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The Religious Bubble has a LEAK!
If you are believer in the man-made religious gospel, your understanding of God is limited by your wrong conceptualization of of Him and your present spiritual maturity very is insecure and grossly lacking, and the future you preach to people who do not believe as you do is imaginary and a fabricated story of fear mongering. It is a story that imprisons people’s spirit and freedom behind invisible and almost impenetrable walls of deception.
Religious denominations are inundated with false teachers and preachers and wolves in sheep clothing who sell people a false future of spending eternity in the fires of a torture-chamber hell-hole with their godless and dirty man-made doctrines of deception that manipulates and controls them in order to keep the religious wheels of deception turning. Religion is a thief that preys on people to fear-monger them into giving their money to the cause, or suffer the wrath and anger of God for steeling money from Him. Their…