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Is it possible within the religious world, what people believe is based more on CONDITIONING by the denominational organization as to what they know ABOUT God, rather than a spiritual KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING of God garnered from His Holy Spirit via a relational relationship WITH God?

Who we know is more important than what we know!

Is it possible, when it comes to spiritual matters, that a person can become so theologically educated to the degree that it causes more harm than good and becomes an hindrance to the expansion of God's kingdom? is it possible that a quest for theological knowledge of knowing about God hinders us from knowing God? If it does, would it not have been better for us to remain theologically ignorant? 
WHAT we KNOW is not nearly as important as WHO we KNOW!

Religion and Truth.

The issue with religion determining what is truth is based on religious biases projected on the interpretation of scripture by the hierarchy of the denomination deciding what is TRUTH, then the adherents are expected to be disposed into believing what the hierarchy deems to be truth is TRUTH.


What often takes place in Sunday-go-meetings, event-driven-conferences and self-proclaimed-revivals that is perceived as the power of Christ’s life manifested in the believers life is, in many ways, nowhere near to what the scriptures teach, and is not the life that Jesus meant for you to live daily as His Church to show the people around you that He is who the scriptures declare He is, the Son of the living God.

Response to a question regarding the above post.

Gathering together in His name is not the issue, it is the idea that what happens in the meeting together is the work of the "church" by the fact that it is known as going to "Church", treated as "Church", proclaimed to the world as "Church and BELIEVED by the promoters and participants as the "Church" that Jesus came to build.

Today, Church is presented as a Sunday or Event-Driven-Meeting when in fact it is seven-day-living in the power of His love as the Holy Spirit live…

Is Perceived truth always TRUTH?

Perceived truth may not be TRUTH therefore, it is wise to confirm that the truth you perceive to be TRUTH is actually TRUTH, because if the truth you perceive to be TRUTH is not TRUTH and you teach others that it is TRUTH then you are responsible for deceiving people into believing that an untruth is TRUTH, making you a DECEIVER leading BELIEVERS into deception!

Relationship Repair.

If you are struggling in a relationship and want to rebuild it, the thing to do is mix a healthy portion of Gratitude, add the right Attitude,  bushels of Kindness and unconditional Love and watch your relationship flourish into a beautiful blooming flower, emitting aromatic fragrances that fill your life with pleasure.

Know before you respond.

The people who become most knowledgeable are those who listen to know rather than listening to refutable respond without knowing what it is they are listening to. It is wise to KNOW before you refute what you DON”T KNOW!

People Leaving the "church"!

Most people are not leaving the “church” because they have given up on God but, to return to Him because they find that even though most church-goers claim to believe in God, they see no passion for God in them; no trust in God that He is working things out for His good thus, their good; no faith in God, for when they are in despair they are overwhelmed with fear. 
This leads the leaving church-people to conclude that church-people believe in the God idea but not in God Himself! 
Is "Church" as we know it, an hindrance to building relationships with God and with people?


Jesus prayed "that they may be one as you and I are one." That means that God loves each of us as if there was only one of us and He loves all of us equally. Wow! If we as Believers would love as God loves, Jesus' prayer for unity would be answered! God has no varying degrees of love to love people! True love is not measurable in degrees!

Knowing and Willing

Knowing and Willing requires Applying and Doing or your Knowing is meaningless and your Willingness is useless!

What Believers Believe!

What Believers believe about Jesus is of utmost, practical as well as spiritual significance. Sadly, many Believers because of erroneous teaching, are mistaken in their understanding of who the real Jesus is. These people are completely unprepared for proper representation and demonstration of the fact that the real Jesus is still alive and well on planet earth desiring to work through His Church.

Jesus is not a religious icon

People must receive a personal revelation of who the real Jesus of the Bible really is, and cease from limiting and being influenced as to who He is by believing the shallowness of the narrow-minded people in the narrow-minded religions of the world say He is.

God's Agenda

God's agenda is not an itinerary of do's and don'ts, shouldnt's and wouldnt’s or should’s and would’s, it is a love attitude of the heart therefore, doesn't that make the agenda of the agenda-driven-churches a godless agenda?

I Know I don't Know!

I KNOW that there is a lot more regarding God that I don’t KNOW than I do KNOW but, I KNOW this...”GOD IS LOVE!” To KNOW that “GOD IS LOVE” brings me more assurance, peace and contentment than KNOWING what I don’t KNOW about God!


