2015...A Good Year to Awaken to the Fact that...

The working of the church as usual, is radically different from the work of the "called out ones"...the Community of the Redeemed. The work of Church that Jesus is building cannot be fulfilled by the segregation of people into segregated name-tagged buildings listening to man-made doctrine in a two hour Sunday-go-meeting. God does not dwell in temples made with hands. His blueprint for His Temple can only be fulfilled by His living in people and accomplishing His work through them.

2015 is a good year to start thinking for yourself and not so easily accept the way others want and tell you to live and think. Realize that it is not wrong to question the traditional status-quo regarding the Community of the Redeemed's functioning as the Body of Christ.

The cultured way of doing church is so established in people's mind they cannot fathom that Christ's Community of the Redeemed...a living organism...is far beyond the status-quo of the way of church as usual. To connect the traditional institution of religion with Christ's Bride...the Community of the Redeemed...is a disaster to her fulfilling His work in the Community of Humanity.

Living as the Community of the Redeemed as designed by God would confirm that the religious way of doing church has little or nothing to do with His purpose for the Community of the Redeemed.

For some, questioning the status quo would allow the Holy Spirit to crack the hard crusty shell of religion and help with the realization that the religious system is man's way of doing church...not God's...and that man is relying on their own ideologies, people, tradition and rituals instead of truly relying on His Spirit of Truth.

Should God's people keep settling for less than all their LOVING Father has designed for them to experience by wallowing in religious complacency and spiritual ignorance regarding His plan and purpose for the Community of Humanity?

2015 is a great year for God's people caught in the trap of religious conformation, stagnation and sitting in the pew of comfortable complacency, feeding on the husks of man-made doctrine, to awaken to the realization of Holy Spirit refreshing and renewing from God within them and forsake man's religion with all its trappings and seductive ways that has seduced people away from the Father heart of God and His love.

Make 2015 the year we partner with Jesus and allow Him to do His work through us affecting the Community of Humanity, by living as the Community of the Redeemed expressing the Father heart of our graceful and loving God.

We can do it!

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