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Wisely Choose who you Support.

“Church” ought not to be about building institutions, it ought to be about building God’s kingdom! A SELF-ESTABLISHED, SELF-FOCUSING, SELF-SERVING, SELF-PRESERVING “religious institution” is not the CHURCH that Jesus is building.

Tuning a listening ear to and supporting false teachers with your time and money indicates agreement with their false teachings. Showing them loving kindness is godly but encouraging the false teachers in their work by your support is purporting a false gospel!.

Did God have a Plan for Man before the Fall?

Adam and Eve, the first humans, did not come into this world in need of salvation.

Did God have an eternal purpose that humans were to fulfill before sin came on the scene?

If He did, has He given up on that plan because of sin? 

If not, would that not make redemption and the other aspects of the gospel a recovery effort that relates to God’s original plan for man?

Did He establish His Church for the purpose of fulfilling that plan? Has religion highjacked the Church and unknowingly confused believers by the confusion of religion to where believers are unaware of the totality of God’s plan?

If religious system has concealed, kept the totality of the plan of God unknown to believers by duping people to believe the religious gospel that is practiced in society today is the totality of the gospel’s plan, who do you think would be responsible for the coverup?

Is it not a cunning move to deceive people into believing that the religious system is the gospel way and is the “Church” that Jesu…

The Delima of Being a Pastor.

Should the calling of a pastor subject him to such personal pain that he would abandon his calling, his family and in to many cases life itself?

Jesus said, "my yoke is easy and my burden is light". Why do so many pastor's feel His yoke is hard and His burden is heavy? Some have been told by their hierarchy that it goes with the "job". Maybe it is the way it is because we have relegated it to being a "job" "a professional position" that man a boss places people in, rather than it being a calling that Jesus places people in who is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The religious institutional creation of the "job" of pastor creates the perfect environment for disillusionment, despair and depression that in some cases has led to the unthinkable, that of taking their own lives.

Religion has created such a high profile, high stressed job with almost unattainable goals and expectations for success that often sends one down the slippery slope of…

Blinded Minds.

Most of Christendom has been raised in a society where the dominant mindset has been Old Testament way of thinking.

This way of thinking has affected the mind of people and set up such a stronghold that the mystery that was hid that was capable of being discovered and disclosed because of Christ is only partially understood within the institutional church.

The Concept of church post-cross is a carry over from the pre-cross structure except for the doing away with animal sacrifices and the addition of a few other practices.

This mystery...The Gospel of Grace...given to Paul by Jesus is not just about getting people saved, it is not just about heaven and a fire escape from hell, it is not just about going to event-driven-meetings, it is much more.

Do you agree or disagree?

Feel free to share your thoughts as to why you agree or disagree.

Preaching and Worship Thoughts.

"Worship" is a privilege, not a formula or ritual. Those who "attend church" and imitate pre-cross worship patterns and have designated worship times generally neglect the post-cross exhortation to exhort one another by being the Church daily, is failing to worship in spirit and in truth. (Hebrews 3:13; 10:24-25).

Pre-cross worship pointed forward to the time in which all men would worship God everywhere as a communal community of people, not just in that "place which the LORD your God shall choose" (Deuteronomy 12:11). The Post-Cross Covenant priesthood is decentralized and universalized, not organized and verbalized time wise, or restricted to men "ordained" by men and the man-made traditions of men.

Exhortation is conversational interaction, not lectured sermonizing. Profitable preaching is more of a sharing and caring than it is telling and yelling, more of a dialogue with people than it is a monologue to people.

Rather than …

The Affect that Religious Effectivity has on the Church!

The affect that religious denominationalism has on the Church of Jesus Christ and the unification of His Body has infected it with the disease of segregation causing it to loose its effectiveness as being the Church demonstrating God’s reason for the Church in providing a dwelling place for Himself so He can expresses Himself through the Church in daily living.

Church Relevancy.

