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Are you Fed-up with the Set-up to Put-up with Puffed-up Religion?

If you are fed-up with religiosity you need to understand you that anything that is not built by Christ and functions as the Church is a counterfeit and works against the purpose of God for the Community of the Redeemed and for the Community of Humanity.

Religious organizations that hurt, inflict pain and impose legalism and guilt are not built by Jesus.

Denominations in which members revel in unforgiveness, slander or gossip are not built by Jesus.

The Church that Jesus is building is built of broken and contrite hearts, people
who are willing to be changed by His Spirit and yield to Him.

His Community of the Redeemed will bring the atmosphere of heaven down to earth and by Christ working through them in their daily living.

His Church is a haven from the storms of life, not a lighthouse that is illuminated for two hours for a Sunday-go-Christian meeting.  It is a place to find rest and strength in the grind of daily life.

The Church He is building is strong in love and compassion…

Churches...Gospel...Religion. Part 2.

The Community of Redeemed indwelt by Christ, results in the ability, the power and the anointing of Christ flowing through the redeemed that touches, saves, heals, and transforms people in the Community of Humanity. The Grace gospel empowers you to love and forgive people as the are. Grace will cause you to put a higher priority on pleasing God than on pleasing religion. Grace empowers the heart of every redeemed person, do not let man, even good religious men detour you from Christ working in you and through you as His gospel witness. We cannot expect people to embrace a Savior they know nothing of because of religious  interference. As ambassadors for Christ, believers have the responsibility of living in such a way that others see Christ in all His glory because of them.  We are the only Jesus most people will ever see in this lifetime. That being the case, it is no wonder that so many non-believers want nothing to do with Christ or His Church. They know to many Chr…

Churches...Gospel...Religion. Part 1.

Churches...I speak of church here as religion's offsprings of segregated denominated name-tagged buildings that house Sunday-go-meeting people...are so distracted and confused and deceived by religious issues and bound by man-made denominational traditions, the result being that true relationship with God and with each other is hindered and the work of the Community of the Redeemed unknown.  Churches have walked away from their first love and are walking in the smallness of their denominated agendas.  Being a follower of Christ is not their first priority (though it is verbalized), following religion is.  They are busy with their own plans, agendas and bickering over minor issues.
Denominational influence is limiting our relationship with God and with our fellow believer by our walking in the smallness of denominational and private agendas.  Consumed by a blurred and wrong vision, the flock is perplexed, bewildered and confused, sometimes without realizing it.
The …

What are you Breaking

Not many if any, people make it through life without breaking something and most things we break makes a noise but does not cause pain. Other things we can break in life make no noise but causes extreme pain.
Don’t break somebody's trust, it will break relationships that causes heartbreaks!

The Scope of Hope.

View people through the scope of hope so you will see the qualities that are unseen. The sun is shinning even though it is obscured by dark clouds. Love is real even when it is not shown or felt by you. God is closer than the breath you breathe even when you don’t feel Him.
Love people without underlying motives or expectations, anything less is not true LOVE. Trust people without doubtfully wondering if they are trustworthy, your trust in them will give them the capacity to be trusted. Be there for people without excuse or restrictions, accept people as they are without forcing them to change. Live life loving people as God loves them, that will influence change in their life as warranted.
See beyond what is seen through the SCOPE of HOPE!

The Gospel and the Bible.

Without the Gospel there would be no Bible...BUT....Without the Bible there still would be the Gospel...THEREFORE...That which makes the Bible the written word of God is its witness to Christ and His Gospel because if there was no Gospel there would be no Bible!

If the Bible is abused and misused to prop up “another gospel” which according to Paul is not the Gospel at all, it fails in being a witness to Christ therefore, we have wrenched it from being the written word of God by misinterpreting it, and rendered it to a mere written word of man.

If we are Spirit lead in our reaction to the truth in the Bible, we without a doubt be drawn to Christ and our image of God will be as He presents Him for He is God as a man expressing Himself to man.

