Previous Truth Nuggets by Glenn Regular

  • Keep your mind and body occupied so as not to get bored. Boredom = Disillusionment. Disillusionment = Self-pity. Self-pity = Frustration. Frustration = Confusion. Confusion = PEACE-LESS-NESS. Keep you PEACE by refusing to get bored!
  • The belief in Santa Clause seems to have followed people into adulthood. Most religions portray God as the Santa Clause of adults who rewards or punishes on the merit of performance or non-performance of religious duties! If you do this, God will do that. If you will do that, God will do this. God’s blessing’s are not based on doing religious performance in order to receive, they are based on being in Him and Him being in you. You then have His blessings because they are in Him. Your doing is then based on your love for Him and not doing to get some external reward!
  • The society in which we live is bizarre! We can communicate with a satellite millions of miles away, yet we fail to communicate with our neighbors or family members who sit across the table from us! We have machines communicating with machines, yet we cannot communicate with each other! Break the communication barrier with a smile, acts of kindness and meaningful conversation.
  • The skin of most doctrine is based on truth. Religion has stuffed the skin of doctrine with their own man-made philosophies and interpretations of what doctrine is and created a host hodgepodge of man-made doctrines that point people to their particular brand of religion plus Jesus instead of to Jesus “alone”!
  • Despite the fact that you may have been lead to believe that “how things look is what matters,” that is not what is important! The danger of such a belief is that it becomes more important to LOOK good or spiritual than to BE good or spiritual. LOOKING the part becomes more important than BEING the person. By BEING the person you won’t have to worry about LOOKING the part, you will genuinely BE the person.
  • One of the biggest regrets in life is to approach death and realize that you have not LIVED! The longer you live the more beautiful and shorter your life becomes. LIVE LIFE while you LIVE so as not to regret it as you approach your death.
  • There is no limit on what ANGER or LOVE will cause a person to do therefore, chose LOVE instead of ANGER because your actions will not only benefit you it will also benefit other people. We are to use things and love people but it seems that in todays society most people love things and use people. Don’t abuse people by being angered, cherish them by loving them.
  • Consider this, if your FAITH cannot survive a head on collision with the TRUTH then your FAITH is not based on TRUTH and therefore is based on a FALSEHOOD that you have perceived to be TRUTH! Perceived TRUTH may not be TRUTH at all!
  • As the spring sun makes the winter snow disappear from the earth, so laughter makes the frown disappear from the peoples face and drives the sorrow from the soul while putting a spring in the step of the laughing people. Laugh and those around you will laugh with you, sulk and you will sulk alone.

  • Criticizing people criticize because criticizing is a way of making them look better than those they criticize! A criticizing person shows their own low self-esteem by criticizing.
  • Don’t let your successes swell your head, neither let your failures discourage your heart. Your successes no matter how small ought to inspire you to keep trying in-spite of your failures. The FAILURE in FAILING is to FAIL to try again! The SUCCESS in SUCCEEDING is also to try again. OUT OF FAILINGS SUCCESS FINALLY COMES!

  • If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time it follows that the right place is empty at the same time you are in the wrong place.

  • There is no greater lamebrain, than the person who injects in their body with that which destroys their brain. DRUGS are not a BRAIN GAIN, DRUGS are a BRAIN DRAIN!

  • In God’s thought who is His Church in your community? Is it a certain denomination or a certain building that denominations gather in? Or is it all believers within your community? What is the primary focus of all meetings irregardless of what denominational building they meet in? Is it not the preacher and the sermon? The early Church gathering was a one-anothering meeting where every member was encouraged to function and participate instead of the denominational view of the active few and the passive many.
  • Believing in your children will go miles in helping them believe in themselves as well as believe in others! The character of your children in the future is dependent on what you plant in their hearts in the present.
  • Along the Journey of Life there will be OPPORTUNITIES and SETBACKS, more often than not the SETBACKS are disguised OPPORTUNITIES! instead of being discouraged because of SETBACKS look for OPPORTUNITIES in SETBACKS!
  • If you THINK you KNOW it all it is probably because you have stopped thinking. Thinking is not knowing. You can become what you think…THINK right…then do more than think…ACT on what you THINK and maybe you will get to know!

  • When we judge or criticize another person, it is not so much a reflection on them, it is more of a reflection on us and merely says something about our need to be critical. Criticism like swearing is a bad habit. DROP the bad habit of criticizing!

  • An authentic Church is a community of believers that shares a relationship with God and expresses His life in the earth. This community involves true genuine relationship marked by the following commonality: Mutual love. Mutual dependence. Mutual respect. Mutual kindness. Mutual honor. Mutual submission. Mutual consideration. Mutual fellowship. Mutual caring. Mutual sharing. Mutual hurting.
  • A man whose wealth is a good wife and health is richer by far than any man whose wealth is money!
  • If the church you attend is more interested in upholding its doctrine, its constitution, its spiritual mindsets, its ways of viewing God rather than supporting people, it is not interested in learning the desire of Father’s heart to build a living relationship with from religious obligations that allows people to connect and draw life from Him instead of religion or religious works.
  • Speaking words of kindness and appreciation do not cost much but they accomplish much! Your word is one thing you can give and keep.
  • “Churches” where hurting people, wounded people, sinning people, sick people, discouraged people, poor people, and unloved people are given formulas, advice, rules and constitutions to abide by or shamed for having a problem does not represent the CHURCH that Jesus established nor the heart of our loving Father. If the heart of the Father is LOVE, the heart of the Church should be LOVE!

