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You are Responsible for what you Believe!

A pastor or teacher may be of help in pointing you in the right path but, you are ultimately responsible for what you believe. You cannot say, well that is what my church believes, that is what my preacher told me or that is the belief of my denomination and expect to be excused for not believing God's Word. It is your responsibility to be in the word, to be in prayer, to heed the voice of the Spirit, yes, your teacher and preacher will be accountable to God for what he teaches and preaches, but you will be held accountable for what you believe! Your trust cannot be in a preacher or a denomination, it must be in the word of God, for that is the only way you will be an overcomer and understand the truth that is in God's Word.


You may choose not to love, you may choose not to hate, that only means you are INDIFFERENT and UNCARING! Be DIFFERENT, not by HATING, but by LOVING and CARING!

The Good or the Better!

As well intentioned and good as it may be, our DOING for the Lord maybe the greatest obstacle to KNOWING Him as Lord. If in WORKING for the LORD we fail to get to KNOW the Lord of the work...then we have chosen to do the GOOD of DOING for the Lord over the BETTER of KNOWING the Lord and becoming one with Him! Once we KNOW the Lord we will cease working FOR Him and work WITH him allowing Him to DO His WORK through us by our acts of love.

Believers, Disciples of Christ.

As believers we need to be aware of personal ambition, control seeking, and finding our identity amongst certain groups or in the scripture, for seeking our identity by those things all flow from the flesh and will cause division and strife. By seeking our identity among groups or in scripture we fall into the trap of denominational segregation. This is more of a betrayal of the Kingdom to the world rather than a advancing of the Kingdom.
As believers we need to realize that the “buildings of worship” is not the “Church” it is only the buildings where, (though segregated) parts of His body meet. “God no longer dwells in buildings made by man”! Why do we set up buildings where oratory preachers share with the listeners who are pew-warmers who are denominational followers. Jesus is learned through LIFE, His LIFE is in us and by our daily living we are to impart His life to the people we meet daily during our daily living. We are called to make DISCIPLES not LISTENERS! We are called to …

Where is our Identity found?

As Believers we need to stop trying to find our identity in scripture. 

One of the reasons why there are so many different denominations is that certain groups found their identity in scripture and applied it to their particular group thus, the denomination and segregation was invoked. 

As Believers we need to find our identity in the LIVING WORD and Him alone. Finding our identity in scripture leads to a head knowledge of Jesus and Grace and we present the gospel the way religion sees it. Finding our identity in the LIVING WORD leads to heart knowledge of Jesus and Grace which allows us to present His gospel of LOVE. 

Jesus is not the “theology” of God, Jesus is the “LIFE” of God. God is LOVE therefore, LOVE is the gospel that is to be shared and demonstrated on a daily basis with people we come in contact with.


The articulation of gratitude and thanksgiving from your mouth are the expressions of a thankful heart and soul and has great beneficiary effects, it affects the lifeblood as it courses through your arteries providing the substance that is needed for a healthy human heart, a healthy mind, and a healthy soul. Be THANKFUL and watch your attitude change for the better!

Does the New Testament promote meeting in buildings to worship?

For most of the O.T. era, corporate worship in a building was limited to where there was a tabernacle/temple, and was practiced only by those who lived near enough to go to the building. By the last 200 years BC, the custom had been adopted to where local synagogue worship was a regular practice.

But, here is the clincher...This came about without any mandate from God, so far as recorded in scripture! Do you not think that if the Lord God expressed what is deemed to be such an important feature as it is today, that the scriptures would be silent about it?

Nevertheless, by the advent of Christendom corporate worship, in buildings set aside for that purpose, was, for the first time, firmly established among the Jews. What is clear though, is the New Testament makes no reference to commending or for the continuance of this pattern in Christian form.

The N.T. does not promote places for worship. The early leaders spoke against the idea of having special buildings you might called the “H…

Superiority Complex!

People who feel superior to others are suffering from ILLUSORY SUPERIORITY COMPLEX. A condition where they overestimate the degree to which they possess desirable qualities, or underestimate their negative qualities relative to others. Symptoms of the disease are; self-righteousness, gossiping, fault finding, rudeness, compassionless, unthankfulness, overly opinionated, judgmental and being highly critical of people. If we have any of the above symptoms,  we need to REPENT!

