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The path to God in the Old Testament System was instituted by God and was in an upward movement to God. MAN obeying LAWS and RITUALS in the TEMPLE where the PRIEST offered up the SACRIFICE and heard from God, the PRIEST then shared what God wanted with the PEOPLE. After Jesus MAN instituted the same model to satisfy religions way of getting to God and preserve a hierarchical system of control in that the PEOPLE viewed the Bible as a RULE and REGULATION book which they go to "CHURCH" to hear HIRED PROFESSIONAL PASTORS expound unto them and where they make a SACRIFICE of their TIME and MONEY.Since Jesus the way is completely reversed. No longer is it man trying to get to God, it is now God coming to man embodied in Jesus!The path is now from GOD to MAN! It is now GOD through JESUS the "WORD" to MAN!
It is not that we desire God it is that God desires us. When we would not come to God, He came to us. Man resisted Him, He instituted a plan to redeem us. It could n…

August 2010 Truth Nuggets

Becoming Christlike does not mean we try to impersonate Jesus by doing as He does. Being Christlike is the process by where we allow what motivated Jesus to motivate us. Being Christlike is living the character of Christ, not his personality or mannerisms. If what you do to be like Christ is not motivated by Christlike LOVE you are not Christlike! Christlike LOVE is “others seeking” not “self-seeking”!
The “word’ that God spoke the world into existence, is assumed to be a language with structured words of vocabulary, but it is much more. Before the worlds were formed was the “WORD”, He was with God in the beginning. The “WORD” that was in the beginning by and through who God created everything was....and is....a living being with a mind, will, emotions and intellect! What an AWESOME God!
Performance based religion leaves people every striving to perform to the expectations of respective denominations while never quenching peoples thirst or hunger for TRUTH! This leaves people THIR…

Enter into HIS REST!

Restlessness will not be eradicated until we learn to rest in His presence. In His presence we can relax. The Ten Commandments and all the other rules God gave to Israel never gave them rest, it gave them hard work and bound them, it did not emancipate them. Their escape from the bondage of Egypt, not a reward for being law abiding.

In the same way today the rules and regulations of religion binds people instead of setting them free, peace and satisfaction comes only through a loving relationship by resting in His presence. Jesus came to destroy the yoke of religions do's and don'ts, should's and would's, for His easy yoke and light burden.

God Himself means to be our all in all.. He wants us to rest in Him, in what He is and what He has done. That is a lesson of the Exodus. It was all God’s doing. He planned it and carried it out. It was not the wish of Pharaoh, the co-operation of Moses, or the will of the people. On the contrary, Pharaoh refused to let them go. …