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Spiritually Dissatisified.

Being dissatisfied spiritually is an indication that we may be out of fellowship in our relationship with Truth because we accept perceived truth that may not be the truth about Truth, therefore causing spiritual dissatisfaction!

There is no dissatisfaction being in relationship with Truth for He is satisfaction! If we say we are dissatisfied with Truth, rest assured, we are not abiding in Truth nor is Truth abiding in us!

A Subtle Deception!

A subtle deception, that religion has whole-heartedly bought into, is keeping the people of God from walking in the power, anointing and following the path God has designed for them. It is a simple substitution of words that causes believers to miss out on experiencing the reality of the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ and conditions us as believers to settle for our own understanding and intellectual rendering of spiritual truths.

This simple word substitution is the confusion between the Bible and the Word. The Bible you hold in your hand that most believers consider to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, was written by over 40 authors across 3 continents in 3 languages over a period of 1500 years. It is a translation of copies  and verbal hand-me-downs of the inspirational original. It is the written history of God's dealings with people and nations, it is the testimony of the Holy Spirit regarding the works and actions of God towards certain men during a certain period of time. I…

Ineffectual Gospel

Anything that is done within Christendom outside of the context of love is a another and ineffectual Gospel.

Does God look upon Sin?

It is said that God cannot look upon sin thus, is not where sin is. If that were the case He would not be omnipresent!  We see in Christ, the exact representation of God, and we see that Jesus was and went where sin was. He walked through the streets where pain and degradation was present and filled with death and loneliness, he associated and was know as a friend of sinners. God was in Christ on the cross when Jesus paid the price for sin.

As a result of this wrong picture of God's justice and character that we have been taught, we tend to develop a schizophrenic approach in presenting God to the world. Jesus was an exact representation of God’s character and from Him we know that God is loving. When we expect Him to react harshly He surprises us with compassion, kindness and forgiveness. Paul said "It is your kindness that leads us to repentance". This unconditional love of God is what should propel us to love people into His Kingdom. But because of our religious misu…

Know what is right.

It is one thing to know what is right, it is quite another thing to do what you know is right!

Walled Cities.

The Church of Jesus Christ (believers) are the True Church. Religious buildings called churches are walled fortresses, a corral in which to keep like denominated people indoctrinated in the chosen denominational doctrine and tradition. 

The ecumenical movement is a religious attempt to overlap these walled fortresses so as to give an appearance of unity and togetherness. But these attempts will never remove the reality of the segregation of the people corralled by religious walls.

Often, even among the most sincere believers within the religious structures, these walled fortresses become social clubs for people of like kind and like mind. God is not calling for religious social clubs. Rather He is calling for His people to come out of them unto Him. The only wall that the Church of Jesus Christ is interested in is that wall of fire mentioned in Zechariah 2:5: "'For I,' says the Lord, 'will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her…

Vulnerable Love.

The very love that dares to be vulnerable by making a commitment allows God's power to heal you of the pain that commitment may bring.

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Enjoy the Journey.

Don't be so taken up in the destination you are headed to that you fail to appreciate the journey. Showing appreciation, kindness and God’s love to people along the journey may assure you that you will reach the destination you seek.

A Leader's Role in the Church.

A leader has the responsibility to see that the Church moves into the stream of the life of God. The Church is not the building you assemble in, the Church are the people themselves.

The Church does not need to be entertained or subjected to some Pentecostal Charismatic programmed-event road show. The Church does not need carnal performances of talent fueling ego trips. The Church needs the life of God demonstrated in their midst that will affect their spirits and cause the life within them to live through them to accomplish the will of God.

Being religious describes the state of an individual although believer, is motivated by his self life. You are living in the soulish realm. You do things the way the world does thinking that the world pattern can be expressed through you in doing God's work. Sad to say, this is the plight of a vast majority within the religious system. There is a lot of meism and self promotion within religiosity.

A spiritual man is indwelt and motivated by H…

Laced with Truth Doctrine.

Any false doctrine that is laced with truth is more dangerous than a doctrine that is 100% untruth. A doctrine that is close to to being true is more apt to be accepted as truth and the deception is regarded as truth to the deceived!

