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Deceived Churchgoers!

Could it be possible that you are a deceived churchgoer? Are you trapped in the trap of deception without realizing it? Are you hypnotized by preacher-tricksters and their charismatic speaking abilities to persuade the captives,  that they are God’s man of the hour and receive from God the direction for your life? are you persuaded that church hierarchy structure was God ordained and to question that authority was tantamount to questioning God?

Organized religion is very narrow minded, some are even closed minded, very controlled and very man-made, with customs and traditions that have nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus never intended that life in Christ to be a religious ritual. The law of God is simply LOVE, and all living should come within the parameter of the love of God. Going to church routinely is not the definition of love, nor of being a Christ follower. Life in Christ is not really a "church" thing, but rather one of having the character of G…

Relationship Downfall.

If your relationships are built on expectations and those expected expectations don’t meet your desired expectations or fail to be expressed at all, you will face disappointment and resentfulness which will be hurtful to your relationships!

Conceling what ia in the Heart.

It is hard to tell what is in the heart of people by the look on their face in a Sunday-go-meeting, because many people wear a mask of religiosity to event-driven-meetings. To know what is in the heart of someone, is revealed more in relational living life daily.

Does Religious Activity equal Spiritual satisfaction?

People are DISILLUSIONED with “church as usual” because after paying all their dues, attending Sunday-event-driven-meetings, and being involved in the programs, they find that they are still spiritually unfulfilled instead of being spiritually fulfilled as conveyed to them by the preacher. PEOPLE weren’t CREATED for PROGRAMS or  religious ACTIVITIES, it does not and cannot bring spiritual fulfillment! PEOPLE need PRACTICAL TRUTH they can APPLY and EXPERIENCE as reality.


Lectured Style Preaching!

The mouthing of sermons, which to most people is “preaching”, functions on the level of information/cognition, no matter how informative, funny, emotional or charismatic the sermon may be, This may be useful in producing converts to a particular denomination. To make Disciples of Christ, however, requires not only cognitive information but also relationship, relationship is severely limited by lectured style preaching, therefore discipleship is severely limited also!

Are We Discerning?

Many believers, even though unintentionally, are very gullible and naive, in the fact that they have no discernment about wolves in sheep's clothing.

All too often, believers are falling prey to celebrity preachers, swooning over them for no reason other than these individuals have the lofty title of "senior pastor", "prophet", "prophetess", "evangelist", "reverend", "doctor", "bishop", or some other clergy name that is bestowed on them by men.

Those titles, "in themselves" mean absolutely nothing, but many believers think that anyone who has such a title is: somehow "spiritually elevated" above the common believer, especially anointed, has authority over the “laity”, and is God ordained.

To believe that is to live in deception! Jesus himself warns in Matthew 24:4-5 "Take heed that no man deceive you. For MANY shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; AND SHALL DECEIVE MAN…

Quit Struggling and Rest.

If you are struggling in a circumstantial storm right now, instead of wallowing in self-pity and saying; “why me Lord”, dig deeper into the heart of your loving Father and rest in His fountain of compassion, understanding, kindness, acceptance, affection and love. Let Him be your Captain and He will take you through the storm.


Whatever makes us feel superior to other people, our race, our job, our religion, religious titles, belonging to the religious hierarchy structure, etc., is a product of pride and is indicative that we are still ruled by our sinful nature that we are suppose to reckon as dead.

It is also indicative that we are operating in the flesh and not in love and grace.

Preaching...Dialogue or Monologue?

In the modern way of doing church, has the contemporary way of preaching contributed to an unhealthy listener orientation and the celebrity status of preachers in westernized Christianity. In the context of the Sunday service being church as accepted by religion, when people don’t come to a Sunday-event-programmed-meeting because their favorite preacher isn’t speaking, is that not a problem? Does not this mentality cater to the idea of church as the “vendor of religious blessings and services” that subverts the influence of the true gospel?

The approach to preaching in the scriptures seems significantly different than the way it is done now. For instance, preaching in the early church seems to be much more of a dialogue than today’s monologue style  of preaching. Someone was able to ask a question of Peter in his great Pentecost sermon in Acts 2. Jesus’ best teaching moments were either in response to a question someone else asked, or a question He asked someone else.

Should “churche…

The Power of Love and Grace.