For many Believers the highlight of their living is the Sunday meeting and they believe it is where the Kingdom of God is effectively expressed. Ministry is defined as to what happens behind the four walls of the building. Ask the Sunday goers as to what their ministry is, you will hear such thing as, I am a member of the worship team, I play in the music department, I sing in the choir, I am the women’s group leader, etc. They are of the religious mindset that nothing they do during daily living counts as ministry or as having spiritual value. To be effective in the Kingdom of God we have to free ourselves from this spiritual/secular segregation, as we need to desegregate denominational segregation!

As Believers we need to wash our hands of the concept that divides our living into secular vs sacred, church going vs Church doing, and a worship time vs worship by living the gospel. God is the creator of all things, our relationship with Him afford us the privilege to bring Kingdom Livin…

Are Kingdom People Perfect?

The Kingdom of God is not made up of perfect people in the humanistic meaning of perfect. The Kingdom of God is made up of people of excellence where their doing is an extension of their being and the doing is done with all their might as unto the Lord.

Kingdom people in-spite of their humanistic imperfectness are considered righteously perfect by God because He sees them through Jesus’ righteousness, the perfect One!

Riight Relationship

A relationship with Christ establishes a person as a member of His Body, (The Church) and through that relationship the Spirit of Christ, (the Holy Spirit) establishes a spiritual person, who then matures spiritually through that relationship.

If we instead, allow a relationship with religion by allowing their doctrines, their creeds, their biases, their narrowness, their exclusivism and their rules of conduct to govern our affections and our efforts, because we want their approval, it will hinder our relationship with Christ through His Spirit and we hinder our transformation to His likeness that Jesus sacrificed Himself for.

Only a relationship with Christ can give us the intimacy needed for meaningful relationships with people that comes from intimate fellowship with God that leads to fellowship with other people.
No Believer can be faithful, kind, forgiving, compassionate, gentle, caring, giving and loving by being in relationship with religion…to live these qualities requires a love relationship with God. 

A person cannot be in a love relationship with God without the world becoming a better place because of it by people being helped, encouraged, comforted and loved because of the existence of that godly relationship.

A Pondering of Glenn.

Here I go pondering the reason we are not bearing the same fruit, witnessing the same power or accomplishing the same miracles as the early Church, due to the reason that  churches of today placing more value a book the early Church did not have above the Spirit of Christ they did have?

Are we spiritual paupers because we have fallen for the lie that a book about Christ that points us to Christ is the Word of God rather than giving Jesus the preeminence as the Word of God as the book about Christ teaches?

Spiritual Nauseatious

A true Believer in Christ will become spiritually nauseated at the slightest suggestion that maintaining a right standing before God is in anyway a result of his own doing, or by satisfying any religious standard of conduct by obedience to the demands of the religious hierarchy.

If gaining and maintaining a right relationship with God is not by Grace is not by Grace at all!

Grace plus something equals nothing!

Grace plus nothing equals everything!

Stubbornness reveal Ignorance!

Sometimes our stubbornness reveals the depth of out ignorance!

Sometimes our stubbornness reveals that the depth of our ignorance qualifies us to be a ignoramus!


Life is not about winning or losing; being rich or poor; looking pretty or ugly; being fat or skinny; being bald or having hair; being disabled or abled; being male of female; being old or young; being protestant or catholic;  being black, white, yellow or red.

Life is about LIVING knowing your are a LOVED child of God, so LIVE in that knowing by sharing LOVE, KINDNESS and FORGIVENESS to the across-our-path people we are fortunate enough to have cross our path.


How not to Regret what we Say.

If we would watch what we allow our minds to think on and refuse to dwell on thoughts that are against God, we would be less apt to have to regret, not only by what we say, but also not regret what we do.

Going against God, Jesus the Word, the Spirit of Truth the Teacher, by backing it up with the Bible the written word, doesn’t necessarily mean the word is wrong, it may mean that our interpretation of the word is wrong leading to a misunderstanding of its truth.

