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One thing that will hinder communion, relationship and fellowship with God and with people is a know-it-all-attitude! Our know-it-all-attitude is the dude we need to exclude if our minds are to be renewed and our hearts glued to a relationship and fellow-shipping with God and with people.

Church Functionality.

The functionality of Church is meant to be reality in daily living. Church is life lived, and living life is not  lived in a building participating in Event-Driven-Programmed-Meetings! Religious life exhibited at Event-Driven-Programmed-Meetings does not equate organic Church Life that reflects in living life daily!

The Spirituality that Regligion Fosters!

The modern “church” fosters spirituality without practical content for living life daily, because it has the religious idea that “Church Life” is what happens in event-driven-meetings held in “church buildings” on Sundays or during special occasions where conferences or other organized religious events take place. Church is a life that is lived and living life does not happen in “Church buildings”, if it did, why are people not living the life they live in “Church meetings” for the vast majority of time that life is lived outside of meeting in a building.

Religion favors a dogmatic Christianity that has no apostolic, or biblical substance and promotes doctrinal, institutional, sympathetic systematic mysticism and programmed activity as spirituality! Spirituality is living life on a daily basis as a loved child of God sharing the power of His love with the across-our-path encounters that people provide!


Willpower is not what enables us to live a upright, understanding, compassionate, forgiving and loving life. It is Grace-Power that gives us the ability to live such a life!

Circumstances are learning opportunites.

Don’t get all worked up, agitated and frustrated when things don't turn out the way you desire them to. Simply adjust to circumstances that come your way, God is right there going through the circumstance with you. Learn what you can through the circumstance and keep trusting that God has something better in mind.

A fundamental error in modern church philosphy.

One of the fundamental errors of religious church philosophy in our day is to think that, if you can imitate early Church structure, you will have early Church life. But it is very evident that simply to have people designated as Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists and Teachers, does not of itself give rise to early Church life. Bestowing upon people these titles by denominational organizations does not automatically reproduce the New Testament equivalent, because, the churches of today do not reflect the ONE TRUE UNIFIED CHURCH of the New Testament. The multiplied denominations of the world today, to their shame, are in direct opposition to Jesus’ prayer for unity!

Which Church did Jesus establish?

Christ established but one Church and for some 200 years after Christ there was but one Church. To belong to that one body was only possible if you were a believer. There were geographical separations and in that sense local churches existed, but always as expressions of one UNDIVIDED BODY!

In this era we live in it is so different that people are unable to see the Church, and the view of most believers regarding the Church are grotesquely distorted by the present conception of what or who Church is. Today we are bombarded with a multitude of organizations with builds bearing the name of churches, divided from one another by various lines of demarcation, doctrines, organizational, and governmental. In any one locality there are any number of such organizations and the Church as was in the New Testament times has been replaced by the divided, denominational churches.

To understand the reality of churches today is to know that you cannot take the New Testament terms concerning the Chur…

God's Gracious Grace.

Grace is not a license to sin, or even leniency when we sin. Grace is God's gift to us and within His Grace is the power that enables us to overcome sin! Grace is not only pardon from sin, it is also the power enabler not to sin! Grace never ignores the awfulness of sin, in fact it emphasizes the utter depravity of sin and releases us from our inability to overcome sin by providing us with His ability through His gracious Grace.

There is no sin in your life where you are beyond the reach of God's
Grace and you cannot attain any goodness in your life to where you are not in need of God's grace! Grace is God's Divine assistance to empower us to live a righteous life by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came to give LIFE.

Man’s preoccupation with organizations is evident by our love to construct systems, ceremonies, rituals, regulations and laws which must be observed to be accepted by the religious group we adhere to. This is what happened when the Pharisees sought to impose all the observances of the Jewish ceremonial law on new believers. It is seen throughout the history of Christendom and is present today in all its multiplied denominations and institutions.
Jesus did not die on the cross to give us religion, His gift is life by providing relationship with God whereby He lives His life through man and share His love with people. Jesus did not come to give us a new religion known as “Christianity”, nor to establish any institution, but He came to open the door to life, new life. Listen to His own words. “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) To the ultra-religious Jews, “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life but you refuse to c…

Why are People Leaving "church"?