As believers we are called and saved by grace. Many who believe in an angry God do not trust that His way of grace and love is a dynamic powerful enough force to bring about justice and overcome evil in this world. If you look around the religious world most of the time you see God portrayed as an angry and  revengeful God who is displeased because of our actions. From a human standpoint, when we see all the evil and injustice in the world, I can understand the viewpoint that God should be angry and revengeful  against evil.

Although understandable, it would be self-defeating if God acted in that manner. For James says, "The wrath of man does not bring about the righteous life that God desires" (James 1:20). Anger leads to more anger, hatred breeds hatred, contempt leads to contempt and revenge leads to revenge. When people feel the dehumanizing effects because of the awful things people do religion in turn dehumanize them and retaliate by doing awful things back to them and…

Is God a God of Retribution?

Somehow, by some sinister way, there has been a doctrine propagated by religion  that says: If I am faithful God will be faithful to me… If I do this, God will do that to me… If I serve him, then my business is going to prosper… if I tithe, I will be blessed of God… The doctrine of “Divine Retribution” is the idea that God will return vengeance or justice for wrong-doing. In short, God punishes sin. In simplistic terms, divine retribution sees all negative situations as God’s punishment, and all positive situations as God’s blessings.
Retribution is defined as recompense for merits. Sadly many of us approach God’s faithfulness with the mindset of self-righteousness and retribution. We fear that something will happen to the things that we love the most, and so we stand on God’s side only to be blessed in everything. The truth is that if we love God above everything else then He will take care of the rest. We are not in relationship with Him because we want to be blessed; but because we …

Suffering is a daily reality in this world that is out of synch with the Creator's plans and priorities.

Don't fall into the devil’s trap of blaming God or yourself. The shame of the fall compels us to play the blame game in times of crisis because we believe it should not happen, therefore someone is to blame. The abuses and excesses of religion in the western world and the world over are well known and humility in the face of adversity will serve God's work far more. Jesus warned those in his day who thought the victims of calamity were more deserving than those who were not victims were wrong and missing the point entirely. (Luke 13:1-5)

Now more than ever, hear the Father inviting you to draw nearer to Him than you ever have before. Don't do that by redoubling your efforts to prove your love to God by good works or increased religious activity. Rather, come to the quiet and cultivate a transforming relationship with the Lord of Glory. Paul knew that only as we grow to know Him better would His presence become more real and more satisfying than our own appetites and distra…

A Caring Community.

A love relationship is the foundation of a caring community of believers. The goal of a believing community is not to categorize people as good or bad, clean or unclean, righteous or unrighteous. Jesus met people where they were and tried to bring them into God’s presence so they could experience His love. As believers we ought to do the same.

Once people truly experience God’s love, salvation is at hand in an understandable way for them.

Why do Bad things happen to Good People?

Many people have been led to believe that bad things should not happen to good people but, that is not borne out in the reality of life living in this world and it is time believers accept the truth of this. This kind of misrepresentation of the truth, that God can protect and heal everybody, yet does not protect and heal everybody, results in people condemning themselves thinking they are not in the right place with God,  or rile against God accusing  him of being unfair, uncaring, unfaithful, unloving, and untrue to his word. It even cause some to loose trust in and give up believing in God.

Bad things happening to good people destroys the illusion that God’s blessing means believers aren’t subjected to bad things happening to them exposing it for the lie that it is. Does that mean that God does not miraculously heal and deliver, of course not, he do but the reality is he does not heal everybody!

What is assured is that God supplies whatever grace and comfort is needed in those mom…

The Foundation of Relationship.

The foundation of a lasting relationship is not commonality, it is not give and take, it is not sexual gratification, and it is not to fulfill selfish desires to fuel an ego trip.

The foundation of relationship is LOVE! The foundation of love is death to self, if you die to self a good relationship is assured because you are in it for the other person. In a relationship, perseverance and endurance with patience is love for the other person.

If two people are in the relationship for the other person’s benefit it will last whatever storm may assail.

Is Religious System a Worldly System?

Jesus when asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, answered;The kingdom of God is not coming in a way that can be observed; nor will they say, Look, here it is! or there it is! For, indeed, the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21 20)

Denominations are the best known expressions of religious institutions that make up religion. Religion was responsible for what was called holy wars or religious wars. Why did reformations and counter reformations occur that saw nations pitted against nation, and men and women pronounced heretic to be imprisoned in chains, and executed by fire or other means? Because the religious elite wanted domination and control. And there are some religious sects that adhere to that mentality today.

