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Do you have a Relationship with Jesus or is your relationship with the book about Jesus?

It is sad when people develop a relationship with the book which as been translated by different men in different ways to mean different things by different translators based on their religious viewpoint. 
The purpose of the Bible is to point us to Jesus so we will develop a relationship with Him, not the book about Him. Some people leave the impression that they worship the Scriptures and their INTERPRETATION of it, rather than letting it guide them to worship the only one who has life and the only one who can give us life. 
People are focused on following the dictates of a  religion  based on their interpretation of the book rather than  knowing Him relationally and being transformed by His love and power. 
A RELATIONSHIP with the BIBLE is not the same as a RELATIONSHIP with JESUS!

Peace of Mind.

If you desire peace of mind the place to search for it is within your heart, if you cannot find it there, it will not be found elsewhere, no matter what material things are in your possession. The only way to find peace within yourself is to know the peace of God which passes all understanding. Peace is an inner quality that translate to an outer quality and not an outer quality that translate to an inner quality!

Are you a Positive Person?

Do you consider yourself a POSITIVE person? If you are disrespectful and condescending in your attitude toward people, if you try to control people by fear mongering, if you portray yourself as a nose stuck-up-in-the-air know-it-all person, or if you are bitter toward people, you will not be  looked upon or known as a POSITIVE person!

Grieveing the Holy Spirit.

Many people think that grieving the Holy Spirit is about what we teach, preach or act in the context of a Sunday-Go-Meeting. When in actual fact according to Ephesians 4:25-32, it is more about how we treat people!

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit by the way you treat people!

Is what we see in ourselves what others see?

What we see in ourselves may not be what others see in us. Do we like what other people see in us, if not, maybe we should look within ourselves. We may get a better perspective of who we are that will inspire us to change thus, changing how other people see us and what they see in us.

Intimate Relationship

The more we develop an intimate relationship with God, the more we can develop an intimate relationship with people and create a desire in them to connect intimately with God.


If you are Newlyweds or planning to become Newlyweds, remember that to make relationship in families work you must also become Oldlyweds! If you fail to become Oldlyweds, family relationships fall apart shipwrecking families!

Does God’s commendation mean that you have God’s approval?

In Revelation 2:2 & 3, The people making up the Ephesian Church are commended for their ministry work. Yet God makes it clear in the next verse that they are not loving Him. He tells them, “You have forsaken your first love.” If you are involved in ministry and not loving Him, you are in ministry and not loving people!

Because they did not love God, He gives them a warning; “If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lamp stand from its place.” God tells the hard working, sin hating, doctrine-loving, people that ministry involvement without love for Him is His way. His way has always been the way of love. Love is supposed to be the motive of all godly action.

To maintain that you are expressing  a love for God and a love for people by ministry involvement is not the same as ministry involvement because you love God and love people!

Liberal, Conservative, Orthodox, Fundamentalist Evangelical

I am neither a Liberal, Conservative, Orthodox, or a Fundamentalist Evangelical believer.
I believe God’s thoughts and God’s ways are far above mans. The beliefs of the groups mentioned, are merely man’s conclusions on theology and their interpretation of scripture. No one group has even scratched the surface as to God’s thoughts and actions whether pre-cross or post-cross. Neither does any one group have a monopoly on scripture interpretation,
God is LOVE! All of God’s acts, even if judgmental or wrath oriented are based on His LOVE and not his hatred of people.

When it comes to his actions God sees the big picture, based on His love His actions are for His good therefore, for the good of people even if people are unable to see the good in the moment.

Disapointment in Relationship!

Many people in relationships seemed disappointed because they are waiting for the grandiose, earth shattering, mind boggling, connection with the other person. My advice to you is; enjoy the little things in your relationship, because one day you will look back and realize, they were the big connections! Being kind, considerate, understanding, compassionate, forgiving, empathizing, and loving will give you the most desired  and contented and connected relationship there could ever be.


One thing that may help you if you are becoming depressed and frustrated about what you are going through, is to think about what or where you want to be and move a step at a time in that direction.

Church/One Anothering

Church is more a seven day One-Anothering affair, than just a Sunday-Event-Preacher-Controlled affair!