It is not so much that people don't trust God, as it is that they don't trust the people in religion who claim to speak and work for God while all indications point to them as speaking and working for the benefit of themselves and their organization. Therefore, such a religion is not God's blunder, it is man's blunder and ought to be torn asunder!


Your AVAILABILITY is more important than your ABILITY, because your AVAILABILITY enables you to enhance and increase your ABILITY. ABILITY without AVAILABILITY accomplishes nothing! ABILITY accompanied by AVAILABILITY can change your world and the world of those around you.

Hanging with Jesus.

Religious people hang around by Jesus while having a relationship with denominations talking about God. Salvation is having a relational relationship with Jesus that may include hanging around with denominations as you work with God.

Knowing Truth.

Sometimes we get so focused on what we know, we believe that what we know to be truth even though it may not be truth. That hinders us from getting to know the truth we need to know that is truly truth.

Godly Influence.

Start with Grace and finish with Grace while demonstrating Forgiveness, Kindness, Understanding, Compassion and the power of Love in between the start and the finish and you will have a Godly influence on people throughout your life.

Family Menbers.

What constitutes family members extends beyond our blood line. People who are in your life who want you in theirs, people who hurt when you hurt, people who cry when you cry, people who laugh when you laugh, people who trust and love you no matter what, are members of your family!

Faith is not a pill for the bringing of instant gratification.

You may be in the midst of your greatest breakthrough but blind to it because of the circumstance you are going through. You are trying to break out of the circumstance instead of being broken in the circumstance, allowing God to bring you through. Maturity and Growth does not happen by taking faith pills that give instant fleshly gratification, it comes by Faith, Trust and Assurance that God is going through the difficulty with you and has His best interest in mind and when you get through the circumstance you will have grown spiritually.

Loving the Unlovable.

If we allow the reality of God’s LOVE to live in us and through us to love the unlovely it will melt the heart of the most unlovable people as we develop a relationship of understanding, empathy, kindness and acceptance with them by loving them as God loves them! God’s LOVE LOVES the UNLOVABLE without EXPECTATION!  See Luke 6:35.

Treat People, Help People

Every time you treat people with respect, kindness, understanding and love you enhance their emotional and spiritual growth.

Living Life.

People must realize that there is more to living life than a search for pleasure and acquiring the wealth of the wealthy. Living life is more than a focus on self by finding still waters of contentment and swimming in the shallows of self-pleasure. There is a purpose to living life and that purpose is living a life that positively affects the living of other people as they experience God’s love living through you!

Going through Life.

People, it is impossible to go through this life without influencing someone. INFLUENCE people positively!
You cannot pass through life without making mistakes. But your mistakes are CORRECTABLE.
Through life you will undergo painful circumstances. By going through them they will help you GROW!
To be the best person you can, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by God’s  LOVING HAND!

God's Handiwork.

The next time you admire and stand in awe of the beauty of God’s handiwork, remember that YOU were created by God as the crowning glory of His handiwork and you are beautiful!

Love's Power

Allow the power of God’s LOVE to sustain you through your cares, embrace you through your tears and eradicate your fears.

Body Ministry.

If people depend on professionals to head up the church and be the spokesperson for God to the people rather than everyone embracing their role in body ministry, how can the members of the body function as a body to allow the body to care for itself as they fulfill their God given role?

The Truth of Love

One of the greatest truths in Scripture and one of the most difficult to comprehend, is that we are the focus of God's love. God didn't just pity us or feel some moral obligation to redeem us. He redeemed us because of His love for us (Jn. 3:16). An experiential understanding of God's love is the requirement to being filled with all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19).  God's love is the key that opens the door to everything that God is. God is love (1 Jn. 4:8).

It's not just a casual acquaintance with God's love that we need, but an intimate understanding and experiential knowledge of the depths of God's love. The revelation of God's love is the foundation upon which everything else we receive from God is built.

If we are secure in the Lord's love for us we can face rejection from others. The antidote for fear of the Pharisaical  attitude of religious people is a large dose of the love of God.

If you maintain that you operate in the gifts of the Spiri…

Winning Theological Battles!

Winning a theological battle because of knowledge of theology and yet lose the war for a person's heart is not positive witnessing. Arguments over points of theology often distract from the more important issue of relationship. There is no premium on ignorance, but love is infinitely superior to knowledge. The learned must make their knowledge a servant to kindness, empathy and love.

