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Is True Unity of Believers Possible?

Would Jesus have prayed for the unity of His Body (believers) if it were not possible?

Has the prayer of Christ been answered, are believers united?

Some people believe that unity is obtained when all members of one group are in agreement with the doctrine that that particular group believes in? Such as, Baptist unity, Pentecostal unity, Catholic unity, Anglican unity, etc. But even these groups are splintered because of doctrinal and governing disagreements.

Many people think that people can believe the way they want and what doctrines they want, as long as everyone believes in the essentials unity is reached. Of course these essentials are determined by some groups interpretation of the bible. As long the people of the world can see harmonization and peace between the different denominations they are practicing unity. Some believe “unity” is a mutually agreed belief system and behaviors that are considered “safe” by everyone within the group. The controversial beliefs …

Fly on the Winds of Grace.

It is only people who know that the Law is dead and are not living in its resurrected illusion that so many people are living in...who can understand and live the reality and freedom in the Grace life of the resurrected Christ.

Living in the illusion of the resurrection of the Law has blinded the eyes, befuddled the mind and hardened the heart of people living in its illusion, to where the reality of the Grace life is but a figment of some degenerate's imagination, when in reality it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provides the power to empower the community of the redeemed to fill the community of humanity with the glory of God.

To do its doing the Law commands, yet gives me neither feet or hands, therefore, I am unable to keep its demands.

But, the good news the Grace Gospel brings, bids me to fly by giving me wings, to sore above the works of self and empowers me with the life of my King, working through me doing His thing.

Man's Redemption.

His love has no limit;

If God's Love has no is LIMITLESS. This means that it extends beyond all boundaries to include all people no matter who they are, no matter what they have done, no matter if they are saint or sinner because there is nothing that can limit His love.

His grace has no measure.

If God's Grace has no means it is MEASURELESS. This means you cannot sin a sin that is greater than God's grace, there is not hell that you are in or no hell you can go to where His grace is unreachable, for you cannot go where His grace is not.

His power has no boundary known unto men.

If His power has no means no devil or man can stop what God wants done. This means the day will come when man will see and know what God sees and knows now. He sees and knows now that what Jesus accomplished on the cross is 100% a reality, the time will come when man will also see and know that the reality of God's work of Grace and their fa…

Bad Attitude

Some people blame their bad attitude on certain stimuli that causes a negative response reaction because of the mood they are in.

You cannot blame actions or reactions on a mood-swing condition if your attitude always stinks. It is more of a personality trait issue than a mood issue.

A constantly judging and condemning attitude cannot be attributed to a is who you are!

Who are we being taught by?

John 6:45, "It is written in the prophets, 'and they shall be taught by God.'"
I wonder, if new believers were taught by God regarding who He is, rather than being indoctrinated with denominational influences by indoctrinated men as to who they think He is as per their philosophy, would Church be church as it is culturally accepted today.

This indoctrination by indoctrinated men subjects the new and the older believer to a preset mind-set where the scripture is interpreted by indoctrinated assumptions and presumptions that have nothing to do with the context of the written word of God. As a result, they read the scriptures with their mind already made up and interpret in light
of what they believe rather than allowing the scripture to formulate what they believe. Believers start their journey with Christ with assumptions and presumptions that have nothing to do with the written word of God or God Himself.

New believers are made disciples of man-bred, man…

Is what you believe in the Bible really what the Bible teaches?

I am convinced that anyone reading the bible openly and candidly, dependent on the Spirit for the understanding and meaning contextually, instead of letting religious tradition dictate its contextual setting, and not permitting erroneous man-made doctrine and education to warp their interpretation, will come to the realization that the Gospel is the good news that "Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin has left a crimson stream that washes white as snow."

Spiritual tributaries will be reactivated bringing revelation and illumination that will shine the spot light of understanding on the illusional delusion of religious trappings that binds God's people to its bondage and subjects them to manipulation and control of the fear-mongering, attention-grabbing, bible thumping, people hating, hellfire and brimstone "pa-stars" and believers of the religious world.

You Cannot

You cannot be who God is.
You cannot know all that God knows.
You cannot go where God is not.
You cannot see all that God sees.
You cannot thwart the plan of God for the community of humanity.
You cannot sin a sin that is greater than God's Grace.
You cannot gain or maintain a relationship with God by keeping the law.
You cannot out-love God.
You cannot deplete the mercy of God.
You cannot love God and not love people.
You cannot be the righteousness of God in your self-righteousness.
You cannot have God's humility in Your arrogance.
You cannot do anything to make God love you more.
You cannot do anything to make God love you less.
You cannot do anything to make God hate you.
You cannot do anything to cause God to forsake you.