We need to be led and taught by His Spirit, who lives in the gospel, and then judge all things by His Spirit...even the letter of Scripture.

If we do not allow the Bible...the written word of point us to...Christ the Living Word of God (…

Christian Biblical-ism.

Biblical-ism as practiced by religious biblicists within Christendom today, emphasizes the approach that the Bible, including their interpretation of it, is the exclusive authority for denominational belief, is without error in content and translation, is infallible and is the guide for their particular flavor of religious belief and activity.
I am not questioning the the role of scripture as to its authority or historical value, nor its use when applied in the manner God provided the scriptures to validate His intent for the Community of the Redeemed within the Community of Humanity.
However, if it worked as religious denominations believe, there would not be the myriad of different religious sects or the variety of different interpretations that denominated biblicists have reached in their interpretation of the bible. The idolization of the bible to where it is placed above the living Word (Christ) is the result of misguided approach of biblical-ism and its inability to live up t…

The Elusiveness of Contentment in Living Life.

Some people tie contentment to the stuff that can be accomplished or attained as they climb the ladder of success. The more success is attained the more stuff that can be attained. If I had that vocation...I would be content, if I could make 100,000 dollars a year...I would be content, if I could have that woman or that man...I would be content, if I could live in the influential part of town...I would be content, and the “if I's” go on and on. Even though the pursuit of contentment, peace and happiness is God given and is not wrong, the object of acquiring that contentment can be wrong depending on how and what we do to gain that contentment. Contentment eludes us because we search for wrong stuff to bring contentment as well we search for it in the wrong places, thus we become disillusioned with life.

Contentment in life is not found in things and nothing will bring contentment unless it is first found in our relationship with God. God wants people to be content, happy and full…

A Meaningful Life.

Solomon was a pleasure and a happiness seeker and he had the wealth to be able to pursue his dream through power, fame and pleasure. He bought into the philosophy that if a good thing brought pleasure and happiness then more of that good thing would bring more pleasure and happiness and give meaning to life. I am sure that most of us would question as to why this man wasn't happy as we view systematically his failure no matter what he tries to do to gain happiness. With each attempt at a potential source of happiness, he notices that time, circumstances and death trump his efforts.

Listen to the the opening of his chronicle; “these are the words of the teacher, King David's son, who ruled in Jerusalem. 'Everything is meaningless', says the teacher, 'completely meaningless.'”
Solomon targets things that pleasure seekers seek today to find happiness to find that the attaining of such does not bring happiness.
In verse 18 of chapter one he singles out intelligence...…

People Are Worth More Than....

Is the Jesus you are in relationship with capsulized in a cocoon spun by religiosity and limited in his love because of man's doctrinal interpretation of scripture? Jesus is bigger than religion and man-made doctrine, in fact Jesus is not even concerned about religion, Jesus is concerned about people...He is God veiled in human flesh, showing people who and what He Himself (God) is...God is LOVE!

The most valuable resource on the planet earth is not the treasure buried beneath its's most valuable resource are PEOPLE. It is time we realized people are God's crowning glory, and it is time we lived like people are earth's most valuable resource and start living in the knowing that Jesus did not die because God loved the treasures in the earth...but He put the treasures in the earth because He loved people...All People!

To ass-u-me about me, usually makes an ass out of you and me.

Presuming and assuming before learning and tuning in to truth, causes judging without understanding what it is we are presuming and assuming.

People are hurting because we are saying what we are assuming without any knowing of the feeling we are causing them by doing what we are doing, because we are saying what we are saying without thinking.

The Rudder of your Life.

As a rudder controls the course of a ship, your tongue controls the course of your life by the words that come out of your mouth. Let the wagging of your tongue be controlled by LOVE and your words seasoned with GRACE, so that your lips are CONSTANTLY and GRACEFULLY ENCOURAGING others and expressing THANKFULNESS. 