If we base our words and actions based of Jesus the WORD, Jesus the TRUTH, Jesus the WAY, Jesus the LIFE and Jesus the Head of His Church, we would be on solid ground that will not crumble when people use the Bible as a gun to shoot texts taken out of context as proof texts to destroy a belief because it does not line up with the way they believe it!

Spiritual Maturity.

Spiritual maturity is not evidenced by dogmas, doctrines or Bible knowledge. Neither is it evidenced by being a seminary graduate, being a Sunday-go-meeting-goer or being a religious law keeper. 

The greatest spiritual mature person to walk the earth was Jesus, He showed us that spiritual maturity is evidenced by how we love and treat people who believe differently than we do or, do not even have a established belief system.

The Curch and the church.

Denominated churches are motivated to get people in the world to join their church by conforming to their belief system.

The Church of Jesus Christ is mandated to be the Church in the world without conforming to the world or the people of the world conforming to the Church. The Church is not a conformed people, they are are transformed people!

Denominated churches are concerned that the world might change their church thus, they have man-invented catechisms, constitutions, bylaws, membership form, rules of order that if not followed by the faithful...the faithful are no longer considered faithful.

The Church of Jesus Christ is about the Church changing the world. A community of the redeemed who live Kingdom reality in a fallen world, producing the proof that Jesus is who the scriptures declare He is...The Son of the living God and Head of His Church.

It is far more influential to bring Church to the people by being the Church 24/7, rather than bring people to church to see the church go t…


Fear is a good motivating force for conformation in the short term, but a poor sustaining force for transformation in the long term!

Fear is used as a societal tool to keep people in check and under control and it works to some degree for a time, but because of complacency, after the fear of the enforcement of the consequences for breaking out of control is lifted because of conformity people tend to step out of the checks and control boundaries again because fear brings conformation not transformation.

In a fallen world, led by the god of the world, because of people’s own self-interests which become a groups self-interests when people form into a group because of self-interests, fear is the only way to keep societal groups in check. When living becomes all about us, our rights, our goals, our comfort, or our religion many tend to feel justified to resort to tactics that without the fear of retribution would run-a-muck and cause great hurt to people.

The history of religion’s motivation…

A Believer’s Declaration!

The time as come to declare to the religious hierarchy that we are opting out of religious relationships and replacing them for godly relationships through Christ...thus, we as Believers declare:

    As Believers we declare we have the God given right to follow Jesus Christ our Shepard and are breaking free from the bondage to religion by renouncing the lordship of professional denominated title holders, whether it be pastors, bishops or any of the other “religious elite titles” that are the gate keepers of religion.

    As Believers we declare we hold to the fact that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and there is no Biblical mandate to maintain a religious relationship with an institutional  church in order to gain a spiritual relationship with God.

    As Believers we declare that we have the right and responsibility to prove all things by the Spirit, evaluate the spirit of the performer as to if they are of God, be spiritually aware of false teachers who use the name of Jes…

Church in Deception.

I am persuaded that Church is not a going-to-event but, is life in Christ and Christ in believers doing His work through believers 24/7 and has little to nothing to do with going to a building called church!

The majority of people have lived and people continue to live their whole lives in the religious realm, believing that the religious system with its hierarchy and professional clergy system and its going-to church mentality is founded by Christ, yet Jesus came to set people free from the bondage of religion and establish His Church, His Bride, His Beloved that would travel on a relational journey with Him, working with Him, through to the restoration of all things, loving people into the Kingdom of God.

The Sunday-go-event church mentality has members of the Church of Jesus Christ held in bondage and captivity by restricting their expressiveness as the royal priesthood of believers by the man-made rules and regulatory control by the man-ordained hierarchy of denominations.


Influence for the Better.

No Believer can be faithful, kind, forgiving, compassionate, gentle, caring, giving and loving by only being in relationship with religion…to live these qualities requires a love relationship with God.

A person cannot be in a love relationship with God without the world becoming a better place because of it, by people being helped, encouraged, comforted and loved because of the existence of that godly relationship.

