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What is your Perspective of God?

I’ve come to the conclusion the God presented and defined by religion is not the God of the Bible. I believe that the various religions of the world have concocted who God is by whatever upbringing they have experienced. What has happened is that religions have made gods of their own making. Sad to say, some leaders in Christianity have fallen into the same trap. Is the God of Christianity really the God of the Bible or a God of their own choosing?Religion is completely patriarchal, this means that it is a system of society designed and controlled by men to control people. Breaking from this system proves to be very difficult, emotionally. The threat of hell and punishment is everywhere in the corners of your psyche. The God of religion is portrayed by leaders in the churches as a punishing daddy who wields a rod of chastisement like nobody’s business. Oh the preachers all say God is merciful and loving, but isn’t that speaking with a forked tongue? It’s to prevent reaso…

November 2010 Truth Nuggets.

The same key that unlocks the door to your house and gives you the freedom to enter is the same key that locks the door to your house and keeps entering out of bounds. The truth is that the Bible points toward the WORD of TRUTH, the key to freedom. The Bible, through misunderstanding or misinterpretation of its truth leads to deception and bondage. It is TRUTH that will set you FREE! It is the misapplication and misinterpretation of TRUTH that will keep you in BONDAGE!

Religion, offers God as the “CAPTAIN”, Jesus as the “ANCHOR” and the Holy Spirit as the “EMPOWER-ER”, the problem is, denominational belief is the water the Captain has to sail in to the port of DOCTRINAL BONDAGE. On the other hand, a relational relationship with God means that “God” is our FATHER, “Jesus” is our BROTHER and the “Holy Spirit” is our TEACHER. The amazing thing is, God’s LOVE and GRACE is the water we sail in. Set your course to sail in the waters of God’s LOVE and GRACE to the port of FREEDOM IN CHRIST!
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