Is it not evident that present church divisions and denominations have grossly distorted the Church from what Jesus established by His Spirit? Could this be one reason God is calling people to come out of all these confusing systems, to find relationship with Him and to restore His way of Church, and to hold themselves in readiness to work with him instead of for Him?

More and more Believers are being led to take this step. As yet they are widely separated, but increasingly they are being joined together by the Holy Spirit. There is a sense that God is directing, and that there will be seen again on earth a His Church, without earthly headquarters or organizational hierarchy, Church that operates as a functioning structure of a living Body, depending on Jesus who is her Head. For He is the "Head over all things for the Church which is His Body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all." In such a Church I have no doubt that true elders will emerge, and that the five-fold mi…

Relationship with God.

Relationship with God is not about good works, as beneficial as good works may be!
Trusting your church membership, your baptism, your confirmation, your sacraments, your good parents, your good works, your good deeds, is not saving faith. That's human religion and God will not accept it.
Genuine belief (saving faith) relies on Jesus alone for salvation (without any human works being involved) because Jesus paid the penalty for your sins.
God our heavenly Father wants you to know absolutely that He accepted Jesus' payment for your sins. To help you know that, God raised Jesus from the dead. That's your assurance that God is satisfied with the payment Jesus made.
Now, if you want to be relationally connected to God you must be satisfied with Jesus' payment for your sins and stop trying to earn God's grace. Believe in Jesus as the only sin payment that God will accept. Then you work with Him, not to gain His favor, but out of love for Him and for people.


RELIGION: is man doing for God in order to be accepted by religion. SALVATION: is God doing for man what is necessary to bring man into relationship with Himself.

RELIGION says: Something in my hand I bring that I may be accepted by and appease event-driven religion. SALVATION says: Nothing in my hand I bring for there is nothing I can do to be accepted by God, for Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient.

RELIGION is trusting in works to gain God’s approval. SALVATION is trusting in a work that has already been finished by Jesus.
RELIGION depends on our exterior behavior. SALVATION depends on heart believing and acceptance of the finished work of Christ.

RELIGION says we must act our best...acting is being something you are not, it is an outward performance without an inward change. SALVATION says we must accept God's best because no matter how good we are we cannot acquire God’s best.

RELIGION depends on the sufficiency of character that is measured by the keeping of rules…

God's Love is an Indisputable Fact!

It is an indisputable fact that God loves people. His love even envelops those who don't love him. Even when we were spiritually dead because of our sins and selfish living, God's forbearance was working on our behalf. He was tolerant, patient and kind towards us. God abounded in good will, compassion, and love toward us. His disposition was kind, compassionate, and forgiving in His treatment of us. He wanted in abundance to alleviate our distress and free us from our bondage's. He did so by providing us freedom from the prison of self and the bondage of religion through Jesus his Son.

Life Pleasing to God.

People who believe they can live a life pleasing to God, based on “their capacity” to define the difference between good and evil  and by rule and regulation keeping is nothing less than religious delusion. This kind of thinking contributes to the belief that the apex of Christian relevance is its Evangelical elitism that allows them the moral compass that ones ability to recognize what is truly right is based on ones capacity to judge what is truly wrong. It is no wonder that people view the love we show as condescending and judgmental.


Grace living is not an excuse to do whatever we please, known a license to sin as promoted by those who are opposed to the Grace message. The scriptures declare that it is Grace that teaches us to live holy lives. The perversion of Grace teaches that we must adhere to man-made rules and regulations to be holy and acceptable to God, that is legalism. Religion exerts subtle and on times overt pressure to conform outwardly to man-made standards. But Grace living is holding to the scriptures clear teachings, and never allows human rules to supersede the authority of Scripture.
In Grace living liberty is not kept in check by legalism, it is balanced by love for God and a love for people. Grace frees us to love God and people in loving service. In the area of conscience or things questionable we are encouraged by scripture to be self-controlled by considering how it will affect others and base our decision on the matter with love and understanding. We use our liberty in Christ to serve othe…

Does Grace Destroy?