Religious or Spiritual?

Many people are deceived by religion in that they believe that outward conformity to traditions and standards as being spiritual This is why we must be careful to differentiate between religiosity and spirituality. Our external works, even though good, can yet be a form if they are not motivated because of a love relationship with Jesus, such works are dead works, for the power of love is not behind them. We are commanded to repent of dead works...that is, religious works that have not come from a heart of love and devotion to Christ (Heb. 6:1; 2 Cor. 11:3).
When the doing for God becomes a drudgery it is clear that we have strayed away from the path of spirituality and are now traveling the path of religiosity. Everything that we do unto God under the new covenant must be given out of love...joyfully and voluntarily. Otherwise we become legalistic and are back under the old covenant - with the spirit and attitude of a servant and not that of a son.

Is it Possible?

Is it possible for us to express God’s LOVE and COMPASSION to people if we fail to receive or understand, thus experience the quality of God’s LOVE and COMPASSION for ourselves?

The LOVE and COMPASSION we give to others is based on what our understanding of LOVE and COMPASSION is.

Are you Spiritual?

One of the subtle dangers that believers face in pursuit of Godliness is ending up being religious instead of being spiritual! Religiosity is often mistaken as spirituality by those religiously inclined whether they are believers or not. But the difference between the two spans the oceans of the world. Religion is man-made, man-indoctrinated and man-controlled. Spirituality, on the other hand, is a divine reality that is divinely led by the Divine. Religiosity majors on external things, the keeping of rules and regulations and the do’s and don’ts. Spirituality is a matter of the heart, and a life living relationship experience.

The scriptures tells us that there will be many in the last days who have a form of godliness without its power...could that be, they will be religious, but not spiritual (2 Tim. 3:5)? They will go religiously to meetings, pray and read the Bible daily and even attend all-night fasting and prayer meetings, tithe their income, etc. But they are egotistic seekers…

Take Command of your own Ship.

If you are sailing in the ocean of religiosity in the ship of confusion, captained by the captains of religion. If you are rocked to and fro by the winds of man-made doctrine while trying to adhere to man-made rules and traditions. If you feel like you are  sinking because of holes in your religious ship that religion refuses to admit are there, become captain of your own lives and sail from waters of performance and bondage to the waters of freedom and grace.

Do not be deterred by the storms that the winds of religiosity will blow...take the steering wheel as the captain of your life and sail from the ocean of religiosity to the ocean of God's love, compassion and kindness, where Jesus is the Admiral who will give you the compass coordinates to guide you to the port of calls that He desires for you while sailing this relational journey on the sea of life!

Your Attitude Exposes.

Our reactional attitude to the things we don’t agree with exposes the color of our soul!

In Giving Give the Best.

The best giving you can give to your spouse and children is the same as grandparents give to their grand kids...the giving of themselves!

The best giving you can give to lonely and hurting people is also the giving of yourself.

The giving of things is sometimes a front for not getting involved in the giving of ourselves.

The Grace Gospel.

The Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ is the fact that God graces people with spiritual life as a gift to enable us to live Godly lives, but any goodness we live out in this world is in gratitude for the spiritual life He gives us and not a religious attempt to be good enough to obtain or maintain salvation and appear spiritual.

Expressions of Spiritual Life.

The things described in scripture under the new covenant that are normally associated as religious duties, such as bible reading, prayer, assembling together, baptism, charitable giving etc...are expressions of the spiritual life that God has freely given to us, and in no way should be an attempt to gain or maintain spiritual life.

Giving your Best.

The best giving you can give to your spouse and children is the same as grandparents give to their grand kids...the giving of themselves! the best giving you can give to lonely and hurting people is also the giving of yourself.

The giving of things is sometimes a front for not getting involved in the giving of ourselves.

An understood Language.

Love, kindness and friendship is a language that is understood in every language of the world, it is the sound of music to the ears of the deaf and a thing of beauty to the eyes of the blind.

What do you see when you look?