  • To love unconditionally requires that you love without expectations or conditions that must be met! To love unconditionally results in inner peace.
  • FAITH, HOPE and TRUST can only be found in TRUTH. If you base FAITH, HOPE and TRUST in something other than TRUTH it is only presumption. If your FAITH, HOPE and TRUST is based in a man, or a religion it is only a dead dream. If your FAITH HOPE and TRUST is based in TRUTH then it must be based in Jesus who is the TRUTH.
  • It is just as WRONG to do the RIGHT thing for the WRONG reason as it is to do the WRONG thing for the RIGHT reason! Why not do the RIGHT thing for the RIGHT reason in the RIGHT way!
  • A sure way to dispel an argument is: rather than defending your point of view listen to understand the others point of view. You may learn something and it will prevent you from becoming overstressed, frustrated and angry, it will end the argument.
  • To say or act as if you are SOMETHING means NOTHING if you don’t be the SOMETHING you say you are!
  • On RESURRECTION day, the stone was rolled away and Jesus neatly placed the grave clothes on display. His DEATH and RESURRECTION transformed humanity's relationship with God from the way it was to a much better way. What I don’t understand is why so much of the religious world are still practicing before the RESURRECTION religion rather than a transformed love relationship with God and man available because of the RESURRECTION.

  • It may be GOOD to be schooled in the Bible and KNOW ABOUT God, but it is far BETTER to be in relationship with God and KNOW HIM who is God. Your LOVE for people is the BEST evidence that you KNOW and LOVE God!
  • Being that Christ DIED for you, why not LIVE for Him! By living in relationship with Him you will live for eternity.

  • Living with a POSITIVE outlook on life in a NEGATIVE world is far more beneficial to you and others than living with a NEGATIVE outlook on life in a NEGATIVE world. If more people had a POSITIVE outlook on life the NEGATIVE outlook would become more POSITIVE!
  • The older I get the less emphasis I put on things I deemed important when I was younger. I have found that the most important thing in life is my relationship between God, family and friends based on love and exhibiting that love to people who cross our path.
  • Everybody makes mistakes! On times I am not OKAY, on times you are not OKAY but that’s OKAY. Accept the fact that it is OKAY not to be OKAY on times!
  • If you aim to be the BEST person you can be and become a BETTER person than the GOOD person you are, you have not failed. To many of us settle for being GOOD when BETTER is achievable allowing BEST to be attainable. Don’t compare yourself to other people when striving to be the BEST, just be the BEST person you can be! It is GOOD to be GOOD, it is BETTER to be BETTER but the BEST is to be the BEST you can be with God’s help!
  • If in this world you are consumed with SELF-SATISFACTION you will always be in a state of DISSATISFACTION. However, if you work toward the SATISFACTION of others you will fine yourself in a state of SATISFACTION. Being satisfied comes by participation in the satisfaction of others!
  • Your WORDS DOMINATE you and MOTIVATE or HINDER who you are portraying to be! You cannot help but become what you BELIEVE, THINK and SPEAK! BELIEVE right, THINK right, SPEAK right and you will LIVE right!
  • A relational relationship with God sets you free from religious systems, dead works and from all human endeavors to “please God.” It will free you from the expectation and performance oriented religious benchmarks that rank you as being a “spiritual member” of their particular group. It will set you free to enjoy your relational love journey with Jesus and with people
  • If I can be a better person TODAY then I was YESTERDAY and a better person TOMORROW than I am TODAY, it follows that "TODAY" I will always be the best person I can be.

  • The Christian walk is not an event that you can point to, it is a journey through life where you know that you are loved by God, as an outflow of His love you are in a love relationship with Him and with people. Many who teach, preach or testify are nothing more than a sounding brass or a clanging symbol with no credibility because of their lacking example of love for people.

  • To find the meaning of life is one thing. To live the meaning of live is another thing. If on finding the meaning of life we fail to live the meaning of life we are still not living life. Life cannot be lived by jumping through the performance hoops of religion. Authentic life is found only in a loving relationship with God that transforms us to love people.
  • It is good to be wise in the ways of the system of the world. It is wiser to be good, in spite of the the ways of the system of the world! Do not conform to the ways of the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
  • All statements of truth are stated truly but not all truly stated statements are statements of truth! Ex: “The earth is flat” is a statement that is stated truly and for years people believed it to be so. But the statement is not a statement of truth because it has been proven that the earth is a sphere. So think before you validate true statements as authentic because it may prove not to be a statement of truth!

