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People Don’t Need.

People don’t need a Sunday-go-meeting in segregated denominated buildings to attend.

People don’t need entertainment by a programmed-event-driven performance starring the PA-STAR.

People don’t need to attend bible studies where the scripture is interpreted by denominated seminarians.

People don’t need training in the latest witnessing techniques.

People don’t need to be fear-mongered by the threat the devil’s hell.

People don’t need to be threatened with a curse from God if they do not tithe.

People do not need to be shamed and blamed or laden with guilt for not abiding by the rules of religion.

People do not need Christmas or Easter Pageants.

People do  not need to get in the latest groove and move to the latest rocken stompen worship team by the latest Jesus band.

People don’t need a visitors packet with with a denominated logo mug or the colorful brochure with pictures the names of the denominational trained staff.

All the need is JESUS in you, working through you as the Community…

We Must Desire God's Approval Instead of Religion's Approval.

More often than not people who think they are spiritually wise in their own eyes because they are bible literate and law experts, mouth their judgmental and condemning taken out of context scriptures with malice and anger against grace believing and grace living people who are have the courage to go against the religious flow and expose its weakness in order to pursue a intimate relationship with God and with people.
Grace people are maligned by the religious self-righteous as rebels against God, dissenters from the faith, deceived by the devil or in one way or another are people who have been hurt by religion and now are angry religious wounded people with a vendetta against religion.
Grace herald-ers, God will deal with these religious accusers in His own way offering His mercy and grace to them, they will always be deceived and bound by the religious system. He will also use the accusations so we can react with humility, kindness and forgiveness relying entirely upon Him, knowing …

What is God Looking For?

One thing I know is that God is merciful and graceful and I extend the same to all who may read my postings. It is not my intent to offend anyone, even though some do take offense to what I write. It is easy to go on the defensive when what I post disagrees with the dominate religious way of viewing spiritual matters or their understanding of God and their interpretation of the Bible. Religion resists any questioning of what they believe to be truth, but if we are to move ahead in God, questioning what we believe is essential and the changing of, or the abandoning our traditions and doctrines when they do not line up with the teachings of Jesus is mandatory for a deeper relationship with Father God.

Believers are in dire need of shifting their focus off religion and refocusing on Jesus. I thank God I am in the process of focusing my eyes more on Jesus and less on the rudiments of the religious system. For most of my life I have been blinded and imprisoned by the religious structure, …

Why Are Christians so...

Why are Christians so UN-Christ like?

Does this chart that found by goggling on Google provide the right answer?

Grace Enablement.

Grace enables practical spiritual relationships which reveals the Father heart of God towards the Community of Humanity. Grace gives the God given ability to relieve the suffering of Guilt, shame and condemnation that God’s people have been sacked with in the name of the gospel.

A great aspect of God’s ministry of deliverance is His desire to deliver His people from the guilt and condemnation laid upon them by the religious yoke of bondage. Once you understand the Father heart of God you will run to Him and experience His love and forgiveness that is already yours. He will live His life through you bringing Gospel truths to the Community of Humanity.

The believer’s life was never intended to be based on man’s ability through religion, but on God’s ability to fill you with Himself, which empowers you to live the grace life.

As people of God we need to expand our awareness of God's presence within us, and by the grace of God understand the revelation of the mystery of the gospel, which…

The Solidification of the Gospel.

Since the beginning of man-made religion people have known about a gospel, paid homage to a gospel, celebrated a gospel, preached a gospel, without fully understanding "THE" gospel. It is as if THE gospel goes only as far as the cross and is a spiritual secret known only to the seminarian denominated trained professional, this has led people as to the“art” of hearing the voice of God’s appointed Teacher, dull of hearing.

The gospel is the message of the resurrection. The gospel IS the resurrection. Grace is the expression of the resurrection. Grace IS resurrection. Religion says: "Yes the gospel is about the cross but the gospel is also more than the cross!" Jesus said, "I AM the Resurrection and the life" (John 11:25). Jesus is the content of the gospel and Jesus did not end with the cross, if there was no resurrection there would be no gospel. Jesus never said, "I AM the Cross", but He did say, "I AM the resurrection and the life". …

Life Changing Relationships.

Life changing relationships are not formed by sitting in segregated denominated buildings, believing the same denominated beliefs, singing the same denominated songs, listening to the same denominate sermons participating in the same denominated rituals, signing the same denominated membership forms, etc...
Life changing relationships are formed by knowing the heart of Jesus and by allowing that knowing to be worked out in your daily living by Jesus working His works through you. Jesus acts of love, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, friendship and acceptance demonstrated by you as He works through you will soften the hearts of the Community of Humanity and transform them, bringing them into a relational journey with you and join you in your relational journey with God.
Jesus desires to be in personal and intimate relationship with you. He knows you better than you know yourself, but do you really know Him? Religious relationships are only casual based on head knowledge of Christ. B…

Into All Truth.