It is not what you look at that matters, but it is what you see when you are looking at what you see. Sometimes to see what you should see you need to look beyond what you think you see to what you should see, then maybe what you see will give you a different perspective on what is first seen.

When the eyes of your imagination are out of focus it results in the eyes in your head to be out of focus and causes you not to see what you should see.

Treat People.

How you treat others is a reflection of your relationship with God.  You cannot have a growing relationship with Christ and continue not to treat people with the love of God.

People have an uncanny way of feeling pain without showing that they are. So treat them good, treat them like you should, treat them like God would.

Failing does not mean Fatal.

Hear me may have failed but, your failure is not fatal! Fatal failure is not in the falling it is what you do after the falling, sit and stew in it and it could be fatal, but if you get up and go again the failure will never be fatal!

You and I are far from being perfect and  we may not be worth much as seen through religious tinted spectacles....but Jesus knew we were worth dying for!

Sharing the Gospel.

A sad reflection on sharing the gospel is when the superiority attitude, ‘I am better than thou”, of some people who tell other people they are going to hell fire while they themselves are bound for heaven’s bliss, stimulates the people whom they have condemned to hell, to be somewhat thankful they are going to separate places.

If being a “Christian” is Real.

It is not shouting from your high horse that you are a “Christian” braggin you are a person of clean livin,

it is whispering “I was lost, but now I am forgiven.”

It is not looking down on people while on your sleeve you wear your pride, you admit and confess that you stray and need Jesus to be your guide.

It is not pretending you are “oh so strong”, it is pro fessing that you are weak and need God’s strength to carry on.

It is not bragging of your religious success, it is admitting religion has failed you and you need God to clean the mess.

It is not claiming you are perfect, it is more of knowing that even in your imperfections, God still knows you are worth it.

It is not having superior spiritual attitude that shouts ‘I am holier than thou”, it is admitting that you are just a sinner who has been graced with God’s saving GRACE, somehow!

My Religious Position.

I realize the position I take and the opinion I share regarding religion is not religiously correct, religiously popular nor religiously comfortable, and I am aware that it may cause me to be religiously despised, but share my opinion I must or I will be unfaithful to myself and to God.

I refuse to live in denial regarding religion's reality when it comes to the religious mentality and religious legality just to be accepted by the religious fraternity, even if it means religious judge-mentation resulting in religious condemnation by the religious congregation!


God has NO RELIGION therefore, Jesus was NOT and will NOT be RELIGION-CATED!

The question begs to be answered...Why are His followers RELIGION-CATED?

As followers of Jesus, we ought to move away from dependence on the religious system of rules and regulations as our pathway to gain and maintain salvation.

New Year Seeking.

In the New Year seek contentment rather than luxury, seek humility rather than pride, listen to understand rather than to demand. Seek the good of others rather than living self-seeking, seek to be forgiver rather than condemner, seek to be rich in kindness rather than being rich in things. Seek health rather than wealth, be a giver rather than a taker. Be a peacemaker rather than a peace-breaker. Be lover rather than a hater, it will cause you to be a lovable person. Be true to God and His ways rather than man and his ways.

What is good about a fish out of water?

A fish out of water is out of its God given environment which will prevent it from doing what it was created to do, to live in the atmosphere that God created for it to excel in living. If out of that environment to long it will die!

It is like people who are living in the ocean of religiosity, they are out of their God ordained environment, always trying to conform to rules and regulations to be accepted in order not to be rejected. If in this environment to long they will die to the grace gospel of love.

People were created to live in the ocean of God's Grace and Love, living free while He accomplishes His will through their willing lives to extend His kingdom and not the kingdom of religion.

Protect your Passion.

Do you have a passion for Christ? I implore you not to let religion lead you down the slippery slope of slumber that will stupefy your passion and lead you into the deception of accepting religious passion as a passion for Christ. A passion for Christ is a living hope that requires a living faith! A passion for religion is a dead hope that kills living faith dead! Don’t allow religion’s Christianity to stop you dead by killing your passion and love for Christ or for people!

To be True to God.