Let's be Believers who influence the people of the world for the better!

Knowing the Bible.

Knowing the Bible has some value, however, knowledge will never conform us to the image of Christ, which is the desire of Father God. Without the living Word living in us conforming, transforming and working through us,  all the intellectual knowledge of the Bible will not cause spiritual growth.

To find believers who are taught by religious ordained professionals who teach what they believe, the doctrines and traditions of their particular denominational persuasion are easy to find. They even claim that their teaching is based on the clear teachings of the Word of God, meaning the Bible, not Jesus Christ the Word. The deception here is that there are thousands of different religious groups who do not agree on their understanding of "the clear teachings of the Bible", each interprets the Bible in light of their denominational beliefs rather than allowing the scripture to formulate their belief...that is why they are of different denominational persuasions.

The apostles were ma…

Where is your Focus?

The Storms of life are many, varied and difficult. They cause us much pain emotionally, physically, mentally and if not dealt with in the right manner can cause to question God and our spiritual life in Him.

Some of the common storms that assail against us are;
    The storm of sickness and disease.
    The storm of death and dying.
    The storm of marriage and divorce.
    The storm of riches and poverty.
    The storm of rebellion and confrontation.
    The storm of family feuding and misunderstandings.
    The storm of betrayal and condemnation.
    The storm of losing a job.
    The storm of broken friendships and relationships.

The way we become because of the storm is not because of the storm itself but how we react because of the storm.

If we sink into hopelessness because of the storm we believe there is no hope;
    Because we are blinded to any recourse.
    We are blind to any help that people what to give us.
    We become oblivious to the remedies that God provides.
    We miss the way…

Is Jesus or the Bible the WORD of God?

Jesus entrusted to His apostles, HIMSELF as the Messenger who had the message from God to humanity, HIMSELF the WORD of God. Religion has fallen for the deception of Satan of focusing out attention on the Bible as the" WORD" by drawing our attention away from the simple truth that Jesus is the WORD!

By falling for this deception our minds have become programmed to replace the living WORD, His message and His commands, with the written word the Bible.

The result is, while we are so taken up with the scriptures as the Word of God and trying to defend such, we are not able to rationally consider anything that contradicts our religious mindset no matter how convincing otherwise it may be.

I am aware that my honesty in dealing with this matter causes many to assume that I am attacking scriptural authority and inspiration of the scriptures. I am not, I believe that the inspiration of God moved upon men to record the original manuscripts and that 2 Tim. 3:16 and 17, are referring to…

Pleasure can be a Enslaver.

When a person buys pleasure from  someone else to gratify their sexual innate desire...they are revealing that they are slaves to pleasure and, they are selling themselves as a slave to pleasure.

The pleasure they believe they are free to participate in because they are free agents, instead imprisons them in bondage as a slave to their master “pleasure”.

Don’t let pleasure enslave you, it is a hard task master.

The Bible, the written word that points to the Living Word.

The Bible, the written word that points to the Living Word.

Is the Bible the WORD of God, is it inerrant, infallible, life giving, and God inspired? Or, is it the written word compiled by men who recorded the hand-me-down-by-word-of-mouth stories and copies of copies of the original manuscripts that God inspired because there are no originals to be found?

According to what I hear articulated through verbalization from the religious mindset people, I conclude that John chapter one starts out like this...In the beginning was the Bible, and the Bible was with God, and the Bible was God. The Bible was in the beginning with God. All things  were made through the Bible and without the Bible nothing was made that was made. In the Bible was life, and the Bible was the light of men. Continuing with that thought verse 14 would read, And the Bible became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld the Bible's glory, the glory as the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. Is this so…

The Secret of Prayer.

It is impossible to be a person of prayer without being intimate with God and God being intimate with us!

The secret of prayer is not the pomp prayers we hear in public Sunday-go-programmed-meetings or the staged-miracle-event-meetings.

The secret of prayer is prayer in secret.