In the ship of relationships the tongue is the rudder that glues and holds it together. A tongue that is seasoned with LOVE and GRACE is the music that soothes the soul and brings harmony and stability to the relationship, and the oil that reduces any friction that may arise in the relationship. 

The Way of Knowing God.

1 Corinthians 2:9-16 reads; But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no …

The Idiocy of Religious Irony.

God desires to save people....from what He is going to do with them if they don't repent.
God sets people be bound by religion.
God fulfilled the Law through people could strive to keep the law to gain His acceptance.
God desires unity...yet He created religious denominations so His Body would be segregated.
God makes people sick...then people pray and say that it is His will for them to be healed.
God gives people His blessings freely...yet people merchandize His Gospel through manipulation.
God loves sinners....yet sentences them to everlasting punishment for not loving Him back.
God's love is unconditional...if you abide by His terms and conditions and the religious rules.
God causes natural disasters...then thanked by the survivors of the disaster.
God sends drought...then answers people's prayer for rain and receives praise from people for sending the rain.
God loves people so much...He created hell just in case people don't love Him back.

The Greatest Absurdity.

"God is LOVE” therefore, to be a “BELIEVER” is to LOVE!
It is PREPOSTEROUS, CONTRADICTORY, INCONSISTENT and has a NEGATIVE effect on the Community of Humanity by the Community of the Redeemed as to what God is Like.

Which Tree are You Eating From?

If we are truly living in the grace life we are free from fleshly performance focused attempts to please God or or to gain acceptance and recognition from religious elite. 
Describing grace living to a religious law living person is like describing color to a person blind from birth. Many Christians have lamented the deadness of religious life, their verbalization goes like this "we go through the motions of ritual performance Sunday after Sunday only to come back the next Sunday to go through the same motions." Even though something inside of them searches for the reality of the gospel good news, they settle for the hog-wash mixture of left over religious stews and never experience feeding on the life of Christ that brings freedom and contentment in living life daily as the Community of the Redeemed. The hope of better days in religion is a myth that is continually jaded by disappointments that leads to continual frustrations because kingdom life eludes them. Be…

Rapturless Predictions.

Listening to the conclusions of some theologians, one rightly comes to the conclusion that religion is an institution of confusion because of the infusion of distortion brought on by the institution believing they have a monopoly on interpretation of the Bible because it is interpreted by the denomination's theologian, who is really in delusion confusion himself!
Because of fear-mongering doomsday disillusion theologian's false prediction conclusions, people are stood-up, shook-up, messed-up and fed-up because of the fired-up screwed-up predictions that people were going to be taken-up as the graves threw-up its dead because of “Blood Moon” and other delusional confusion.
If you believe in the rapture, at least wake-up, smarten-up and look-up the scripture that declares that NO man knows the day or the hour of Christ's return and stop falling for the puffed-up, messed-up preachers who come-up with the made-up day you are going to be caught-up, because of natural cosmic ph…
An accusation against, "christians"  is that they are fakers. The truth of the matter is, in many cases the accusation is valid!
To many Christians put on a pious spiritual front around other people to where their entire demeanour changes and they become a different person than they are in life living. This turns unbelievers off because they sense the facade of authenticity that takes place.  
Christians need to live in the real world and realize that people have good built-in crap detectors. The one thing these detectors sniff out faster than anything else is fake authenticity.
Christians are projected as being all tarred with the same brush. They present themselves as being cloned from the same mould. There are differences between the different denominated moulds but, within each denominational mould all members are cloned alike. Their individuality is overshadowed by the spiritual mask that is so far removed from the reality of daily living that the facade is e…

Free Because of Christ.