Choose to live by choice not by chance;

Choose relationship over religion-ship;

Choose to be the promoter of change, not excuses to maintain what needs to be changed;

Choose to be motivated, not manipulated;

Choose to be motivated by love, not by fear;

Choose to be useful, not used or abused;

Choose to be your best, not compete with others;

Choose to listen to your inner voice, not the random opinion of others;

Choose to be a lover, not a hater;

Choose to follow Christ, not religion.

Grace, Amazingly Amazing!

God’s AMAZING Grace and His AMAZING Love constitutes an AMAZING Gospel that is a witness to the people of the world of an AMAZING Loving Father that allows us to humbly stand AMAZED in His presence!

Yet their are “Christians” who claim that God hates sinners and they condemn them for their sin but, “I stand AMAZED in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene and wonder how He could LOVE me a SINNER condemned unclean”! “AMAZING LOVE how can it be that Jesus Christ has ransomed me”!

God and His Gospel of Grace are AMAZINGLY AMAZING and I am AMAZED to the point of standing in awesome wonderment and AMAZEMENT of His AMAZING Loving Grace!

The Graces of God's Grace.

Grace living results in Grace loving which ensures that loves power Graces the Graceful person who is Graced with God’s life of Grace, something a Graceless religion is powerless to bestow.

Actions Ancestry.

The ancestor of every action is thought therefore, your thoughts in action reveal who you really are.

A Reason to Live.

If God is your reason to live, you will never have a reason to stop living!

You will not stop living even at physical death, because physical death is but a stepping stone to unhindered spiritual life!

Life, a Blending of Satisfactions.

Live your life without pretending, 
Love people without depending, 
Listen to people without defending, 
Speak to people without offending, 
Observe people without condemning,
Life will be a blending of satisfying blessings.

Are we personally responsible for killing living faith by trying to activate dead faith?

We have emptied the gospel of its glory and robed living faith of its reality because we have;

Formalized making it a system of rules and formulas to activate,  rather than a dynamic relationship with the ACTIVATOR of faith.

Externalized being more concerned with outward formality than inner quality. Doing to get faith rather than being, to live in faith.

Trivialized focusing on petty detail rather than the life changing principle it is.

Rationalized justifying our wishes instead of letting faith activate grace living.

And by doing so we have depleted faith’s power and the abundant life of God nullifying grace living. Instead of the bible speaking with fresh vibrant power that nurtures and builds our faith, we manipulate it to justify our own religious prejudices killing its vibrant power by reducing it to man-made tradition and rule and regulation adherence. 

A living relationship with God will catapult us into Grace living igniting loves power t…

What is your Approach to Establishing Relationships?

When you interact with people, what do you see, their positive potential or their negativism? Do you consider it more important to help them rid themselves of negative qualities or to help them develop their positive qualities? Your own outlook and frame of reference says a more about who you are than it who they are.

Do you approach life as an optimist or a pessimist? If you maintain you are a realist, you’re probably a pessimist living in denial.

The Gospel is good news. The Bible says that God works all things together for good for those who love him. Where there’s pain and sickness, the gospel is an opportunity for healing. Where there’s sin, the gospel is an opportunity for grace, mercy, repentance, and redemption. And we’re told in scripture to love our enemies and to do good to those that despite-fully use us.

In fact, Believers should be so optimistically hopeful that we make the people around us crazy trying to figure out why we're so positive in negative surroundings.

He whom Christ sets free is free indeed.

Many in Christendom think of the above statement means being set free from sin, not realizing realizing it means much more.
Grace living is about freedom...freedom from legalism, freedom from failure and fruitlessness, freedom from religion's control, freedom from the power of sin, freedom from fear of the religious hierarchy, freedom to be yourself in Christ, freedom to hear from God for yourself,  etc.... 
Grace living is about an intimate relationship with God and with each other, it is about the love of God expressed in the power of God as He works through our lives to accomplish His will, it is about experiencing abundant life in the Spirit. Grace living is about living the new creation life, it is living out our "oneness" with Christ. Grace living provides us the power to live according to God's standards.
Grace living is living the exchanged life!

