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Are you SICK and TIRED?

Are you sick and tired of wallowing in the unholy mix-mash mixture of the law-grace in the segregated denominated penned corrals, feeding on a mix-mash of rotten devil-inspired man-made doctrines cooked up by the denominated seminarian trained professional chef, that provides religious nourishment, but little or no spiritual nourishment for spiritual growth? 
Are you sick and tired of religious tradition that is nothing more than a rendition of man-made religious performances and rituals that you are led to believe will gain or maintain approval and favor with God, when all it does is gain you favor with a religious denomination and the religious hierarchy.
Are you sick and tired of being fat on bible knowledge trying prove that religion has life by spewing out dead words that are dead because the Holy Spirit has not impregnated them with spiritual life and truth, due ti the fact they are already impregnated with denominational death and lies? 
Are you sick and tired o…

Isn't it two Faced to mouth that God is Love...then mouth off that Love Fails!


Many people who claim that God is love and that love never fails do not believe love wins. They live and preach and teach that God is love...BUT...He somehow loses His love and destines people to eternal damnation in the torture chamber of eternal hell fire because they (some through no fault of their own) have not accepted Jesus as their Savior...or they have accepted Him but, have failed to measure up failing to keep the rules of maintaining that salvation.

These people, rather than believe the scripture, the historical and contextual meaning of the word hell...choose to believe the guilt-ridden psyche of Augustine and the tormented fantasies of Dante, they have been deluded by the terrors of pagan nonsensecial nonsense and are moved from the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Cor. 11:3).

LOVE never fails "ARE", words of victory, empowerment, encouragement, and hope. For most of my life, I embraced teachings built on we…

Is what we are hearing TRUTH?

Some people born into the manipulation and control of religious bondage think that the freedom that Grace brings is sin sickness because Grace people believe that;

Antiquity is no guarantee of doctrinal may be doctrinal error that is believed to be truth.

Segregating in denominated tame-tagged buildings for two hours in a Sunday-go-meeten doesn't equal may mean that you are aiding in fighting the unity that Christ prayed for.

Hearing from a denominated seminarian professional doesn’t necessarily mean you are hearing from may mean you are hearing from the devil.

Giving to religious causes does not mean you are giving to most likely means you are giving to keep the religious wheel turning.

Believing or preaching something as denominational truth for a long period of time doesn’t always mean that what is taught or preached is Truth...It may mean that it is merely a man-made lie that is accepted as truth.

Just because Grace and Love is preache…


Because a doctrine, a ritual or a belief system is traditional does not automatically make it correct. If it is not correct the people who believe the falsehood makes the written word of God ineffective. 
When people hold tenaciously to a wrong tradition for a long period, preach that wrong tradition as truth, they believe it to be actual truth. When people listening to the tradition century's later and have known no other way accept that tradition as truth and they to invalidate the written word of God as did the religious leaders during Christ's earth walk. 
We can debate our traditions, we can twist the scriptures to validate our traditions as people did regarding the flat earth belief, the slavery issue, the sanctioning of the so called "religious wars", etc.. More recent traditions that are accepted as of God are segregated buildings of worship that house people who hold to different interpretations of the Bible and Church regulated to a two hour…

The misunderstood, it is a sin.

The reasoning of this writer should cause the evangelistic and fundamentalistic bible thumping literalists to question their hand-me-down orthodox traditions regarding their rituals, practices and doctrines and the use of the bible in establishing denominations, judgements and condemnations.
My guess is that most religionists who start to read this work will not finish it, nor believe it because it will destroy the manipulation and control they exert over people.  Some will check who the author is and search the internet regarding his background and his qualifications to write such a work in order to discredit him rather than look at their doctrinal stance and reason as to if it is right or not.
I know nothing of this author, and I have not attempted to find anything about him. I may do that later...but for now, his writing resonates with some questions regarding...what I believe to be the greatest book on earth...even though I do not hold to it being errorless or all of its content …
A MERRY CHRISTMAS...not only to my family and friends...but to EVERYBODY!


Christ’s Birth is not about;
Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Here Comes Santa Clause
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer –
I Believe in Father Christmas
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Little Saint Nick
Santa Baby
The Night Santa Went Crazy
Up on the Housetop

Christ’s Birth is about;

O Holy Night
Mary Did You Know
Hark the Herald, Angels Sing
Angels, We Have Come on High
Joy to the World
Go Tell it on the Mountain
Away in a Manger
Silent Night
The First Noel
O Little Town of Bethlehem

So if we are going to celebrate the Birth of Christ, let's realize that it has nothing to do with all the traditional commercial trappings we wrap around this time of year!
God’s message in the Birth of Christ is…

I am coming…coming to you in the form of a human. I will be called Jesus, GOD SAVES! I, God will live with you...close and intimate. You will be able to hear and feel and touch me for a little whil…

Why do the people who are suppose to be Graceful and Loving, LIMIT God's Love and Grace?