God’s GRACE destroys the need for the rule and regulation keeping of the performance based religious system.  The guilt and shame of the performance based religious system cannot co-exist with the GRACEFUL GRACE of our GRACIOUS loving Father.

People are brought into relationship with God by GRACE through FAITH not by GRACE through RELIGIOUS observance!

Understanding Love!

If we understand love as judgmental, then we give judgmental love. Of course we do not label it as judgment more than just “telling the truth and holding others accountable to that truth”. Loving to be judgmental towards people is not the same as loving to love people!

If we understand love as institutional, we define love by what our inclusive groups theological requirements are to even qualify for love, especially God’s love, then we give love conditionally based on what another person is willing to do to convert to our theology of requirements. Love that is confined for institutionalized Christianity is not loving people with the God quality of love!

If we understand love condescendingly, we sit on our religious perch’s and offer love to those who we think deserve love and shun those we think don’t. We give love based on a sliding scale of measuring ourselves against others who we think are morally more repugnant than ourselves.

If we understand love relationally and unconditionall…

What is the difference between “Authentic Christianity” and “Performance Christianity”?

The difference is who or what we are trusting in. Are we trusting our performance ability in performing to the expectations of the denomination we belong to in order to live and maintain the Christian life and to be acceptable to God, or are we trusting in the GRACE of God that came through Jesus Christ to be acceptable before God and allow His GRACE alone to transform us from the inside out. Our common trust in God is the thread that holds our togetherness together.

The Pharisees in their hypocrisy completely avoided the sin within them and trusted in their good looking, outward performance ability, rule and regulated religion to make them acceptable to God. We, like the disciples, need to beware of this leaven, and trust in Jesus Christ alone to forgive us and transform us from the inside out, making us acceptable to God through His grace and not through our performance ability.

God's Teacher.

The Holy Spirit of God, the Teacher of God, reveals the Word of God to the People of God for their Correction, Direction and Protection from denominations religious speculation and interpretation of the scriptures  by teacher of religion and its domination of God's people

When God’s Installation becomes a Ruination, His Recommendation is Annihilation.

2 Kings 18:4 says; He removed the high places, smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles. He broke into pieces the bronze snake Moses had made, for up to that time the Israelites had been burning incense to it.

What is this young whipper-snapper, inexperienced in the upholding of the tradition we have been doing for years doing demolishing the thing that God told Moses to erect, who does he think he is! Is he out of his cotton pickin mind, does he not know that the bronze snake had been an instrument of transformation. It got people healed and saved them from the consequences of their sin.

Why did he destroy it, because he had a clear picture of how it turned the people’s heart away from God, and because the people turned it into an object of worship making it into an idol, thereby ruining it and robbing it of its power. It wasn’t meant to be this way, but now it had become the accepted way of the people. But this one man, standing alone went against tradition and tore…

Do you believe the scriptures or some man’s interpretation of scripture??

Is what you believe based upon scripture or some man’s interpretation?

Why is it that religious people are more apt to believe and are comfortable with what they have been taught by their minister, who was taught by a a seminary professor, who adapted the beliefs of a theologian whose interpretation of the scriptures is based on the founding fathers of his denomination? People who belong to a specific denomination interpret scriptures in light of what they believe rather than allow the scriptures formulate what they believe! When asked why they believe the way they believe, the answer is often, “that is what my minister taught us or that is what my church teaches.

If I am interested finding truth in the bible, then I must be willing to accept what I currently believe and what I have been taught by man may be wrong! This is very difficult to do because I have believed what I believe for so long that I view it as truth and to admit I am wrong in a certain area means I could be wrong in…

Performance Based Christianity.

