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The Reformation-Call.

One deception that believers have succumbed to by believing the fables of men is they prefer a literary, textbook approach to knowing God and has made the good-book that is used to approach God as the "Supreme Word" of God. They study scripture thinking it is the source of eternal life, the guide for spiritual living and the rule book for spiritual application. In doing so they chose knowledge of God through shadows over knowing the reality of God. The scriptures are a great blessing to the Community of Humanity as a road map to Christ, but they are the written word, a love-letter...not our Lover, the True Word of God.
William Law describes the respect for scripture and its true value this way: "Read whatever chapter of Scripture you will, and be ever so delighted with it--yet it will leave you as poor, as empty and unchanged as it found you unless it has turned you wholly and solely to the Spirit of God, and brought you into full union with and dependance …

The Good Book.

Though the "Good Book" is the "Best Book" it is NOT to be used as a "Rule Book" for "Christian Living"..."Doctrine Defining"..."Denomination Forming"..."People Judging"...or...Sinner Condemning" reasoning.

Yet we find that most of the "Bible Thumpers" are "Jesus Trump-ers" in that they have IDOLIZED the Bible...the written word that points to Jesus to where it has trumped...Jesus the living "Word" that the Bible declares He is.

Though the Bible tells us in story of the history of God's dealing with mankind and every rule that the Israelites were expected to live by, they are not rules for Jesus followers to live by to prove they are Jesus followers.

The rule keeping of the law keeping gospel herald-ers has positioned the "Good Book" as the "Rule Book" to be the "Supreme Word" in directing spiritual living and doing. This has made the Bible their idle…

Loved and Accepted.

It has been said that the strongest desire of mankind is the "sex drive" being me, I disagree. I believe the strongest desire of mankind is to be loved and accepted by God and other people. The desire to be loved and accepted by people is the greatest factor in determining most human behavior.

The desire to be loved and accepted is why we wear what we wear, why we do what we do, why we say what we say, why we go where we go, why we act the way we act, why we conform to what we conform, why we pray what we pray, why we read what we read, why we go to "church" to "do" church and yes...why we believe what we least most of the time.

The amazing thing about God and His Amazing Love and Grace is...we do not have to live our lives seeking love and acceptance by God because we are already completely loved and accepted by Him.
All the buildings called "Churches" that dot the landscape of the towns and cities of our world are a …

Worry Not.

Worry refuses to know God. 

Worry refuses to trust God.

Worry refuses to love God. 

Worry is uncharacteristic of faith in God

Worry is unwise because of our hope in God.

 Worry is unnecessary because of our loving God.

Because of our Father...because of our trust in our Father....because of our future with our Father;

It is FOOLISH for us to HURRY and SCURRY because of WORRY!

Spiritual Walking.

Many a people in the Body of Christ have separated into segregated name-tagged buildings because of different doctrinal beliefs. These people believe that error and truth are doctrinal issues and worthy of separating from family for. This has led to many a varied doctrine with many a varied opinion as to who God is and what God is like.

The fact is...error and truth are not doctrinal issues...error and truth are spiritual issues.

We as people walk in error or truth depending on following the spirit or following the Spirit.

“By this test we can distinguish the Spirit of truth from the spirit of error” (1 John 4:6).

Therefore...people who have separated from the Body of Christ because of doctrinal difference and formed denominations based on those differences are following and flowing in, the spirit of error.

Thus...everything you hear from these people about God is NOT necessarily TRUE about God.

Thus...everything you hear from these people that is claimed to be Bible Truth is NOT …

God has Left the Building.

Because people stop attending the Sunday-Go-Meeting does not mean they have given up on God. Neither does people attending Sunday-Go-Meetings mean they are godly. It may mean that people who no longer go to event-driven meetings no longer believe that performing the performance is the way to please God. Maybe they are leaving man-made tradition, man-made doctrines and the man-made hierarchy control over them.

They are breaking free from the bondage that binds them to a hierarchical controlled system of do’s and don'ts in order to be known to be known as a “denominational conformist,” to be a "member in  good standing".

