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Fivefold Ministry

The spiritual journey that I am on has caused me to completely rethink the Church as understood by the denominational world and therefore, rethink the five fold ministry.Regarding the fivefold ministry, religion starts with a wrong holds to the idea that there are multiple churches. Jesus came and He established one and only one CHURCH and that church was not an organization that is overseen by catholic or protestant popes under shepherd by different titles of positions ascribed to people to keep the religious structure in motion.Please do not conclude that I do not believe in the fivefold ministry, nothing could be further from the truth, but I do see it in a different light than the religious mindset that has prompted the accepted view of this vital ministry that God has given HIS CHURCH.How did the doctrine of the fivefold ministry come about?In 1824, Edward Irving, a Presbyterian pastor in Scotland, began teaching that the five-fold ministry of apostle…

December 2010 Truth Nuggets

The end of the past year and the beginning of the new year is is not really the end or beginning of anything, except dates that will populate history, it is just a continuation of time and life. But, throughout the dated New Year apply the wisdom and understanding you may have gained from the past year, because during the New Year you have another chance to get things right, so DON’T GIVE UP!

To have a vision for the New Year is not enough if all you do is envision your vision! To fulfill your vision you need the activator of venture! Don’t only envision your vision, break out of your envisioning and venture into action to fulfill your vision.
If we were more concerned about what we eat between the New Year and Christmas instead of being so worried about what we eat between Christmas and the New Year, it would benefit us much more!If you would but take the time every day of 2011, in-spite of whatever circumstance you find yourself going through, to look at the beauty and love in the wo…