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Keep your mind and body occupied so as not to get bored. Boredom = Disillusionment. Disillusionment = Self-pity. Self-pity = Frustration. Frustration = Confusion. Confusion = PEACE-LESS-NESS. Keep you PEACE by refusing to get bored!
The belief in Santa Clause seems to have followed people into adulthood. Most religions portray God as the Santa Clause of adults who rewards or punishes on the merit of performance or non-performance of religious duties! If you do this, God will do that. If you will do that, God will do this. God’s blessing’s are not based on doing religious performance in order to receive, they are based on being in Him and Him being in you. You then have His blessings because they are in Him. Your doing is then based on your love for Him and not doing to get some external reward!
The society in which we live is bizarre! We can communicate with a satellite millions of miles away, yet we fail to communicate with our neighbors or family members who sit across the…