Being a believer is not about what I do or don't do, it is about what God has already done. It is not about being good, it is about relationship. It is not about law living, it is about grace living. It is not about being religious, it is about being in Christ and Christ being in us. Therefore, it is not about our trying to please God by doing good deeds and not doing bad deeds. Not only is striving to keep the law unnecessary, it is impossible. Until this truth is realized, to enter His rest will not be realized.
Jesus is the only one who could please God regarding our ability to rest in God and He has already done it, so we need to understand what it is that He has done and rest in the understanding of His finished work.
I am not advocating that holiness is not important in the life of a believer or that we care less about holiness. But if we cared as much about our relationship in Jesus as we do in striving to live holy, holiness would be much more realized because we would …

The Most Misunderstood Person in Religion.

Not only is Jesus misunderstood by adherents of various religions in the world, He is also grossly misunderstood by Christians who believe Jesus Christ is the founder of their religion called Christianity.
Jesus did not come to start a religion called “Christianity”. Jesus did not come to build segregated name-tagged denominated buildings called “the House of God”. Jesus did not come to cause religious disunity because of man-made belief systems. Jesus did not come to form Sunday-Go- Meeting-Clubs to have His people be pew-warmers. Jesus did not come so “celebrity pa-stars” could be star performers and build ministry empires unto themselves. Jesus did not come to create denominated seminaries to train people for full time ministry. Jesus did not come to form religious hierarchies to rule over denominated movements. Jesus did not come to create religious organizations in order to coral people in denominational stalls. Jesus did not come to form a spiritual elite class called the “cl…

The Bible Speaks Of Him Who Is Truth...But It Itself Is Not All Truth.

FOR YOURSELF! Not just to know about Him through what someone else tells you what they think the Bible says about Him.
There is much more about about God we need to know, but the religious deception we are in has caused us to be dull of hearing or understanding spiritual truths contained in the scripture. We have been believers long enough to be teachers yourselves, yet we still need someone to spoon feed us and rehash the basics about God again...we still need pablum...when we should have been on solid food long before now. Pablum is for new babes in Christ or old babes who are spiritually immature and are inexperienced in the ways of God. Solid food is for the spiritually mature, those who hear, know and follow the voice of Father God rather than the manipulative voice of seminarian denominated deceived men. See Heb. 5:11-14.
It is a sad reflection on Christendom when there are so many believers who have been “in the way” for so many years and have not yet matured enough to move off sp…

They Can't All Be Right...can they?

Religion has persuaded most people in Christendom that it is so spiritually legit that they fail to realize the debt of deception that it is predicated upon. Therefore, the results of religion...judging, guilt and condemnation are so shrouded with self-righteousness that it is difficult to identify by the masses that are caught in its deception. But, when believers breaks free from religious bondage Grace’s power provides the freedom Jesus died for us to liven in.

Rather than trusting in the Grace of God religion trusts in the arm of the flesh practicing rules and regulations to grow spiritually and maintain a relationship with God. Religion is the greatest hindrance the the plan of God, both for the Community of Humanity and the Community of the Redeemed.

Spiritual maturity does not depend on reaching some standard based on how high you can get on the rule keeping religious measuring stick such as going to “church”, paying tithes, or signing the membership form. Spiritual maturity com…

What are you Breeding by your Misunderstanding?

Misunderstanding breeds ignorance. Ignorance breeds fear. Fear breeds distrust. Distrust breeds doubt. Doubt breeds suspicion. Suspicion breeds judgement. Judgement breeds condemnation. Condemnation breeds superiority. Superiority breeds pride. Pride breeds destruction and is the downfall of the proud.

Which Spirit are we Following.

In listening to and observing people building institutional churches around doctrines and established mindsets to keep their people from error by segregating them from people with unlike beliefs instead of following the Spirit of Truth...the spirit of error is present for the first meeting in the building called church.
In observing these institutional entities one would conclude that Jesus told His disciples in John 14:26 But the “Bible” which the Father will send in my name, it will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I have said to you. But, Jesus did not say that to keep His Body from error, nor does He want anybody subtlety teaching that...He left that task to the Holy Spirit.
The Godhead is NOT the Father, the Son and the Holy Bible!

