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October 2010, Nuggets

Just because something is invisible to the natural sight does not mean it can’t be seen. It means it has to be seen with the heart through the eyes of your understanding. You heart allows you to see things as you would have them, not as they now are.
Truth is not decided by the number of people who believe that something is truth, nor is truth determined by how long something is proclaimed as truth.Truth is truth wholly and solely because it it truth! If nobody believes truth is truth that still does not negate the fact that it is truth! The truth is that truth is!
The people who know usually don't run of at the mouth, the people who run of at the mouth usually don’t know! It is usually the silent, listening person who knows!
Some people believe that God likes taking revenge on people by making them suffer if people do what they deem to be wrong. They use scare tactics to persuade people to see things as they see them by threatening with God’s vengeance. God is not about giving…