Devotion to God!

Is it the attending of corporate “church” services that ensures and maintains our devotion to God? If it is, how did such great men as Noah, Abraham, Isaac Jacob and Joseph have a devoted relationship with God? Corporate worship wasn’t established until the construction of the Tabernacle for use by the Israelites during their wilderness journey from Egypt to the promised land. That means that none of the people above went “to church” yet their devotion to God is indisputable. DEVOTION is not maintained by the EMOTION of gathering in a particular LOCATION. DEVOTION is maintained by COMMUNICATION through a RELATION-ship with God daily!


God’s ultimate purpose is that people be conformed to the image of His Son. Jesus is the express image of God! God is LOVE! Therefore, loving as God LOVES is the power of God confirming that we are being transformed into His image. No matter the spiritual exercise or performance shown in religious circles, if done without LOVE it means NOTHING!


Arrogance, boastfulness and pride kills thanksgiving because thanksgiving lives in humility...a proud individual is seldom a grateful person because they think they receive what is due them. A PROUD person who does not win. usually is UNGRATEFUL and UNTHANKFUL, a HUMBLE person who does not win, is usually GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for the opportunity to participate! To live THANKFUL is to live HUMBLE, to live HUMBLE is to live THANKFUL! THANKFULNESS keep us us connected to HUMBLENESS thus, connected to Him who is HUMBLE!

WRITE what is RIGHT!

Hostile and degrading words, whether articulated or penned, may lead to hostile and degrading actions. Even though the evil words may not produce evil deeds, the words spoken or penned though not true, may negatively influence people’s view of the person or person’s spoken of in a demeaning manner. Be careful what we WRITE because what we have written may not be RIGHT, keep in mind that God’s SIGHT sees RIGHT into our heart as we WRITE!

Is it a God Thing?

Could it be that the exodus of people from denominational “churches” and the declining influence that religion has had on people and society a “GOD THING” because RELIGION is not a “GOD THING” but, a “MAN THING”? Is the exodus from religion comprised of a part of HIS “CHURCH” leaving the “church” of man! Is the Church of Jesus Christ on the move to becoming UNITED as ONE BODY under ONE HEAD...JESUS!


There is no measurable device invented to measure measureless therefore, genuine LOVE can never be measured because genuine LOVE is LOVE without measure! If you set expectations for LOVE you are seeking to make it measurable and if you are living with love expectations you are in a loveless relationship because you are not experiencing LOVE without measure! You are experiencing love to get, instead of experiencing love to give.True LOVE is not increased or strengthened by the abundance of love shown nor diluted or diminished by the lack of love shown. True love is a constant and cannot be measured or influenced by the action or reaction of others. This love is available to us to give, in fact it is the only love worth expressing. This is the God kind of LOVE!TRUE LOVE is MISERABLE-LESS and MEASURABLE-LESS! 

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Church, Structured or Unstructured?

I believe whole heartily in the CHURCH established by JESUS CHRIST...but, is it in its totality the STRUCTURED identity that is prevalent in the world today? Is it possible that it should be UNSTRUCTURED rather than STRUCTURED! 

Unstructured Church life is without man-made rules, regulations and the hierarchy of structured organizations. It relates without the formal formalities of the modern day church. It is being the Church by relational living with and loving people, ministering to people, helping people on a daily basis in normal day activities rather than attending event-driven programs that are viewed as being normal Church life. 

The unstructured Church has a deep desire to care for one another and to encourage one another to live out the believers living in more of a open community environment rather than a closed religious environment behind the walls of denominationalism. 

I know this is not in-line with the way religion and most people see Church, but is it out-of-line with G…

Blessing people.

If God truly reigns in my heart, if Jesus is truly Lord of my life, if I am truly led by His Holy Spirit, does it not follow that the kingdom of God (His dominion, presence, power, glory, anointing and LOVE)  should flow out of my being as wells of living water blessing the people I come in contact with?

DEATH! Is it the final curtain?

DEATH! Is it the final curtain? Yes, it is the final curtain on this phase of life. But it is not the final curtain on life! As the curtain is drawn on this phase it is opening to the next phase. Death is not a cessation of life but a transference of life from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. We all must past through the valley of the “shadow” of death in order to enter fully into the spiritual realm. With Jesus as our Savior the spiritual realm will be a JOYOUS LIFE!