  • The Pharisaical attitude and mindset is that truth is more important than love...but Jesus taught us that love is the most important part of truth. Love ought to go together with truth as wet goes together with water. TRUTH without LOVE is LEGALISM and puts people in BONDAGE!
  • If your aim in life is to amass riches as WEALTH don’t be surprised if you lose your HEALTH. If your aim in life is to maintain and promote good HEALTH you have true WEALTH. Those who have amassed riches as WEALTH but have lost their HEALTH would give every penny of their WEALTH to acquire the WEALTH of HEALTH!
  • To condemn and despise is not wise! To love and forgive is the way to live causing you to be happy and free, the ideal way to be.

  • Life has its UPS and DOWNS with probably more DOWNS than UPS. It’s not the UPS and DOWNS that determines whether we are UP or DOWN during the UPS and DOWNS of life. It’s our reaction to the UPS and DOWNS that determines if we ourself are UP or DOWN! Be a UPPER not a DOWNER and you won’t DROWN in the DOWNS of life.
  • Every ORDINARY person has EXTRAORDINARY qualities! Focus on a person’s EXTRAORDINARY qualities and you will bring them from being ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY!

  • If the words of my epitaph read:
    He lived well.
    He loved well.
    He died well.
    Now he LIVES well.
    I would ask for no more.
  • RELATIONSHIP that is based on TRUST at the START, will have JOY as its PART if TRUE LOVE is at the HEART of the RELATIONSHIP! Success in relationships whether it be a marriage or friendship relationship, is not so much about finding the right person as it is being the right person.
  • “Mind your own business”. Likely all of us have have been told this if we have given in to the temptation to try and solve other people's problems when not asked to. Minding your own business goes beyond that. It includes gossiping, backbiting, eavesdropping, tale bearing, judging, condemning, or trying to analyze what makes other people tick. A reason some of us focus on the shortcomings of others is to avoid looking at our own shortcomings!
  • Open your heart and mind to the way things are rather than the way you think things should be. Accept that you cannot control life. Living in the truth of the moment is necessary and will attribute to your inner peace and ability to set a course of change if necessary.
  • I have concluded that learning is really finding a lot about how little I know and not about what or how much I know. If I know it I don't need to learn it. If I am learning it I do not know it. Since I am learning continually there is much more out there that I don't know than I do know.
  • A person without friends is like a world without flowers. The fragrance of a friend fills the the heart with the aroma of love, as flowers fills the world with a picture of beauty.
  • If you PRACTICE being UPTIGHT because life isn’t going RIGHT then you will constantly with your mind be in a FIGHT because you are allowing your thinking to snowball as a response to ADVERSITY in acting as if life is one big EMERGENCY. On the other hand, A quite mind is the birthing of INNER PEACE that expands to enable you to have OUTER PEACE in the midst of ADVERSITY! What you PRACTICE you BECOME so be careful what you PRACTICE!
  • We cannot make the world a better place by trying to IMPROVE others, but we can IMPROVE the world by improving ourselves because there is always room for IMPROVEMENT. By IMPROVING ourselves we are IMPROVING the world!.

  • Living the BEATITUDES will give you an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE, giving you the FORTITUDE and APTITUDE to love even the unlovely unconditionally.
  • Are believers to be imitators or reflectors of Christ, if so are they not just actors? Or are they to be radiators of Christ radiating the life of Christ’s love, compassion and power? Christians are not in this world to bear witness to Christ, Christians are to be IN Christ and Christ IN them bearing witness to the world.
  • Some people yearn for what they have not thus, CONTENTMENT is not their lot. Be appreciative of what you got and you will have the CONTENTMENT for which you sought. CONTENTMENT is not found in the abundance of things. CONTENTMENT is found in what you already have as your HEART SINGS.
  • People get hurt by others negative thinking, or by there own negative thinking, causing their peace out of sight to sink because of what they think. Whereas if we think on what is good peace is restored in our life the way it should. When you have a thought…any thought…it is nothing more than a thought…the thought cannot hurt or rob you from being content without your consent.