Worldly power and dominion were NOT what Jesus planned to establish His kingdom. Jesus clearly stated to Pilate the Roman governor, just before he was crucified, "my kingdom is not of this world, if it were my followers would fight." Jes…

In Tune.

The more in tune you are with God and spiritual matters, the less in tune you are with selfishness and the religious world system.

Live to be Remembered.

Would you like to be remembered when you pass on to the great beyond? 
Encourage people, be kind to people, forgive people and love people while living and you will be a long time dead before you are forgotten.

Does thinking you know mean you actually know?

People who think they know and understand everything about everything can learn nothing because in their mine there is nothing to learn because they know everything.

You are valuable!

Western religious mentality has formed in the mind of believers, the idea that the people involved in "full time public ministry" are graced with super spiritual antennas that receive the will of God for the less spiritual common folk called the "laity", and these super spiritual people is the pipeline God uses to let the not so spiritual people know what He wants them to know. HOGWASH!

I believe it is the quiet deeds of faith, the steadfast heart, the humble service of being simply a believer over the years of a lifetime that is really pleasing to God, Jesus was humble and meek and we are to learn from Him. Most people serve Him, in the unobserved moment by moment willingness to bear the burdens of life in a fallen world, never receiving accolades from the public arena. Yet, God, who sees in secret, will indeed see their deeds of loving faithfulness. At the reward giving ceremony, there are going to be great disappointments when some of the public figures works a…

Give what is of value to God.

You give God little, even if you give Him much of your possessions, if you haven’t given Him your heart and life. 
It is only when you give Him your heart and life that you have truly given him your most valuable possession!

The Right to Write.

The right to write is a freedom that does not ensure what we write is right.

I write what I write because I believe it to be right but, that does not necessarily make what I write right, because what I write is based on what I perceive to be right and what I perceive to be right may not be right. What I write is only right if what I write is right.

If you think what I write is not right then, write what you think is right without using what you think is your right to write condemning what I write, or write to condemn me personally because you do not think that what I write is right.

Let people hold what we write because we think it is right up to the bright light and let the rightly divided word of truth determine if what we write is right.

The call of God.

The call by God to serve is a call that goes out to all believers in one capacity or another.

However, a title ascribed to men by men, has replaced the privilege and servant-hood of the call of God with a hierarchy system of power, control, where fame and showmanship is paramount as people strive to build “their ministry”. These man appointed leaders say; "It is the reward for the fruits of my labor, and my faithfulness to the call, my ministry is blessed of God."

There is no such animal as “my ministry” in the Kingdom of God.

The apostle Paul didn't risk all to help plant thirteen churches in order to build his own ministerial kingdom, nor to leave a monument, as King Saul did, to himself and has religious icons do today. The last thing he wanted to hear was, "I am of Paul!" He labored in order to leave the gospel of Christ to others, that their faith might not rest in or depend upon men. He labored in ordered to make himself ultimately expendable. "And …

Questing without Love.

The quest for power is the reason some angles are fallen angles.

The quest for knowledge accounts for the fall of man.

The quest for love will lead you to God, Who is love. In LOVING, people are not in any danger by the giving or the receiving it.

Love keeps the quest for power and knowledge from excess.

To love and be loved is life!

The World and You.

Are you the kind of person that makes the world more special because you are in it!

Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye

Not seeing eye-to-eye on THEOLOGY and METHODOLOGY is no grounds for the SEPARATION and SEGREGATION of the CONGREGATION belonging to the CREATION of God, “the Church”.

It is also no reason not to be friends with people or think that we can not love or learn from them.

Know them by their Fruit.

Are preachers, pastors, prophets, bishops, teachers, doctors, and "professional" clergy to be believed for no other reason than that they have a the title attached to their name? Are they to be believed for no other reason than that they are "senior pastors" of mega churches? Are they to be believed for no other reason than that they have a charismatic personality, they are gifted public speakers, or they prance back and forth in front of a television camera? Are they to be believed because they have a bombastic personality, can shout loudly, and can make the audience laugh or cry? Are they to be believed for no other reason than that they have a church building that costs millions of dollars, and seats many thousands of people? Are they to be believed because they can quote scripture? For those Christians who read the Bible for themselves, it is well known that even Satan quotes scriptures, and in fact Satan quoted scriptures to Jesus Christ (Matthew 4:1-11). Sata…

God's Work in the Earth.