How smart are you?

I are smarter than I think.

But know are not smarter or even as smart as you think.

What About the IF'S and THEN'S?

The IF'S and THEN'S of the Law-Keepers gospel...IF you do this, and this and this and the list goes on...THEN God will do this and this. The emphasis is put on your DOING, then you have God's undivided attention resulting in God will DO the DO you want DONE. This carrot on a stick deception does not work with God.

God is not dependent on your DOING to motivate Him to DO what He wants DONE, nor to do what you want DONE. This was the system God chose to relate to people before Jesus came and fulfilled its requirements and instituted His Amazing Grace as the way of living in relationship with God. With the advent of Grace and Truth that came by way of Jesus Christ through His finished work because of His death and resurrection, a new and better way is invoke. This new and better way requires none of our DOING to gain and maintain a relationship with God in order to get Him to DO what we want DONE.

Jesus has fulfilled the Law and our relationship with God is tota…

Does the Sins of Sining Saints make them Saintliest?

Lovers of self...self-centred
Lovers of money...prosperity-centred
Lovers of popularity...popularity-centred
False teaching
False preaching
Judgemental spirit
Condemning spirit
Men pleasers
Malicious gossipers
Temperance lacking
Haters of good
Power seekers
Pleasure seekers
Deniers of truth
Portraying a form of godliness
Spiritual elitism

These are all sins of sinning saints.

I wonder do God hate the sin of saints more than he hates the sin, sining saints attribute to sinners.

Sinning sinners readily admit to their sins...however, sinning saints have a problem doing so because it is an affront to self-righteousness!

Is it ever possible that sinning saints need to be concerned about being in th…

Has Grace really Run-a-Muck?

Grace condemning condemners herald the accusation that gracers have gone over the balance line when it comes to the grace gospel. Let me say this: when it comes to biblical grace there is no balance line, grace stands alone, you cannot go to far to the left or to far to the right because no matter how far you go God's GRACE is already there.

Grace as taught by the "grace but" people has reduced God's Amazing Grace to a means of being a fire escape from hell...if grace has run-a-muck, that is the muck-pile that grace-condemners has driven it to. Grace that is reduced to being just a fire escape is a false gospel muck-pile of hog-wash and deception.

Biblical Grace is clearly a transformative Gospel that goes far beyond being a fire escape from hell, according to Titus 2:11-14: For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in t…

Being Beautiful.

Some people live as though being beautiful on the outside excuses their ugliness on the inside. They fail to realize that being ugly on the inside renders the beauty on the outside uglier than the ugliness on the inside.

People who are perceived to be ugly on the outside, but are beautiful on the inside are not ugly. Their beauty on the inside makes the ugliness on the outside far more beautiful than the beauty on the outside of someone who is ugly on the inside.

Interior beauty grows more beautiful with age which only makes exterior ugliness more beautiful!

Exterior beauty fades with age, then nothing is left but ugliness!

Inner beauty NEVER needs a makeover...Exterior beauty will!

The Deadness of Religion.

The existence of, the provider of, the sustainer of, the fulfillment of, the source of, the freedom of, the justifier of, the qualifier of and the approver of man's relationship with God is NOT IS JESUS!

Religion did not overcome death for us, religion did not take man's sin upon itself, religion was nailed to the cross with Jesus. However, unlike Jesus, religion was never to be resurrected but, because of the deception of Satan man has dug it up, propped it up, spiritualized it up, and breathed stale life into it, so that though dead, people who are in its deception think it is alive with the life of God.

Religion is a zombi of the living dead because it is Christ-less. Although having the appearance of life it is still dead because Christ is not its source of life.

Jesus is the Who, the Why, the How and the What of our relationship with God is all about. Having taken our sins...past...present...and future...upon himself, He forever lives to maintai…

Is the Worshiping of the Bible Godly?

Throughout history it is well documented that humans will worship just about anything...sun, moon, stars, women, men, water, trees, earth, wolves, snakes, bears, statues, shrines, and the list goes on.

People in the "Christian religious world" call such people idolatrous "idol worshipers", and rightly so.

However, there are many things that people in "Christian religions" have made idols of...cabins, ski-dos, boats, motorbikes, computers, cell phones, denominations, rituals, prosperity, miracles, formulas, Sunday, tithing, tongues, and of course "The Law" and the list goes on.

