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Truth Nugget.

If as believers we are still in chains of bondage and enslaved to religious deception entrapments that are not from Christ, we cannot preach a message of freedom to free people who are in bondage to sin.

Polester trending findings from religious poling.

The poles indicate there that organized religion is on the decline, not just in Western Europe, but also in the United States.

Only 37 percent of Americans believe clergy contribute significantly to society’s well-being, according to a new Pew Research Center poll. Even among regular church goers, only about half, 52 percent, say clergy contribute “a lot” to the betterment of society.

Gallup and Pew polls provide these other indicators:

• Two-thirds of Americans say religion is losing its influence in our lives.
• Since the 1970s, Americans’ confidence in organized religion has steadily decreased.
• As of 2012, the downward trend hit an all-time low: only 44 percent of Americans have “a great deal” of confidence in organized religion.

To the majority of believers caught up in religion these are alarming statics. But take heart...Religion is NOT the Church Jesus said He would build. Religion is man-ordained. But the Church of Jesus Chrtst is God-Ordained. Religions are instit…

Is Religion dying?

Religion feeds off itself, the result is...IT WILL CONSUME ITSELF. The demise of religion will set people free from its entanglement, to be more spiritually aware of the plan of God for the community of redeemed to influence the community of humanity towards God and the purpose for His creation.

The death of religion will give rise to the fact that Jesus is the Head of His church, and the founder of His Gospel...the Gospel of Grace. Church will no longer be a Sunday-go-event-driven meeting. It will be the Body of Christ, living the life of Christ in daily living, Christ working through the community of the redeemed to fill the earth with His glory because of the good news of the Gospel of His Grace. The End Of Church Large numbers of Americans are hankering for experiential faith whereby they can connect with God, the divine, or wonder as well as with their neighbors and that lead to a more profound sense of meaning in the world.

Spiritual Abuse by Preacher Tricksters and Tricked Believers.

The reason preacher tricksters and tricked believers state that, "The Lord told me", "God is a killer", "God hates sinners" "You are either God's child or hell's child" and quote verses out of context to validate the sayings is to avoid people's questioning of the subject at hand, because it implies that, since God has spoken, there is no room for questioning. Such fear-mongering is neither from God or godly, in actual fact it is aiding and abetting doctrines of devils.
Another phrase that is used is, "Support my ministry, and God will repay you a hundred fold return because God is no man's debtor." "God has called this ministry to reach the world, but it will take your giving." Preacher Tricksters take scriptures out of context to keep their members in context with their view of their out-of-context interpretation and give more authenticity to their ministry and leadership. Some religious groups view question…

Mindless Me.

As a believer in God, there is a mind boggling belief that boggles my mind regarding the state of the dead who have passed from this life to the other side.

Yes I believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. But I am boggled in my mind as to the belief of the majority of church going believers believe that...if a person does not profess Christ as Savior and Lord before they expire...even those who since time began have never heard the name of Jesus let alone accept Him...have never seen a Bible let alone read one...have never heard of a "sinners prayer" let alone say it to ensure their salvation...have never darted their nose inside a "church" door to hear the preacher preach that they are hell bound...are now in hell's flaming torture chamber because they failed, through no fault of their own, to transfer to God's side. Yet, this is the same God that "Christians" ironically proclaim as good, loving, compassionate, merciful and f…

The Grace Gospel Does Not Make Religious Sense.

For many law-keeping religious rule keepers the Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ does not make sense. sure seems that way by the grace-butting and the grace-mixing that characterizes the attacks on Grace. Christ came to do away with our striving to maintain our salvation by our doing. Their philosophy is,..."It's okay to be saved by Grace, but then it's up to me to stay saved by my efforts to do the do's and not do the don'ts. You mean...Jesus gives me salvation with no strings attached...are you crazy"?

Religion has substituted bible idolization, preacher adoration, Sunday-go-meeting attendance, discipleship classes, rule keeping, doctrinal philosophies, fear mongering, and a host of other things to avoid God's free gift of Grace. This is not the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ...but a "Bad News Gospel" of religion at the least, that sucks the life out of believers instead of providing them abundant life that is a result of…

The Importance of Understanding the Father Heart of God.

If we as believers do not understand the Father heart of God towards the community of humanity wrapped up in the finished work of Jesus' death and resurrection, we are unable to present the truth and purpose of the Gospel that God intended to be good news for them.

A great desire of the Father heart of God is to deliver His people from performance based guilt ridden religion. Once we understand the Father's heart we can go to Him and experience His love and forgiveness that Grace has accomplished. Once we know we are set free from guilt and condemnation, we can, regardless of our faults and failures, commune with Him, this communing with Him spirit to Spirit is Grace enabled to provide the power over sin.