  • PATIENCE is a virtue that outflows from UNDERSTANDING! UNDERSTANDING is a product of LOVE! When you truly LOVE people you UNDERSTAND their HEART. PATIENCE is an outflow of the UNDERSTANDING you have because you genuinely LOVE! This LOVE goes far beyond the wishy washy definition of love that is prevalent in the world and promoted by most religious institutions. This type of LOVE seeks to GIVE to others satisfaction not to GET satisfaction from others. Yet the ironic part is that in the giving you also get.
  • True genuine LOVE not only sees the outward appearance but also sees into the HEART of a person because LOVE is a product of the HEART thus, the eyes of LOVE sees with UNDERSTANDING and is KIND! God looks at the HEART of man because in the HEART is the root of who a person really is. HOW DO WE SEE PEOPLE?
  • If you are living in the past, or living in the future it is impossible for you to be present moment oriented thus, unable to be present in what you are doing. Be PRESENT in the PRESENT by being PRESENT MOMENT ORIENTED and you will avoid being ABSENT in the PRESENT!
  • If appreciation and praise are due somebody, say it to them while they live, for it is impossible for them to hear it said when they are dead. "Give them flowers while they live to try and cheer them on, useless the flowers that are given after the soul has gone".
  • Christendom is bombarded with thousands of different religious denominations teaching their own brand of religion, each using a bible to substantiate their “truth”. There can only be one TRUTH and when that TRUTH is known it will prove not to contradict itself or confuse our understanding of who God is. Is the TRUTH about God in its simplicity the reason that the religious world has completely missed KNOWING who God is.
  • God does not work through, ideologies, methodology, programs, religious institutions, or religious gurus but through people of prayer, love, and compassion, prayer is not an easy way of getting what we want from God to meet out desires, it is the way to become what God wants us to be to meet His desires. Prayer is not so we can receive power to eradicate the world of evil, sickness, and disease but to receive power to become what God desires of us to be in order for Him to manifest HIS LOVE, HIS SAVING and HEALING POWER to people in need.
  • Yes, you are only one. But YOU ARE ONE. You CAN’T DO everything but you CAN DO something. And what you CAN DO, DO. And what you DO, DO with the love and grace of God. In DOING what you can DO you will be a DOER, DOING the DO you can DO!
  • A wagging tongue is a tool that grows sharper with continuous misuse. Don’t be a fool by cutting your throat with the words of your tongue. Think before you speak, but for goodness sake don’t speak all you are thinking. Most of the time a still tongue makes a wise head and the tongue can only be bridled with the bit of love.
  • Transform your MELODRAMA into a MELLOW-DRAMA and you will find yourself relaxing in the MELODRAMA. Life isn’t as bad as it seems to be, neither is it as bad as we make it out to be. Remember when we blow things out of proportion we are the ones doing the blowing, also we are the ones to stop the blowing.!

  • If one person refuses to quarrel the other person cannot quarrel, thus there is no quarrel! It takes two quarreling people to have a quarrel.
  • It isn’t the words we say when we pray in religious meetings that count, what counts is the way prayers are lived out in daily life. If you are doing all your praying on your knees you are using your verbal skills to much but still not praying enough! Put legs, feet and hands to your prayers. Lord how can I expend my life for you today?

  • Being that there is only “one God” “one body” “one Church” and “one Head of the Church” that Jesus established and is building. In the name of all that is HOLY, why are there so many different creeds that are hailed as CREEDS of the Church that causes division amongst believers and prevents them from being united as the body of Christ?


    1. any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination.
    2. any system or codification of belief or of opinion.
Could it be that the religious creeds are man-made, man-ordained, man-instituted and man-controlled? If so is that not usurping the Headship of Jesus Christ?
  • Kindness begets kindness, love begets love, compassion begets compassion, understanding begets understanding, laughter begets laughter, hope begets hope and being a friend begets a friend.
  • Love in human terms is nothing more than mutual accommodation of self gratification...a love that STAYS as long as I am gratified and STRAYS when I am not gratified. True love , on the other hand, is when the satisfaction and gratification of oneself is due the providing of satisfaction and gratification to the other by oneself. The mutual giving of one another to the other for the good of the other without expectations from the other is what love is all about.
  • A good example is worth 10 thousand sermons. A good example is also a living commentary that people can observe. As they say “an ounce of practice is worth a pound of preach”! If you want to influence people by what you preach, preach with your life rather than just preaching with your mouth because if you do not LIVE what you PREACH or TEACH people will IMPEACH you, and rightly so.

  • Friendship is a ship that anyone can launch and sail the sea of humanity befriending those who cross your bow.
  • Loving people does not mean you have to agree with all their ideas or beliefs. It means you genuinely love them in spite of their ideas or belief system. Don’t FUMIGATE and SEGREGATE because your beliefs SEPARATE. CONGREGATE to CELEBRATE as the body of Christ, and unite in purpose to show the love of Christ through loving DEEDS rather than man made CREEDS.
  • You would be INSIGHTFULLY DELIGHTFUL to be around if you would but be DELIGHTFULLY DELIGHTFUL. DELIGHT in being DELIGHTFUL!.
  • In the rat race society of HUSTLE and BUSTLE that we find ourself in there are four words that describe the life of man…HURRY, SCURRY, WORRY and BURY. If you find yourself STRESSED because of the PACE of the RACE slow down and and enjoy the WONDER of God's creation before you come ASUNDER and are put UNDER.

  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to do the IMPOSSIBLE with the IMPOSSIBLE! But the IMPOSSIBLE is not IMPOSSIBLE because it is thought to be IMPOSSIBLE! Most of what the mind can conceive is possible to achieve!

  • The education of the HEART is far more valuable than the education of the MIND! Education of the MIND may give you an understanding of things. Education of the HEART gives you an understanding of people.
  • The higher the realm a friendship is established and maintained in, the less it needs to be maintained with flesh and blood. Few people experience the true friendship relationship based on giving to the other person with no regard for getting in return. Be the kind of friend that you would want to be a friend with if you were another person.