Whether the idols are the things listed in the first paragraph or the third paragraph, they all break the first commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." The deception in the Christian realm is that they are guilty of breaking the first commandment without even knowing it.

I am reminded of the record recorded in the written word, when G…

Jesus Friend of Sinners

The people to whom Jesus associated with and ministered to were not those who religiously read the Torah, went to the temple, were keepers of the Law, or those who thought themselves to be righteous.

He ministered to those that the pious religious people considered outcasts. As far as their pious sanctimonious minds were concerned, these low-life sinners had nothing to offer Jesus and it was an offense to them that Jesus showed them mercy, compassion and love. The religiously minded thought they had done something to merit salvation and were upset that Jesus was showed more concern for those who had done nothing to merit salvation.

The religiously inclined were closed-minded, self-righteous and considered themselves to be the religious elite because they placed their trust into fulfilling the works of the Law, therefore, there hearts were hardened and closed to the message of Grace that Jesus had to give. While the outcasts accepted it readily.

The Gates are Open Wide!

The gates of the law keeping "sin prison" are thrown open receive the prisoners of the Law Christ has opened the "grace gates" of Grace's freedom, because where "sin did abound GRACE much more abounds"!

Why people still choose to live imprisoned by the bondage of the Law when Christ fulfilled the Law and opened wide its gates to bring the inmates freedom from its clutches is ironic, to say the least.

To choose the bondage of the law over the freedom of grace stems from an ignorance of the finished work of Christ on the cross and was solidified by His resurrection.

The Law Gospel prison now has no closed gates yet, many of God's children remain imprisoned because of the spiritual blindness caused by deception's deception of law-keeping self-righteousness.

Allow the illumination of the light from Grace to penetrate the darkness of the Law so you can see its opened gates and move from imprisonment of law's prison and…


The deception of the law-keepers self-righteousness is that
 it leads them to believe they look godly without being godly!
The only way to be godly is through GRACE.
“Christ is no Moses, no exactor, no giver of laws, but a giver 
of grace, a Savior; he is infinite mercy and goodness, freely 
and bountifully given to us.” Martin Luther 

Another Gospel that is not the Gospel.

Some believers come from a Sunday-go-meeting service proud to say that the preaching was awesome...."the preacher let them have it with both barrels." He did not hold back regarding sin, he said; "God hates sin and he is angry with the sinner because of his sin...repent or burn in hell fire for eternity."

The irony with such preaching is that, such a Gospel is NOT preaching the GOSPEL because it is not talking about GRACE.

Yes there is a consequence for sin...but, the GOSPEL is God's answer to the problem of sin, not the punishment for sinning by the mouthing of fear tactics by the fear mongers. Scriptures tell us that is is the "kindness" of God that leads to repentance, not the "threat of hell fire".

Paul's understanding of the Gospel and Grace is that they are one and the same by his use of both words.

I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel. (Gal 1:6).


The Sting of Deception.

There is a sting to being insulted that you feel immediately and prompts a defensive reaction.

There is a sting to being ridiculed that could cause isolation.

There is a sting in being condemned of giving in to the fear condemnation creates.

As difficult and painful that being insulted, ridiculed and condemned may be, you are usually the first to know it.

However, there is a sting in being ignorant of a subject that subjects you to being manipulated by manipulative people that results in your being deceived by the deception of manipulative people without you realizing you are deceived.

The sting of deception is deadly because, without realizing it you are being deceived. Deception's sting is such that even when snared by it, even when you are presented with truth you believe the truth to be a lie in favor of deception's lie that you believe to be truth!

Sadly, many people live their entire lives deceived by deception's lie about God and their relationship with Hi…

The Deception of Deception

Deception is deception because we don't realize we are being deceived by deception's illusion.

Deceived people are not even aware they living in deception even when they are confronted with the truth, because they believe the deceptions illusion they are deceived by is truth. Tragically, many people go through life thinking they are living for God when in reality they are living an illusional deception about their relationship with God.

Many people feel secure in their deception because the institutional system has indoctrinated them in the deception thus, because the deception is laced with some truth, the deception is accepted as truth. This deception is accepted as God's truth because the deception is shrouded by religious institutions as being biblical and from God thus, deceiving people into its entrapment.

We need to realize that no matter how much deception religious institution upholds, that by no means excuses us from following Jesus.

Religious decept…

Free Will.