Maybe they want to take their eyes off following man-made rules, regulations and gimmicks of the manipulators and focus their energy entirely on Christ and living as one with Him as the Community of the Redeemed. If you have been  ruled and regulated to conformance, isn't it time to experience the resurrection life of Christ giving you life? The way of d…

The Truth we Think we Know.

Sometimes, The Truth we Think we Truth...Prevents us from Knowing the Truth we Need to Know... the Real Truth.
Believers do not need any externals...religious or order to experience an intimate spiritual relational fellowship with God. Why? Because, God lives in us and desires to live through us. 
Is it possible that the real problem regarding the superficial experiential, and hyper spirituality of religious law keepers is; what we think we know is preventing us from knowing what we need to know, therefore we do not know or understand what Jesus has provided nor understand His work on the cross enough to realize who and what we have and are in Him?
We need a fresh vision of God as seen through the lens of Jesus to comprehend and understand the role of His Community of the Redeemed in bringing the atmosphere of heaven to the Community of Humanity on this earth.

Is Grace the Sinning Gospel that the Grace Haters claim it to be?

He Is Greatly
Grace Haters are guilty of stating a false accusation against God's Grace that is unwarranted. This false accusation coming from preachers and writers who are respected by the Grace plus Law Gospel Hearlders is accepted by religious rule keeping people as truth without them investigating as to the accuracy of the accusation.
These Grace misunderstanders have thrown around different names to slander God's "Amazing Grace" given by God though Jesus to Paul for the benefit of the Community of the Redeemed for the Community of Humanity. Such buzz phrases as, Cheap grace...Sloppy Grace...False Grace...Greasy Grace and Hyper Grace.
People who promote the above also throw around such catchy phrases so as to convince the deceived faithful of the validly of the accusations such as, "Grace is soft on sin”, or “Grace is giving people a license to sin” and, “You just don’t understand what it means to live holy.”  Oftentimes, “greasy grace” is combined…

God's Gracious Grace.

Grace is the “good news” of the Gospel, not only that, I believe Grace IS the Gospel! Jesus fulfilled the law-based religion to established a grace-based relationship. Jesus replaced an obedience driven by fear, guilt and shame with a fresh motivation to follow Him out of love.
Everything comes to us by grace.  To believe that we have to work for God’s blessings is to try and buy something that is not for sale. Instead of following a list of religious rules to be accepted by a denomination, Grace calls people to follow Jesus to be accepted by God.
Sin is overcome by God's Amazing Grace, not by the keeping of the un-keepable Mosaic Law.
Is it true that Grace Lovers teach that the Grace Gospel is a "license to sin"? 
To make such a statement is illogical and asinine! It shows the ignorance  of the Grace Gospel by people who make such statements. Not only is it senseless, there is no evidence among Grace Living people to back up such ignorant ignorance of Jesus and His…

When you Look into the Mirror of the Bible what do you see?

Some people look to the Bible to mirror back to them how to behave, what to do or not do, pass judgement on people, fear-monger people in order to control how they act and think, manipulate people, profit financially from people, what doctrine to believe, what denomination to join, and what they should be doing in order to live as a believer. In reading the bible in this way we read it and use it for the wrong reason. reading the bible for these reasons we fall into the trap of being prideful and self-righteousness. The fact is the bible is the mirror that reveals God through the lens of Jesus and what He has accomplished through His life, death and resurrection. 
To read the bible for reasons other than to know God leads to a blind pursuit in self-righteousness and spiritual arrogance because in our reading of it, we compare ourselves to other believers and thank God and in our self-righteousness thank that we are not like them and believe we are more spiritually mature …

Jesus our Great High Priest.