Prayer does not prepare us with higher power to do God’s work. Prayer is the working of the miracle of redemption through people by grace and the love power of God.

Jesus was powerful in ministry, not because of His public prayers, but because of His intimate relationship with His Father through His times private prayers.

Our intimacy with God is maintained and deepened by prayer and the power from that intimate relationship with God is what enables us to accomplish His will in the world!

The Fumes of Denominationalism Stinks.

This world needs a visitation of God and only one Church will experience this visitation, which will not be a denominational organization or an institution but, a living organism, the Body of Christ.

God’s people need deliverance from religious traditions and customs that segregate, stagnate and confiscates some people in the Body of Christ. Denominational barriers needs to crumble into the dust and in a poof...are no  more.

I have little against denominations IF, by denominations we mean a society of people called by the same name, who support a particular system, IF that system is supported by Scripture. As long as a denomination remains open to the life of Jesus and is submitted to the Holy Spirit, it will accomplish some good, even though it will be still a cause of division in the Body of Christ.

But when a denomination becomes obsessed with self-preservation, it becomes a barrier that dangerously limits greater streams of truth from flowing into it. Elitism, legalism, judgmental at…

The Selfishness of Meism Mentality.

When denominations become absorbed with, our belief system, our understanding of what Church is, the number of memberships signed, our interpretation of the Bible, the number of “churches” we have, how many supporters we have, etc...etc... they become to;

self helping;

to grasp and understand God’s gospel of grace that He desires to extend to people.

They become so preoccupied with “ourselves” “our pressures” “our problems” that is it a religion of meism!

This causes them to be oblivious of the opportunities to meet the needs of the across-their-path-people God brings in their life.

They begin to believe that a believers life is about the showmanship of the religious elite, how many meetings they attend, that Church happens on Sundays, or other programmed-event-drive-meetings.

Church is living the Christ life in living life 24/7!

Do we GUISE Scripture?

Quotations from the Bible, cleverly manipulated to convey the truth of a denominated belief system cannot replace the truth value of what is really in your spirit.

Only articulate what you you can deliver on. If love and forgiveness is in your inner being you will minister it, not only through articulation but through your actions as well.

 If bitterness is in your inner being, no matter how much you teach and preach love and forgiveness with your lips, you will still impart bitterness and judgement to people, no matter how much you guise it as love.

If what you say is not what you do then what is the use of saying what you are not doing. If you do opposite of what you say, then what you do nullifies what you say and renders your saying of no meaningful value!


Believers are not to live in the make-believe world of the pomp and illusion of religion but, as the Church live in the reality of spiritual relationship with her Lord 24/7.

Believers are not the work of man, they are the handiwork of God.

Believers are not  identified because they are extra-ordinary, super-spiritual people out in the forefront of the  religious scene, who has people running to-and-fro to attend their performances. Deluding people by slick religious overtone talk convincing people to meet their expectations by sacrificial giving to the "work of the Lord".

Believers are not people canonized by a particular church, nor are they people protestantized and patronized by the protestant hierarchy structure system that cater to the survival of their particular religious group.

Believers are not to live in a make-believe world spawned by religion, but in the reality of relationship.

Believers are not to put on a facade seem spiritual for a weekend programmed-event-driv…

God does not get Discouraged.

You may be down-hearted, depressed and discouraged because of the tough circumstance you have gone through or are going through to the point to the point you are even discouraged with God and feel as if God has forsaken you…rest assured He never will leave you alone.     
Though we may get discouraged and upset with God…He never becomes discouraged or upset with us!  
His love for man never dwindles!

The False and the True church.

Jesus established One True Church...The Body of Christ. Ephesians 2:21-22.

Satan, the great counterfeiter...a counterfeiter “makes an imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud, a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery.” He is the founder of the false “church” the "Harlot  church of Babylon", with its structures. Revelation 2:9.

The Church that Jesus established is a united body of people fitted together that grows “TOGETHER” into the TEMPLE of the Lord for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit!