Ablaze with Love.

If your spirit is ablaze with the fire of God’s LOVE, you will live knowing you are a LOVED child of God who LOVES to LOVE people on a daily basis because the LOVE of God is the most active force in your life! People will know you are genuinely of God because you LOVE!

Myth promoted by churches.

A myth promoted in churches is that TEACHING and PREACHING has the ability to change behavior! Teaching and preaching in itself promotes personality-driven ministries where people show up to listen without being shown how what is taught and preached is put in action. There is a difference in giving people what religion thinks we need through teaching and preaching, and offering a solution that deals with people’s specific need! When it comes to behavior change a one size fits all is not a solution!

Calrity, Error, Truth!

Many speakers speak with CLARITY with regard to what they believe, but it leaves the listeners in CONFUSION as to why they believe what they speak, because what they speak does not line up with the reality of their living. Because ERROR is spoken with CLARITY does not mean it is TRUTH! ERROR spoken with CLARITY, more often than not, leads to spiritual CONFUSION and if swallowed by the listeners will lead them into DECEPTION of the TRUTH!

Is Orginization the indicator of Truth?

Organization has order but that in no way indicates that order is the barometer for truth. In fact, the deception of deceit is more structured than truth. Error always organizes and the greater the deception the more systematized it becomes. Carnal people take the dynamics of the Spirit and make a static, systematic organization out of it and call it Church.

Spiritual Gifts

If you do not view people through the eyes of God’s LOVE every other aspect of your spiritual giftings will be out of focus because you will elevate your spiritual experiences and allow them to take priority over LOVING people. Without LOVE your spiritual experiences are nothing but sounding brass and tinkling symbols void of the life of God.

A Great Investment!

The greatest INVESTMENT that you can INVEST in while living this life that will reap a great return even in the world to come, is to remain COMMITTED to the COMMITMENT of ensuring that you have a relational relationship with God and influence your family to INVEST in a relationship also. The return is everlasting!

Dctrines Beyond Biblical Proportions.

In some religious circles there are doctrines that have grown bigger than their scriptural proportions obscuring our vision of Christ. Christ likeness is deemed to be adhering to doctrines and supporting the denominational views of what it deems to be bionically correct. Placing over emphasis on any one doctrine will become doctrinal winds that will blow you off course and cause you to bypass the Peace Port of Love where you would find the truth that is in Jesus.


Christendom is regulated and governed by religious rules and regulations developed by the hierarchy of each denomination. Every time a religious group faces a challenge or problem, instead of relying on prayer, kindness, understanding and love, a new piece of religious legislation is passed. 
Are numerous policies, regulations and processes that make up man-made constitutions and bylaws really helping us make disciples of Jesus Christ, transforming people to demonstrate Jesus’ love power? Or are they making disciples of denominations ending up confusing the confused?

Missed Opportunities.

Sometimes opportunities are “MISSED OPPORTUNITIES” if avoided because they are disguised as a problem or they look like work!

Give of Youreslf.

Wives, Husbands, Mothers. Fathers, Children, Family and Friends are people not WANTING EVERYTHING, they just want SOMEONE to spend time with them and love them more than ANYTHING! The giving of yourself to each other is far more beneficial than the giving of things to one other.

Seminary Education/Sprritual Revelation

To be Seminary Educated and Theology Skilled does not ensure Spiritual Knowledge! Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge is not a product of the mind or books, nor the function of man, it is a product and function of the Holy Spirit!
‎"And the Jews marveled, saying, How does this man know letters, having never studied?" (John 7:15). This is one of the main ministries of the Holy Spirit to the believer.

Through salvation, we have received the mind of Christ in our spirit man and are in the process of growing in wisdom by drawing this knowledge out of our spirits which will renew our minds. This wisdom has to be drawn out by faith, time spent in the Word, and prayer.


Tragedy in the Modern Church!

The great tragedy of the modern church is that the event-driven-programs are so well organized they can operate void of the Spirit of God. It behooves us to stop and examine our lives to see if we have become satisfied with a form that simply uses His name as magic words in a formula rather than having an intimate relationship with Him that gives power to His name. A relational relationship with Jesus provides the dynamic power of a Living Jesus, who in reality has never left us. The seven-day-relationship with Him has been replaced by Sunday-Event-Driven-Religion and we are too busy preoccupied with the distractions of rule regulated religion to be aware of His Presence therefore unable, to move in His Power.

