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Man-made religion dressed in its self-righteous robes of religiosity may look good from afar but, the closer you get to it the better you see through it, and the more you realize it is far from looking good. It reeks with the stench of self-righteousness that looks good from afar but, on closer inspection the selfishness and pretense of its caring is exposed for the facade it is.

What is it we allow to keep us remaining Ignorant?

Some seminarian denominationally degreed preachers let their bible education and their indoctrination stand in the way of their ignorance of God, His Son Jesus, and the Message of Grace.

If people were anymore adamant about their denominational doctrines than they are now, they would be absolutely ignorant regarding the community of the redeemed and God's plan for the community of humanity.

Dear God, help me not to be a SMART-ASS.

There are some people because of position or hierarchical status, think they have the right to control others.

In reality we are all controlled by the same boss...our ass! No matter how high we may think ourselves to be on the religious hierarchy structure of things, when seated we are all at the same level because we are sitting on our ass. Our asses control us more than we think our position empowers us to control others, if you do not believe that just go against the calling of your ass and you will discover how little control you have.

Therefore, because we are all controlled by our asses we are all on the same level when it comes to being human. I am no better than you, and as much as you may disagree, you are no better than I. As human beings we are all equal in the eyes of God.

Therefore, thinking ourselves to be spiritual know-it-all-smart-asses, that places us on a higher spiritual plateau than those we deem spiritual inferior to us because of our position or re…

What are you believing?

If what is herald from the "sacred desk" as truth are laced with deception's lies that are received by the listeners as truth and believed by the listeners as truth due to their ignorance of the truth, the listeners are ensnared by their ignorance of truth and imprisoned by the bondage of deception.

Therefore, little of what comes over the "pulpit" is God's truth for the listener.

Therefore, is not the truth that sets them free.

Therefore, it has little value spiritually.

Don't sail through life believing everything you hear from the pulpiteer behind the pulpit is the truth as to who God is, Jesus is Son is, and what you as a believer is to be and do. If truth is to win out in you, you will have to sift through the deception's lies that are out there.

Be open to the Holy Spirit the teacher of truth.

If what you hear sounds like deception, feels like deception, walks like deception, and quacks like deception, treat it as deception so as …

Who do you Identify with?

As believers our identity is not found in what religion we belong to, as so many people are proud to relate too. With much pride we declare "I am a Pentecostal"..."I am a Baptist"...I am Independent"...I am Methodist"...I am "Roman Catholic" and the name tags goes on and on. It is as though the name tagging is important to who they are, when in reality, spiritually it doesn't mean a roll of beans.

Our identity is not found in religion...our identity is found in Jesus and His graciousness.

Faith without Grace is FAITHLESS.

When we work and strive to grow in faith, we not only fail to grow in faith we also distance ourselves from grace.

Grace is the mirror that reveals our true identity. Grace give us power over sin. Grace is complete acceptance of Christ,s finished work, it is impossible to add to it with your own works, you can only give thanks for it and let it fill your heart with the agape love of Father.

Faith is not found in striving to keep rules and regulations, it is found in resting in the accomplished work of Jesus' Grace.

Mountains to Conquer.

The most difficult mountains to climb and conquer are the mountains of illusional truths that we have allowed to be erected in our mind about God, the Gospel and His Church.

This illusional knowledge that has grow to huge mind-mountains are propagated by delusional deluded leaders. Don't believe that everything you hear through your ear-gate is truth, if you do, mountains of illusional truth are formed.

If what you believe is not based on truth, it is nothing but an illusional truth that may grow to an unconquerable mountain in your mind!

God's Way/Man's Way.

Being ignorant of grace and choosing to live by and under the Law desensitizes you to sin and causes hardening of the heart because you are following man's way and it leads to HOPELESSNESS!

Understanding the grace of God and choosing to live the grace-life is following God's way, it gives you the power of love to sensitize you to sin and it leads to HOPEFULNESS!

Glenn's Pondering.

I wonder, if we as believers stopped trying to fit God into our scheme of cluster segregating together into man-made, man-directed segregated denominational organizations where each group strives to look godly and righteous by doing the do's and not doing the don'ts and instead, fit our lives into His plan for the community of the redeemed in the community of humanity and accept His righteousness through His grace, would the community of humanity see a greater reality of who God really is and desire a relationship with Him?