  • The more compelled you are in proving your self-worth to others, the more stress you add to your life and the less peaceful you will be on the inside. The less compelled you are in proving your self-worth to others, the more at peace you will be with yourself. By the way, God may not APPROVE of all you do, but you always have His APPROVAL of you as a person!
  • There is a non-intrusive FACE LIFT that doesn’t cost you anything and it will brighten your appearance and make you look beautiful…it is simply a SMILE. Give yourself a FACE LIFT today....SMILE!
  • If the only EDUCATION you have is what you learned in school, you are an UNEDUCATED person. It follows then, if the only BIBLICAL KNOWLEDGE you have is what you learned in seminary you are basically BIBLICAL ILLITERATE. Never let your Bible LEARNING about CHRIST interfere with KNOWING the CHRIST of the Bible or LIVING the CHRIST LIFE of LOVE!

  • Christian DUTY may make you want to do things well but Christian LOVE allows you to do things compassionately and beautifully. Doing things because you are DUTIFUL bound puts you in BONDAGE. Doing things out of LOVE sets you FREE!
  • The more content you are with who you are the less you will depend on others opinions to make you feel accepted and important. Contentment is influenced more by your frame of mind rather than your surroundings or what other people think about you. CONTENTED people are a HAPPY people!
  • The GREED of a few has siphoned off enough resources to meet the NEED of all humanity! There are enough resources to meet man's NEED but there is not enough to meet man's GREED! The NEED of man can be satisfied, the GREED of man can never be satisfied!

  • Listen to understand instead of listening to respond. Effective listening is more than breaking the bad habit of butting in while a person is speaking. Essentially it is listening to the entire though of someone rather than waiting for an opening to respond. Listening has more to do with understanding the speaker rather than listening to rebuttal what is said.

  • A RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION is nothing more than a LENGTHENED shadow of a RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION INSTITUTED by men, GOVERNED by men and CONTROLLED by men who USURP the AUTHORITY and HEADSHIP of JESUS whether they realize it or not! JESUS is the BUILDER, the SUSTAINER, the DIRECTOR, and only HEAD of HIS CHURCH!

  • If you are blessed with loving and caring family and friends it is AMAZING what you can do WITHOUT in this world! Peace of mind as a result of good family and friend relationships is a greater blessing than being the recipient of worldly riches.

  • Peoples hunger for appreciation may be one reason for their depression and desperation because their hunger for appreciation is not met. Help someone today by giving the medication of appreciation to dispel their desperation of depression.

  • PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING and TRUST will bring difficult things to PASS! Most things in life do not come to stay, they come to PASS. While the difficult things are PASSING use them as STEPPING STONES by not looking to God through your DIFFICULTIES, instead look at your DIFFICULTIES through God.

  • If the person you are friends with doesn't make you a stronger and better person, do you have the right person as a friend?

  • It is not so much WHAT you have in life that substantiates your happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. It is more dependent on WHO you have in life that substantiates your happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment!
  • Relax as a HUMAN BEING, it is okay on times not to be a HUMAN DOING. The beauty of doing nothing is that it not only allows time for our bodies to relax, it also allows our minds to relax. Just as our bodies need a break from its business, so does our mind from its hectic routine in order for it to come back stronger and more focused. Learn to relax your mind
  • You acquire the attitude of of the people around you. If you keep company with angry and negative people their anger and negativity will spill onto you. But if you keep company with loving and positive people their love and positivity will spill unto you and you will pass it on to others. You are the company you keep!

  • You cannot TEACH what you do not know, nor can you LEAD where you do not go! You cannot BE who you ARE NOT unless you are ACTING on the spot, but you can BECOME who you were MEANT to be by BEING who you were CREATED to be! You were created to PRAISE the LORD! Praising the Lord is much more than being involved in what is known as "worship time". Bringing praise to God is living your daily life so that those around you see His LIFE in you and working through you as you minister to them in LOVE.

  • “PATIENCE is a virtue” that leads to INNERPEACE. The more PATIENT you are the less frustrated you will be by what life brings your way. You may not like the present moment you are in due to some circumstance beyond your control. PATIENCE allows you to open your heart to the present moment even though you don't like the events of the present moment, resulting in INNERPEACE!

  • Yes, there are times when things in life are TOUGH but you are TOUGHER!
    "When the going gets tough the tough get going!"
  • The measure of our peace and contentment is dependent upon how much we live in the present. Irrespective of what transpired in the past or what may or may not happen in the future, the present moment is where life is...always! Don't allow the past or the future to dominate the present with regret or worry robing you of the present. “Suffice for the moment is the day thereof.”
  • Your offspring will treasure the things you did with them over the things you bought for them! A simple walk around a lake, a stroll through the park, a visit to the zoo, a bike ride in the back country or a cabin at the lake trip, with them as a child will do wonders for them as an adult.

  • Don't be so busy in getting things done that you avoid having fun and keep your loved ones waiting. You can keep putting off your loved ones for so long that they lose interest in maintaining a relationship with you. NOTHING is more IMPORTANT than MAINTAINING GOOD RELATIONSHIPS!