Do not validate a person by the affected tone of their voice, by their rhetoric and flashes of wit or by the large crowds that may follow them; but by their love relationship with God and with people where their talk is backed up by their walk. Many speakers are like empty orators who run off at the mouth, without providing a drop of substance.

Talk less, say more!

Most people know HOW to say NOTHING. But not to many people know WHEN to say NOTHING! A lot of people who talk much say NOTHING, at least they say NOTHING worthwhile. Be wise, speak less with your mouth, speak more by the life you live!

In Christ.

"As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him... beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And you are complete in Him..." (Colossians 2:6,8,9a)

The believer's life is a life that is lived IN CHRIST. To abide IN HIM is to LIVE as a believer. Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship, it is sad that man has reduced it to a set of rules regulated by men.

A believer is a branch that grows out of the Vine and continually produces abundant fruit for the Husbandman.

The Church is the gathering together of all individual branches into one Vineyard where Jesus is the husbandmen. Church is supposed to be a daily living phenomenon, an observable reality, not a religious philosophy or set of teachings ordained by men.

Church should happen wherever believers are during their daily livi…

Why did God make people?

God created people to have somebody He could have the fellowship of a relational relationship with and shower His love upon, who would voluntarily love Him. God has this desire to share Himself with the people He created. Just as people have an intense longing to care for another life, so God has an intense desire to care for the people He created. People are the highest priority of God therefore the highest priority of people should be people!

Is Christianity a religion about not sinning?

In the understanding of most religious people, “christianity” is a religion about not sinning. They base spiritually on rules and regulations and adherence to their creed, church attendance, religious involvement, tithing, not smoking, not drinking, not committing adultery, not lying, etc. Even if you do all theses things but do not have a relationship with God through Jesus you are no more a believer than swimming in the sea makes you a fish.

Do you fear dying

If you fear death and dying in your future you are robbing yourself of joy and contentment while living in the present. To secure you future beyond death, secure your relationship with God in the PRESENT!


What I refuse to overcome becomes a stronghold in my life and will eventually overcome me. Don’t let the stronghold in your life be because you measure everything in the present by what happened in your past, whether good or bad, learn from it but don't live in it. God’s GRACE gives you the strength and courage to bury your old way of seeing things and how you dealt with life. View your present and  future through the GRACE eyes of God. Viewing life through your past prevents you from moving beyond your past!

What oozes out is what is on the inside!

Be careful what oozes out of you when you are squeezed under pressure because something is not going your way, you are offended because of what someone said, someone does not believe things the way you believe them or someone has done you wrong, because what comes out in the form of words and actions is what is on the inside!

Does INFLOW determine OUTFLOW?

Kind, compassionate and loving living ought to be an outflow from the believer’s life due to the inflow of Christ’s life within the believers life.

Are BELIEVERS followers of RELIGION or CHRIST followers?

The creeds, the traditions, the "revelations," and the institutions of men that have cropped up since the time of Christ has cluttered the religious scene and confused the minds of people, and are at best unnecessary ... unnecessary to obedience to God, unnecessary to salvation, unnecessary to completeness in Christ, unnecessary to life and godliness, and unnecessary to the hope of heaven. But it also means that the whole concept of modern religion is not the true Church originating in the mind of God, revealed by the Holy Spirit, and preserved in the new Testament. God purposed the church of Jesus Christ before He even made the world (Eph. 3: 10-11; 1:3-4). Did He purpose the many religious name tag over the buildings known as churches from eternity?

Can we be SIMPLY BELIEVERS? Certainly! No one ever became anything else by following the Bible and Jesus. Follow the Word of God as it stands, not after it has been filtered through the creeds and doctrines of men, t…

Applying the written word.

To successfully put the written word into action in your life, you must be in relationship with the “WORD” to where He is a reality in your spirit and you respond out of heart knowledge instead of head knowledge. If you work from head knowledge feelings will get in the way when things don’t work out the way you think they should. If the “WORD” is real in your heart, your anchor will hold against the storms of feelings and emotions and your faith will not shipwreck!

Forgiveness sets you free to live!