Religion has people believing that performance based Christianity is the way to God and that living authentic Christianity is understood to be how church life is practiced today. Plus, the entertainment for the audience and the applause for the performers is exhilarating and addictive. People do not have to move out of their comfort zone to experience the daily grind as to where and how people live life. Their lives are orderly, and they are firmly convinced that they are deriving real satisfaction from their christian lives, and are pleasing God. They believe that they are engaged in genuine and sincere biblical righteousness. This is exactly how the Pharisees felt.

But Jesus Christ, an ex-carpenter, a nobody as far as they were concerned, stands up and declares that they are wrong deluded, insecure, and blind leaders of the blind.

Performance Love.

If we understand love through the lens of performance then we will give love based on performance. Such love is not love at all!

Cementation of a belief does not necessairly make it truth!

Beliefs don’t have to be cemented in stone to ensure they do not die. Some people preach and teach a wrong belief with such vigor for so long they are deceived into believing that the belief is true and cementing it in a statement of beliefs will keep it true. If your beliefs are correct they do not need cementation to prove they are true They are just as true un-cemented as they are cemented!. If you hold to your perceived beliefs lightly and they prove to be wrong, they are easier to let go off. Beliefs if true, like truth will always be TRUE! necessairly

Expectations of Leaders are beyond the Realizations of the Real Jesus.

Don’t be so taken up in your pursuit of learning about Jesus and getting to heaven that you miss out on who Jesus is by enjoying relational living with Him and with people. One problem within modern Christianity is that EXPECTATIONS of people are beyond the REALIZATIONS of the REAL Jesus, with regards to what constitutes a genuine LOVE RELATIONSHIP with Him!


“FREEDOM OF RELIGION,” has led to many diabolical actions and the protection of the perpetrators, because what was done, was done in the name of religion and we are free to practice “our own religion”.  That phrase alone is enough to substantiate that “our religion” is not the Church of Jesus Christ! “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”  is actually “BONDAGE OF PEOPLE” within religion. What an oxymoron?  How about believers within the clutches of religion seek “FREEDOM FROM RELIGION” to partake in the FREEDOM that God has provided through Jesus!

Love Power.

To attain a real peace and joy in life, your power of love must override your love of power, to have permanent peace your power of love should destroy your love of power!

When you think of Church what comes to mind?

When you think of Church what comes to mind? If we are honest, we think about our specific local denominational Church building. I have met many people whose leader canceled a service for some reason and their sentiment was that there was no Church tonight. And if you did not make it to the event-driven-meeting the pastor may say to you, “you were missed at church on Sunday.”  When Jesus speaks of His Church, do you think He has the same philosophy? How sad that Church has been regulated to event-driven meetings by particular religious local congregations.

Moving the ship in Relationship.

Why is the religious world suspicious of people who desire a deeper personal relationship with God without the trappings or the rule and regulatory controls of denominations. Does a relationship with Father God require a relationship with religion? People  are moving the ship in relationship out from religion and sailing away from religion’s clutches, to replace the ship back in relation with God to rebuild their relationship with God and people without being in bondage to religion!

Be Happy!

It is wise in living life to laugh and be happy. It is wiser still to make others laugh and be happy, because when you make others laugh you ensure your own happiness! Therefore, be HAPPY by making others HAPPY with laughter while living life!

Bait of Pleasure!

Many people cannot resist to bite the bait of forbidden pleasure, only to find out that hidden in the bait there is a hook and its barb snags them and prohibits their freedom! Hidden in the trap of forbidden pleasure are the bars of imprisonment and the key to freedom is difficult to find!

Christian Rut!

Are you in a "christian rut"? Do you attend event-driven meetings, read your bible, say a morning or night prayer, tithe, or witness from a imitate relationship with God or because it is the "christian thing" to do? A rut is formed by habits both good and bad. Participating in event-driven meetings, bible reading, and bedside prayers, etc. may be good habits but, if you are into a rut of doing it, your settling for the good rather than the best and it is robbing you of an intimate relationship with God.