  • A smile and a hug from your spouse or friend transfers their strength into your body. Provide added strength to someone by smiling at and hugging them!
  • Sometimes my tongue outruns my brain especially when I think of the right words to say after I have spoken the words I did. When you speak you paint a picture of yourself for your listeners to see! What kind of picture do people see of you by listening to the words you speak?
  • BRIGHTEN your day by BRIGHTENING someone's else's day by making them feel SPECIAL by giving them a SMILE causing them to SMILE in return, thus BRIGHTENING your day.

  • Harsh and unkind words are hard to digest so keep your words soft and kind because tomorrow you may have to eat them!

  • WORRYING about TOMORROW is a big WASTE of TODAY!

  • If you anchor off in the harbor of hatred or bitterness, happiness and contentment will dock elsewhere!

  • ATTITUDE determines quality of life. Life is a relational journey and ought not to be lived as one big emergency. If you act as if life is an emergency you can get back to living life as a relational journey by changing your attitude. Everything in life happens for a reason, to find that reason and learn to grow in character from it is the challenge! Life is not easy on times but, LIFE is WORTH it! Changing your ATTITUDE will change your LIFE!
  • If you want to reap an harvest of happiness and contentment in life plant some hope, joy, consideration, understanding and love in someone's life today. You reap what you sow!
  • Don't get so caught up in who is right or who is wrong that you forget what is right and what is wrong. Yes, if the WHO is right, WHAT the WHO is talking about is usually right, but the way you treat or respond to the WHO whose WHAT is WRONG may not be RIGHT. The WHO is more important than the WHAT!

  • Even though the adverse circumstances of life are difficult to bare, brings sorrow and heartache causing our world to fall to pieces, sometimes things in life need to fall to pieces so that something better can come together as we grow and mature going through it.
  • Religious people interpret scripture in light of what they believe rather than allowing the whole of scripture to formulate what they believe. The bible was never meant to be a rule book of Do's and Don'ts to be adhered to, rather it is a manual of truth that points to JESUS as the TRUTH and as the WORD. Knowing the bible does not constitute knowing JESUS as “TRUTH” or the “WORD”! You can know the scriptures inside out as did the Pharisees, but their hearts were far from knowing Him as the TRUTH or as the WORD! Jesus said "I am the TRUTH" and the scriptures say that "the WORD became flesh and dwelt among men." To KNOW Him constitutes being in RELATIONSHIP with Him!

  • Being closed minded restricts your learning while an open mind expands your learning because your mind is like a functions only when open. Don't be so closed minded that you are unable to learn!
  • A person is only as dependable as their WORD. Your WORD is one thing you can GIVE and still KEEP! Be a person of your WORD!

  • The quality of your thoughts determine the degree of happiness in your life. Being forgiving brings freedom! The heaviest thing you can carry is a will keep you in bondage. Life is to short to carry regrets therefore, LOVE PEOPLE!

  • Most people you meet are dealing with some kind of a problem so be KIND and CONSIDERATE to all you meet. Be careful how you use your tongue, because not only can you cut someone down with a sharp and slanderous tongue; you are also in danger of cutting your own throat.
  • 2010 is a brand new year, you can have a brand new start by beginning it and continuing through it with a positive heart! Love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness given to others this year will be multiplied back to you. You can ACCOMPLISH the GREAT by ACCOMPLISHING a LITTLE each day. We all know that LIFE is not without its problems but, LIVING is solving the problems while growing gracefully.

  • In 2010 may you be blessed with love, compassion, joy and a friend to share the good or the bad. We do not know what 2010 holds, whether we will face elation or sorrow God will be there to see us through! Be kind to those you meet, the kindness that you give will be multiplied back to you pressed down, shaken together and running over.

  • Through 2010 no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in, through good or bad, with family, friends and God within you are destine to win. Don't give in to every whim, but keep your faith, trust and hope in him. Though the testing you may go through is very hard, rough and steep, reacting negatively as you go through the testing is what will cause your defeat. Storms never last, calm seas will come in the morn. So with God in your wind driven vessel, smile through the storm!

  • Ensure you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR by SMILING, it is an inexpensive way to improve your looks, give COMPLIMENTS, it makes you beautiful, have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and do GOOD DEEDS, it will make you IRRESISTIBLE to being LOVED! You will not only have a HAPPY NEW YEAR you will cause others to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR also!

  • Share the LOVE that Christ came to infuse us with, share it from home to home, from heart to heart, from town to town. Let the warmth and joy of His LOVE bring people together causing us to treat people with RESPECT.

  • A pondering thought: If half the expenditure that went into gift buying to make people HAPPY were expended in loving, befriending and caring for people instead of filling the pockets of the merchants, would it not make the world a HAPPIER place?

  • Retailers really depend on CHRISTMAS being a COMMERCIALIZED period of TIME or SEASON. But the spirit of CHRISTMAS is not a period of TIME or a SEASON. The TRUE spirit of CHRISTMAS is a state of mind where PEACE and GOODWILL are cherished and LOVE, KINDNESS and MERCY are exhibited all year long.

  • The best wrapped gift is not to be found under the tree. Being together with FAMILY and FRIENDS and all WRAPPED up in each other is the best gift you will ever see. Take time this Christmas, stop opening the gifts for awhile and listen, you will hear LOVE and LOVE is more PRECIOUS than SILVER or GOLD or any gift that can be bought or sold!

