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Why I am an "ism-less Believer".

Why I am an "ism-less Believer".
Am I a Right-Winged Christian or Left-Winged Christian? Well how is this for a confession...I am neither a...right-wing or left wing Christian...That is not the worst of it, I am not even a religious "Christian". Well don't look so shocked, neither was Jesus!...OK, NOW YOU CAN BE SHOCKED! 
Jesus has been depicted as the prime unshakeable icon of Christianity since the man-made religion was established. Have you ever pondered the possibility that Jesus wasn't a..."Christian"? Did Paul and other New Testament authors paint Jesus as the icon and founder of Christianity? Did Jesus view Himself the way religion has Christianized Him? I put it to you that Jesus did not coin the word, hear the word, say the word, invent the word, name His followers by the word, teach His followers to be the word...CHRISTIAN...that so dominates the thinking of religious people today. By the way...Jesus was not DENOMINATED eithe…