God's work in the earth can only be done by the Spirit through a people who are in a genuine relationship with God. This relationship value cannot be overestimated, for without it very little, if any, eternal benefit will be gained. Today, religion offers people programs, event-driven-meetings, professional preachers, emotionalism, talent nights, church affiliation, and attractive emotional appeals in an effort to sway the hearts of people to God. But, the evidence is this practice falls pathetically short of the goal.
The Kingdom of Heaven will not invade the earthly realm, destroying the strongholds of demonic darkness, until the people of God develop a spiritual relationship with God that is transferred to people as a means to transform their lives. God’s presence, power, and glory will be seen when His people have a  fervent passion, holy conviction, and unwavering perseverance in establishing and maintaining a genuine relationship with God, then by prayer and su…

Live Loved because you are Loved.

May you experience God to be more and more at real in your life as you travel this relational journey with Him as you maintain your trust in Him. May your roots be embedded deep into the rich soil of His unlimited and unconditional love, compassion and kindness. May you be graced with the power to understand the awesomeness of how wide, how long, how deep and how high His love really is. May you live in His love, for it is within His love and living as His loved child that you will be filled with the fulness of life and power to accomplish great exploits for Him.

His love manifested in your life is the key to spiritual strength that is yet unknown to you! It is also the greatest witness for the extension of God’s kingdom.

What has LOVE got to do with it?

LOVE has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING because GOD is LOVE!

That means that whatever you do that is not motivated by love means diddley-squat  to God, His kingdom or your spirituality. That includes preaching or using the bible as a bow to shoot proof text verses as arrows to prove biased misinterpretation of scripture and use those scripture verses that are taken out of context as fire power to create fear in, accuse and heap condemnation on people who believe different than you do. 

Love causes one to swallow pride, forfeit condemnation, kills a haughty spirit and destroys a superiority complex.

Worship in spirit and in Truth.

Living in an authentic relationship with God on a daily basis is the most personal, powerful, and spiritual form of worship. It is this living life from a authentic relationship with God that manifests worshiping God "in spirit and in truth." Worshiping God in spirit and in truth has little to do with participating in "worship times" in event-driven meetings, it has more to do with everyday living in everyday life.


Every community has hurting, despairing, lonely and lost people. “Churches” provide outreach to people in that situation by some event-driven outreach program. The problem is that once the event is over the people are usually forgotten until the next event-driven-outreach program that is designed for them.

A true relational relationship with God is moving beyond event-driven-outreach to building a more authentic lasting relationship with people as a outflow of God’s love. This love is not a forced love, His love is literally a part of us, once we have an understanding of His love we cannot help but share it with others, this type of outreach will outlast any event-driven-outreach program.

Leader's Impact.

Leaders who see themselves as kings create a barrier between them and the people they believe they are king over thus, relational relationships are nigh impossible because of the hierarchy structure, but those who see themselves as an equal fellow traveler on a relational journey with God have the greatest impact on people because genuine relationships are formed.

“God said it, that settles it”

“God said it, that settles it” is a phrase used by people to cover up their not understanding what God said so they can accept the interpretation of the religious group they belong to. To say “God said it, that settles it” carries a lot of weight for people that don’t understand the context surrounding what God said and in ignorance accept what the religious group tells them God said!

Just because we say God said it does not mean we fully understand the context as to why God said it to be able to conclusively conclude it backs up our interpretation of what He said.

What God said is interpreted by religious groups based on the particular group’s  philosophy and religious beliefs determined by the founder and the hierarchy of the group. The people in that group then interpret what God said in light of all the filters imposed by their upbringing and religious culture...That my friend, doesn't exactly settle it!

Is pride evil? If it is, why is it evil?

1 John 2:16; For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

In Jer 13: 9,10,15,16; "Thus says the Lord: In this manner I will ruin the pride of Judah and the great pride of Jerusalem. This evil people who refuse to hear My words, who walk in the imagination of their heart, and walk after other gods to serve them and worship them, shall be just like this sash which is profitable for nothing…. Hear and give ear: do not be proud, for the Lord has spoken….but if you will not hear it, my soul will weep in secret for your pride;" 

Yes, pride is evil.