The mixing of the Mosaic Law and Grace and present it as the Gospel is not the Gospel because it removes Jesus from the picture and without Jesus there is no Gospel. The mix-mash of the Law and Jesus is not legit no matter how much religious legitimacy it appears to have. Jesus just doesn't mix in the mix. By presenting the Gospel as a Mixture of Law and Jesus results in taking away from Jesus as the WHOLE of the Gospel. Jesus plus the Law is is not the Gospel. One has to only look at the lineage of Jesus to see the truth of that statement. 

The lineage of Jesus is probably one of the strongest reasons to validate that Jesus came set people free from the bondage of the law and establish a new and better way to have a relationship with the divine.

I am quite certain that all law keepers who may read this will agree with this statement; "Jesus is our High Priest, our one and only way to God! 
But...Jesus did NOT come from the priestly tribe of Levi which was the trib…

What is the Difference Between what Man calls Church and the Community of the Redeemed?

The Community of the Redeemed is a living organism that move and have their being by the virtue of the life within them. All order and direction proceeds from that inner life...the life of Christ! The living organism (The Community of the Redeemed) takes on the life predetermined by the life within...the very life of the Christ of God!

On the other hand, the religious institutional organizations are man-conceived, man-ordained man-led and man-headed. It exists based on bureaucratic standards and the effort to achieve that standard is purely human its accomplishments.

The rules, regulations and traditions that govern institutional denominational organizations are human in origin, a product of the minds of men who lust after power, control and dominance.

One man regarding religious institutions observed their formation this way; “They first of all DOCTRINATE - then ISOLATE - then DENOMINATE - then DOMINATE.”

There is nothing as EVIL as that which robs believers of their spiritual identity …

Who Knows You Best?

Let it be known folks...God knows you far better than religion knows you, in fact He knows you far better than you know you! He also thinks more highly of you than religion will ever  think of you. The fact is; He thinks more highly of you than anything else in the world...He has chosen to make His dwelling place in you...imagine, the God of the universe, the Savior of mankind in all His holiness and awesomeness has chosen to live in you...despite all your faults and failures...that is AWESOMELY AMAZING.

God’s profound opinion of and love for people reveals how amazing His Amazing Grace Gospel really is and if understood for what it is a path illuminated to the most astounding satisfying spiritual relationship there is.

This Gospel of God’s Grace will;
Transition you from fear and hate to trust and love.
Transition you from the bondage of religion to freedom in Christ.
Transition you from denominated division to oneness as Christ and the Father are one.
Transition you from judg…

You Are;

You are are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.  It's no longer your self-righteousness, derived by the law, but the righteousness that comes from God.

You are of are part of One Body and each part is no less important than any other part. There is no spiritual hierarchy in the Body of Christ.

You are preferred because you are loved, not for what you do but for who you are, by the God of love.

You are the Church...The Church is not a place to go to be in the presence of God. Wherever you go, so goes the Church, so goes the presence of God because you are the dwelling place of God.

You are the glory of God not because you are special, but because He is special and He has chosen to pour His life into your life so He can live His life through you as His Community of the Redeemed to influence the Community of Humanity to choose Him.

You are free to be who you are in Christ, break free from the trap of religion's control into the freedom that Christ has…


What is the difference between the religious institutional church and the Community of the Redeemed?

The Community of the Redeemed is a living organism that move and have their being by the virtue of the life within them. All order and direction proceeds from that inner life...the life of Christ! The living organism (The Community of the Redeemed) takes on the life predetermined by the life within...the very life of the Christ of God!

On the other hand, the religious institutional organizations exists because of some man preconceived bureaucratic standard and the effort to achieve that standard is purely human in nature.

The rules, regulations and traditions that govern institutional denominational organizations are human in origin stemming from the minds of men who lust after power, control and dominance.

One man regarding religious institutions observed what they do this way; “They first of all DOCTRINATE - then ISOLATE - then DENOMINATE - then DOMINATE.”

There is nothing as EVIL as tha…

The Guilt of the Shame and Blame Gospel.

The shame and blame gospel of religion and the guilt that it heaps on people is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The shame and blame gospel stems from self-effort and the feeling of unworthiness when our self-effort does not meet the expectations of those who expect expectations from us. The shame and blame gospel is also used as a controlling mechanism to keep the flock in submission to the religious denomination.  