When the understanding of Grace becomes a reality in your living, you will be splattered with  religious rules and regulations of religious people, or has Paul puts it, "fallen from grace" people.

If there is one thing that riles the wrath of religion, it is the completeness of God's amazing grace and love. This wrath stirred in them may be due to their own lack of it in their lives, and in their preaching of their perverted gospel of mixing the law with grace.

From one side of their mouth they will tell you that God is a God of love and grace...while from the other side of the same mouth they say, BUT...both these statements come from the same heart. A divided heart that speaks both good and evil, that if the Spirit of Christ is in that heart, it should not happen. The divided heart of the religionists will weep and pray for the sinner for them to come to the alter for salvation and in the same breath consign them to hell fire at a future time if they don't.

If you are…

The Going to Church Experience.

According to some...not, Sunday was not a happy event. The being dragged out of bed when they desired to sleep in, mandated to rub and scrub till their skin shone paying particular attention to clean behind the ears and to the corner eyes, clean the mucous from their snout...then stand at attention for inspection by mom and sent back to rewash if her inspection did not meet the passing grade. Their shoes had to be polished and spit shined, Their clothes had to be Sunday-only wearing clothes even though it did not fit well, breakfast was a rushed event amidst all the yelling and screaming to get ready because they were going to be late for church. Mom spit in her hand and applied it the kids hair so it would stay in place, kids were yelled at and slapped across the head for cat-fighting in the back seat, and dad was yelled at because of his seemingly careless driving. Yet all was  pleasantry and as we smiled when greeting the other church-goers as we went into the ve…

Is Religion Truly a Representation of the Life of Christ that it Claims to Be?

Most people in the western world assume and believe that the Christian religious world is a representation of the life of Christ, His gospel of grace and His teachings. This assumption is far from the truth but is accepted as truth because they...use the Bible has their holy book, their pattern for living and is without error...say that Jesus is their Head...the doctrines they teach Bible doctrines...the fruit of their efforts is proof that God is blessing them...say their interpretation of the Bible is correct...their condemnation and judgements are godly...their hierarchy structure is biblical...their Sunday-programmed-event-driven-meeting is Church...etc.. And the adherents to this kind of understanding has known nothing other than what they present and accept what they are told by the trained seminarian without studying to "show themselves a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

I thank God, that some people are seeing religion for w…

Amazing Grace.

Grace is;

The fruit of the Spirit wrapped up in one package.
Holy Spirit revealed.
The finished work of Christ on the cross.
Christ in you;
You in Christ'
Christ working His works through you.
Confident that you are the dwelling place for Christ.
Power to live the believer's life.
Strength for today and hope for tomorrow.
Freedom from the Law.
Freedom from religion.
Rest from self-righteous works.
Divine enablemeant to be who God made you to be.
Without boundaries.
Sin destroying.
Hate destroying.

Somebody please, please tell me...why does the religionist reject God's Amazing GRACE?

Is Religion on the Way Out?

Is the decline in the number of people participating in the religious way of doing Church indicative of the sinking religious ship. 

Surveys of such validate the dramatic increase in the number of people leaving denominational churches, and the number of religious institutions that now sit empty on Sundays is a stark reality that religion is losing its grip on its power over, its  manipulation of and its control of a large number of people that are thinking for themselves and debunking some of what they were taught by the denominated seminarian because of their seeing the fallacy of the fundamental beliefs of and the working of religion. Without a doubt, the "Christian Religion" (denominationalism) is being exposed for what it is...a great deterrent to the purpose and plan of God for the Community of the Redeemed in the Community of Humanity.

Now I realize that most people who claim to be believers believe that this decline is a NEGATIVE thing that is inspired by the devil…

Dogmatized Doctrine.

Denominations are all based on a particular denominational and traditional interpretations of the Bible, and each different denominational doctrine is dogmatized, by said denomination.

For the purpose of distinction, I refer to Dogma, as the indisputable core doctrines of Scripture.