To many believers naming the name of Christ have settled for truth as religion sees it and are missing out on TRUTH that the Spirit, (God's appointed Teacher) desires to lead us into.
In 1 Corinthians 13:9 Paul writes; "We know in part".  He himself is included in the "we" therefore, everything he knew and wrote was partial spiritual truth when compared to all spiritual truth. However spiritual the things we know may be, it is still only partial because our spiritual knowing is incomplete and is subject to further enlightenment, or abandoned altogether because the spirit of which it is of is not the Spirit of Christ, the "All Truth of God". Spiritual revelational truth that may be shed on the partial truth we now know may render that partial truth incomplete or obsolete. We are on a spiritual journey where we know in part, but the journey gets spiritually brighter as we are open to the Spirits teaching and what the Reveal-er of spiritual …

The Hardened Heart Will Nor Receive God's Grace.

The undeniable evidence that a person is living the Grace Life is by his exemplifying the same attitude that Jesus had.

Jesus sought no religious hierarchical position.
Jesus sought no religious office.
Jesus sought no religious title.
Jesus sought not to fleece the flock.
Jesus sought not the applause of men.
Jesus sought not to please religious people.
Jesus sought not to be self-righteous.
Jesus sought not the establishment of denominations.
Jesus sought not to do His own will.
Jesus sought not to be served.

Jesus said; I am not here to be served, but to serve.

I would like to inform Grace-haters that there is nothing wrong or new about God’s Grace Gospel! When it is shared in its purity, unmixed with religious laws, it transforms people in the same powerful way as it did in the early Church. There is no problem with the message of Grace, the problem is with “us” the people. We have abandoned the fullness of Christ  and the freedom that Grace brings for the emptiness of ritual and the bondage …

Which Religion is Right?

Because of all the religious denominations in the world...the question, “Which religion is the right one” begs answering.

There are many religions in the world and nearly every religion claims that it is the one true religion. It is very confusing to people who are seeking for truth concerning God. Who should they listen to? Which religion is right?  Are they all good, since they basically teach people to be good? Are they all right...or are they all wrong! 

Religions all have different understanding concerning God and different means to approach God. Most of these views and approaches are without scriptural support. Some religions acknowledge the true God, yet their understanding of Him and the Bible is riddled with misunderstanding and their workings are not according to His design or desire thus they fail in their en-devours to know God fully. 

Those serving false gods, no matter what religious rituals they practice...will never know the true God. Each religion describes its "…

The Greatest Enemy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...The Gospel of Grace.

There is a question that begs to be answered...What does the number one enemy use as a tool against the Gospel of Jesus Christ...the Gospel of Grace?

In the bible narrative non-believers (sinners) had little or no resistance to the work finished by Jesus on the cross and the resultant birth of the Grace Gospel. However, the religious people of that time provided a great deal of resistance to the finished work of Christ on the cross...His Gospel of Grace. It was religion that persecuted Paul. But, brethren, if I still preach circumcision [as some accuse me of doing, as necessary to salvation], why am I still suffering persecution? In that case the cross has ceased to be a stumbling block and is made meaningless (done away). (Gal. 5:11)

The history of religion reveals enough evidence to confirm that "religion" itself is the number one tool the enemy uses against the Gospel of God's Grace!

My use of the word religion is referring to the practice where people strive to be in or…

Religious Dangerism.

This warning applies to false religious and false bible knowledge that is prevalent in the religious world.

"False teachers have crept in unawares"...

What do these false teachers do?

"Turn the Grace of God into lewdness"...How? 

By giving up the freedom of Grace and going back under the bondage of the law and religious tradition as declared by Paul in Galatians.


God so loved the people of the world, He gave His only Son....

God so loved us...His Son laid down His life for give His life to He could live His life through us as His Community of the Redeemed, expressing His life in the Community of Humanity.

Grace is God's love for us enabling us to love God, resulting in total dependance upon God and the finished work of Christ, resulting in obedience to God.

That is Grace...That is Faith...That is Love...That is the GOSPEL!

 If the obedience you give to God is not Grace is fleshly self-obedience where you are trying to gain God's approval and favor, and that is disobedience to God's way of obeying Him.

God is Love...What does this tell us about God?