Religion's expectations of people and the believing that those expectations are godly, is a controlling mechanism that subjects the people under the influence of religious deception to  view the deception as truth. When people excel at meeting religious expectations such as...Sunday-go-meeting reading...prayer discipline...doctrinal agreement...submission to appointed authorities...paying of dues...stand, sit, sing at the leaders whim...participate in the alter call...etc..they are considered good "Christians" in good standing …

Reading at Face Value.

What you read at face value, (including the Bible), is not what should determine why you believe what you believe.
It is how you read what you read that will determine what you believe. That is why the Bible is the book that is hailed as the foundation of the different belief systems of different denominations.  When you interpret the Bible through the eyes of what you believe rather than what Jesus reveals and letting its contextual and historical setting formulate what you believe, you open yourself to misinterpreting the meaning of the context and believing the myriad of religious deceptions that abound. 
This attitude of sit up...shut up...and put up...predominate in most religious denominations discourage the questioning of religious traditions and practices and establishes religious strongholds that are barriers to spiritual growth.
On the other hand,  questioning why we do what we do...why we say what we say...why we practice what we practice...and why we believe what…

The Gospel.

The gospel is not about man’s accomplishments...religion’s accomplishments...nor denomination’s accomplishments. The gospel is not about achievement accolades...achievement recognition...nor achievement awards. The gospel is not Anglican...Methodist...Salvation Army...Baptist...Pentecostal...or Roman Catholic...nor any of the other thousands of identity tags that floods the religious world. The gospel is not about preaching polished sermons to receive the applause of men...The gospel is not about pointing out the sin of people and fear-mongering the hell out of them...The gospel is not about the latest ideologies or denominated philosophies taught in seminaries to produce denominated spokes-persons to regurgitated denominational idealogies.



Practices in Christendom that have no basis in scripture.

Segregated denominated name-tagged buildings called Church.
Programmed event driven Sunday-go-meetings called services.
Denominational control by the religious hierarchy.
Denominated seminaries for denominational learning.
Man-appointed denominated preachers.
Close your eyes, no one looking around, alter calls.
Repeat after me the sinners prayer. etc. and the list could go on.

These common practices thought to be the foundation of presenting the gospel are; based not grace based...doctrinally unsound and are damaging to the Community of the Redeemed, The Called out Ones...and hinders the purpose of God for the Community of Humanity.

There is no doubt, the scriptures declare that people are sinners...the scriptures declare that God saves sinners. Therefore people are utterly incapable to save themselves. The finished work of Christ is totally a God work for people that requires no input by man to gain or maintain their salvation.

In the typical denominational church the o…

Is Grace Butting Biblical?

Some religious people by their speech and actions are "Grace BUTTERS" by teaching that grace has defining limits and exhibit arrogance by claiming to know the mind of God. "Grace Butting" is limiting the finished work of Christ by adding the doings of man to it to complete it. Yet God tells us that His ways are above man's ways and His thoughts are above man's thoughts. This causes the "Grace Limiters" to exhibit spiritual arrogance by calling God a liar in that they do not believe what God has said about His thoughts and His ways, since He has established that His thoughts and ways are beyond human attainment or comprehension. 
After all, God loves sinners so much He died for them and the scripture say regarding His Grace, "Where sin did abound, Grace much more abounds".
The assurance of, and the maintaining of our salvation is not found in Grace plus the Law... Salvation assurance is found in God's "Amazing Grace&quo…

What Gospel are you Presenting.