Notice it does not say they are fitted together in like groups segregated in buildings united by doctrinal beliefs led by men who indoctrinate the unified group in their doctrinal belief.

Two Churches, one True Church...the Temple of God...a Temple not made with hands of whom Jesus is the one and only Head! The other, the false church...the synagogue of Satan...temples made with hands whose head is not Jesus.

We need to ask ourselves a…

Is the Bible the Supreme Word?

In writing about the segregation that religion causes in the Body of Christ, It is often rebutted with, “as long as we agree on the essentials of Christianity we are united spiritually. The non-essentials we are free to disagree on.

When it comes to an agreement on the essentials, one that different religious groups claim to agree on is the authority of the Bible as God’s inspired, inerrant and infallible Word. It is the ultimate source for gaining knowledge about God, doctrine, theology, and it is the supreme GPS for our lives.

Tell me, if the Bible is the supreme guide for our lives, why are there so many different groups, all with different beliefs based on the supreme guide, so far removed from the the goal becoming like Christ, all following different weigh points?  Should not the supreme guide lead all people down that same path  to the goal when it comes to believing?

There is no doubt in my mind that the Bible is the SUPREME WRITTEN source to glean information about God, Jesus a…

How do you Face the Circumstances?

We have the choice to accept that every circumstances of life that comes our way has a purpose, or we can blame other people, the environment we live in, the devil, or even God for the challenges that circumstances may bring.
Instead of relaxing and resting in God and enjoy our relational journey with Him and allow Him to clean us from our selfishness and self-righteousness by learning from the circumstance that could smooth out our rough edges and eliminate our dependence on the systems of the world that promise instant gratification to our egoistic nature, we fight against the pricks, curse them in the name of Jesus and refuse to learn the lesson we should learn to bring us closer to God and further away form selfishness and arrogance.

You are more than the sum total of your experiences because you have Christ living inside you.

God may allow adverse circumstances into our lives in order for us to realize that our way of living and thinking is wrong and needs changing. Once He does th…


Is the accepted method of preaching as is done in churches today, how preaching was done by the early Church?
There is no doubt that believers are to preach, (2 Timothy 4:2; Acts 20:7-9; 1 Timothy 4:6-16). However, it is important to understand the true meaning of what it is to preach. Were there any denominated professionally trained people lecturing  a monologue presentation that was deemed to be a word directly from God for the people in the early Church?

So what does this word "preach" really mean?

There is no doubt that believers are to preach God's Word (Jesus,) (2 Timothy 4:2; Acts 20:7-9. They are also to "exhort" and "teach" as instructed in these verses. Much more significant however, is the entire notion of "preaching". Does what passes for "preaching" in our day have any Biblical basis? Is there an example anywhere in the New Testament of a "one man denominated lectured sermon" in the believer's assembling th…

The Self-Protection Shell is a Prison House.

Have you imprisoned yourself in a shell of self-protection because of the pressures of the world and the demands to conform to the standards that religion teaches are the way of being a child of our loving Father? are you living in in isolation when it comes to being yourself around others by only let them see what you think they want to see and hide your faults and failures because you cannot take the shame and blame game anymore.

The game of shame and blame played in religious circles imprisons us in fear and condemnation isolated  unable to
live free in being who we were created to be and live in the love of of our loving Father Who will never play the blame and shame game with us as His loved child.

He wants us to rise from our brokenness to freedom in Him, and you know what, He is with you in your brokenness and will rise out of your brokenness with you. He is not about us living right in order to be in relationship with Him, or about condemning us because of our failures before ini…

Deception of the so called "Men of God".

This post is not so much to expose so called "men of God" but to inform believers of the deception of the deceptive charlatans who claim to be the spiritual pipeline from God to the "laity"

Some of the things that happen in some of the Charismatic, Apostolic, Pentecostal as well as other denominational arenas that are attributed to the anointing of God on the “man of God” utilizing the gifts of God is nothing more than the manipulation of psychology on uninformed, spiritually hungry, searching for God reality people caught in the deception of the “man of God” syndrome where what the “man of God “ speaks and does is purported as being from God, ordained by God and to be obeyed as if God spoke the words Himself.