  • Christmas is not found in the gifts under the tree, neither is it found in the food or drinks at the party. The real Christmas is CHRIST and found in your HEART is where He desires to be! Without CHRIST in your HEART Christmas is just an event you see.
  • Some people speak what they think without thinking about what they are speaking! Speak what you think only after you think about what you are going to speak!

  • Some of the time the devil's work is done by those who claim to be Christian and serving the Lord! The devil will get you to do a GOOD thing if it will deter you from doing the BEST thing. It may be a GOOD thing to be in relationship with a religious organization, but the BEST thing is to be in relationship with God!

  • You may be facing the biggest trial of your life at the moment, take courage in the fact that "God would not bring you to it, if He was not going to bring you through it". Keep your faith and trust in Him as you go through it, you will come out of it and what you experience in it will be to your benefit.

  • The light from a single candle cannot be extinguished by the darkest night, but darkest hour of the darkest night can be illuminated by a single candle. Don't curse the darkness that people find themselves in, be the light that dispels it. DARKNESS cannot exist where LIGHT is! You are the LIGHT of the world!

  • INFLUENCING people by EXAMPLE is far more effective than INFLUENCING people by giving them ADVICE. Keep in mind that how and what you INFLUENCE others with has the ability to AFFECT GENERATIONS.

  • Christmas is not about getting STRESSED by the hustle and bustle of buying and giving of what we think are the best gifts. LIVING and GIVING the spirit of Christmas, Joy, Peace, Kindness, and Love is the BEST of Christmas giving. This is especially so when it is LIVED and GIVEN all during the year.

  • The admonition of scripture is to be CHILDLIKE in character and in the way they trust, not to be CHILDISH in attitude!
  • Being happy on life's journey depends on traveling it with the right ATTITUDE, a KIND, FORGIVING and LOVING spirit, a HELPING hand, and being a FRIEND to people.
  • Being MATURE as little to do with your age in years. It has more to do with the life experiences you have had, your reaction to those experiences and what you have learned from them.

  • Being narrow-minded hinders your ability to learn as much as you can about a certain belief or topic and could lead to a limited or even a false understanding. Be broad-minded enough to explore the possibility that there may be further enlightenment on a belief or topic that you are not aware of yet. There is much TRUTH yet to learn, even though you may think you have the corner on TRUTH!

  • You will TRUST people only as much as you LOVE people. You will not LOVE people because you have observed, studied and know about them, you will LOVE people because you KNOW them and have TOUCHED them with your HEART. Only out of HEART LOVE can you plunge into total TRUST.

  • The DEATH of Christianity will not be because people will not accept the gospel, but that they will accept the watered down version of the gospel that is promoted by RELIGIOUS establishments! Going to “church”, paying dues, abiding by man-made rules and regulations does not make one a follower of Christ. A RELATIONAL journey with God through the sacrifice of Jesus allows that RELATIONSHIP to be formed and grow along life's journey.

  • You can BLESS someone today and give them HOPE by giving them a smile, an “How are you today” greeting and a warm caring hug. Why not BLESS somebody with HOPE today!
  • Rather than seeking out the truth, it seems that a lot of people try to persuade other people to agree with and accept their version of the truth. By increasing the number of people who believe your version of truth does not make it truth. Maybe you have convinced them to believe that a UNTRUTH is TRUTH. Before believing something is TRUTH seek out the TRUTH!
  • If LOVE, RESPECT, KINDNESS and APPRECIATION are not demonstrated in the home, it is difficult for LOVE RESPECT, KINDNESS and APPRECIATION to be a part of your child's life when they are adults.

  • There is a difference in people working FOR you than it is in people working WITH you! You can hire, manipulate and control, you can use shame and guilt to get people to work FOR you, you must win people's heart and trust to get people to work WITH you. Be a person that people want to work WITH and you will be person of RESPECT.

  • It is human to agree with and support the majority in making decisions, but to stand alone for the truth is divine. Because the majority agrees on something does not necessarily make it the right decision. If you are standing alone with God, you and God are the majority!

  • The LONELIEST feeling a person can experience is to be neglected, forgotten or feel they are not needed. Provide COMFORT, KINDNESS and FRIENDSHIP to people and you will not only dispel their LONELINESS, you will also ensure that you will never be LONELY AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN!

  • ENCOURAGEMENT gives the ability for people to achieve what they thought they never could. Be somebody's INSPIRATION by being an ENCOURAGER!

  • Don't be in such a hurry get to the GOOD LIFE that you miss the GOOD LIFE in your rushing. Slow down and enjoy the GOOD LIFE that is around you as you absorb the beauty of God's creation! The GOOD LIFE is in the JOURNEY to get to the GOOD LIFE!