The Holding Together Dynamics.

The dynamics that hold man-made religious institutions together are; the shenanigans of denominational hierarchy structure, control and manipulation of the flock by the professional pulpiteer behind the pulpit, "fleecing" of the flocks money by fear mongering, and the Sunday-programmed-event-driven-meeting.

The dynamics that hold the community of the redeemed together are; Jesus the grace-giver, living in His Grace as a loved child of God, led and taught by the Spirit of God, and loving the across-the-path people believers interact with daily.

Be a Part of the Right-Ship


Who are You?

Don't let the people you associate with determine what you believe, who you are or what you do.

If you do, what you believe may not be truth, who you are will be someone other than who God designed you to be, and what you do may not be what you should be doing.

The Love of God

Love desires the good of all people and NEVER desires the harm to anybody.

God being LOVE desires good for all!

It is by living in God's grace and love that enables you in the midst of your weakness, trials, temptations, tears and pain that enables you to trust and hope in God that something beautiful and awe-inspiring will emerge from the circumstance.

Where Could I Go.

The cry of many a heart that attends the Sunday-meeting-gathering in the many a segregated denominated buildings seeking in vain for spiritual reality is;

Where could I go
Oh where could I go
Seeking a refuge for my soul
Needing a friend
To lead in the end
Where could I go but to the Lord?

This heart cry of the saints has gone on for a long time and will continue to be the heart cry of believers for has long as they are willing to live in bondage to the deception that the devil-inspired, man-made, man-ordained, man-run, man-led cultured church experience and what takes place in the temples made with hands in the Sunday-event-meeting is Church reality.

The true Church is something far removed from the substitute that is accepted as Church reality.

We are writing to you about something which has always existed yet which we ourselves actually saw and heard: something which we had an opportunity to observe closely and even to hold in our hands, and yet, as we know now, was so…


Your religious man-made, man-ordained and man-appointed POSITIONALLY POSITIONED POSITION determines your PERSPECTIVE regarding God His Church and the PRIORITY you give Jesus in your life.

Are we Truly Thinkers.

Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool. (Isaiah 1:18)

God created people with the ability to reason and think for themselves. For believers to forfeit that ability and allow denominational seminarians programmed by denominational theology to do their thinking for them regarding God, Jesus, Church and His plan for the community of humanity is irresponsible and idiotic.

One of God's greatest gift's to man is his ability to reason and think for himself. To release our thinking ability to a religious organization, is an affront to God. Why?

Because instead of reasoning with God for ourselves and allow Him to formulate our thinking about Him, we become narrow-minded reasoners subjected to the narrow-mindedness thinking of the philosophical and spiritual assumptions of the imprisoned gurus who has released their God given thinking ability over to re…

Fruit Bearing.

"Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples" (John 15:8)"
The Fruit of the Spirit is Rooted in Grace. 
Without being Rooted in Grace, the Fruit of the Spirit cannot mature in a believer's life. Why? Because Jesus is the vine, believers are the branches, we cannot bear fruit without being in the vine. The Law came with
To reject Grace is to reject Jesus, in doing so we have removed ourselves from that wherein the Fruit of the Spirit is rooted, thus fruit bearing in us is impossible.

Why do we go to Church.

Is the reason people go to church the same reason people don't go to church?
Many people (believers) attend church to escape the reality of everyday living. For them church is something different than living life daily.
Many people (mostly non believers and a ever growing number of believers) do not attend church because it does not reflect the reality of every day living. For them church should be relative to every day living. 
The truth is, Church has divorced itself from the reality of every day life. Thus, Church is impractical to practical people. 
Is the cultural accepted way of doing Church really the way of the Church of Jesus Christ is to operate?

A Better Covenant.

Before the better covenant people's relationship with God was subject to keeping the requirements of the Law.
With the establishment of the new covenant through the death and resurrection of Christ and His revealing of the Gospel of His Grace to Paul, everything is provided by and through Christ. 
Some things the Law can't give that Jesus does give us through Grace.
It can't give me the Spirit. Gal. 3: 2 It can't give me gifts. Gal. 3: 5 It can't give me peace. Gal 3: 11 It can't give me faith. Gal 3: 12 It can't bring redemption.Gal. 3: 13 It can't give me my inheritance. Gal. 3: 18 It can't give me life. Gal 3: 21

Are we truly Thinkers for ourselves.

Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be white like wool. (Isaiah 1:18)

The offer to "come" is made to YOU! So why is it when the  assembly is assembled there is NO reasoning dialogue among the assembled, instead all that is heard is the monologuing of the denominated seminarian professional?
God created people with the ability to reason and think for themselves. For believers to forfeit that ability and allow denominational seminarians programmed by denominational theology to do their thinking for them regarding God, Jesus, Church and His plan for the community of humanity is irresponsible and idiotic.
One of God's greatest gift's to man is his ability to reason and think for himself. To allow our thinking ability to be controlled and manipulated by leaders in a religious organization, is an affront to God. Why?
Because instead of reasoning to…

Fleesing the Flock.

"If you do not pay your tithe, you need to question your salvation" said the preacher while delivering a sermon.

Any pulpit manipulator who tells you that without your tithes and offerings the church would die is feeding you lies of deception, for Jesus is not in need of your money to build His Church. Now, the Institutional, denominational, cultural church that man has built...WILL...without your money cease to exist. This should alert you to the certainty that the "institutional church" is NOT the Church that Jesus is building. God is not so poor that He depends of your money to build and maintain His Church. God does not and never has needed your money. Your preacher and your denomination needs your money to keep the religious wheels turning!

Sharing the Gospel is not dollar dependent, not back in the year 01 AD or in the here and now. The Church of Jesus Christ is spirit filled PEOPLE dependent, living as the community of the redeemed, the called o…

Religious Atrocity?

Such spiritual arrogance, manipulation and control is not of God godly, at best it is of man manly, at worse it is of the devil devilish! And we wonder why people are not coming to "church" and many who attend are wanting out of the stinking religious system.

This egotistic egotistical attitude is not coming from a servant heart, it is from a superiority complex that has nothing to do with God. He seems to believe that a pastors role is to be the BIG BOSS who has the right to brow-beat members into submission to him. This is nothing other than witchcraft! No where in the bible are we told to submit to a pastor who displays such arrogance and lovelessness...if anything a pastor is to be the best example of a servant as Jesus was.

Religious deception runs deep when believers accept this tirade as being from God. Check out the video. Pastor's Angry Tirade Caught on Tape

To Fall From Grace.

As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him ... Colossians 2:6

Most believers understand that their salvation is by grace through faith, yet to sustain their relationship with God and mature spiritually they have to strive to keep the law. However, the message of Colossians 2:6 is that our living life after salvation by Grace and maintaining our relationship with God is by His Grace through faith .

Therefore, why is it that many believers still live this spiritual life has described by Paul’s penetrating question to the Galatian believers:

Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh? Galatians 3:3

Paul’s concern for the Galatian believers was because some among them were teaching believers to live by keeping the law...not by walking in the Spirit. Paul taught the Galatians just the opposite...they were to walk in the Spirit without seeking to keep the law.

In Galatians 5:4 Paul describes in a different way the Galatians’ …


If we as a people tried to EQUIP, ENABLE and EMPOWER other people rather than STRIP, DISABLE and OVERPOWER other people it world be a POWERFUL world, full of POWERFUL people!

God wills to EQUIP us, ENABLE us, and EMPOWER us in our relationships so that people will see and experience the Grace and Love of God so He can EQUIP, ENABLE and EMPOWER them.

Choose to be an: EQUIP-ER...ENABLER...and a EMPOWER rather than a STRIPPER...DIS-ABLER...and a OVERPOWER!

Important questions for believers to ponder.

Am I growing in my freedom to approach God without shame and guilt?
Am I free from judging, condemning and criticizing?
Do I trust God with the injustices in life?
Do I let go of my illusionary attempts at manipulation and control?
Do I trust God enough to hear from Him for myself or do I seek His direction through religion appointed men?"
Do I work with God rather than work for God?
Am I a law-keeper or a grace-giver?
Do I scare the hell out of sinners with the threat of hell-fire or do I love sinners into God's Kingdom by loving them as God does?
Am I free to be who I am in God or am I in bondage to conform to man-made philosophies?
Am I resting in God's acceptance of me or am I trying to gain His acceptance by striving to do the do's and not do the don'ts of man-made religion?