This manipulative control of people that is attributed to being Godly is nothing short of spiritual deception and millions of unwary believers seeking genuine spiritual encounters with the reality of God are caught in its deceptive trap.

If we were to go behind…

Are we refusing to remove the Veil?

Why is it so difficult for God’s Gospel of Grace to be understood in its entirety by people who teach salvation by grace, but then work to maintain that salvation?

Could it be that it is not understood because people who teach grace plus...embraces law-keeping over a relational relationship that requires intimacy?

Is their belief based on ignorance of not comprehending the extent of what Jesus accomplished on the cross and their practice of mixing the law with grace hides the reality of grace because they rely on the law to find and understand its reality?

Is it the Law itself that causes their blindness and causes such people to stumble around in darkness, unable to understand the mystery of the grace gospel given to Paul by Jesus?

In 2 Cor. 3:14 and 15 Paul said; ...for to this day the same veil remains when the old covenant is read. It has not been removed, because only in Christ is it taken away. Even to this day when Moses is read, a veil covers their hearts.” (2 Co 3:14-15)

Living in Deception is Living were Jesus is not Lord.

Segregation of Christ’s Body is fueled by a product of POSITIONALLY because of people’s different belief system regarding the scriptures, this creates a void for someone to fill because Christ is displaced from His position, which He alone can RIGHTLY fulfill. All others who try to fill His position as Head of His Body by becoming a head or sub-head of a “church” claiming it is the “Church”, knowingly or unknowingly are WRONGLY positioning themselves or WRONGLY positioned in the position by the hierarchy man-made structure accepted as the norm for operating church.

Living in deception is living were Jesus is not Lord and illumination is not from the Holy Spirit!

So as "faithful leaders" in His Church, He is looking for humble submitted people who will fulfill the calling of leader who will not set themselves as a 'prophet" or a "teacher" or an "apostle" for or over ANYONE but rather they will use their calling, gifting, and revelati…

Can you get to God by DOING?

The mindset of religion is that you can get to God by doing something. Your good standing with your particular brand of religion and with God depends on what you do. Obey the rules and adhere to the regulations, perform religious duties, attend the meetings, pay your tithes, etc. Is that the entrance we are called to to find life? NO! They are wolves in sheep’s clothing leading people down the wrong path. Jesus plus anything equals nothing!

Included in Jesus’ mission to earth was to expose the religious system as to its hindering a intimate loving relationship with Father God and the Body of Christ the family of Father God. This is borne out by who and the why of His confrontations. (1) His confrontations were with those who saw themselves as God’s official spokesperson...the most religious...the best performers, they attended church, gave money, and set the religious standard for the people by them believing they were the pipeline that God spoke to His Body. (2) Jesus co…

Nuturing Relationship.

You cannot nurture a relationship with people or get to know their minds and hearts by their attendance to a mid-week or Sunday-go-meeting services. You cannot know people without being intimate with them.

You cannot be intimate with people by only being with them for two or three hours during the weekly meetings where they sit and listen to a lecture with no opportunity to be listened to by the lecturer or to participate by interacting with him.

There is more to Living than being alive.

As there is more to living than being alive...there more to dying then being dead?

If you are alive to Christ while living, you will be alive in Christ when dead.

What good news...even death cannot separate us from the LOVE of our Father!

Death does not conquer in Christ conquers death!

Life and Death.

As there is more to living than being alive...there more to dying then being dead?

If you are alive to Christ while living, you will be alive in Christ when dead.

What good news...even death cannot separate us from the LOVE of our Father!Death does not conquer in Christ conquerors death!

Spiritual Authentication.

God's love, mercy and grace are FREE...not because they are cheap, but because they are PRICELESS!