Church is a daily relationship with God and with people, where PEOPLE are:

Depending on one another. Devoted to one another. Rejoicing with one another. Weeping with one another. Laughing with one another. Living in harmony with one another. Not judging one another. Accepting one another. Greeting one another. Caring for one another. Serving one another. Showing kindness to one another. Forgiving one another.  Are compassionate toward one another. Encouraging one another. Submitting to one another. Bearing burdens of one  another. Stimulate one another. Offer hospitality to one another. Ministering spiritual gifts to one another. Showing humility toward one another. Not slandering one another. Not grumbling against one another. Confessing sins to one another. Praying together and for one another. Fellow-shipping with one another. Preferring one another. Enjoying one another.  Respect…

Life's Best

GOD is the most important person in life. He offers you life beyond this life!
A SMILE is the most important attire to wear in life. It is contagious and cheers people through life.
TRUST in God is the greatest asset to have in life. It provides the strength to get through the difficult times of life.
LOVE is the greatest force in life. It is the only force that genuinely unites people, helps people, and offers forgiveness to people.


People, because of the May 21, 2011 doomsday preacher's prediction, were stood-up, shook-up, messed-up, fed-up because of the screwed-up prediction that people were going to be taken-up as the graves threw-up its dead. People, if you believe in the pre-trib theory, at least wake-up, smarten-up and look-up the scripture that declares that NO man knows the day or the hour of His return and stop falling for the puffed-up, messed-up preachers who come-up with the day and hour you are going to be caught-up!

Don't Hurt People!

A assured way not to hurt people is to talk, walk, act, and live live with understanding, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and love!

Man’s Thoughts are not God’s Thoughts!

In Isa. 55:8-9, we are informed that God’s thoughts are higher than man’s thoughts and God’s ways are not our ways, as high as the heavens are higher than the earth so are His ways and thoughts higher than man’s ways and thoughts!

When we partake in discussions, arguing our point of view, and say, “well I wouldn’t believe in a God who would or wouldn’t do”...who would or wouldn’t what...something that you wouldn’t do, or think in a way that is different than you would think or understand. Isn’t that defining God to man’s way of doing or thinking? Is that not arrogantly elevating ourselves to God’s way of thinking and doing ability? Could there be a remote possibility that God’s sense of justice is actually more developed than man’s and that His love and mercy are perfect and we are the one’s that are lacking understanding even when we think we got it right?

When we make statements like; “well God wouldn’t do this or that,” We must understand that at that moment we are a…

God Loves All People.

There is no greater truth in the universe than the fact that God Loves People! His word records, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

What a profound truth! Notice what the verse doesn't say, it doesn’t say,  God only loves believers or religious people, God only loves righteous people or churchgoers, God only loves Bible-thumpers or leaders. The Word of God is clear and to the point that God loves “the world” (people of the world) and that includes YOU! No matter who you are, God truly loves you.
“And He is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the world” 1st John 2:2.
Jesus’ sacrifice was for all humanity, because God loves everybody everywhere. This means that God loves the murderer, God Loves the adulterer, God loves the homosexual, God loves the crooked politician and the corrupt banker, God loves the vilest sinner and t…

Responding to what people say or do.

When people say or do ill mannered things against us we ought to record it in the sand so the rain of forgiveness can wash it away for ever.

When people befriend us with love and kindness we should engrave it on our heart so as to never forget it.


If you are a flatterer flattering flattery on people you will probably be recognized as superficial and remembered as a liar.

If you are a criticizer criticizing people you will probably be hated and remembered as a critic.

If you are an encourager encouraging people you will be loved and forever remembered with honor and respect as an encourager.


Have you ever tried to go to sleep with the predator of fear tormenting your mind, if you have you know the incredible power it has. Even when we can rationally discount it, fear still forces its fear upon us, like a relentless bitter wind. Those who motivate people know that fear is a great motivator. They know nothing works better to make people send in their money or volunteer their time and energy or persuade them to accept a certain viewpoint then the fear of wrath if they don’t.
Fear permeates life to a fearful degree. It’s what makes some people go to work in the morning and to lock their doors at night.  It makes your heart race when a policeman is on the side of the highway with his radar pointed on you. Advertisers use it and so do friends and family when they want you to do what they think is best. Religion uses it to “win people to Christ” and to get financial support!
What do we fear? We fear the unknown. We fear being unknown. We fear not having enough. We fear getting cau…


People are influenced more by the quality of a man's character and his life living, more than what he may tell people to do because of his position, success, and popularity!


If we truly and lovingly love and want to understand people, it will manifest itself by us majoring on our AGREEMENTS rather than majoring on our DISAGREEMENTS!. We will listen to understand the DISAGREEMENTS rather than listen to ARGUE because of the DISAGREEMENTS!

Who are You?

When you sit in judgement of people, you define yourself as a judge. When you heap condemnation on people you define yourself as a condemner. When you encourage people you define yourself as an encourager. When you love people you define yourself as a lover. In other words, what you do to other people lets others know who you are!