Is the gospel presentation really about instilling terror in people? 
To present the Gospel in this way fuels the lie that Jesus did not complete the work the Father sent Him to do. Fear-mongering to instill fear and terror in people met its end through the the completed work of Christ on the cross and His giving of His Gospel of Grace and Love. There is no room for religious fear mongering by man-appointed religious gurus in the Gospel presentation. Perfect love and fear do not balance each other out, but cancel each other out. If you tolerate fear you cannot experience perfect love, but if you embrace perfect love, terrorizing fear is eradicated. 
Adam Clarke wrote and I quote:
“As he is now made a partaker of his Spirit, and carries a sense of the Divine approbation in his conscience, God has nothing of the fear that produces terror or brings torment. The perfect love... that fullness of love, which people have received, casteth out fear...removes all terror relative jud…

Trying to Live a Godly Life with an Ungodly Spirit...PHARISAICALISM

A Pharisaical relationship with God is one that is based on a list of "do's" and don'ts. Their trying to keep these do's and don'ts by their own doing resulted it them having two characteristics that are ungodly...Self-righteousness and Pride. This religious contract keeping as a relationship with God is a total misunderstanding as to Who God is and what His Gospel is.

Luke 15 is love’s reaction against self-righteous religion. The well-known parables of the good shepherd, the woman who lost her coin, and the father and his two sons constitute Jesus’ response to the attacks from indignant religious Pharisees. We read, “Then all the tax collectors and the sinners drew near to Him to hear Him. And the Pharisees and scribes complained, saying, “This Man receives sinners and eats with them…” (Luke 15:1-2)

Verse 2 summarizes the entire gospel: God receives sinners and has fellowship with them. This is the Good News Gospel of His Grace message that is buried under th…

What Port Are You Sailing To.

A relational relationship with religion, offers God as the “Admiral”, Jesus as the “Captain” and the Holy Spirit as the “EMPOWERER”. The problem is the waters that the religious relation ship sails in is muddied with man-made denominational hog-wash where the hierarchy usurps authority over the Admiral, Captain and the Empowerer and the self-righteous troubled current drags people involved in the religious relation ship to the port of RELIGIOUS BONDAGE.

On the other hand, a relational relationship with God means that “God” is our LOVING FATHER, “Jesus” is our LOVING BROTHER and the “Holy Spirit” is our LOVING TEACHER. The ocean of God’s LOVE and GRACE is the water the relation ship sails in and charts its course to Peaceful Harbor and ties up at the Port of FREEDOM in CHRIST.

Why not set your course to sail in the ocean of God’s LOVE and GRACE and sail to Peaceful Harbor to tie up at the Port of FREEDOM IN CHRIST!

Dogmatic Arrogrant Arrogance.

It is much more pleasant to associate with people who are searching for truth than be among people who claim that what they dogmatically believe to be truth is truth because it has been taught as traditionally orthodox truth or agrees with their philosophy.
Isn't is ironic that even though all denominations claim that what they believe is biblically true, that the heresy of one denomination another denomination claims to be orthodox truth, and the orthodox truth of one denomination is said to be heresy by another denomination. 
I have known many of the dogmatically truth believers (including myself when I was dogmatically dogmatic that the doctrines I believed in were all true) to end up with egg on our face because the truth we believed to be dogmatically true was dogmatically false. 
Dogmatism is the practice of clinging to any cluster of religious beliefs that is presumed to have authoritative power. As such, the practice of dogmatism is pervasive and a dominate trait of denominat…

The Way of God...The way of Man.

People who by their speech and actions claim that the Mercy, Grace and Love of God has defining limits are proposing the preposterous because to preach such going beyond scripture which tells us that the ways of God above the ways of man and His thoughts are above the thoughts of man.

This way of thinking should cause the...Grace Haters...Love Limiters...and Mercy experience spiritual dread for calling God a lair in  that they propose to know the mind of God regarding His Mercy, Grace and Love. 

His Grace has no measure,
His Love has no limit,
His Mercy has no boundaries,
KNOWN unto man!

The thoughts and ways of God cannot be fathomed by the limited, finite and failing mind of man.

Where sin abounds, Grace much more abounds.
Where hate abounds, Love much more abounds.
Where Merciless reigns, Mercy much more reigns.


Knowing the Heart of God.

To know the heart of God is the heart cry of true believers.