The Believer's life was never intended to be based on religion's inability (for it is without ability gain or maintain for us a relationship with God), or man's ability. It is based solely on God's ability to fill us with Himself that enables us …

The Path out of Religion's Mess.

Our relationship with God is a spiritual journey...if we follow the path of God's Amazing Grace paved with His Compassion and Love for people, the Path becomes a Highway of Peace that will lead us out of Religion's Mess to His Unending Rest so we can experience His Best.

Grace living is believing and doing what is right regardless of what we are told.

Religion living is believing and doing what we are told regardless of what is right.

Only God's Amazing Grace can lead you out Religion's Ungodly Mess that keeps us from God's Best!

Useless Doing

If our DOING is not love based it has no gospel value.

The Sin of Grace Polluting?

Grace-plus-something is nothing when it comes to the purity of Grace.

Grace-plus-nothing is everything when it comes to the purity of Grace.

Grace pollution by the religious constitution infusion with religious confusion is Grace contusion...and it is not the Gospel of Grace given to Paul by Jesus.

Pure Grace is not abused Grace, that the religious law-keepers accuse it as by saying it is a free ticket to sin the sin you want to sin when you want to sin it.

For Grace to be pure it cannot be mixed with anything of man...including the Law of Moses, for the scripture declares that the Law came by Moses, but Grace came by Jesus Christ.

God's graciousness toward the community of humanity is not because man consciously "chooses" to believe. God was gracious to man while they were sinners and non-believers. God's graciousness is already given to "ALL" in the community of humanity, and its people simply accept the grace God has given them.

Believers are…

Bible Infallibility...Where From It Come?

Why is it that people believe the bible to be "Infallible" and maintain it is "The Word of God" when neither the Bible, nor God Himself, claim such such about it. The belief that the Bible is the "Word of God and infallible, is a devil-inspired, man-invented fallacy to combat pagan philosophy and create validity to strengthen the holding power of religion over people in its bid to use the Bible to maintain control over them through manipulation and fear-mongering.

Religious manipulators refer to 2 Timothy 3:16 as a proof text that the Bible is infallible; however, that is to use the verse out of context, in that the “Scriptures” referenced, refer to the Old Testament scriptures, further more the term “inspiration” does not mean “Word of God”. Nowhere in the Bible does it claim to be infallible...NOWHERE! Yet, religion teaches it as being biblical, not the Bible or God. In fact, many of the authors of Scripture had no idea that their books would b…

A Fool's FOOL.

Some people, with much pride, claim they are a fool for the Gospel of Christ...when in reality, they have been fooled by fools into believing that the gospel they are fools for, is the Gospel of Christ. The actuality is, they are fools for a foolish gospel that is no Gospel at all.

These bible believing people claim to follow their heart...yet fail to realize they have totally lost their brain reasoning function in the process and end up a fool's fool of foolishness, that has little to do with the Gospel of Christ.

Yes, God gave you a heart, but He also gave you a brain, don't be a fool's fool by using one and not the other.

The heart does not work efficiently, independently of the brain.

Do we Really Understand the Grace of God?

We don't understand the Grace of God if:

We accept the fact that our relationship with God starts by Grace, but the living of the believers life is based on some performance standard designed to help you fulfill the expectations of the hierarchal religious system.

We live with the understanding that you have to measure up to some spiritual standard by following rules and regulations and if we don't God disapproves of us.

We feel guilt and condemnation when you deemed we have failed Him and feel that it is a negative mark on some score card we imagine God keeps.

We believe that God helps those that help themselves by doing the best we can do, then God steps in and does what we cannot do. Grace plus our doing is NOT Grace at all.

We feel that we gain favor with God because of what we do and our spiritual maturity depends on our hard work and sacrifice.

We feel more we have more of His approval if we have been faithful in "christian disciplines"...attending …

Stooping to Low.

When I stoop to ridiculing or demeaning another person because I believe their belief is wrong and misguided because of deception...I need to realize that my beliefs may be wrong because of misguidance and deception as well.

Therefore, it is wise to question my established beliefs to see if they are a result of deception's deception or based on correct contextual setting and correct historical understanding.

Besides, ridiculing or demeaning a person because I believe their belief is wrong...IS WRONG...and is not the same as questioning the belief they believe.

Man's Goodness.

God does not love people because people are good in their own self-righteousness, or because they try to be good by obeying religious rules...God makes people good because He loves people even in their badness, knowing that in and of themselves, they cannot be good and realize that self-righteousness is as "filthy rags" in the sight of God.