Forgiveness sets you free to live and sets the perpetrator free to accept God's forgiveness.
One basic thing that we must understand about forgiveness is, forgiveness is a decision and not an emotion or a feeling. There does not have to be any emotion in forgiveness at all. In fact, you probably won't feel like doing it when you make the decision to forgive someone. This may be due to the fact that the person may not deserve forgiveness. But that has no bearing on the fact that we must practice the art of forgiveness to everybody.
If we walk around with un-forgiveness in our hearts towards someone who has wronged us. The result will be, we will be in bondage, we won't be in a position to apply the Word of God to our lives. This is a primary area of bondage for the people of God.
If someone told you there was something you could do right now that would set you on the path to freedom and increase joy in your life, would you do it? FORGIVENESS brings FREEDOM from the BONDAGE …

Religions Champion Disputers

Religion has no lack of champion disputants willing to defend man-made-constitutions, denominational doctrines and religious practices but, is lacking disputants with the INTEGRITY to stand for TRUTH, LOVE, HUMILITY and a HONEST FORTITUDE to dispute the religious biases with their denominational executives when the religious belief is in opposition with scripture and the character of Christ


Love when spoken from the head is heard. Love when spoken from the heart is felt!

Could Preachers be Robbers and Liars?

In some Sunday-go-meetings the Bible is quoted, and if that causes people to seek its truth about Jesus, then some good is accomplished.

On the other hand, if it means that people are persuaded into following a movement of man-made traditions through the skill of propaganda, manipulation, or emotional appeal, and thus coerced to support man-made theories based upon wrested Scripture, then it is to their great disadvantage and an hindrance to the work of God in this earth.

It does not matter the name tag that is over the "church" door, any denomination that practices spiritual manipulation in using Scripture to further their own traditional beliefs and uphold man-made constitutions or doctrines, does not honor God nor His Word and in fact, is practicing a form of witchcraft!

If you are guilty of knowingly withholding TRUTH and replacing it with religious untruths, you are not only the chiefest of liars but also the chiefest of robbers, even though you may have the title of supe…

The Greatest ABSURDITY!

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You are HUMAN but be SMART!

I am human enough to want everyone to like me, but I am smart enough to know that not everyone will. We have natures that are different from each other. Sometimes our nature is abrasive to someone else. The thing for ME is to LOVE everybody even though everybody does not LOVE or even like me!


Relationships established to get something from them don't last. A lasting relationship is one that is established by giving your all to the relationship. It is not what we say or do that maintains a relationship, it is who we are and loving to love that maintains relationship. Getting to live, is not life. Giving to live, is life!

Jesus or Self, one is Lord.

If Jesus is not Lord in your life...Self will be and that satisfies Satan completely!


People who present LIES as TRUTH rob people of TRUTH and that, my friend is the greatest of ROBBERY'S. If you ROB people of TRUTH you are the greatest of ROBBERS!

You are Special!

Do not be intimated, isolated or captivated by what others think and say about you. Instead maximize your captivation, elation and anticipation on what God thinks about you. Do not be immobilized or de-energized by other people, be mobilized and energized by the realization that you are loved by a loving God, NO MATTER WHAT!!

Is it possibly you can be religious and still not in relationship with God?

All the layers of morality and religiosity people are clothed in.
All the years of studying and training to know about spiritual things so you can teach them to others.
All the accumulated religious prejudice and pride that religions pride themselves in not having. 
All the reasoning and rationalizing as to why your denomination is the right one.
All the neatly compartmentalized preconceptions and presumptions you have about Jesus and the Godhead, does not constitute a right relationship with God!


To be ignorant is simply not knowing, that could be a form of bliss. The highest form of ignorance is rejecting something that you know nothing about...that is stupidity!

Be wise by not rejecting something you are ignorant of until you learn about what you are ignorant of!

Performance Christianity

Jesus came to earth to put a face to God and show us what God is like. Jesus became a sacrifice so we can put a face to Jesus and show the people we meet what God is like! 
God did not send Jesus to earth to establish Sunday Performance Christianity to show us God! Jesus’ sacrifice was to establish Himself in man’s heart so we could show what God is like to people on a daily basis in the normality of living by loving as he loves. 
That far transcends the  God shown in a  Sunday-go-meeting, 20 minute worshiping, one minute praying for people’s needs, verbalized preaching and participation by the frozen chosen!

Religion is a Man-Made structure!