The Will of God.

Knowing the will of God is not the most important thing in life, knowing God is the most important thing in life. If you only know the will of God you can run from it, but if you KNOW GOD you are in His will and you will want to run with it.

Manipulation and Control in the Guise of Church Discipline!

The scripture used to validate religious spiritual abuse is; Matthew 18:15-18. In this passage, Jesus says
“If your brother or sister sins against you, go and correct them when you are alone together. If they listen to you, then you’ve won over your brother or sister.  But if they won’t listen, take with you one or two others so that every word may be established by the mouth of two or three witnesses. But if they still won’t pay attention, report it to the church. If they won’t pay attention even to the church, treat them as you would a Gentile and tax collector.  I assure you that whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. And whatever you loosen on earth will be loosened in heaven."

Preachers and others on different levels of the establish hierarchy of their theological persuasion quote this passage with emphasis on  "treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector" as a justification for shunning someone.

This passage records the words of Jesus therefore…

What Kind of God is God?

The thinking of some people is that He is a God who demands perfection. If we hope to gain entry into heaven, we had better tow the line, otherwise we could expect utter abandonment and damnation. This God of religion is not a God who gives people permission to embrace life in all of its ambiguity and complexity, let alone to embrace our humanity in all of its ambiguity and complexity. This, in fact, is a God who refuses to recognize ambiguity altogether, who forces people to see the world in dualistic categories...good and bad, black and white, right and wrong...with no allowance whatsoever for anything in between.

This God, like the fundamentalists who invented him, views the Believers life as a steady ascent toward holiness. Once a person is born again, once the “sinners prayer” is prayed, you could expect to move onward and upward in your faith, and if didn’t maintain that course, if you falter along the way, well, you were made to feel guilt and shame and subject to the discipline…

Is the Grace Message a License to Sin?

Many of the people who view themselves as Law Keepers...adhering to the rule and regulation mentality for performance measuring to determine the quality of a person's spiritual life...accuse the Grace Message of giving people a license to sin because there is no regulatory performance measurement to adhere to, as if self proclaimed law keepers are immune to sinning. This is a gross misunderstanding of what the grace Message is. With all of the laws and rules that are out there. "NONE" is comparable to  measuring up to the standard of Jesus Himself! The thing is, when people fail to live up to His standard He does not judge and condemn as the self-proclaimed law keepers in religion do, God loves, forgives and restores!  

One thing that "Christians" have to realize is; no believer is immune from sin while living in the flesh no matter the spiritual plateau they think abiding by the Law and their positional position ranks them. But, we can take comfort and reassura…

History, Religion, Truthfulness.

History reveals that on many occasions “truthfulness” is not a high priority amongst religious virtues that extends even in the era we are living. Lying has been regarded as justifiable in covering up the despicable doings of religious people. When a religious sect lives by situational ethics and ignores the teachings of Jesus, corruption becomes the norm and people slide into deception. Truth is treated as an inconvenience and people manipulate the truth of scripture to justify their un-Christ like living.

Why does God call us unto Himself?

God calls us to the exclusion of all other things to gain and maintain our faith, trust and spiritual desire. 

He does not call us to a life of performance servitude to the rules and regulations of any sect or religion. He does not call us to obligated meeting attendance to learn the doctrines of  denominations. He does not call us to ideology, traditions or ceremony observance. He does not call us to be disciples of man-made religion. 

He call us unto Himself because of Jesus through His Holy Spirit! Once we gain a relationship with Him through His grace, He supplies to us by grace-plus-nothing, all that is needed to maintain our salvation for grace living and grace giving on earth to demonstrate the virtues of the kingdom of God.

Performance Living or Grace Living.

Performance living by the rule and regulatory control mentality manifests itself in the ugliness of the superiority of the people who supposedly keep the rules better than those who break the rules. Their lack of understanding and forgiveness, is only overshadowed by their lack of condemnation and judgement.