Man's goodness is because of God and what He has done...not because of the good man can do in trying to be good.

Evilness of Religion. Part 2

Many evil things have been done in the name of God carried out by professing believers who knowingly or unknowingly did the evil. The Crusades were supposedly carried out under the banner of Christianity, yet there was nothing godly about them. Satan still uses the crusade fiasco to discredit the Gospel. The Inquisition and the persecution carried out under the reign of Bloody Mary of England were done in the name of Christ, and yet these events and the people responsible for them were hideously evil. The Protestant-Catholic terrorism in Northern Ireland is not godly in any sense of the word, and yet the world perceives of it as Christian versus Christian...what a shame!

Yes religion including the "christian religion" is a force for evil when evil is recognized as bering false witness as to who God is and what He has accomplished in and through the death and resurrection of Jesus. The spies that came back for spying out the promise land, though they gave a tru…

Evilness of Religion. Part 1

I realize that there are many in the christian religious world that will disagree with a statement that I will make shortly, by thinking the statement does not include the "Christian Religion" because I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and in their thinking Jesus is the founder of the "christian religion". After reading the statement they may consider me an apostate believer instead of a true believer.

One encyclopedia defines religion this way; "Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural, and to spirituality.[note 1] Many religions have narratives, symbols, and sacred histories that are intended to explain the meaning of life and/or to explain the origin of life or the Universe. From their beliefs about the cosmos and human nature, they tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle. According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religi…


Greatness in life is not in the obtaining of a great position, becoming a great celebrity, becoming a great preacher or bible scholar, or acquiring great wealth.

Greatness in life simply, living in freedom of Christ, being honorable, having hope and offering it to the hopeless, showing kindness, justice and mercy, and living a life of forgiveness.

It's in the Bible...Really?

“God helps those who help themselves.”
“Spare the rod, spoil the child.”
“God works in mysterious ways.”
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
"Jonah was swallowed by a whale."
"Three wise men visited baby Jesus."

Why do these false Bible quotes go unchallenged by people who claim to know the Bible?

Here is another one non-Biblical phrase that many professing Christians accept without thinking.

“The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible”.

If that were true, Bible believer's would not sin but, we all know they do! The only thing that will keep you from sin is the power of Grace and Love in Christ that transforms a person from the inside out.

The Bible is the book that cannot transform!

It tells us about Christ and exhorts us to turn everything over to Him and to walk in His Spirit. But the Bible is not an end in itself. Reading the Bible is good and proper for a believer but, it doesn't do us any good unless…
Standing on the promises of God goes beyond being a pew warmer and singing "Standing on the Promises".

A SIN of the Religious.

Why is it alright for religious people to question the sin of sinners but claim to love the sinner, yet, view that questioning the beliefs of their religion is: an infringement on their religious rights, an attack on the bible, an attack on God, that causes them to wave the flag of religious discrimination?

Religious people need to understand that if their belief system is based a lie it remains a lie even if it is believed to be truth. The questioner questioning the sin of the saint is as valid as the "christian" questioning the sin of the sinner. They would also be wise to take note that truth is truth even when they believe and teach it is a lie.

Religious people need to realize that living and preaching a lie as truth, is more of an attack on the bible and God than the sin of the sinner, and that living and preaching a lie as truth is a SIN even when cloaked in sanctimonious pious orthodoxy!

Complete in Christ.

"As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him... beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And you are complete in Him..." (Colossians 2:6,8,9)

Living the life of a believer is a life where Christ lives in you and your life is lived in Christ. That is to say, without a relationship with Jesus we are not believers. Therefore a relationship with religion, Christianity or otherwise does not constitute being a believer. Does that mean there are no believers within religion...of course not...but, being belonging to a denomination and religiously following their religious belief system does not make you a believer.

The danger of being religious is that you make it the way to God and godliness, which is what has happened to the majority who are members of the Christian religion.

A Christian...Really?

Given the way bigoted Christians act and react...given their conceited superiority complex...given their self-righteous attitude...given their judgmental and condemning nature...given their elitist bible understanding...given their stand for segregation and division of Christ Body...because of their hatred, bitterness and false accusations...given their view that the bible as inerrant and maintain that their view of theology and God is the correct one, they oppose change to the degree of calling people who present a different theology than their "perfect" theology...given their shameful self-inflicted ignorance of the Jesus of the bible...given their their want for power and control...given they prefer law-keeping over grace-living...given they use fear-mongering instead of love and hope to persuade people to side with Christ...given they use the bible, not as a message of hope, joy and redemption, but a weapon used to strike fear into anyone who doesn't wh…

An Honest Look at How the Bible Came About.