Constructed of human ideologies and doctrines, religion is a man-made structure that obscures the true church that Christ is building. For the life of Christ to be seen in the church the barriers of denominationalism must  come  down. Religion stinks with human tradition. Tradition is an established pattern of thought or behavior handed down by word or example from one generation to another.
The Pharisees once asked Jesus, "Why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat" (Matt. 15:2). If the tradition we hold to is not Bible tradition we have no right to hold onto it! Jesus condemned their hypocrisy, and He accused them of "making the word of God of no effect through [their] tradition" (see Mark 7:6-13).
Unfortunately, much of Scripture has been "interpreted" for us by carnal speculations handed down from one generation to another. Such traditional misconceptions hinder the Holy Spirit from r…

Spiritual Dryness!

Spiritual dryness and powerlessness of believers is predominately due to understanding and following truth with the natural mind, rather than the mind of the spirit! In spite of the exactness of following the Bible with the natural mind it is still following the law void of the leading of the Holy Spirit. Only understanding the scriptures with the natural mind, KILLS spiritual life! "The Letter of the Law Killeth"

People have become bound within the limitations of denominational doctrines !

Many people in the Commuity of the Redeemed have become bound within the limitations of denominational man-made doctrines and imprisoned within the shell of traditional ideologies and religious concepts until they are locked into a pattern of thought and life, thinking they have reached a fullness of stature in Christ. When in reality all they are full of is denominational pride and traditional arrogance!

The life that has been hidden in the believer behind the walls of ecclesiastical religion has to break out and and allow the Christ life within to come into a new life where there is resurrection life flowing through the Community of the Redeemed and benefit the Community of Humanity.

Believers need to stand up and move forward in the power of grace and love, allowing resurrection life of Christ to flow. We need to allow the the Spirit to project Christ through us until the across-our-path people are catching a true vision  of "WHO" God is and what it means to be a follower …

You are what you think you are.

We have all heard the expression, "you are what you eat", but it is also true to say, "you are (and are becoming) what you think." Proverbs tells us that "has a man thinks in his heart so is he."

You are what you are right now, admit it. You may not be what you would like to be, nor what you ought to be, but you are not what you used to be. Today, the 'real you' is shown by what you do and by what you think about in your heart...what you meditate on. Further, the things that you allow your heart to dwell on today is building what you will be tomorrow and into your future.

Are Believers in Neutral?

To many people in Sunday-go-meetings are in neutral because of self-centered and egotistic leaders who have not been an example to them as to how to implement and live the gospel in the love anointing of the anointed One Jesus Christ. People in churches are trying to implement the gospel through the carnal flesh realm and they are fatigued, weary and disillusioned!


Religion is about serving God, Salvation is a relationship with God through knowing Him!

Religion is a gospel of easy-believism, Salvation is the gospel of the kingdom!

Religion is works of man, Salvation is the work of God! 

Religion is about telling man what to learn to hear God’s voice, Church is about hearing God for yourself!

Religion is clergy-dominated services and programs, Church is a mutually-participating communities of believers!

Religion is about one-man controlled leadership, Church is about team and servant Spirit controlled leadership!

Religion is Sunday program oriented by a certain group, Church is loving people by daily living in love!

Religion is a self focused group loving the group, Church is selfless-focused people loving all people!

Religion is event-programed-evangelization to the masses, Church is spirit-controlled-loving of the people daily!

Religion is denominational united, Church is believers united!

Religion is related to one another organizationally, C…


Jesus came to earth to put a face to God and show us what God is like.

Jesus became a sacrifice so we can put a face to Jesus and show the people we meet what God is like!

God did not send Jesus to earth to establish Sunday Performance Christianity to show us God!

Jesus’ sacrifice was to establish Himself in people's heart so we could show what God is like to people on a daily basis in the normality of living by loving as he loves. That far transcends the  God presented in a  Sunday-go-meeting, 20 minute worshiping, one minute praying for people’s needs, verbalized preaching and participation by the choice of the frozen chosen!

The True CHURCH is a seven day week participation where Jesus is working through His people by loving people whom they come in contact with. People are the CHURCH and where people of God go, CHURCH should happen!

Relegating the CHURCH that Jesus established to a Sunday-go-meeting place is nothing more than churchianity! Enjoy your Sunday-go-meeting but, B…

True Love

No amount of drinking from the water fountain of love can quench True LOVE. Though the greatest of floods may drench True Love it cannot drown True LOVE.

