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Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord.

The traditional understanding of “come ye out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord” believers have been taught to believe and by practice still to not be friends or associate with non-believers, especially associating with them in their environment. is OK to try and scare the hell out of them when they come to event-driven-meetings. But, is that concept the understanding we get from the life of Jesus?

Jesus is our best example of living a life of holiness. He is God in human flesh. His life serves as the best conclusion for what divine holiness looks like when living in the community humanity. And they rightly called him “a friend of...sinners” (Matt. 11:19).

So, if the traditional understanding is correct why did the God-Man who associated with the bad of the baddest of His day go against the established belief of the Pharisaical Law Keepers...have we missed the point of His living lesson? Jesus is the friend of sinners, not their enemy!

What Jes…

Am I moving from being a Believer to a Heretic and from being a Saint to a Sinner? To

To some people out there who have been reading my posts for awhile, I have gone from being a believer to an heretic...from a saint to sinner. Here is the way one individual who hijacks my post solely to argue, and discredit the Grace of our loving Father verbalized how he views me..."Glenn now I know for sure you are all screwed up in the head. You really need to get some counseling somewhere. Probably there are some close friends or relatives nearby that can help you."

Arguing about beliefs will get one no farther spiritually than running on a treadmill will get one from where one is to where one wants to go! Yet there are those who use other people's post solely to argue that their beliefs are right and the writer's beliefs are wrong and then on to judge and condemn the writer.

In my posts I am not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking or believing. Let me tell you quite plainly...if you are happy in your religious denomination of choice...stay there. If wha…

Why do we Believe Wrong Believing is Right Believing?

I have concluded that some things of which I had been led to believe and believed to be the gospel rightness, in reality was gospel wrongness. I now conclude that my stubbornness in believing what I believed was right was because in my deception, I liked my delusion because it agreed with what I accepted as truth and that it lined up with my accepted believing. I chose to believe that the delusional delusions of the seminarian hierarchy professionals was God's method of supplying me with the spiritual truth that He wanted me to know. The self-delusion of the self-disillusioned fostered my self-delusion making it acceptable for me to accept the delusion as truth. 

The problem is that in our delusional delusions we interpret our own spiritual ‘experiences’ according to our denominational influences, agendas, and desires that conform with the denominated group beliefs that is most important for the denominated groups survival. That, unfortunately, means maintaining the position of que…

The Way.

Jesus boldly asserted, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!” He came to change the religious way of thinking and acting. He came to free us from ‘religious performance based’ living as His dealing with the religious elite of His day shows us.
Because of the cross and the resurrection of is no longer you and I trying to do our religious best to earn God’s favor to be accepted by Him. It is God saying, "I have come to you, I have done it ALL and the All I have done is sufficient, so there is NO DOING left TO BE DONE, you are accepted by me. I am all that you need in life." He put an end to religion as the way to Him and and offers something we can all understand and relate to...RELATIONSHIP...yet man stubbornly will not release their relationship with religion and refuse to embrace the freedom of relationship with God through Jesus.
Jesus said, “I am the Way!” that means the Bible is not the Way, it points to the Way. Sunday-go-performance-meetings are not the Way,…

Religious High Horse Elitism.

Why do some followers of Christ ride the high-horse of condescending religious intellectual superiority, show much intolerance to people who believe differently then what they believe...think they have a monopoly on truth, and are traveling the moral high-ground that has come to typify the religionists positioning themselves as the last fortress of true “Biblical defense”...when their defense is more of denominational defending man-made doctrines?

Their actions and reactions based on their believing has  crystallized the reasons so many people are losing trust in institutional denominated  churches. People are forsaking organized religion altogether, and seeking for true spiritual community free from religious bondage, realizing there are no spiritual elite know-all in the Community of the Redeemed, and a lot of the beliefs they hold to are very HOLEY...but...not very HOLY! 


Religion practiced in local denominated congregatio…

The "I wills".

The “I will do's” of religion under-minds the "I have done's" of Christ... I will pull down my barns...I will build greater...I will bestow all my fruits and my goods into my barns...I will take it easy and do things my way...I will eat, drink and be merry. Jesus did not come to do man's "I wills", He did not even come to do His "own will", He came to do the will of His loving Father.

Many attempt to gain entrance to the Kingdom of God by the "I wills"...I will find God by doing the "I wills" of my denomination...I will gain favor with God by doing my religious "I wills"...I will maintain my relationship with God by doing the man-made "I wills"...the "I wills" will lead to spiritual destruction.

The "I will" religionists are lost in the deceptions of Satan and believe his lie that the "I wills"  is the way to God's approval.

The "I will" is a way that seems right …

Circumstantial Motivation

Religious people are motivated by what they believe is "their christian duty". They believe it is expected of them by God".

