Why are You Still Wandering Around in a Spiritual Wilderness?

What had to happen before Joshua could lead the children of Israel into their promised inheritance?

Moses had to die. Then and only then was Joshua free to bring the children of Israel into the promise land.

It is important for us to understand something here regarding the Post Covenant Promise. What had to happen...for us on this side of the cross to fully enter into the workings of the New Covenant Promise?

Jesus had to die and rise from death. True, Jesus died and rose from the grave. Still the vast majority has not entered into the Post Covenant Promise...why...there something else that has to happen before we can move into the fulfillment of the finished work of Christ. Before one can live in the freedom of the Grace Gospel the Law Covenant that is imprinted on one's heart that one live by...must die. Only then will the Spirit of Truth get through to you regarding your promised inheritance regarding the freedom of Grace and only then will the mind set obeying God to receive salvation or maintain your relationship with God. Until the mind set of having to do the do's and not do the don'ts in order to gain God's favor, you will never fully understand the work of Christ on the cross or the fulness of His Grace.

Paul was the master of the law in his religion before following Christ. What did Paul call the Law once He became a follower of Jesus..."a ministry of death and condemnation."

When you subject yourself to the Law...the consciousness of what you have to so or not do for God ( how much time you spend, witnessing, Sunday-meeting-going, bible reading, praying or doing to serve God...one actually CONDEMNS them-self to DEATH! That was the whole function of the Law.

According to Matt. 5:17, Jesus came to fulfill the Law and fulfill it He did. that means the old way of doing things had come to a stop because the entire law was "declared null and void" because without sacrifices there was no basis for the Law to continue in effect. This all happened because of the finished work of the FINAL sacrifice of Jesus who takes away the sins of the world. Jesus took the Law and nailed it to the cross and it DIED!

Now the good news of the removal of the Law with all its do's and don'ts to gain God's favor but, there is more good news.

You know that all the shame, blame guilt and condemnation you hear over the pulpits that will come upon you if you fail to obey the religious laws, rituals and regulations, don't believe it, it is a lie. Not only was the Law filled by Jesus and removed, but...and this should cause you to do a spiritual dance...in Christ we are REDEEMED from it's CURSES and CROWNED with all BLESSINGS!


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