Working for God or with God.

Religion deems to ask God to help me do His work as GOOD. It deems to ask God for the power to help Him do His work is a better approach to working for God. Wouldn’t the BEST be to allow Him to do His work through me? That can only happen by having an intimate love relationship with Him!

How do we know we TrusT God?

How do we really know if we trust God or not? One way is by our reaction to and during difficult circumstances. 
When things are in a turmoil in our life and we fail to see a clear path out of the quagmire of problems, feeling as if God Himself as forsaken us yet, we are relaxed and worry free in the fact that we know that God is in control and is working things out for His good which ultimately is for our good, is indication that we trust Him. 
If we allow worry and doubt to control us in times of difficulty, it drives us away from God. 
Trusting God, will give us peace and calm in the midst of the storm and cause us to remain close to Him during difficult circumstances.

Working for or working with God.

Being INFORMED about God by professors in seminaries or by preachers in religious buildings know as “churches” as how to WORK FOR God, is not the same as, being TRANSFORMED by God through a love relationship because of Jesus’ sacrifice, nor is it the same as being CONFORMED to the image of Christ by the power of His Spirit to WORK WITH God! KNOWING ABOUT God is not the same as KNOWING God!

Why did Jesus Come unto us?

Jesus became man to show God in action so we could trust Him. He became the sacrifice so we could know God in a intimate relational way. He rose from the dead so we could be in relationship with God as He works through us through the powerful way of LOVE.


REGILION, HATE, SELFISHNESS, ELITISM, RACISM, have not these been the cause of war in the past and the present?

A world without: RELIGION!


Would it lead to a WORLD WITHOUT WAR!

Would it lead to a WORLD where LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY are the order of the day?
Would it not lead to all PEOPLE treating PEOPLE the way they would want PEOPLE to treat them!
Wait a minute…would that not be living the “GOLDEN RULE”!
Shouldn't the GOLDEN RULE be lived out in this IMPERFECT WORLD...seeing there will be no need of the GOLDEN RULE in the PERFECT WORLD!

Satan is defeated!

Why is it that many who say they are blood-bought seem to be love-drought? Is it an indication that even though blood-bought we are love-drought because we still have not made Jesus the Lord of our lives even though we ought? If the devil sees Jesus in our lives he will run with his tail between his legs because he knows Jesus already defeated him.


Sometime the confusion, hurt and pain we go through in life is unbearable and can lead us to despair, unable to sense the closeness of God and it seems as if He has forsaken us. It is not the crisis the we go through that will defeat us, rather it is our reaction to the crisis that determines if we live in victory or defeat. To often we let the emotional trauma, as a result of the circumstance, run it course giving them time to establish strongholds of doubt and unbelief in our hearts. Then after the strongholds have been established we turn to God and ask for His help. We need to realize that it is easier for us to keep the storm of a crisis from getting into our heart then it is to remove it later.

"I will never leave you or forsake you" and "lo I am with you always" are promises of God that we can rest assured of!

When we face a crisis we need to believe and apply the words of Jesus, "Let not your hearts be troubled". Don't allow TROUBLE to cause …

Something Religions Should Ponder.

Something for all RELIGIONS to PONDER...If we get it wrong about God, it matters little what else we get right! Getting it wrong about God means people are being led down the road of destruction to a DEAD END!

Said and Done

When it is all said and done in our own strength, there is a lot more said than done! 

If less was said and more was done by allowing Jesus to work His work through us, we would end up with more being done than is being said! 

What would happen if we became less of a sayer and doer of our own works and was more of a doer by being a show-er of God doing His through us and lead people in Christ's doing rather than telling people they should do the doing!


When a denomination becomes obsessed with self-preservation, it becomes a barrier that dangerously limits greater streams of truth from flowing into it. Elitism, legalism, judgmental attitudes and man-made rules and regulations become the order of the day.

Spirtual Battle

The blood that Jesus shed has defeated the devil. His blood did a thorough job in that defeat and Satan is now only SEEMING to be a roaring lion but he is still a defeated SEEMING roaring lion. The best way for us to do spiritual battle against Satan is to magnify Jesus in our life by living as His loved child in loving to love others.