Choosing to move on the correct answer to the question by believers will yield the fruit of peace and rest in their life, no matter what circumstances they may face.

Tragically Speaking.

A mark of our trust in God is our reaction to the tragedies we face in life.

Always remember...what the Caterpillar calls a catastrophic tragic event that ends its life, the Butterfly emerges and calls the beginning of a beautiful life.

Let's treat the tragedies we face in life as opportunities for triumph by recognizing that the end of one thing can lead to the beginning of something more beautiful.


I believe:

If people who are muggers became huggers.
If people who are condemners became commenders.
If people who are grudge-holders became forgivers.
If people who are law-keeper believers became grace-living believers.
If people who are man-pleasers became God-pleasers.
If people who are self-righteous became God-righteous.
If people who are religiously led became spiritually led.
If people who are religious dependent became God dependent.
If people who are dogmatic became more pragmatic.
If people who are attention grabbers became attention givers
If people who are demanding became more understanding.
If people who are frowners became smilers.
If people who are takers became givers.
If people who are hell-condemners became heaven-promoters.
If people who are sin-conscious became God-conscious.
If people who are workers for God became workers with God.
If people who are strife-breeders became peace-givers.
If people who are haters became lovers.



God's Grace and Love will awaken the soul, stimulate the mind, plant a fire in our hearts that causes us to reach for more because it brings contentment and peace to our lives and energizes us to love people into the Kingdom of God.

Because of the Grace Gospel, Paul was Regarded as an Enemy of Believers.

Is it possible that the no matter what religious persuasion we find ourselves in, no mater if we have held unto the religion we were born into or, feel through spiritual enlightenment of added truth, given by the leaders of other religions have accepted a different religion, that most of what we believe has been handed down religious tradition that are religious minded ideologies about the law that seduced us to embrace the keeping of the law as the acid test, the measuring stick, that we are true believers in Christ?

To be caught in such deception is what Paul refers to as bondage and spiritual slavery. The Galatian people were greatly offended by Paul's challenging of this mixing of law and grace by establishing a new covenant of grace that had nothing to do with mixing law with it. When Paul endeavored to correct this false teaching so that believers would no become enslaved by its deception and succumb to wrong doctrine and theology, he was ridiculed and despised…

Are You Sure this is How it Should Be. By Glenn Regular.

Look around you, take a good look
And tell me what you see
Men striving, yet failing to live true to the holy book
Are you sure this is how it should be

Take a look around you
Down the aisles in front of you
Behind the mask, notice the lonely, searching faces you see
Are you sure this is how it should be

You say these people are your friends
But are they friends who remain true to thee
Do they truly love you unconditionally
Are you sure this is how it is suppose to be

You seem contented to live this kind of life
But I see your pain and your misery That you hide from people in your life
But is a wide open book to me

Let your heart persuade you, don't let my grace pass you by
Your deception is caused by the law keeper's lullaby�����������������…

Grace Living.

The most amazing result of living in Grace relationship with God through the Grace Giver, Jesus, is that it provides a DIRECT and PERSONAL relationship with our Creator. This relationship empowers us to KNOW more and more about God...more about God in us, and us in God as the community of the redeemed in bringing the Good News of His Gospel of Grace to the community of humanity.

As we get to know God better we mature in our relationship with Him, the mysteries of Christ are opened for our understanding of His accomplishment through His death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead, through spiritual revelation that can never be experienced through the law gospel and the man-made system of religious observances by doing the do's and and don'ts of the system.

This allows us to live the truth of "My yoke is easy and my burden is light"

It is Imperative that we Recognize We Died.

Why do most believers refuse God's Amazing Grace and continue to struggle to live the Christ life? Is it they do not properly understand what Christ accomplished on the cross? Thus, they do not know what happened to them on the cross. Every believer accepts that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, but very few live knowing they died too.

“We died with Christ…” (Rm 6:8)
“You died with Christ…” (Col 2:20)
“For you died…” (Col 3:3)

“We judge thus: That if One died for all, then all died.” (2 Cor 5:15)

Do we live the truth of our death?

If we fail to understand that truth, we will not comprehend God's Amazing Grace is Good News for the whole of humanity.