Free will, one dictionary defines it this way: freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention.

When it comes to divine intervention man's free will is naught, man cannot manipulate or control God by his free will therefore. If by free will we believe it to be within the ability of man to make choices unconstrained by certain factors, man does not have a free-for-all-free will.

Christ Living in Us.

God's desire is NOT for His people to live in guilt, fear and condemnation. Those who capitalize on and instill fear, guilt and condemnation in people, though claiming to be God's child, do not know the Father heart of God. Once you as God's child know in your knower that fear, guilt and condemnation does not come from God, but from people who are under the deception and influence of Satan that attribute such to God.

As a believer your life was never intended to be based on man's ability and self-righteousness, but on God's righteous ability to fill you with Himself, which then enables you to live life as a believer in a beautiful relationship with Him. Through fellowship with our Father, our character is transformed from the inside out and we begin to manifest the fruits of the Spirit.

We as believers God's need to expand awareness of God's presence in us, His love and compassion within us and by His grace live that all men will see the revel…

Over Valuing the Bible.

Some people are so closed-minded they are oblivious of the deception they are in regarding the Gospel of Christ and the bible that points them to Christ. A book whose content was interpreted by man...was translated by man...was compiled by man...was deemed "the Word of God" by man and has been maximized by man to where it has been elevated to a position that transcends and usurps Jesus Himself as "The Word of God". This idolization of the bible has led to many ideologies and perverse doctrines where the bible is the beginning and end of all with regards to our relationship with God. The bible is NOT the Gospel...Jesus is the Gospel. The bible is NOT the "Word of God"...Jesus is the "Word of God.

It is because of man's different interpretation of the the bible's translation that there are so many denominations that all claim that the denomination's validation is bible based. If that is so, the bible is schizophrenic and not a…

Though the Bible is Fascinating, Bible Fascination is Idolization.

The fascination with and the idolization of the bible by the fundamental and evangelical spectrum of religion, minimizes Jesus while maximizing the bible.

"Well we do not elevate the bible over Jesus," you may respond.

How often have you heard from well meaning fundamental or evangelical people..."If your looking for truth, read the Bible. If you want peace, read the Bible. If you want a better relationship with God, read the Bible. If you want all answers to life, read the Bible. If you want to know God's plan for your life, read the Bible. If you want to know the future, read the Bible."

The thing is, you may know the bible inside out and able to quote it backwards, but be a legalist to the point of being spiritually dead. Bible reading is important but it is not our source of spirituality, Jesus is. "If your looking for truth, ask Jesus. If you want peace, you will find it in Jesus. If you want a better relationship with God, go to Him …

What role should the law play in the life of a Christian?

I came across this question and answer on Grace Church website and found it to be to the point.

Start Quote. It is important to know that the law was given as an intermediary to the advent of Grace. While it revealed an aspect of God’s holiness, it did not reveal His mercy or redemptive plan. Just as importantly, the law did not have the power to change the heart.

When Christ fulfilled the law, and atoned for our sin through His death, the holiness of God as well as His righteousness and purity became engraved upon the hearts of all who would believe (notice the scripture does not say “of all who would behave”).

“Now He (Jesus) said to them, “These are My words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things which are written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.” (Luke 24:44)

The Old Covenant “law keeping” became nullified for the Christian under the New Covenant. We are no longer under the law, but under grace.

Closed Mindedness.

A closed mind is a result of pigheadedness that usually causes a running-of-at-the-mouth about issues that the mouth-runner-offer has little or no understanding of, revealing the ignorance of the person having the closed mind.

How much are you loved by God?

Does God love you as much as He loves Jesus? The answer is a RESOUNDING YES!

"Really...God loves me as much as He loves Jesus?...Come on Regular, you have done gone and lost all your marbles."

People, such is His Love and Amazing Grace.

Read the words of Jesus..."I do not ask in behalf of these (the apostles) alone, but for those who believe in Me through their word (that's you and I).... What was His reason for this prayer? "that the world may know that Thou didst send Me, AND didst LOVE THEM, EVEN AS THOU DIDST LOVE ME (John 17:20). It cannot be any plainer than that, you are BELOVED by God as much as Jesus was and is.

That realization ought to destroy all the God fears that religious tradition has you fearing. God is not out to get you, He is not out to hurt you, He is not out to punish you, He is not dangling you over the fires of hell like a spider on a web waiting for you to sin so he can shake you off. He is out to LOVE YOU because of His Amazing Gra…