Each of us must take responsibility for our personal relationship with Christ. When He begins to take His proper place in our living daily, He ceases to be merely a event-driven-meeting God, a great teacher from the past, or the “founder” of the “Christian” religion. He becomes …

Love Is.

Love to a lot of people is nothing more than a game of fantasy and manipulation to gratify the fleshly desires of human nature. Love is relegated to being food to feed the flesh. This is a far cry from what true love really is. True love is others-oriented not self-oriented, it is others-focused not self-focused, true love is unconditional not conditional!

Do not Feed the Seed of Hate!

The SEED of Hate cannot take root in a heart of Love. No matter who tries to plant the SEED it can’t even grow as a WEED because in a heart of Love there is no FEED for the WEED!

Be Careful what is Said.

Far to often we leave the things UNSAID and UNDONE that should be SAID and DONE, yet the things that should be left UNSAID and UNDONE are SAID and DONE! When all is SAID and DONE ensure what should be UNSAID and UNDONE is UNSAID and UNDONE and what should be SAID and DONE is SAID and DONE and you will have DONE a great service to those around you

Stronghold of Experience.

We must destroy the "stronghold of experience." The only one who has a right to mold and shape our lives is Jesus Christ and even He will not do it against our will. We must determine to allow nothing or no one to fit us into a mold or shape us, not even our personal experiences, unless they are consistent with God’s word. WILL your WILL to conform to His WILL to do His WILL WILLINGLY!

Spiritual Blindness!

Is the renewing, healing and word explosion conferences, the self-proclaimed revival meetings,  the self proclaimed professional prophets and apostles, the materialistic, lazy, , complacent believers, the arrogant, self-seeking, judgmental preachers pointing the finger of condemnation at others, really what life in Christ is about?

“Oh, yes, at the next conference God is going to show up, come and receive your personal prophecy,” and the following revival, "life changing",  and don’t miss the “God wants you wealthy seminar,” while the money keeps changing hands to get to religious guru’s bank account.  Most of us have fallen into this pattern of religiosity, feeling so spiritually alive, so spiritually on fire, so religiously acceptable, yet so SPIRITUALLY USELESS!

When was the last time you gave to the poor? I don’t mean to your LOCAL CONGREGATION. When was the last time you preached to the lost and not  to or against the people you have made into pew warmers? When was th…


Leaders are in a position to be the greatest hypocrites because in their position they have great influence on the ability to deceive people. The acting and faking at Event-Driven-Meetings is disgusting and far from promoting the gospel, is is down right deceiving. The gospel is the life of Christ demonstrated through our lives, living in our communities seven days a week. If you are putting on a spiritual performance through acting and faking you are a HYPOCRITE!

Impression through Deception.

If the people around you say better things about you than God, it’s because you give them that impression through deception. God has given us the ability to communicate. To often we use this ability to convey who we want others to think we are rather than who we are. People may believe the facade, but God knows the truth about you!

Remaining young while growing old.

The secret to remaining young is to grow old gracefully by never losing your enthusiasm for living, always love meeting and loving new people, visit your old friends much, enjoy doing new things and seeing new places. Act as young as you want to feel and you will begin to feel as young as you are acting, even if it is only in your mind.

Harvest equals seed you sow.

Your actions, you know, are seed you sow, and every seed you sow is your harvest that will grow. If you need to change your life you need to change your choice in the seed you sow which will change the harvest you grow. Think of this when you lay down to sleep, what you have sown throughout the day is the harvest you will reap!

Investing for High Returns.

People are looking for ways of investing that will yield high returns. Invest highly in your kids it will return a lifetime of high dividends!

Mending Relationships

No matter what has fractured a RELATIONSHIP of FRIENDSHIP it is never to late to mend the RELATIONSHIP by the COMPANIONSHIP of forgiveness, love and kindness to heal the FRIENDSHIP!

Performance breeds Insignifiance

Believing that our relationship with God is about performing for God breeds and fuels our fear of insignificance. Others may see this as Godly ambition, a holy desire to see God’s purpose fulfilled in the earth and associate it with the kind of drive evident in the Apostle Paul’s life. But when the doing for God is driven by the fear of insignificance it reveals none of the peace, joy, or love displayed by Paul. Instead the relentless drive to prove our worth becomes destructive to our relationship with God. The fear of insignificance may drive people to accomplish great things. As a result they are highly praised within the religious community for their good works which temporarily soothes their fear until the next goal can be achieved. But, it does nothing to enhance relationship with God.

