If Jesus Came to our Town

If Jesus came to our town and walked the Sunday morning street.
And viewed the buildings we call churches so elegant and so neat.
Which church would He visit? The one who believes, our doctrine is so right?
As we sit in padded pews dressed in our Sunday best, so appealing to the sight?

Would He visit people who deem that our model of doing church is so true?
Wouldn't that include all religions, seeing through the denominational hue?
Would He visit the splendorous edifice with its high ceilings lined with gold?
Would He visit those with riches gained by the religious gimmicks they sold.

Would He visit ministries who sell His graces and promises through TV?
Healing, salvation, peace and joy, “just send your money to me.”
Would he be pleased with all the accolades we ascribe as worship unto Him?
While those who disagree with us, we so quickly and easily condemn.

Would He pass every church building, no matter the name tag over the door?
And mingle with the common folk, the lonely, the broken, the hurting and the poor.
He would administer kindness, love and healing, seldom found in the denominational pen.
And show people the grace of God by His kind deeds and by loving all men.

He would show people the Church that He heads is not about buildings, Sundays, or creeds.
But about giving, helping, living loved and gracing people with sincere and loving deeds.
Would He wonder why how far from His Church, religion really is as we sing our favorite hymn.
While absorbed in selfish agendas and programs that are attributed as coming directly from Him.

The Church that Jesus is building is a community of believers with only Him as head.
A people who throughout their daily living, by His love and Spirit are led.
Showing the love and compassion of God, to the people that they meet.
By being the Church daily instead of just attending it one day out of the week.

Yes, if Jesus came to our town and walked the Sunday morning street?
Would we walk with Him, allowing Him to make our life full and complete?
Would we trade seminary head knowledge and only knowing about Him that leaves us blind?
To knowing Him relationally by heart knowledge that extends much deeper than the mind.

I wonder, if Jesus came to our town and walked the Sunday morning street.
Would we leave our programmed meeting and follow Him, to see how people He would treat.
Or would we say: “that can't be Jesus, for surly He would want to spend time with us here”.
And as Jesus walked away from our church, from His eye we saw the falling of a tear.

Written by GCR, August 29, 2009


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