Things in life do not come to stay, they come to PASS!

If you feel like you are going through hell on earth, don't park there, keep walking! The thing to do is to keep going, you will eventually walk out of the hell you are in! Life may be tough on times but YOU are tougher than life during the tough times because "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world". Every thing in life comes to pass...the tough times as well the hell you are going through will pass!

Live while Alive.

People in society consider it tragic that people have to die. Is it not a greater tragedy that some of the people dead failed to live while they were alive! Enjoy and live life now because no one but, no one outlives themselves!

Can a "Church" Sin?

Could a sin of the modern church be that so much emphasis is placed upon preparing for the hope of the promise of a life hereafter that they entirely neglect the the gospel reality of the implacable grandeur of living life in the present by living in a intimate relationship with God as He works through people by the power of His love to bring people the joy of living in the present along with the hope of life in the future?

What do you see when you look at people?

To many people look and see the surface indicators of who a person is and jump to conclusions on the type of person he/she may be. Don't rashly appraise a person by a cursory look, it takes looking deeper into their soul to to see the real person, then it takes understanding to appreciate them.

Showing Happiness.

I think as a people we underestimate the benefits of smiling and laughing. Happiness is just not being happy internally. It is powerful medicine to let the happiness you feel internally be expressed externally by telling your face about the smile on the inside by bursting into laughter.

Ability or Choices.

It is not so much your abilities that determines who you are, it is more the choices you choose that determines who you are! Choose; to encourage rather than discourage, to be kind rather than unkind, empathy rather than apathy, smile rather than frown, to listen to understand rather than listen to refute, to be a peacemaker rather than a strife breeder, love rather than hate! These choices will ensure others see you a person of great character!

Encouragement beats Criticizing.

Criticizing and setting people straight does not help them, it may agitate them. Encouraging people will not only invigorate them and make them feel good, it will invigorate you and make you feel good! Encouragement is encouraging not only to the encouraged but also the encourager! Encourage yourself by encouraging others!

Is winning always the thing to strive for?

We may win a religious or theological argument and it may make us feel superior and elated and it may encourage people of like belief. But that does not mean our theological argument was correct even though we may be the winner. Instead, demonstrating understanding, compassion, forgiveness and love encourages and helps each other and EVERYBODY wins, that is far better! A word of encouragement after a flop is worth more than a word of praise after an achievement. ENCOURAGEMENT helps the FAILING PERSON to SUCCEED!

Event Loving Peopel or People Loving People.

LOVING PEOPLE is more important than LOVING EVENTS. To many believers are so taken up in event-driven meetings and projects, there is very little time to relate to people except superficially, especially people who are not a part of the event-group. We are like the priest and Levite on the Jericho road: too busy hurrying and scurrying to and from event-driven meetings and the work of the ministry to notice, or get involved with people who are in need. In other words, to involved in “doing-church” rather than “being-Church”!

Does your past sins rile God?

God is not upset with YOU because of your past wrongs? Gods acceptance of you is not based on what you have done. It is based on what Jesus has done and it is sufficient! God is not interested or concerned about what you have done in the past. He forgave your past so you could live in Him in the present grace life and accept His forgiveness. Like the Father of the prodigal son, who upon the son’s return threw him a party and did not so much as mention the son’s past, nor is Father God interested in bringing up your past!


GRACE and LOVE are not theological, doctrinal or denominational terms that need to be balanced with other beliefs that we may hold to. Grace and Love is: period. It is immeasurable and infallible because it is a Person, a Person who has you in His heart and will never let you go. Jesus said, “come unto me and I will give you rest”. Resting in the Person of Jesus is resting in His immeasurable and infallible Grace and Love!

Institutions call "churches".

Some human institutions called churches are nothing more than human inventions terrifying the fearful, enslaving the faithful, controlling followers and fleecing them of dollars while monopolizing on power, using a warped interpretation of the bible to convince people they are biblical! Is is wise to formulate one’s understanding of God and Jesus based on human wisdom of human appointed “theologians” whose knowledge of God was imputed to them by men of their particular theological persuasion?