Therefore, God's gifts CANNOT be WORKED for buy DOING GOOD WORKS or by keeping RELIGIOUS OBLIGATIONS.


No matter what you do that is attributed to be from God or for God...if it is not based in His LOVE and done in humbleness of LOVE, it is of no SPIRITUAL value no matter how much you read your Bible, no matter how much you pray, no matter how many goose-bumps arise on your skin, how many tears fall from your eyes or how authentic it may seem.

LOVE is God's measuring stick to authentic spiritually!

Giving verses Tithing.

Many people are snared by the manipulator’s manipulating manipulations in the raising of money by misusing, abusing and misunderstanding thus, confusing the link between paying tithes and God’s blessing in people’s lives. To further their ability to secure funds from unwary people they use fear mongering to hoodwink them into giving along to avoid being cursed with a curse. Along with selling their trinkets and wares the shysters, now get this...offer free gifts for giving to their ministry it really a gift if you have to send money to receive it? 

Have you ever stopped to think why none of the New Testament writers never talked about paying tithes? Well, you say, “it is taught in the Old Testament and God is an unchanging God therefore, tithing is relevant for post-cross era of the New Testament. Is it really?

“God os the same yesterday, today and forever” amen!

God does not change...But, circumstances do!

In the pre-cross era:

God required the sacrifice of animals to cover th…

The Obscure Jesus,

Many of us keep the Jesus of the Bible obscured even though we do not realize it.

Our society and culture keeps Him obscured by confining Him to “churches”.
Religion keeps Him obscured by traditions and rituals.
Religion keeps Him obscured as an icon of History.
Denominations keep Him obscured by theology and pet doctrines.
Denominations keep Him obscured in the programs and agendas.
The hierarchy structure keeps Him obscured by usurping His Headship.
The religious manipulators keep Him obscured by their controlling tactics.

We has believers keep Him obscured by being unloving, by judgmental attitudes, by condemning attitudes, by living in unforgiveness, by being unloving, by neglect, unbelief, selfishness and pride.

Let’s remove everything that shrouds His glory and power and live in His light and reflect Who He really is, the redeemer and Lover of humanity!


Jesus makes spiritual contentment possible. 

There is no measuring device invented or that will be invented that can measure His limitless love. 

He not only forgives your sin, when God views us through the lens of Jesus, He sees you as though you have never sinned, such is the finished work of Jesus. 

He is not only our Creator He is also our Cleanser, His blood washes white as snow. 

He is the Restorer of broken hearts and the Rebuilder of broken lives. 

He is the Comforter of the hurting and the Healer of their hurts. 

He is the Lifter of the down-trodden and a Lover to the loveless. 

He is the Living Word that is found in the word. 

He is the Savior of mankind, He is the SON of GOD! 

Hear ye Him!

Worshipping God...

Worshipping God is not so much about the songs we sing, the words we say, the hands we lift, the thoughts we think or the eyes we close; it is more about enjoying our relationship with Him, the life we live and the love we give!
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Religious Hopelessness.

Relationship with religion lulls people into spiritual slumber and anesthetizes them from the failure of religion to fulfill the promises promised upon entry into its snare. It is sad, but religious Christianity has become passé. It is stale in its flavor, weak in its power and boring it its activity. It promises surreal bliss and delivers nothing immediately tangible. Thus the reason for the exit of some from its ranks.

The ironic thing about it is, most people caught in religion’s snare do not recognize the slumberous
condition they are in.

The exit of people from the rank and file of religious Christianity is not because of people have given up on God, rather they want a deeper relationship with God that they are not finding in the regression of Christianity into religious hopelessness. They are forsaking a relationship with religion to fine a dynamic personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ its Head!

Becoming a Child of God.

Becoming a child of God does not happen through religious observances, nor come through mental accent of the human will. Neither does it come through denominational adherence or through obedience to the rules and regulations of religion. 
Becoming a child of God can only happen by an inward action of His LOVE and GRACE that changes you from the inside out made possible by the sacrifice of our Lord.