It is evil because it unveils and feeds our self-interests and our self-sufficiency, which may seem necessary and good to us. But, when we are self-sufficient, we fail to see our need for humility and relationship growth. Therefore, self becomes our god, and our relationship with God is stunted and His work in us and through us is mute…

Scaring the Hell Out of People.

Some preachers preach about hell as if they were born and grew up there and based on some of their actions, one could draw the conclusion they did live there! They seem to want people to fear hell and the devil more than they want people to love and trust in God who has defeated the devil and removed the sting out of death.

Why is it that most of religion’s preachers try to scare the hell out of people to try and win them to the Lord’s side, or to keep their flock believing their religious philosophy by telling them that hell is a hot spot that awaits them if they stray from the fold, when the teaching of scripture is; “it is the LOVE of God that constrains people, and the GOODNESS of God that leads people to repentance”? It is not that believers need to scare the hell out of people, it is that people need to experience the LOVE and GOODNESS of God out-flowing from believers leading them to repentance, then hell will not be an issue for them even if it is hot!

Though hell may be a ho…

Religion is a Binding Force.

Religion is a binding force because it has taken traditions of men from history and positioned them in the present and lauds people who obey the rules and regulations regarding the traditions. This keeps people in bondage to religion and prevents them from being free in the present. According to scripture it is the traditions of men that renders the Word of God null and void!

What are you known for?

Why is it that “Christians” are known more for what they stand against and oppose rather than being known as the most loving, compassionate, understanding people around? Even though you speak with the tongue of angles and have power to remove mountains and knock what you stand against into the sea, what does it profit if all you do is not based on LOVE!

It is one thing to hate something and to transfer that hate to the people who do the something you hate. It is quite another thing to hate something and transfer love to the people who do the something you hate. God hates sin but always loves the people who sin, He loved them to the point that He gave His Son while people were still sinners.

“Revive us again”!

Revival is not about event-driven-meetings where the “church”  is "full of people" where salvation is taking place. It is about "people"being full of God", living a selfless life as the "Church" manifesting God’s power and love. As a result people are introduced to His kingdom.

Keeping the Big Wheels Turnung.

You and you alone are responsible and accountable for what you believe, what you do, who you will trust, and who you allow to have control and authority over you! And, God is the One you are accountable to, not some religious organization! This kind of freedom is what the religious systems don’t want you to have, because they need you in subjection to their regulatory control because it is difficult to keep the religious wheels turning if people are not in their control.

God Moves in the Institutional Church, Does this make it the CHURCH?

Does God move in the institutional church? Yes! Myself and a multitude of other people were introduced to salvation in the institutional church even. Despite the misunderstanding that exists there God meets people who genuinely seek Him. But, does that mean it has God’s approval? God works through many things that do not reflect His original intention. Therefore, God’s “moving in or even His “blessing of” is a flawed measuring stick for determining God’s sanctioning. Remember, God blessed His people when they were living in Babylon, but living in Babylon was not His will. Neither were the synagogues that they built while there. God’s will was for His temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Many of God’s people are in the institutional system doesn’t, that make the institution “churches”? God’s people are in workplace buildings, school buildings, government buildings, hotel buildings, etc... But that doesn’t make such institutions the Church.

Let me try yo demonstrate the difference between…

Have an Open Mind.

The words people say and the things people do may not be in agreement with the beliefs of you.

Is that a reason for you to be quick to condemn, as if they have committed some great sin.

Maybe the things you have heard are the concepts of man misunderstanding God’s word.

Just because you are sold on what your preacher has you told.

Is no reason to condemn because people believe different than him.

Listen to the words of man, not to respond but to understand.

If what you hear goes against the character of Christ, then put what you hear on a bed of ice.

Not to preserve as some tradition to uphold, but as the ice melts, forget what you have been told.

Open your closed mind and you may learn something new and guess what, the new maybe what is true.

Is the Something I know Aabout Some Things the Right Thing?

I don’t know everything about everything but I do know something about some things. Even though the something I know about some things may not agree what you think you know about the same thing doesn’t mean that the something that I know about some things is the wrong thing. It is possible that the something you know about the same thing could be the wrong thing and what I know be the right thing.

