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If Jesus Came to our Town

If Jesus came to our town and walked the Sunday morning street.
And viewed the buildings we call churches so elegant and so neat.
Which church would He visit? The one who believes, our doctrine is so right?
As we sit in padded pews dressed in our Sunday best, so appealing to the sight?

Would He visit people who deem that our model of doing church is so true?
Wouldn't that include all religions, seeing through the denominational hue?
Would He visit the splendorous edifice with its high ceilings lined with gold?
Would He visit those with riches gained by the religious gimmicks they sold.

Would He visit ministries who sell His graces and promises through TV?
Healing, salvation, peace and joy, “just send your money to me.”
Would he be pleased with all the accolades we ascribe as worship unto Him?
While those who disagree with us, we so quickly and easily condemn.

Would He pass every church building, no matter the name tag over the door?
And mingle with the common folk, the…