Leadership is not so much about leading by formulas, programs or methods as it is about relationship with people. Good leadership is about experiences, not processes or bosses, it is a human activity that flows from a heart of love that considers the feelings of others. It is an attitude, not a routine. A true leader seeks the BEST in the people he SERVES!

Does God HATE people?

If the DEPTH of God’s LOVE is UNFATHOMABLE, if the WIDTH of God’s LOVE is UNMEASURABLE, and if the HEIGHT of God’s LOVE is UNREACHABLE, tell me...please tell me, where is His capacity to hate people as some people believe! For God so LOVED the world (people of the world, not Terra Firma or the solid mass that forms the earth). How do we know this is true...because He gave so that the “who” so-ever-will may come! He loved people while they were yet sinners!


Neglected people are not prone to be good achievers. Dominated people may be better achieves but, only on a mediocre level. Encouraged appreciated, and valued people are the best achievers. To help people achieve their best, treat them with value and respect!

Guilty as charged.

Perchance you were arrested for practicing compassion, understanding, kindness and love...would there be evidence enough to try you and then convict you? Would the verdict be "guilty as charged", or "evidence lacking?"


Authority and Power exercised without kindness, love and understanding has the ability to be Reckless, Abusive,  Demeaning and Controlling!

What is LOVE?

True love is a choice to respond with action to peoples need without expecting expectations in return. Why? You must decide to love without expectation because what you expect may not be met. That is the essence of TRUE LOVE, to LOVE without EXPECTATION. The Bible says that Jesus laid His life down for us while we were yet sinners (Rom 5:8). He had no guarantee that we were going to respond in a positive manner. If you place expectation on love that expectation has to be maintained in order for love to remain. That expectation  places an obligation on people to perform. If God had said, “I love you because you are holy,” that expectation of being holy would be to great for us to meet while causing much stress and pressure. God never does that. He simply says that He loves us. Being holy ought to be the natural outflow of His love in our lives, it is not being holy to gain the favor of His love.

John 3:16, states, "For God so loved the world that he gave…” However, He does not dema…

Worry solves nothing!

People's lives are filled with misfortune, most of which has never happened. Cast down imaginations that create fear, sadness and depression in your mind. Think on things that will give you confidence, hope, joy, thanksgiving, and love. Worrying distorts the mind and never solves anything.

Truth or Preceived Truth

Many things that are deemed to be truth are so only because we establish a conclusion that it is truth based on our point of view. To base truth on a point of view makes it only as true as our point of view is correct. Therefore it behoves us to be prudent as to what we share as truth!

The Bad News of Religion is not the Good News of the Gospel!

The Bad News of Religion is about condemning people to hell! The Good News of the Gospel is about loving people into His kingdom! Loving people into His kingdom requires having a relationship with people. Condemning people to hell does not require relationship, but tries to bring people into His kingdom by instilling fear of an angry and judgmental God. Loving people into His kingdom will love people out of “hell”.

Church Reality!.

Pondering: Is there a reality of the “Church” that is higher and deeper, both in its expression in the earth and its Godly spirituality than what is found in modern church structures? Is the reality of the “Church” a doctrine, a set of moral teachings, or a belief system espoused in Sunday-go meetings? Or is it best expressed as Jesus Christ indwelling a body of believers in a local community, living life on a daily basis?


To try to change another person is fruitless. However, your RESPONSE and ATTITUDE towards that person can change and that will provide them with tools to change them-self. You need to develop an understanding of the person and their feelings. Seeing through the other person's eyes to view things from their perspective and gaining an understanding of their feelings, requires a capacity for EMPATHY.

Motivators: Guilt/Love

Two great motivating forces on earth that motivate people are GUILT & LOVE. Which one are you motivated by? Do you try motivate others to make choices or decisions by GUILT or LOVE? Jesus is the greatest lover under God’s heaven. Nobody can match Him as a passionate romantic. His love and passion are aimed at one person: His bride, of which you and I are a apart. He redeemed us, not by heaping GUILT on us, but by His LOVE for us!

End of Life.

It is not wise to be overly concerned that your life will end. It is wiser to be concerned that your life will never begin! It is wisest to live life so that when your natural life comes to an end, life will just begin!

Leader Material

People value honesty and excellence, not manipulation and showiness. People need a leader who leads by example,  not a controller who controls by manipulation!

School Learning/Life Learning

School teaches you lessons and then gives you a test to determine what you have learned. Life presents you with a test from which you learn lessons. The knowledge I have learned from life lessons is more beneficial for living life than the knowledge I have gained from school learning. That is not to say that school learning is not important, but I have found that life learning as fitted me to better understand and love people.