You and I need to be careful that we don’t accept the wrong thing as the right thing so as not to present that wrong thing as the right thing where other people accept the wrong thing as the right thing.

If we are taught the wrong thing about all things long enough we will accept that wrong thing as the right thing but, that does not make the wrong thing the right thing!


One of the misconceptions of leaders and members of “churches” is that they believe their mandate regarding the “great commission” is to grow their particular “church” (denomination) they belong to. On the other hand, the Church that Jesus is building, the growing of is by Jesus Himself, for He said, “I will build my Church”. That does not mean that He is going to use His carpenter skills and build His Church out of wood and mortar to create a meeting place and use outreach to fill it, rather it means He will add to His Church people whom He fitly joins together in His Body, the “CHURCH”.

The “church” focused outreach of the different “churches” is reduced to a little more than an endeavor to sell people on what they believe to be the benefits of coming to “church” whatever brand that may be. This reinforces the religious cultural assumption that church is a Sunday event happening! This idea has been woven into the fabric of society due to the religious view of what “Church” is about…

Fragumented Church.

Is the Church that Jesus is the Head of supposed to be fragmented, disjointed and disunited by denominational segregation due to the different man made philosophies, and doctrines into the formation of their belief system?

Revelation of the TRUTH of Who the real Jesus is paramount to the UNIFICATION of HIS BODY being UNITED as ONE for which Jesus’ prayer; “That they may be ONE as you and I are ONE” was prayed!

How to read a person's character?

If you want to know what the character of a person is about, open your ears to hear what that person says about others, more than what you hear other people say about them.
How a person speaks and acts speaks volumes about their character!

Jesus doesn't!

Jesus doesn’t have an i-phone to be on your contact list....but contact with Him is a necessary, He is the most important contact.

Jesus is not a face-book member therefore, not on your list of face-book friends...but is He your best friend, the one you recommend to your face-book friends?

Jesus does not use twitter to follow you...but He is the Person you should follow.

Jesus doesn’t have an internet connection for communicating with you...but communication with Him is the most important communication.

Is Love Conditional?

Many people say they accept and love all people yet, SEGREGATE and DISSOCIATE from them and INTIMIDATE them if the people’s doctrinal THEOLOGY does not line up with their doctrinal THEOLOGY or form of DOXOLOGY.

God’s love is all inclusive and without INTIMIDATION or the EXPECTATION of CONFORMATION to my IDEOLOGY of doctrinal THEOLOGY or form of DOXOLOGY.

Whom do you Follow?

Follow a fellowship and you will go no further in your spiritual relationship than the fellowship and the fellowship will go no further than the leader of the fellowship, and the leader will be limited by the doctrines and creeds of the hierarchy of the fellowship.

Following Jesus is the only “FOLLOWING” that will establish the spiritual relationship God desires to have with you and with people.

Things God never Sanctioned.

Calling denominational buildings the Church.
Denominations...the segregation of like minded people based on different religious beliefs.
Doctrinal indoctrination of people based on denominational interpretation.
The man-made religious hierarchy structure of controlling people in religion.
The alter call.
Repeating, after the preacher, the sinners prayer for salvation.
Religious participation is the “Church” action.
The shame and blame game.
Going to Sunday-programmed-event-driven meetings, means you are going to Church.
Sunday school.
Seminary training qualifies you as a pastor (the one-man-conduit between God and man) of the “Church”.
What takes place in a “church building” is Church Life.
The merchandizing of the gospel...for your giving to our ministry you will receive...
The celebrity status and lifestyle of preachers.
Post cross tithing.

Continue to Care and Love.

Just because you stop contacting and communicating with somebody does not mean you stop caring about them or loving them, it may mean that person has stopped contacting, communicating, caring and loving you or that circumstances may have arisen that may not be conducive for them to share with you. 

Don’t give up caring and loving that person even though communicating may not be happening for some reason, your caring and loving leaves the door open to restore the relationship!

"Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child."

In Proverbs 13:24 we read, "Those who spare the rod, hate their children, but the one who loves their child disciplines them diligently." The question is, do we tale this literally, is it a directive or a metaphor?