Is the belief that the Bible, widely used in religious circles is a compilation of writings that are in its totality divinely inspired by God, is the "WORD" of God, and is to be used as a rule book to follow and obey if one is to be a believer and live a authentic christian life?

Bible people rightly believe that God is all powerful and all knowing. Along with this truth is the belief that God does not normally interfere in the daily lives of people's living because He has given mankind a free will to decide between good and evil. Because of the free will belief, man has the ability to disobey God at will. Man also has the ability to do evil things therefore, they need laws and rules to be obeyed in order to be good that are structured by God Himself. I would dare ti bet that there is not one segregated denominational group that contests that human beings are fallible. Yet, for some reason they believe that all humanoids who were involved in translating, form…

Truth Decay.

If the community of humanity was overrun with tooth-decay as much as the people in religion are overrun with truth-decay, there would be a lot of toothless gumming people.

If the community of the redeemed, inside religion, would fight truth-decay the way people in the community of humanity fight tooth-decay, religion would cease to exist because truth would be its demise.

Religious truth decay is spawned from the illusion as to what is truth. This illusion causes confusion because of the delusion upon which they base their conclusions.

Winning the battle against truth-decay with truth has far better benefits than winning the battle against tooth-decay.

Love Living.

God is love, because of His love He created people to be the object of His love. If we are in God and He is in us then, love is in us. Live a life of love, walk in love...just as Christ loved us and gave Himself as a sweet-smelling aroma for the community of humanity to smell the aroma of love from the community of the redeemed.

Love has redemptive power. It is the essence of God Himself (1 John 4:8), and knowing it by His gospel of grace is life’s greatest privilege and benefit. ”See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God; and such we are” (1 John 3:1).

We can be a blessing of love to people by allowing Christ’s love to outflow through us (1 Pet. 1:22). A Believer is to show the community of humanity that God's love is the most powerful and redemptive force in the community of humanity for good. (John 17:20-26).

“…that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may…

Many people give Lip Service to The Lord:

“Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” (Luke 6:46).

Many people give Lip Service to The Lord:

Shouting praises...In Sunday-go-meetings.
Teaching doctrine...Most of which are the ideas of men.
Preaching sermons...A monologue of verbiage of which most of the mouthing is fruitless.
Using christian clich├ęs, "When God closes one door He opens another", "God helps those who help themselves" If you just had enough faith you would be healed" "the bible says it, I believe it, that settles it"..."Repent or burn"..."If you are not serving God you are serving the devil".


"All to Jesus I Surrender"...At least 10% of the time.
"Following Jesus every Day by Day"...At least on Sunday's.
"God is good"...As long as things are going my way.
"I love you Lord"...Whats left over after loving my church.
"Take my Life and Let it Be Fully Concentrated unto Thee"...At…

Fussing and Fuming is not Trusting.

Many a people say; "In God we Trust" but, by their reaction when things go wrong or when questioned about their belief system, along with their verbalization, their actions speak the phrase; "In God we Fuss", sometimes followed by a Cuss.

Fussing and fuming about your belief system is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming about your inability or ability is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming about bible doctrine is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming about Sunday-go-meetings is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming about homosexuality is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming about "christian causes" is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming because of your position is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming about your health is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming about your wealth is not indicative of Trust in God.

Fussing and fuming with brothe…

How do you view God.

Under Law living instituted in the pre-cross era, people's view of God was a God to be feared, served and obeyed or suffer the consequences.

Under Grace living instituted in the post-cross era, God's presentation of Himself to people is a God of love to be loved, cherished and befriended.

Jesus didn't come to earth to be served, He came as the express image of His Father, He came to have friends and to make sons and daughters, He desirers relationship and friendship not servitude or to be feared or to make His Father out to be feared.

The Segregated Segregation of Believers..."Denominationalism".

"The churches of Christ Greet You" recorded in Romans 16:16 does not mean different named-tag denominated churches...It refers to gatherings of the same belief in Jesus people in different locations in a area, or city, province, country or the world for that matter.

The religious Babylonian church is a counterfeit that has swallowed up the people of God and is accepted as the True Church. The genuine has been substituted for the counterfeit, the true substituted for the false, the pure substituted for the impure because the religions of the world has believed spirits that are not of God.

In the midst of a myriad of denominations the saying "It doesn't matter which Church you go to" needs to be examined for its validity. Where did denominationalism, come from? Are they revelations of God, or are they fabrications of man? Are they God sanctioned, or are they man sanctioned? Are they the True Church or are they a counterfeit for the true Church?