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Is the Doctrine of Eternal Torement TRUE?

If the doctrine of eternal torment is true, it really means abortion is ultimately good for the aborties.

To me, that is the only logical and godly way to look at it!.

Since Roe vs Wade, in excess of 2 billion abortions have taken place. These babies underwent excruciating pain as they were forcibly extracted and suctioned out of the the mother’s womb. Those who are familiar with the pro-life movement are rightfully horrified by the pictures of aborted human babies (yes, they are human). Most Christian religions would rightfully place these precious little ones in heaven for eternity.

However considering the following Christian belief that they should have had the right to be born and live till they pass from this earth through death’s door.

If these 2 billion aborted precious little ones were left to go to full term and then birth, based on Christian doctrine, they ALL would grow up as sinners and based on history about 85 to 90% of them, by far the vast majority, would never accept Je…