The use of the word rod in this passage is the same one used in the 23rd Psalm where we read, "Your rod and your staff comfort me." We may rightfully assume that the rod of a shepherd is at least similar in type and use to that in the verse of Proverbs.

Clergy and laity alike use this verse to justify the beating of children, but the use of the rod by shepherds did not generally include beating the sheep. The fact is, the rod and staff were the two tools utilized by shepherds of the day. The staff, which we are most familiar with, has a "crook" or "hook" on the end which was used to stop running sheep, help pull sheep up from rocky places when they'd fallen over, and so on. The rod was used when corralling the sheep to insure they w…

the Modern Churches' Loving.

One thing I have observed in the modern church is that their loving seems to be event-driven and seldom goes beyond programs...Is a demonstration of true LOVE exhibited if it is offered by event-oriented and program controlled outreach that ends when the event has concluded?

Are you Found Wanting?

Whatever you deem to be a path to God or finding favor with God...good works, church membership, attending Sunday meetings, tithing, etc...When it is exposed to the light of God's Love and Grace it is insufficient and found wanting!

Spiritual Discontent.

Spiritual discontent with the spiritual status quo may be asign of spiritual progress towards spiritual growth and maturity.

You can be Great

Everybody has the ability to be great, because everybody has the ability to serve. All you need is a heart and soul full of God's grace and love and then be graceful and loving to people!

Be careful what enters your ear gate.

What you keep allowing to enter your ear gate and verbalize with you mouth you eventually believe as truth even though it may not be truth. That is why it is wise to weigh what you listen to and what rolls off the tip of your tongue.

Where is your Allegance?

Compassion, kindness, understanding, acceptance and love would make allegiance to Jesus of people, but religious leaders can be counted on to restore balance by having people put their allegiance in religion.

Welcome Home.

The world is yours to live in, the world is also yours to die in. Live so that when you die people will say it was worthwhile that you lived in the world and hear God say, welcome home.

The Life that is.

Some people are so absorbed with worrying about the life to come that they fail to live in the life that is! We are all here to do what we are here to do and if we fail to live in this life, what we are here to do never gets done!

Have you made God into your Image?

If you believe that God hates the same people you do, and only loves the same people you do, you can be assured that you have made God into your image instead of you conforming to His image!

Is the way we interpret scripture correct?

The problem with religions who insist on a literal interpretation of the scripture is they put their own meaning to many of the words.  

An example is “Spare the ‘rod’, spoil the child.”  A rod was a stick with a with a shepherds hook at one end, used by shepherds to guide their sheep to go in the d direction they wanted them to go or to rescue them from danger by cradling them in the hook and lifting them to safety.  Shepherds did not use the rod to beat their sheep.  

The proper interpretation of the verse is 'Give your child guidance correction, or they will go astray.'  

It does not mean 'Beat the living crap out of your children or they will become rotten' as many religious people seem to believe.

Is it always Correct to Speak the Truth.

To speak what is CORRECT is to always speak the TRUTH.
But, to speak the TRUTH is not always CORRECT.

If the truth spoken demeans, condemns, slanders or instills fear in people it is not correct to speak that truth. Why? Because love is the moat active ingredient in truth and we are to value people above hurting them with truth.

On the other hand, if the truth builds, uplifts, encourages people it is correct to speak that truth.

Jesus did not speak truth that condemned people, for He said, “I have not come to condemn people, but through me people may be saved.”

New Years Resolutions that are Worth Following Through on:

Resolve to forget your failures. Resolve not to live in the past. Resolve to give up your grudges. Resolve to restore and deepen relationships. Resolve to be kind to people. Resolve to appreciate people more than things. Resolve to befriend people. Resolve to never lose your smile. Resolve to forgive others and forgive yourself. Resolve to be Godly instead of being religious. Resolve to love others as God loves you. Resolve to treat people with respect. Resolve to encourage people, not condemn them.

Happy New Year.

2011 is past and gone and will never return again. Learn from both the good and not so good things that happened in 2011 but don’t live through them.

You are now living in 2012, a year where every circumstance good or bad is a door of opportunity for growth and for sharing with others what matters in life. Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining, behind every challenge there is an opportunity, a hidden gift and a great lesson to be learned.

Our attitude toward the circumstance we are faced with will determine the fulness and quality of life we will live in 2012!

Live in 2012, a life of appreciation and thankfulness!