Spiritual Barrenness is Not a Spiritual Wilderness Adventure.

One of the cries of spiritually dissatisfied people is: "No one understands me." "No one understands the frustration I am feeling on the inside that all do not feel right." Their cry is not one of self-pity, as is often said by the pious pulpit-teers...it is an honest realization and admission that their spiritual lives are lived in frustration and quiet desperation that they can conceal no longer. 

They sense that there is so much more to a relationship with Christ than the ritual status quo and they seek for an understanding heart and ear, but there is none. They long to break free from their mundane image projection of having it all together by smiling faces doing the do's and not doing the don'ts mentality confirmation...while the real person remains unknown and subdued. The desire to be authentic overwhelms them, but is stifled by the realization that further misunderstanding and rejection will be the result if their questioning continues. 

People are tired of the facade and realize they are imprisoned and isolated while surrounded by those who claim to know, care for, and love them.  Many have reconciled themselves to a lifetime of spiritual barrenness and frustration of mundane rituals. Deceived by the deception that the exterior facade and the inner person are one and the same, they try to comfort themselves in their deception.


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