If you are a Sunday-meeting-goer, you no doubt heard some denominated pulpit-teer saying..."There is no question, Jesus died for you...the question is, what will you do for Jesus"? How many times have we heard or even said ourselves, "I would do anything for Jesus, I would die for Him", the thing is if we operate because it is our "christian duty", if my motivation is driven because of debt-owing, then we are missing the whole reason for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus didn't die to form an elite army of soldiers to be "devil-fighters" or feared by unbelievers because of the fear-mongering hell-fire-brimstone man-made doctrine, no, Jesus came because of his love for people that would woo them to salvation, he did not come to scare the hell out of people religion call sinners.

A religious p…

Did God Create the Greatest Enemy of the Cross?

Did God create a being with a power greater than His power...who would use that power to chose to go to hell rather than heaven?  If God, as religion teaches and believes...created in man a "Free Will" which he could use to chose to be saved or chose to go to "hell" instead...and that the VAST MAJORITY OF HUMANS will choose to go to "hell as is taught by religion...wouldn't that mean that God Himself created something that turns out to be the greatest "Enemy of the Cross" and thwarts His "Will" that all be saved?
"God is NOT WILLING that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance." If God is NOT WILLING that any should perish, does it not follow that His WILL is that ALL be saved? Did God create man with a "Will" that will override and stop His "Will" from being fulfilled? If He did, would that not be MORONIC!
I wonder did Jesus put His "Seal of Approval" on such a plan...If He did,…

Flock Badgering!

How would you feel hearing this from the pulpit after you missed last Sunday's service?

“We had a hallelujah time in the service last Sunday as a number of us faithful assembled together as "The Church" as the Bible commands us to do. It was, however, very  disappointing that some members were unfaithful in their attendance...for if you weren't here you are unfaithful to the Church, even if you excused yourselves for secular or family reasons, the reasons you stayed home for had nothing to do with worshiping God. If we are followers of Jesus we need to assemble together on Sunday's for that is where God comes among us so we can meet with him as the faith community. The only legitimate excuse to be absent from the assembly is if you are either sick in some hospital bed or you are dead! Folks, it always comes down to our priorities and our level of commitment to living out our commitment to the Church and to God. If you made the wrong choice last Sunday, reflect dee…

Did Kim Davis have Biblical Grounds for Doing what She Did?

There is a question begging to be answered:

Is the reasoning and the reaction of Kim Davis truly a stand for the upholding of Biblical standards or is it a form of religious badgering?

If she is truly a Biblical standard upholder, should such religious fervor have been used for the multiple marriage license issued to her that allowed her multiple marriages, that is frowned upon as Bible disobedience by the religious denomination she belongs to?

People who are raised in an environment where people believe their personal religious beliefs...formed from often misguided and misunderstood denominated-influenced interpretations of the Bible...should their beliefs be the rule of law to deprive non-religious or other different religious people, the right of access to what is lawful theirs according to the lawmakers of the land?

I admit...I too was such a religionist in regarding the rightness of my religious beliefs and felt that the people I came in contact with should be subjected to my perceiv…


"Those that have turned the world upside down, have come here also."


I many prophets in OT times had a Bible to prophesy from....mmmmm right, a big fat ZERO! But, they had the "Word of God".

I many teachers and preachers in NT times had a Bible to preach from...mmmmm right on, a big fat ZERO! But they had the "Word of God" and were charged with turning the world "upside down" for God.

I wonder...what is the number of OT scriptures that make reference to the Bible...let me think, oh yea, a big fat ZERO!

I many OT scriptures point to Christ...mmmmm, just about all of them!

I many NT scriptures point to Christ...mmmmm, just about all of them!

I many books out of the 66 books that make up the Bible did the OT people used...let me think, yes it was a total of 5, how interesting, that makes up for a little over 7% of the whole Bible.

I man…

What Religious Institutional Churches are Lacking.

In my reading and seeing regarding the religious denominated Sunday-go-meetings of religious institutions, the greatest lack is the...Lack of People.

More often than not, all the pews are empty of people who the denominated attendees class  as..."sinners"...and the vast majority of the pews are empty of...saints."

Sinners no longer attend and saints are leaving in droves! Why?

Is it because:

You speak in a religious language that is as dead as the ancient Latin language of the past that no longer resonates with people who now think for themselves and can see through the religious facade?

Your vision is blurred because of your denominated religious-spectacles and you can’t see past your denominated affiliation and beliefs when it comes the the Gospel of Christ?

Your love is to selective and exclusive, and only for the people who have checked off your denominated doctrinal boxes to filter out the spiritual rift-raft dissenters who do not line up with your brand of…

Restricting God.


For many believers, using the Bible as the go to, supreme authority, and final answer for...who God is...and how God works. Using the Bible as the final authority has led to many misconceptions about God and the Bible do to man's interpretation of the text.

Some people conclude it was the divine hand of God that led to the divisions, chapters and verse tp make it easy to find verses that can be shot from our mouths as spiritual bullets to proof text the sacred doctrines and interpretations of man?

Red Alert: The sectionalizing of the Bible was man's idea...not God's.

What if God didn’t intend for the Bible to be the unquestioned final authority for man as religion as designated it? 

What if God isn’t a fan of the way verses are ripped out of context to proof text man's interpretation of the text?

What if God doesn’t approve of our bli…