Dogma is fixed, nonnegotiable and irrevocable, it cannot be changed. Examples of dogma are: the virgin birth, the inspiration of the original scripture (not translated scriptures known as the Bible), the deity of Christ, creationism, God's love and grace, Christ's death, burial, resurrection and ascension, and the second coming of Christ. If a person does not agree with the dogma of scriptures in my opinion there is grounds for concern.

Though all dogma is doctrine...not all doctrine is dogma.

Doctrine, on the other hand, is a belief that a denomination holds on the truth of a dogma. A doctrine can be right or wrong, God inspired, demon inspired or human inspired. Doctrine should be open for ques…


Most religious denominations have never been truly Biblical, others have deviated from Biblical doctrine in one way or another. This apostasy, for the most part, is not recognized by the adherents of many different denominations out there, and has gone largely unaddressed by people because of the unpopularity of doing so within the religious ranks. But this apostasy and the man-made-doctrines of these religious institutions need to be addressed and debunked for the facade they are before God’s people can experience the freedom of the Gospel of Grace. 

However we must not loose sight of the fact that within most name-tagged segregated denominations there are people who have a genuine relationship with Christ and are members of His Body that are duped into the believing that the manipulation and control of the religious system is godly.

It is my conviction that believers who are aware of of the fallacy of denominational beliefs cannot significantly change the religious mindset and the…

The Pharisaical Pharisees.

Pharisees were considered by the religious “laity” (a religious class distinction that should be non-existent in the Community of the Redeemed) and by themselves to be the spiritual elite Law experts and teachers thus, the epitome of spiritual advisers and they reveled in that recognition and class distinction.

In scripture there is an account of a woman caught in adultery. Her Pharisaical accusers made her stand before their religious peers and in a pious manner said to Jesus...hoping to trap Him...“Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?’"

As religious leaders of Jesus’ day, the Pharisees were noted for, (at least outwardly) upholding the Law of Moses and very legalistic about people keeping the Law. Many of their rules were man-made, designed to keep people in bondage to them and under their direct control. Their rigid law keeping regulations made them hard taskmasters because they used the …

We are Ultimately Responsible for what we Believe.

What we believe about the God and His Gospel is of utmost, practical as well as spiritual importance. None of us have a complete understanding concerning the oracles of God only God’s appointed Teacher, (the Holy Spirit) has that. The degree to which we can be spiritually deceived depends on what or who we put our trust in.

1 Tim. 2:15, says to "study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

Study does not come easy, it does not come by believing what a denominated preacher says over the pulpit, just because he is the preacher. It does not come by believing some denomination’s traditional point of view so as to not to be looked upon as disloyal. We must search the scriptures and interpret the scripture through the lens of Jesus (the direct image of God) to see if what comes over the pulpit is in line with the the character and teachings of Christ and the historical and contextual setting, and if it isn&…

Who are you Following

There is so much more to the the Gospel of Christ than what most religious Sunday-meeting attending people have presumed. Religion has largely succeeded in convincing people that what God is generally concerned about is Sunday-go-meeting attendance, the giving of tithes and freewill offerings to the denominated organization, getting you involved in some denominated ministry, building grand religious edifices and to put off elaborate event-driven "inspirational" programs, etc., rather than engage in an intimate, vibrant, abundant, incredible, close and personal love relationship with God and to teach people how to have this kind of love for one another! God's desire is for His Community of the Redeemed to be the outlet for Jesus to live His life through to minister to the Community of Humanity! He is interested in teaching us how to function as a unified body under the Headship of Jesus and not under the bondage of religion.

The Gospel is very intimate, very much alive, …

Religious Fable: You Must “Go to Church”

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. (Hebrews 10:25)

Religious fables deceive, imprison, blind, maim, enslave, slay, manipulate, control and destroy, that is exactly what assembling in segregated denominated institutional buildings, called “churches” preaching religious rules and Law mixed with Grace accomplishes.

All believers need and should seek true fellowship. However to fellowship, where the fruit of that fellowship kills their spiritual love relationship with God, draws people’s focus away from Christ the Head and the teaching of God’s appointed Teacher...the not true fellowship. It may be fellowship with religion, but that is a relational fellowship with the walking dead for without the Spirit there is no life.

Denominations ascertain that unless Christians belong to some nominal denominated church organization, they will inevitably grow cold in…

Hearing the Spirit of Truth.

