Is Modern Israel the Biblical Israel?

Religionists in the past, present and in the future has gone and will go through great lengths to foster their version of an end time holocaust of destruction, not led by an Hitler personification...but...led by Jesus and sanctioned by God, who is LOVE

Many Christians are (as in the past) scrambling to fit astrological and world events into a dispensationalist scheme of a near pre-trib secret rapture, followed by a seven year tribulation where the wrath of God is poured out on humanity. Could it be that no matter how successful they seem to be at fitting events into their end time scenario it will fail because it is of man and not of God. Unfortunately, this end time philosophy is paralyzing the Community of the Redeemed instead, of invigorating it to work with God to fulfill His purpose for the Community of Humanity. 

Much of their believing is due to their believing that the Israel of today is the Israel of the Bible. They claim that modern day Israel is God's time clock as to the timing of this end time scenario. But, Is the modern nation of Israel the same as or related to biblical Israel, and is the role of the modern nation of Israel as the end-time prophetic clock biblical?

The dispensational per-tribulation believers would without a doubt answer yes to the above question...BUT, could it be that the modern nation of Israel is in no way related to the biblical nation of Israel? If not, it in no way means that modern Israel doesn't have the right to exist as a political or religious entity however, Christ followers must take carefully seek to understand the misunderstanding that the two  Israels are one and the same.

Most Christians believe that the modern nation of Israel fulfilled a Bible prophecy when it became a nation in 1948. For example, in the book Jerusalem Countdown, prophesy guru John Hagee states: “This momentous occasion had been recorded by the pen of the prophet Isaiah, saying, ‘A nation shall be born in a day.’ (See Isaiah 66:8.) . . . It was the greatest moment in prophetic history of the twentieth century. It was living evidence for all men to see that the God of Israel was alive and well.”

Is John Hagee's statement true? Did Isaiah 66:8 predict the establishment of the modern nation of Israel? Was May 14, 1948, the “greatest moment in prophetic history of the twentieth century” that made Israel the end time time-clock?

What does Isaiah’s prophecy state: “Who has heard of a thing like this? Who has seen things like these? Will a land be brought forth with labor pains in one day? Or will a nation be born at one time? For Zion has come into labor pains as well as given birth to her sons.” (Isaiah 66:8) The verse is clearly foretelling the sudden birth of an entire nation, as if in a single day. But the important thing to consider here is, who would cause this birth? The next verse gives a clue: “‘As for me, shall I cause the breaking through and not cause the giving birth?’ says Jehovah. ‘Or am I causing a giving birth and do I actually cause a shutting up?’ your God has said.” Is seems to me that the dramatic birth of the nation would be God's doing not man's doing.

Modern Israel is governed as a secular democracy that officially makes no claim to rely on the God nor the Christ of scripture. Did the Israelis in 1948 recognize Jehovah God as the one responsible for their declaration of statehood? Not according to the record. Neither the name of God nor even the word “God” was mentioned anywhere in the original text of the proclamation. The book Great Moments in Jewish History says this of the final text: “Even at 1:00 P.M. when the National Council met, its members could not agree about the wording of the proclamation of statehood. Observant Jews wanted a reference to ‘the God of Israel.’ Secularists balked. Compromising, Ben-Gurion decided that the word ‘Rock’ would appear instead of ‘God.’”

The modern State of Israel to this day bases its claim to statehood on a UN resolution and what it calls the natural and historic right of the Jewish people and it is their right. it reasonable to expect that the God of the scripture would perform the greatest prophetic miracle in the 20th century in behalf of a people who refuse to give him credit and not foretell it in scripture?

There are 3 historical times when the Jews returned to their homeland. 

The first return of the Jews was the exodus from being exiles in Egypt when Moses brought the 12 tribes back to the land of Canaan around 1445 BC.

The second return was when the Jews were living as exiles throughout the vast Babylonian Empire which Isaiah perceived as the four corners of the world when Ezra brought only 3 (not 12) tribes back to the land of Israel in 536 BC. These were the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. The other tribes were lost forever. Just prior to 70 AD, Herod destroyed the remaining tribal records, especially those of Levi, the priestly tribe.

The third “Regathering” of the Jewish people happened in 1948 was never prophesied in scripture, yet it is a dominate belief of many religionists of the religious denominational churches and is a deluded teaching of man.

Modern Israel’s secular attitude contrasts sharply with the situation in 537 B.C.E. Back then, the nation of Israel was indeed ‘reborn’ as if in a day after being devastated and depopulated by the Babylonians 70 years earlier. At that time, Isaiah 66:8 was strikingly fulfilled when the Persian conqueror of Babylon, Cyrus the Great, authorized the return of the Jews to their homeland. (Ezra 1:2.)

The Persian King Cyrus recognized Jehovah’s hand in the matter and those who returned to Jerusalem did so for the express purpose of restoring the worship of Jehovah God and rebuilding His temple. The modern nation of Israel has never "officially" declared any such desire or intention.

The prophet Isaiah said: The Lord shall regather Israel a second time. (Isaiah 11). Jews and most Christians claim that the “second time” of the return of the Jews was fulfilled in the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. But the “second time” actually took place 537 BC.

Because the religion of Judaism's roots, as it is currently practiced is a form of religion created while they were in exile and became the tradition of the elders since they did not have access to the sacrifices and the temple. This is the religion that the exiled Jewish people brought back to Jerusalem. It was this form of religion that Jesus had many issues with and rejected. Then after the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, they again had to develop a form of practicing a religion where the Talmud is of higher status than Scripture since again, no temple, no sacrifices and no priesthood.

Again this is difficult because religious believers, especially in the western world, bought the modern nation of Israel into a theology of eschatology called dispensationalism, which began generally speaking in the early 1800's.  But the scripture better supports that all prophecy regarding biblical Israel was finished by AD 70.

Consider these scriptures: Luke records Jesus' description of the coming destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 and defines its larger context in Luke 21:20-22, But when YOU see JERUSALEM surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation is near. Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those who are in the midst of her depart, and let not those who are in the country enter her. For these are the days of vengeance, that ALL THINGS WHICH ARE WRITTEN MAY BE FULFILLED.

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