If God is Love, and according to scripture He is...Our understanding and perception of God is dependent on how we love God, which in turn is predicated on how we believe God loves us.
Let's start by finding out the characteristics of love. To find out what love is we need to look at 1 Cor. 13:4-8.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preservers. Love never fails. 
Love is not a feeling as much as it is an attitude that is exemplified by actions that demonstrates the quality of love we have. These love qualities are not a measuring stick for us to strive to keep standards by, then check off as completed because we have worked so hard to love. Until these love qualities become infused in our lives and our living life becau…


Here are some titles of songs to which the Lyrics are waiting to be written that is in agreement with the “The Gospel According To Religion.”
Burn Sinner Burn.
Turn or Burn.
The Pleasure of Seeing Your Child Burn in Hell.
Hell's Delight.
Hell...The Ultimate Wrath Of God Against the People He Created.
Sinner's in the Hands of an Angry God.
Don't make God Mad because He will treat You Bad.
God Created Most of His Creation To Burn in Hell.
Jesus The Hell Preacher.
Don't Befriend Sinners.
The Superiority of the Law.
Sit Up, Put Up and Shut Up.
What I Speak From This Pulpit, I Speak For God.
The Unfinished Work of Christ's Cross.
Religion, the Way To God.
Tithe or be Cursed.
Sign the Membership Form or You Cannot Be a Part of This Church.
Don't Question Our Doctrine.
Obey The Preacher.
Blessed are the Pew Warmers.
The Preacher...God's Chosen Spiritual Channel to the Spiritual Ignorant Pew Warmer.
A Schizophrenic God.
God Can't Save ALL Sinners Even Thou…
I the reason that we don't see faith healers working in hospitals...or...don't see prosperity teachers working in the ghettos.
The same reason that the we don't see the psychics winning the lottery?

I Am Trying my Best to Be...

Trying to be a "religious Christian" frustrating and spiritually dissatisfying because of the mixing of Law with Grace, trying to keep the religious rules and the demands of the Law.  Religious living is living in bondage to man-made philosophies and doctrines.

Being a born again in Grace is fulfilling and spiritually satisfying because Jesus has done it all regarding our receiving and maintaining our salvation. Grace living is living in the freedom of Christ.

Knowing Christ's accomplishment via the cross and His resurrection, understanding His Grace and who you are in Him, you will never fall for another deception of religion as to what you have to "do" to gain favor with God. You are His child, there is nothing to you can "do" to get there...You Are Already There!

Stop the trying to "do" to "be" and "be" the "being" you already are.

Whose life are you living?

Contrary to popular religious teaching...people deemed as "sinners" are not to be avoided, shunned, hated, treated differently, scorned, judged or condemned by "Christians".
Christ in believers, in whom they are to live and allow His life to live through the redeemer not the condemner.
Are your actions fueled by the "Christ life within"? 

"Dear Lord, help me not to be a SMART-ASS."

There are some people because of position or hierarchical status, think they have the right to manipulate and control others.

In reality we are all controlled by the same boss...our ass! No matter how high we may think ourselves to be on the religious hierarchy structure of things, when seated we are all at the same level because we are sitting on our ass. Our asses control us more than we think our position empowers us to control others, if you do not believe that just go against the calling of your ass and you will discover how little control you have.

Therefore, because we are all controlled by our asses we are all on the same level when it comes to being human. I am no better than you, and as much as you may disagree, you are no better than I. As human beings we are all equal in the eyes of God.

Therefore, thinking ourselves to be religious know-it-all-smart-asses, to where we assume spiritual superiority that places us on a higher spiritual plateau than those we deem spiritual infer…

Frustrated Grace


Sewing the Veil Together Again.

When believers sacrifice intimacy in their relationship with God by identifying themselves organizationally with religion, nullifies the leading and direction of the Spirit. The higher one moves up on the hierarchy organizational ladder the more one feels that they must protect that position or office. One can even find enough Bible verses to build one's case with stories about Moses and Miriam or David and Saul. But it was not God's ultimate intention to have a mediator between God and man as Moses was. And it was not God's idea for His people to have a king like the rest of the world.

When the veil was ripped in twain at the resurrection, so was the hierarchy that had separated us for so long. Jesus came out of the man-made tabernacles and temples that separated us from not only Him, but from others!

Jesus rent the veil from top to bottom and we have worked hard we have worked since then to sew it back together. When the New Testament talks about pastors, prophets, apostl…

Hell...does religion have the facts?

Dare I ask?
Hey, I am just asking!!!!
Is it possible that the religious world could be wrong in their understanding of the doctrine of Hell? Is it possible that they hold to deception's lie as truth, through misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the Bible on the subject as taught by misinformed denominated seminarians?

If the accepted doctrine of hell is correct what does that do to God's mercy enduring for ever as recorded in Psalm 136:1...what does it do to God's love that is never ending as stated in 1 Corinthians 13:8.

How often have we heard or even posed the question ourselves to those we deem to be sinners, “Turn or burn", "have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour to escape hell?”

Allow me to do a little role playing here and play the part of a non-believer as you...a Christian...witnesses to me, the hell bound sinner. I am aware that some reading this has already concluded I am not role playing because they deem me to be a bona-…