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Trusting Father

God’s plan of redemption from the days of creation to the day of the evacuation is designed to bring people into the relationship of love that the Father, Son and Spirit have shared for eternity. He wants nothing less—or nothing else!

God is not a distant God who sent his Son with a list of rules to follow or rituals to practice. His mission was to invite us into his love...into a relationship with his Father through Jesus, that He described as friendship.

Walking toward Him is walking away from sin. The better you know Him the freer from the bondage of sin you will be. But you can’t break the bondage of sin in your own strength!

Everything God wants to do in you will get done as you learn to live in His love. Every act of sin results from your mistrust of His love and intentions for you. We sin to fill up broken places, to try to fight for what we think is best for us, or by reacting to our guilt and shame. Once you discover how much God loves you all that changes. As you grow in trusti…

May 2010, Truth Nuggets

I am who I am, I cannot be anyone else. I am not you so why try to make me be like you or try to change me to your way of thinking or to believe the way you believe because, it may be that your belief system is based on untruth rather than truth. If you found out that you convinced someone to believe an untruth as truth how would you feel?

The circumstances that you may find yourself in is more malleable than you may realize, it is just waiting for you to hammer it into shape with the hammer of attitude. You can use the hammer of negative attitude or you can use the hammer of positive attitude. The choice is yours!A contented life is found not in the absence of difficulties or hardships, but in your reaction to such!Doing GOOD to look GOOD seems to be the order of the day especially in the religious world. Covering up that which is not GOOD, IS NOT GOOD! Doing GOOD to LOOK GOOD is not GOOD. What is honorable is to do GOOD because you ARE GOOD!Though things may look bleak, it is Go…