Who you are is reflected on the people you keep company with, so be mindful of how you treat and respond to people.
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When theology replaces intimacy and religion replaces relationship with Father God, it indicates we have a HEAD knowledge of God and His purpose rather than HEART knowledge indicative of a LOVE relationship!

Prayer is a HEART matter.

The prayer of faith is a HEART matter not a HEAD matter! Many prayers are only from the HEAD that is why they are DEAD! With HEAD prayers when all is said and done there is more said than what we see done!

When you feel unloved you are still LOVED.

No matter the circumstance you may be facing God understands and loves you, you may feel unlovable, God still loves you. He loves you when others don’t. He loves you with a never ending, pure love (Jer. 31:3). The nature of God is love therefore, it is His nature to call the unloved to Himself because He loves them (Rom. 9:25).

What we think is Right could be Wrong!

Because you think you know, does not mean that you know! Because you can feel does not mean you are feeling what you think you are feeling! Because you can talk, does not mean that you talk sense! Because what you are verbalizing is understandable to you, does not mean that the listeners understand it. Because you think you are right, does not mean you are right!


I am sure that most people within religion’s hold are sincere and because they are sincere they believe they are right. Know is possible to be sincere but be sincerely wrong because of being sincerely deceived.

Fear brings Bondage.

If you are not free to speak what you feel in your heart because you are afraid what the group you are associated with may think or say, you are living in fear and bondage and have given over control of yourself to the group!
Christ gave himself for the Church (His body) when the Church was not the Church. Although the Church was in Christ the expression of the Church was not yet universal. Christ came from heaven to earth and went to the cross, not because He Himself needed salvation but mankind needed salvation. Christ so loved the Church before we (the body of Christ) became the Church that He died for its birth and expression. Ought not the “Church” express that same kind of love for people?

Love is more than lip service.

There are so many people who verbalize the words I love you, but to few of these people really show it! Like the air we breathe, love cannot be seen, but like the wind that blows in our face, love sure can be felt to the very core of our heart!


You have the freedom to choose to sin, but you have no choice when it comes to the consequence of sin!

The Abode of God.

Under the old covenant, the people asked if they could build a temple for God to live in. They wanted a place where the presence of God would dwell; a place where they could then come and He would be there. They wanted a place that was set apart as sacred.
The truth is that God also wanted such a place; He also desired a resting place, but His choice of a resting place was radically different. For while those in the old covenant wanted the temple to be a building of wood and mortar laden with gold and silver, God wanted it to be...a temple not made with hands...people!
Within the framework of God’s eternal plan, we know that He never wanted a temple to be built for Him by the hands of man. God was never seeking a building made by stones that He could find His resting place in known as the Church. He wasn’t interested in a place where mankind could visit, and pay homage to Him. Indeed, He allowed the people of the old covenant to build a temple, but its purpose, from God’s eternal pers…


If the most important ingredient in your life is not the LOVINGLY LOVE of God as your priority in LOVING people, then all your other spiritual priorities are out of focus including your theology and your doctrine. If you have all your doctrines in a row and LOVE is not the focus, you set the atmosphere to drive your “believed” doctrines wild!

Manipulation of the Congregation.

It is appalling that in order to raise money religious ministries stoop to manipulation that makes con men look like saints, and it is done in the name of the Lord with tears and hype that is presented as Godly. 
What a gross misrepresentation of the kingdom of God led by the Lord! And what adds to this disturbing manipulation is that the body of Christ responds to this type of appeal with big bucks, which further fuels the fire for these diabolical ministries to continue raping the body of Christ through gimmicks, lies and manipulation! 
Does not that say oodles about the immaturity in the body of Christ.


If you are a person of POWER and WEALTH, the best way to utilize that POWER and WEALTH; is from a heart of KINDNESS help the POWERLESS and WEALTH-LESS!


Let a SMILE GRACE your lips, let FORGIVENESS GRACE your life, let UNDERSTANDING GRACE your actions, let KINDNESS GRACE your decisions, this will ensure that LOVE has  GRACED your heart.


Where ever believers go, the Kingdom of God should influence that place. As a loved child of God that influence includes patience, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, humility, grace, compassion, and love.  In witnessing we work against the Holy Spirit if we establish fear and judgement to scare the "hell" out of them and fail to establish Kingdom influence.  The path of TRUE LOVE will free man from insecurity and fear of man and free Him from condemnation, which frees him from judgement of "hell". The path of TRUE LOVE extends from the foot of the cross through the cooridors of time and the fluid of love (His shed blood) washes away sin.