The key to knowing the heart of God is to know what God cares about and to care about what He cares about.

From scripture we know that Jesus is the express image of God His father, He came to show us what His Father was like and nobody, before Christ, knew or understood God. Therefore, to know the heart of God we must see Him through the actions of Jesus. That means that we cannot know the heart of God by reading what anybody else says about Him if it does not line up with the picture that Jesus paints Him to be. If what we believe about God does not line up with what Jesus was or did then it is safe to conclude that we need to change out thinking.

From observing Jesus, I am fully persuaded that God is a God of love and the priority object of His love is PEOPLE. I see in the life of Christ that  God’s heart is burning with an intense,  passionate love for people...ALL PEOPLE, saint and sinner alike!

You may say that you agree…

Everything that is against Gospel of Christ is rooted in the law!

Every way people try to obey rules and regulations in order to be good and accepted by God is not rooted in the good news of the Gospel of God's Grace brought to us by Jesus Christ is damnable, sin producing, contemptible, Pharisee-making and self-righteous making and has its roots in the law.
Grace hating is a sure sign of self-righteousness and rebellion gone-a-muck. Living by the law, we will become elite moralistic spiritual degenerates who turn down their noses at people in a cold judgmental way because they are not as spiritually mature as we are or do not believe the way we do. "HOGWASH" diabolical, gut wrenching "RELIGIOUS HOGWASH"!
We need to ever remember that the law was given for a specific purpose, that purpose was not to make people good, holy or godly. The law was given to free us from our living in a cesspool of self-righteousness and self-confidence that teaches us we can be pleasing to God in and of our own selves by our own abilit…

Jesus is Known through the Revelation of His Grace.

Grace is God’s way of bringing us into the revelation of the fullness of who Christ is...Christ in us...and who we are in we can be free from the bondage of religion, “For he whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”

I wonder why so many people in the religious world fight with hatred, God’s Amazing Grace.

Though the whole of the religious world slander God’s Amazing Grace, and by doing so, slander the founder of Grace...Jesus Christ...I loudly declare, I will not succumb to the call to their bondage of manipulation and control and thereby...fall from mixing the law with Grace to form a graceless, useless gospel of of man-made doctrines, rules and regulations.

The Community of the Redeemed is religiously segregated in denominated buildings by; denominated doctrines, man-made rules and by differences in worship, etc.. This contradicts the unity prayer of Christ that we all may be one as He and the Father are one so that the world may know...know what? “That we are disci…

Where is God?

I remember being in Sunday School class where we sung the chorus...“Be careful little hands what you do, be careful little tongue what you say, etc. for the Father up above is looking down in love so be careful little hands what you do.” We are taught from an early age  that God is up there in heaven somewhere, looking down on us who live here on earth so we have to be very careful not to do wrong because it makes God angry.

I can remember hearing from the pulpit the voice of the pastor saying “this is the house of God so you had better respect it and be quiet while the service is on." Or after what someone spoke in tongues or had a dance for themselves,he said; “God showed up here tonight."

So why is it we are told that God is up there and we are down here and he may show up now and then when the conditions are right? Really, I can hinder God from showing up because of the way I act? I found it odd to think that God is going to show up only in certain buildings where people …

Beware...Not All that Passes For Godly is Godly.

All man-ordained religious performances are nothing more than a sideshow where tricksters perform to get people to believe they are called by God to bring people the reality of God and raise money for their “ministry. People come to programmed-event-driven meetings thinking they were going to church where healing, personal prophecies, spiritual revelations, encouragement and spiritual life can be experienced...because of such gatherings people have become discouraged, deceived, injured and imprisoned and spiritually drained.

One of the latest “Pa-stars” to be caught embezzling millions of dollars is the leader of the largest denominated Church in the world. Founder of World's Largest Church, Found Guilty of Breach of Trust, Corruption

The majority of religious gatherings in institutional churches major on denominated doctrines in segregated buildings where the proceedings are conducted primarily by a one man denominated professional under some denominated hierarchy where hyper act…