The quality and worth of your life is not determined by COMMITMENT to ACHIEVEMENT of an objective for the APPEASEMENT of the REGIMENT of religion, but by  COMMITMENT and CONTENTMENT in the ADVANC…


The FREEDOM that is provided by the grace of God is FREEDOM to be real and show on the outside what we are on the inside. If that freedom is subjugated by religious performance there is no room for the grace-full grace of God to forgive sin, instead sin is pushed underground and the result is a double-life. Double-living is the order of the day in order to look “good” or be seen as “right.” You are LIBERATED and FREE in Christ to be GENUINE!

Regrets and Fear Hinder LIVING

Regrets of the PAST...Fear of the FUTURE...are twin thieves that rob you of the PRESENT! To be CONTENT in life requires you to LEARN from your PAST, WORK toward your FUTURE but, LIVE  LOVING people in the PRESENT!

Heart Love.

True LOVE is loving people because of who you are, instead of loving people based on how they react to you! Loving people because of who you are will enable you to love people you meet on a daily basis rather than loving people because they agree with your agenda or because of how they react to you. Love has more to do with what is in your heart and soul rather than what is in your eyes and head!

Run the RACE with GRACE.

To try to run this RACE of life without depending on God’s GRACE or with GRACE will step out of PACE and be in danger of losing your SPACE in the RACE. Losing your PLACE and miss seeing God’s FACE while traveling this RACE would be the ultimate DISGRACE.

Winning People by Loving People.

Jesus LOVED the woman at the well out of hell, He did not try to SCARE the hell out of her. LOVING people out of hell with compassion into the kingdom of God is much better and more effective than to try by SCARING the hell out of people using condemnation!

People and Ministry Potential.

Many people have tremendous ministry potential, but they are often frustrated with church programs that are of man's origin, born in some man's mind rather than in the heart of God. Church programs provide no outlet for the believers potential, they stifle it. The church structure prevents people from developing the calling that God has given them, thus they are unable to get involved in meaningful ministry. Oh, you can get involved in the organization of the religion and it’s programs, but you have to stick to their mold they deem to be correct.

Personal Integrity!

Being a person of integrity, does not mean you always stay on track but, you always get back on track because of the inward quality of your moral philosophy adhering to a code of interpersonal behavior that is considered right and pleasing to God and man.

The Greatest Profession.

The greatest professions in life are not that of being King or Queen, it is that of being a Father or Mother! Both embodies the potential for the creation of life and both can nurture, mold and shape that life to positively influence the people who cross their path. Therefore, You, Mr. DAD and Mrs. MOM have the greatest professions in life! If on my epitaph is written “He was a good father.” Life would have been worth it!

Where you go you bring you.

Who you are, you bring wherever you go therefore, you bring you into every circumstance in your life! If you are a positive person you will bring positivity into the negative circumstances and learn valuable lessons from them. YOU CANNOT RUNAWAY FROM YOURSELF because YOU CANNOT GO WHERE YOU ARE NOT!

What comes out is a reflection of what is in!

If we as believers believe we can possess the inward reality of a love relationship with God without it having a profound effect on our outward reality and how we live, love and treat people, we live in deception. To attempt to live an outward life that flows from an inward relationship with God without the inward reality of the life  and love of Christ, leads to legalism!


The depth of God’s GRACE toward us has rendered us capable of loving as Jesus LOVES. The attraction of His LOVE through His GRACE is more than participation in Sunday-go-meetings. Having received the expanse of Christ's Grace and LOVE, we are now called to reveal that GRACE and LOVE in its full redemptive power on a daily basis!

Live in the Present

There is no FUTURE in the PAST and there is no PAST in the FUTURE for you to live in! The FUTURE of yesterday is today, the PAST of tomorrow is today , which means you always live in the PRESENT! Don't let the PAST or the FURTURE destroy your PRESENT living!

Saved because of LOVE.

God saved us because He loves us (Jn. 3:16). Experiential understanding of God's love is the key to being filled with all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19). It's not a casual acquaintance with God's love that we need, but an intimate understanding & experiential knowledge of the depths of God's love. Our revelation of God's love is the foundation upon which our relationship with God is built.