Are you a slave?

If you are not free to be honest with yourself, the people you go to event-driven-meetings with or your leadership people, it is time to realize you are in bondage and a slave to the organization and the people you are involved with!

Be LOVING to across your path people encounters!

We are spiritual beings housed in a earth suit fitted to allow us to travel on this human earth journey. Our earth suit permits us to work with Jesus as He works His work in us and through us. That is why it is most important on this human earth journey to choose not to simply be alive, but to LIVE LIFE as a LOVED child of God LOVING across our path people encounters along this human earth journey!

Growing Older.

Do not despair or be depressed because you are growing old, it is a privilege that many do not get to partake in! The beauty about old age is, even though it may rob you of your outer beauty, it can never rob you of your inner beauty, because inner beauty is heart beauty! If the younger spent more time helping the older enjoy old age as they do helping the older reach old age, the elderly would appreciate their old age rather than despising old age!

Freedom from Guilt!

To be FREE, don’t feel guilty about not feeling guilty about what you did that caused the guilt you felt guilty about in your pass! God’s forgiveness renders you guiltless!

Debt-Breaking Anoiting.

Whether it is from the media preachers or spouted by pulpit preachers, the claim that they have a “debt-breaking” anointing for “supernatural debt cancellation” is a ploy used  to fill their coffers by persuading people to send money to them “now” or pledging to send money “now”, as if the anointing for this miracle suddenly evaporates after the prime time viewing hour or the event-driven-meeting ends. Such manipulative tactics is more akin to witchcraft than it being a Biblical principal.

Is it possible to live a relationship of love and understanding in the rule regulated religious performance culture of today?

Is it possible to live a relationship of love and understanding in the rule regulated religious performance culture of today?  What does it mean to focus on relational living as a believer rather than on doctrinal performance living? Maybe instead of “telling” people the rules of conduct to keep in order to be a believer, we live by example and “show” people what a Christ like life and character is. I believe it encompasses that we support people where they are in their spiritual journey and then walk alongside of them supporting them in their journey encouraging them, instead of pointing out their failures and telling them what they should do to correct their failures according to the way we think they should. Living relationally means we live the gospel we tell people about. That is nothing more than living as a loved child of God expressing His love, understanding and His power that is available from living as His loved child as we lead people to trust in Jesus instead of getting th…

How is your LOVE LIFE?

True LOVE has no hidden agenda, does not expect expectations, and requires no scoreboard in order to keep record. Are we able to attest that is my “LOVE LIFE”!

Divine Relationship.

A conversion can be a change in direction without a change in connection. Relationship with the Divine constitutes a change in connection along with a change in direction to where God becomes central in the human and Divine connection instead of the hierarchy within religion being central in the human and Divine connection and considered as the pipeline of spiritual information from God to the people.


Yes, effective leadership requires effective management, but sometimes the person in leadership is so management minded that he is an ineffective leader!

Why are you a christian?

Many people become "christians"  and maintain their christianity because they want the benefit of eternal life in order to escape "hell". They miss entirely the true meaning of salvation which is living our lives through Christ as living epistles daily on this planet instead of the "hell" escapism or the "heaven" gaining optimism mentality of event-driven-meeting-oriented-christianity.

Abundantly Live.

If you abundantly LOVE you are abundantly LIVING, even though you may not abound abundantly in material things. If you posses the world's goods but fail to LOVE abundantly you are not abundantly LIVING!


Man Controled.

All efforts to control and direct the people of God by organizations formed and directed by men, yet Scriptural unauthorized, are really efforts to control and manipulate God by human wisdom that usurps the Headship of Christ. There are to many elite honored positions, big salaries, costly building, and moneyed, money starved institutions in organized religion to harmonize with the Spirit of the Man of Sorrows Who is the Friend of sinners, and had no where to lay His head.