The words of the Spirit; “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Rev. 2:29)

There are those who have ears to hear what the Spirit says...and those who don’t because religious fables have made them dull of hearing. The former listen to and are able to discern the Spirit of Truth when He speaks. The latter have tuned out the voice of the Spirit and comfortably disregard truth, while choosing to listen to and believe in the religious fables of denominationalism, man-made doctrines and tradition.

With regard to the religious deception of people caught in the religious trap of mixing grace and law of the religious system and calling it the gospel, just about every single institution...if not all...have succumbed to this deception. The sad case is that only a small percentage of religious deceptionized people will cast aside the fabled denominated teachings of their seminarian denominated professional so they can hear and recognize what the real truth of t…

The "For Sale" Gospel.

The gospel that religion preachers preach from the pulpits of segregated denominated buildings, from the stage of convention centers, from the podiums of the conference rooms and from the television screens in our living rooms, is for sale by the celebrity pa-stars, not for a buck, but for a lot of bucks and these mega bucks are making the charlatans filthy rich! Yet...the deceived still give!

The religious system has become a center of rapine business that lusts for the lust of the flesh, it is so obsessed with financial gains and people to fill the pews to supply that money, that it takes first, second, and third place and all its other functions take fourth place or greater. Money, manipulation and control has effectively corrupted the religious institutional denominations. But there is more to the mammon worship than just religious manipulation control and money itself or the subjective desire for is in reality a demonic power that has influenced the religious system that…

What is "Sound Doctrine"?

We are all aware of the cry from denominational pulpits to be grounded in "sound doctrine." Usually, this "sound doctrine" mirrors a man-made denominational statement of faith ratified at the inauguration of the denomination and enforced by the religious hierarchy, (pastors, deacons, elders, etc.), and reinforced through denominational membership classes before membership is granted.

But, what is "sound doctrine"? Shouldn't we take the criteria for "sound doctrine" from the Scriptures themselves? The Apostle Paul defines the critera as to what is sound doctrine and what is unsound doctrine. The first indicator that doctrine is sound is that it "boasts in the finished work” of our Lord Jesus Christ by His death on the “cross" followed by His resurrection.

See with what large letters I am writing to you with my own hand. Those who desire to make a good showing in the flesh try to compel you to be circumcised, simply so that they wil…

Are You Loving?

The people that the religionist so love to judge, condemn and criticize and even assign to hell fire because in demonstrating their knowledge of the Bible, use their misinterpreted understandings to bash other people’s beliefs because they; reject their man-made denominated doctrine...reject or accept people as to whether they pray in tongues or flow in the gifts of the Spirit or not...are denominated, religionized or attend the or feast...follow certain religious rules and rituals or not...tithe or not...are not moved to accept the religionisrts view of God. If we as people of God cannot love unconditionally, then we are nothing but the creaking of a grease-less squeaking wheel causing damage to the Kingdom of God.

But, the religions always come back with, “we do love, we love people enough to tell them that hell is hot and eternal ready to swallow them up, if they do not accept Christ as Savior.” Turn or burn is their love message.

Sure, they boast of bei…

Were we Sold a Rotten Box of Goods as the Gospel? Part 2.

With the religious package finally open and its contents better understood the holes in my religious garb freed me enough to question and analyze the box's contents.

In order for this process to progress the laying aside of all my preconceived religious beliefs had to be laid aside as to not influence my understanding and interpretation of the scripture. That included all my religious instruction from preachers, teachers, bible school, conventions, conferences, all the doctrines even to the very nature of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as this was what was neatly packed in the denominational boxes. The end result was that I ended up with my religion strewn all over the place as I tried to separate truth from denominational error, totally dependent on the God's appointed teacher the "Holy Spirit." Does that mean I have everything right now...No, why....because I am a finite human and God's ways are infinite, far above my ability to understand Him and I will, as l…

Were we Sold a Rotten Box of Goods as the Gospel? Part 1

Although all Christian religions claim that the Gospel is free and without cost, the reality is that once initial salvation is accepted a costly package deal follows in order to maintain that salvation that includes money and much more besides.
Though all denominations believe different beliefs and each neatly packaged deal is labeled "Christianity" and tied up with specific denominated name-tagged bows, the contents are basically the same. In that box you will find; godly doctrines and man-made doctrines...truth and lies...the real and the fake...hope and despair...heaven and hell...blessings and curses. The well dressed seminarian spiritual spokes person says that the acceptance of the gospel would fill the aching void in people's hearts and assure them of a place in heaven and we believed it because we were ignorant of spiritual reality, innocent as children and because their message was the only one we have heard. With persuasive emotionalism, numerou…