Grace living, on the other hand, is the beautiful manifestation of God’s love demonstrated to people who are honest enough to admit that the demand for performance spirituality is unattainable. While living in the atmosphere of freedom that Christ has provided for people, they exhibit understanding, compassion, forgiveness and mercy to a failing person because that is what God through His love offers.

The Sin of Judging.

There is a sin believers commit that we need to condemn, it is that of JUDGING other people. When we judge people it obscures our ability to discern sin in our own life and we leave the impression that we are superior! You will never become like Jesus by finding fault in or condemning others. Remember, when we point the finger at someone else there are three fingers pointing back at us! "Let him who is WITHOUT sin cast the first stone".

Searching for Comfort and Contentment.

In our search for comfort and contentment change has got to happen, our problem is we try to change everything but ourselves to achieve that comfort and contentment.

It’s much easier to blame our discomfort on something or somebody else, neglecting the fact, what needs to change is ourselves, our life, our actions, our attitudes and our doing.

The truth is that what we need in life is more than comfort. If material comfort was the answer there would no be so many unhappy millionaires, C.E.O.S, hollywood celebrities, rock or country music stars, etc.. They’ve reached the pinnacle of their field, and still haven’t resolved that unsettled pursuit of comfort.

What we need to attain is peace, and peace is attainable from the giving of ones-self to others, going to bed each night knowing that we’ve spent the day living to the best of our ability, with the help of God, to improve the lives of those around us.

If you find yourself searching for peace, root out the “if only’s” in your life.  Take …

Stop Lights in the Brain.

To many people on hearing negative words about someone through their ear gate or seeing something negative through their eye gate, allow themselves to be at the mercy of the negative thoughts passing  through their brain. 

They erect traffic lights along the tributary routes in the brain for the thoughts to stop, 

They then program the traffic light so the red stoplight overrides the  green go light to give them time to claim insight and then delight to backbite because they think their insight is right!


Religious assembling....A group of people getting together who have never been to heaven and talk about it, then try scare the hell out of people whom they think are not going there.

Relational assembling...A group of people getting together who have never been to heaven and talk about it and demonstrate the love of God to people so they will choose to go there.

Religion is revered because it is feared....God is revered because He is LOVE!

Behaviorism Believe-ism.

The behaviorism of different religious sects, “Behave right (by abiding by the religion's particular code of conduct), or you are damned,” buries the gospel of grace under layer after layer of religious doctrinal hair-splitting, theological nit-picking and performance measuring by the rule and regulation code as to a person’s spirituality.

To promote that as the gospel is a misrepresentation of the truth. It’s nothing less than devil inspired, man-made philosophical religious deception. It holds out salvation like some performance attained ideal that is reached only through a lifetime of unquantifiable good deeds. It is a soul-sapping, spiritual-sapping lie against the truth of the grace salvation message of Jesus Christ.

Jesus did not sacrifice His life for “new and better” brand of religion. He brought the gospel, which is not good news only for sinners, but for believers also, of whom all sin as well.

For the sake of Christ, God has thrown away all the score cards plus the mea…

Jesus Accomplished It.

Jesus has "put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself;" He has "finished transgression and made an end of sin;" He has "redeemed us from all iniquity;" from destruction, corruption and the deception of the devil; He has "obtained eternal redemption for us; we are redeemed by the blood of the lamb."

Our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ has fulfilled the will of Father God; and He has ascended to the right hand of the Father shouting "It is finished," He rose from the grave in resurrection power as demonstrative proof that sin was destroyed, the law satisfied, and the bondage of religion broken, and freedom for His people complete. People now can accept salvation by grace. Jesus has accomplished this...yet...the devil's deception within religion has many confused causing the rejection of the grace message of Jesus Christ in favor of the rule and regulated illusion of religion.

Lacking Grace.

Because of a lack of Grace, the narrow mindedness of people within narrow minded religion is a reason why listening to understand, rather than refute or condemn other people's opinion, is as rare as the graces of mercy, kindness and understanding that is shown to people who do not fly the religious banner.

Grace has Engulfed Me.

The Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ assures me that as a forgiven human being, grace, mercy and love has engulfed me completely and in grace living I have found the peace, freedom and consolation. Because of His grace I now purpose to live in His marvelous presence.