Be a Frogiver.

The place to be forgiving is where ever you are, the time to be forgiving is now, the way to be forgiving is to show others forgiveness...Are you a forgiver!

Power in Light!

The light that shines the brightest at home and abroad are believers whose lives are fueled with Gods compassion, forgiveness, understanding, kindness and love! May the fire of God’s compassion, forgiveness, understanding, kindness and love consume all believers, for in this fire lies the power of God to influence the people of the world!

Live in the Now.

Life lived in the past or future prevents you from living life in the present! You will have a better present by living in the now, and not by living your life  in the past or future!

The selling of the Gospel!

The hair brained gimmicks applied to the donation schemes that are used by the preacher-tricksters are designed to trick audiences to give of their money! The gospel they are selling is not the gospel of Christ, though many people are accepting it as if it is. This kind of manipulation is nothing short of witchcraft and deception.

Infuuencing People for Christ.

Influencing people for Christ is not so much some organized, event-driven, programmed meeting where the power of God is prayed down to meet the needs of the people, rather it is living the power of God daily with the people that we meet to where they know that they know in their knower that Jesus is who He says He is, “the living resurrected Son of the living God” because His power is working through us daily! Church is not event-driven meetings, it is love-driven living in His power daily!

Viewing through Religious Spectacles!

We are so conditioned to viewing kingdom principles through religious spectacles that we have developed tunnel vision regarding our belief system and spiritual experiences. This is resulting in the rejection of the Holy Spirit as our teacher in favor of men with theological degrees from religious seminaries. These graduated, degreed and programmed men are viewed as the “Spiritual Cook” that provides spiritual food for the pew-warmers without realizing they have usurped the  Holy Spirit as teacher.
Spirituality is not taught or learned just by attending religious schools of theological learning! Spirituality is a result of a relationship with God through Jesus as we follow and move in and  are taught by His Holy Spirit!

Particiapation does not mean Relationship.

The doing of things, the going to Sunday-go-meetings, the giving of time and money can be participated in for the kingdom of God without the giving of yourself to God! The giving of yourself to God ensures that, the doing, going and giving is an expression of your love for God and not a means to gain His favor or man's favor! God would rather have a relationship with you than have your participation without relation!

A Fulfilled Life.

To live a fulfilled life you need to live a life that is true to God and to yourself, and refuse to live the expectations of others. Don't bury your beliefs because of intimidation and fear of condemnation. Cultivate and maintain relationships and conversations with family and friends. Live your life as a loved child of God loving people without conditions or expectations!

Religious Mindset.

Religious people don’t mind telling people about their religion, in fact they call it witnessing.  Yet when others try to explain to them that programmed-event-driven religion prevents creativity in people and hinders an intimate personal relational relationship with God they get religiously defensive and upset. To question religion with religious people is to be known as an heretic and a fool to people with a religious mindset.

How are you Seeing?

What you see when you look you can't do much about, how you view what you see is dependent on you! How you see a person is not so much determined by who you see, as how you see who you see! Keep yourself clean by kindness and understanding because you are the window through which you see people!

Being Right/Being Loving!

The feeling of being LOVED is a far better feeling than the feeling of being RIGHT. It follows then, that being LOVING is more beneficial to people than being RIGHT! Win an argument because you are what, act RIGHT...your just an actor...LIVE RIGHT by LOVING God and you will be RIGHT as you LOVE people, which is the greatest witness that you LOVE God!

Lacking Humility.

If a person brags about how humble they are, the thing they are lacking is humility!

Grace Living.

If we are living our life under the pressure of performance, rule and regulation keeping, we are living under law. Living under GRACE is living in the realm of what God has already adequately supplied in Christ! GRACE plus performance, plus rule keeping, or regulation keeping to become a Christian or maintain the Christian life is not GRACE because GRACE stands alone in it’s sufficiency! Grace frees people from bondage allowing God to work through them to build His Kingdom, not man’s kingdom!