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June, 2010 truth Nuggets

If God be for you who can be against you?....Well, the worldly system will be against you....religious people will be against you.... controlling power hungry people will be against you....but have no fear....God and you are more than all that can be against you, with Him you are more than a conqueror!
People who favor the rich and famous but despise the poor and lowly show that the true value of their inward character is controlled by worldly standards and reveal their true character as coveting and prideful.
Living a life of LUXURY is not so much what you have around you as it is having PEACE and CONTENTMENT within you knowing that at the end of life’s journey you will have a LUXURIOUS life.
Don’t give GRUDGES, UN-FORGIVENESS or HATRED a ride on your journey of life, if you do they will eventually be in the DRIVER’S SEAT and not only CONTROL your life, but DESTROY it as well!
The INTRUSION of CONFUSION in your mind is shielded by the ILLUSION of DELUSION received through your ea…