The Written Word Glorifies the Living Word.

I am constrained to wonder on whose authority did the recorded words of the writers of scripture, who professed that they had not declared ALL truth, did sanction that man's interpretation of the Bible be made into definitive doctrines to support denominational beliefs that prevents any further illumination or revelation by God's appointed Teacher “The Spirit of Truth” regarding the denominated slant projected on their interpretation of the chosen scripture. Who sanctioned the written word about God to be the Living Word of God and in doing so deified the written word?
The deification and idolization of the Bible is such that ii results in independence from God. People who use the Bible as a rule book, a denomination forming book and a book to formulate man-made doctrines based of one's interpretation of the writing, subsequently do not have to depend on God as their source for living, they instead depend on what they think the Bible means based on their own interpretation.…

The True Word.

The “Word of Truth” that is ever unfolding is Jesus the living “Word.” Jesus... not the written word recorded in a leather bound book called the the “All Truth” of God. Jesus is the Word made flesh dwelling in our hearts by the Spirit...God's chosen “Teacher” for His Community of the Redeemed.
The religious institutional church argues that the Community of the Redeemed left to themselves to hear and follow the voice of the Spirit is a dangerous theology because people will stray into doctrinal error and deception. How arrogant of them to say this when Jesus said that “His people know His voice and the voice of a stranger will they not follow.” Religion has deceived people into believing that the voice of Jesus speaks through them and have dulled the ears of God's people from knowing the voice of the Spirit for themselves. The acceptance of man-made doctrine and theology that is accepted as biblical within man-made religion is rampant...are they really fearful that…

Whose Authority are you Honoring?

Most of the religious world seems to have usurped God's authority in the Body of Christ and in effect operate as though all things do not “exist in Christ." They leave the impression that there would be no Community of the Redeemed if it were not for religion and every child of God would go wayward if it were not for their “much needed intervention.”
The religious institutional structure does not realize that if people do the “will” of God because they are coerced or expected to by religion...they are neither alive to God or His will...they are alive to the men within religion and are men-pleasers doing service as unto men.
Authority in the Community of the Redeemed is not based on rank and file, education and position, natural abilities or hierarchical structures...rather it is a patriarchal or family authority, based on spiritual maturity and a relationship of love.
Deitrich Bonhoetter puts it his way;
“Every cult of personality that emphasizes the distinguished qualitie…

Asembling Fruit.

The general condition of religious assembling in segregated denominated buildings, produces what kind of fruit?
Does it produce the unity of Christ's body or does it promote segregation of Christ's body with unity of doctrinal beliefs?
Does it promote freedom in Christ or does it promote the bondage of religion?
Does it promote Christ devotion and living or does it promote religion devotion and living?
Does it promote the vibrant life of Christ or does it drain life from people who are trapped by it.
Though the songs of freedom in Christ are sung and the words of freedom are spoke can we honestly say that freedom in Christ is reality?
Do people see an environment of mercy, goodness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love of God or do they see a fear-based-environment in which the worst is anticipated where people are threatened with poverty if they fail to give of their money...threatened with sickness and disease if they do not obey the bible as it is believed by th…

Religion's Irony.

The underlying irony of religion is that spiritual things are rooted in self and feeds the sin of pride. People can invest all their time in religious performance activities and be convinced they are godly. This spiritual deception is at work right from the pew-warmer to the superintendent charmer. Establishing titles to identify and set people in a spiritual elite class distinction is catering to the self importance of self. Religious activities such as being a special singer, being on the worship team, being the leader of some man-invented ministry, being the pastor, being a part of the hierarchy structure, if not submitted to God is breeding ground for SELF to feel important and to want the spot light. The snare of religion is that people get caught in the control of a Jezebel spirit where self is operating under the guise of spirituality.
We would do well to heed the words of Jesus... “What good is it for man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?” (Luke…