Not Understanding the Finished Work of Christ.

Not fully comprehending the finished work of Christ’s sacrifice  and our total inability to pull ourselves up by our spiritual boot strings, will cause us to focus on the unfinished work in ourselves and other people.

This is one reason religious deception is deceptively deceptive and people accept the deception as truth!Publish Post

Are you guilt Ridden?

The practice  of “church” by much of the religious world is fueled by two ingredients; guilt and anger. People are saddled with guilty conscience if we fail and God is portrayed as being angry and waiting for us to do wrong so He can punish us. Professional preachers in religion know how to nourish both concepts to where the pew-warming listener receives the teaching and accepts it as if it were scriptural, through the one man pipeline through which God is supposed to communicates spiritual truths for the pew-warmers.

Being controlled by a guilty conscience is perpetuated by the religious idea of a “do and don’t” mentality  rather than a “being” reality. The focus is on how we must do better, pray more, read our bible more, give more, go to “Church” more, be involved in the programs more...etc. Oh, they may verbalize God as loving and merciful, but He is portrayed as being that way if we obey the requirements that are set down by religion. That way the adherents get a sense that they …

How To Deal With Life after the Death of a Loved One!

Dealing with a loved one’s death is traumatic to say the least. We hurt because of the physical loss of our loved one, sorrow and grief are normal but, to stay in morbid morning is detrimental to our physical and spiritual life and to the life of those around us that we love.  To help ourselves out of the despair and pain we need to embrace trust in God and faith to believe what lies beyond death.  One reason for our prolonged sorrow and unhappiness is that our happiness is defeated by death because death is more real to us then the spiritual bliss that follows for the loved one that has passed. We need to see life through the lens of a new and living hope rather than through the lens of pain and despair. When a loved one dies it is useless to search for satisfaction in the world for none will be found. Our happiness will be found in the hope we have in of Jesus Christ, the hope of spending eternity with Him in an atmosphere of bliss. It is through fixing our hope in the light of eterni…

Is Grace really a Licence to Sin?

It is almost an unexplainable wonder how religious people of religions who claim to be the guardians of the truth, are so proficient at holding the greatest news known to mankind at bay. Believers are responsible for the best news of all good news, but in releasing this good news somehow, we have managed to confuse and diffuse its truth. God redeemed us to give this good news to people and them we frustrate and confuse its message by hiding it behind a wall of rules, regulations and laws.

We hear from the pulpits of the land by the puppets of denominations; “You must not take grace too far or you will turn it into license to sin!” as though lack of license has ever stopped anybody from sinning even us religious people. Hasn’t anyone noticed, are we that dumb? We all sin, for mercy sake, even all of us who may be dressed in religious robes of self-righteous purity and who claim to be God-fearing, Sunday-go-meeting  Christians. Always have been, always will be, in this life.

It is onl…

Spiritual Slumber.

Many believers have been lulled in to a spiritual slumber that has separated them from the reality of a relational relationship with God thus, separating them from peace, contentment and the power that emulates from a love relationship with Father God that would dispel the hopelessness that people have because their eyes are focused on the circumstances that overwhelm them.

Has Your “Religious” Experience become an Idol?

Some good religious practices have become an idol. When religious doing is doing separate from the substance of Jesus’ work on the cross, it becomes idolatry.

Is your Sunday-go-meeting attendance out of obligation, habitual, for the approval and to gain the approval of others? Do you get satisfaction from your spiritual performance and personal holiness more than satisfaction in what God has already accomplished for you in Christ Jesus. Do you feel spiritual superior about your biblical knowledge and gain satisfaction by shooting Bible verses to back up your doctrine? Do you relish debating theology with others and feel superior when you have what you consider a win, but get angry and defensive when you’re theology is challenged? do you feel that you are on a higher spiritual plateau because a title is attached to your name. are you more of a word person than a Word person? Are you uncomfortable with hurting, lonely people and to avoid engagement you say “I will pray for you” as a w…

Living Dreams.

