live this way without the facade of religion, pretending you are someone we are not. The fact is that the Community of the Redeemed is not about selling anything. The gospel is not for sale! God did not save you to be a religious gospel salesman selling is blasphemy to use the Gospel for personal financial gain.

Neither did God save you to be manipulated, controlled and dominated by the religious hierarchy with their rules and regulations. God gave you talents and abilities that are unique to you. You have interests and hobbies, you have friends and co-workers, you have interactions with different kinds of people on a daily basis, these people are your mission field. God gave you a mind of your own, that if not denominationally seared is more receptive and open to God's voiced than the minds of the denominated seminarian and the people who have succumbed to religious real and discard the religious facade and the religious hog-wash. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you are going, that is exactly where your personal mission field is.

As you live out your own personal calling to live the Grace life where you live, you will realize that essentially you are simply called to relate to other human beings as a human being. You called to love people...not to judge them and assign them to hell fire. Wherever you are, the across-your-path people you encounter, is your mission.

Saving people is not in your or my job description. The main thing that Jesus commanded His followers to do was to love people, to serve people and to communicate the good news of God's Grace (not the bad news of religion) to people we meet along the way. Salvation is entirely God’s job, not ours.

This means we are free to submit ourselves to His perfect plan and focus on being grace people of God every single day of our lives. This is far from easy, but God promises to help us along the way.

The most important thing to remember is that God loves people far more than you or I do. He will help us to love them as He does, if we will daily surrender ourselves to His plan for us as His Community of the Redeemed. All we have to do is to say “Yes” to God and begin to learn from Jesus what it means to love people as He does.

People are watching your life, are you living in the love of God, as a loved child of God by loving people?

Are you ready to live the Grace life in your daily living, instead of the religious robes you wear for two hours on a Sunday?

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