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An Examination of Tithing.

Recently I attended a Sunday meeting where several statements by the speaker stood out as condescending, judgmental, and condemning. These statements may not be taken in a negative sense by the people who are adhering to and participating in the doing of the things that the statements were meant to promote nor, I am sure, by the speaker himself, but what does it do to the people who are not manipulated into doing the required thing to be a part of their group.

The statement that was made that has prompted me to deal with the subject of tithing was, “If you are not a tither you have not had an experience with God” This statement is weighted to the belief that tithing is something that God has instituted and is supposed to be practiced today and if not participated in your relationship with God is questionable.

Does it follow that if you are not baptized in water, are not baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, are not attending the Sunday-go-meetings or adh…