It is awesome to live in an awesome dream while asleep, it is much more awesome to live in an awesome dream while awake!

Mission Impossible!

For religion, the “GREAT COMMISSION”, making disciples of Christ in all nations is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! Why...the “GREAT COMMISSION” has not, can not, and never will be carried out from within the four walls of the institutional building.  For thousands of years religion has been making disciples, but it makes disciples of religion!

But, the GREAT COMMISSION, though an IMPOSSIBLE MISSION for religion, is not MISSION IMPOSSIBLE because, with CHRIST doing HIS WORKS through HIS CHURCH ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! not lose not FRET...God is not finished YET!

Teaching Incorect Knowledge.

Incorrect knowledge and the teaching of that incorrect knowledge as truth, is more of an hindrance to the kingdom of God than ignorance.

Is it possible that the knowledge within religion is an hindrance to the kingdom of God because it is ignorant of the ways of God therefore, in their ignorance, it teaches the knowledge they know as truth even though it is not truth?

The Pitfall of Believers.

The pitfall for Believers is that they'll abandon the Grace gospel that was revealed to Paul by Jesus Christ and swallow the deception of man-made rules and traditions. This tendency to mistake man-made religion for genuine spirituality was a problem in Jesus' day, and it's still a problem today.

Today because of long established traditions of men, accepting man's interpretation of scripture, false teachings, and pride, men have twisted the Scriptures to satisfy themselves, their followers and the hierarchy of their denomination instead of being true to God. Many are sincere but cannot let go of the false traditions because of their their pride... many stand to lose too much, their position, their income, their celebrity status...etc. and they also fear persecution from the religious system as many have endured in the past that has stood for truth over tradition.

There are many preachers who have preached the man-made doctrines for so many years, they are deceived and h…

Misunderstanding breeds Ignorance.

Misunderstanding breeds ignorance. Ignorance breeds fear. Fear breeds distrust. Distrust breeds doubt. Doubt breeds suspicion. Suspicion breeds judgement. Judgement breeds condemnation. Condemnation breeds superiority. Superiority breeds pride. Pride breeds destruction and is the downfall of the proud.

What constitutes what person says?

The word of a person is what they say or write! It is not what people think they said or wrote, it is not what people wanted them to say or write, it is not what people articulate they said or wrote nor the articles that explain what they said or wrote! The word of a person is nothing more than the word which they spoke or wrote! Is what a person said, but mostly paraphrased, what they in fact said? Of course not! If it has been altered in any way, it is not what they said. Also, a commentary on what they said, is not what they, in fact said! And, for someone to correctly explain or attempt to condemn what they said or wrote one must know the context of why they said what they said or wrote.
It is wise not to project one’s conclusions to what a person said or wrote as being what the person meant by what he said or wrote, until you know the context of what the person said or wrote.

Protection from Religious Zealots.

The INSULATION provided by the WORD (Jesus), along with CONFIRMATION that is a result of studying to rightly divide the word (bible), provides PROTECTION against  the INFECTION and the REJECTION of religious zealots who fire off bible verses as pellets taken out of context as a prooftext to prop up their pretext of being correct.

The Power of Deception

The power of deception is in concealing the truth by the acts, works and words of someone. Deception's power is in its source and in the context that is hidden from us. When Satan temps us, he doesn't say "I am the devil and I want you to obey me." He comes as an angel of light and we receive emotions and thoughts that are linked to our ego, to our desires or our perceived version of truth and we make decisions on that basis. Satan does not want us to know when we are obeying him. We are not aware that it is him. He hides himself in deception and causes us to walk in darkness. His ability is in the power to hide truth and convince people of non-truth and to accept that non-truth as truth.

Deception is the most powerful tool in Satan's arsenal. Through it, Satan can make us feel we are OK, when in reality we are living a lie. Satan can divide the Church, the family and our own walk with the Lord and cause
us to believe we are believing and practici…

What you think affects your life.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” says the scripture. Therefore, to say what you think has a more profound affect on your own life than what it has on anyone else's life. Therefore, why not think right and speak right so you can live right which will enable you to love right!