  • Never fear CRITICISM when it is inappropriately directed to you, never shun CRITICISM when it is appropriately directed to you. Don't treat someone's honest CRITICISM as something to HUMILIATE you, but as CRITERIA to HELP you improve.
  • You will create a much stronger friend relationship if you show genuine interest in people rather than trying to get people interested in you. Instead of trying to MAKE a friend try BEING a friend, people will then want to be your friend.
  • Although it may be important to you what others think of you, it is more important as to what God thinks of you and what you think of you! Do not allow the NEGATIVE thoughts of others prevent you from acting on the POSITIVE thoughts of God about you or from thinking POSITIVELY about yourself!

  • The quality of your life is greatly determined by the thoughts you choose to dwell on, so purposefully focus on what is going well in your life and enhance that to gain the strength needed to overcome the disappointments you may face in life. Never forget that God is ever present whether you can sense His abiding presence or not!

  • COMPASSION followed by ACTION with KINDNESS will win more friends, encourage more people, and enlist more support than CONDEMNATION ever will! Live COMPASSIONATELY to have friends. Live being CONDEMNATORY to not only LOSE friends, people will also REFUSE to be your friend.
  • People are dissatisfied with the STATUS QUO yet RESIST CHANGE, yet without CHANGE PROGRESS will not happen, but PROGRESSION without COMPASSION for people and their RELATIONSHIPS is REGRESSION no mater how much REMUNERATION is attained! CHANGE plus COMPASSION equals PROGRESSION. CHANGE minus COMPASSION equals REGRESSION.

  • Some people say CONFESSION is good for the soul. Why are the only wrongs they want to CONFESS the wrongs of others! Keep in mind, while you are CONFESSING the wrongs of others, others may be CONFESSING your wrongs to others! Look deep WITHIN before you CONDEMN, backbiting is a CONDEMNING SIN. If you sow CONDEMNATION you will reap CONDEMNATION

  • REGRETS of the PAST and WORRY about the FUTURE are TWIN THIEVES that rob you of your CONTENTMENT, PEACE and HAPPINESS in the PRESENT.

  • RELIGION has caused believers to succumb to being LOCALIZED, INSTITUTIONALIZED and SECTIONALISED causing the gospel to be COMPROMISED, HUMANIZED and CHARACTERIZED by DENOMINATIONALIZED philosophies and PROSELYTIZED people from being the united body of Christ.

  • Remember that FAME, BEAUTY and PROMINENCE are all written in ICE and over time the sun melts the ICE and the FAME, BEAUTY and PROMINENCE disappears with the ICE!

  • Do you feel UNLOVED, take heart in the fact that there are people who LOVE you dearly but just don't know how to show it. Never forget that you are LOVED by a LOVING FATHER GOD equally as much as He LOVES any human on this planet! God doesn't LOVE you more because of what you do or don't do He LOVES you for you! LIVE LOVED because you are LOVED by God!

  • HELPING someone is a blessing, not only for the person being HELPED but for the HELPER as well. SUPPORTING the person after the HELP brings more blessing! Be a BLESSING by being a HELPER and a SUPPORTER, it will maximize your BLESSING!

  • A person of CHARACTER who demonstrates acts of KINDNESS doesn't broadcast it to receive the praise of people. The receivers of the KINDNESS usually speaks of the KINDNESS shown and about the KIND PERSON who did the acts of KINDNESS! ACT so that you will be KINDLY and RESPECTFULLY talked about!

  • HATRED and holding onto GRUDGES in life is like ACID, it eats away at you until you are destroyed. Harboring UNFORGIVENESS and plotting REVENGE only allows the ones who hurt you to hurt you longer. Hasten your HEALING by FORGIVING!
  • When life hands you circumstances that are hard to BEAR, just take one step at a time and live moment by moment in His CARE. “And it came to PASS,” mentioned 497 times in the KJV is one of the greatest phrases in scripture. Your difficulties, heartaches, sickness and sorrows come to PASS, not to STAY, through them it is always good to PRAY. Though the trials and testings you may still go through, but PRAYER strengthens you as you do. Rest assured they will PASS and not STAY!

  • There are things in life that you can do that you will never REGRET! You will never REGRET saying KIND things about people. You will never REGRET HELPING people. You will never REGRET FORGIVING people. You will never REGRET LOVING people. You will never REGRET developing a RELATIONSHIP with God. LIVE a LIFE that you will never REGRET!
  • Why is it that our best APPRECIATION for someone or something seems to be when we lose the source of that APPRECIATION for awhile? Don't be guilty of not APPRECIATING the APPRECIATIVE deserving people in your life because one day you may realize they are not there anymore for you to APPRECIATE!

  • EDUCATION alone does not a WISE person make! KNOWLEDGE does not equal WISDOM! Being able to apply the KNOWLEDGE that you know is not necessarily WISDOM either. A WISE person will make decisions based on KNOWLEDGE with KINDNESS and CARING more about the way people FEEL and how it will AFFECT their lives, than upon FACTS alone!
  • Preachers...know that people are influenced more by how much you CARE rather than by how much you verbally SHARE! Your ACTIONS leave a greater impression on people's lives than your SERMONS! DEMONSTRATING the Christ of the bible is a more EFFECTIVE witness than the VERBALIZATION of your KNOWLEDGE about the Christ of the bible!

  • A woman deserves no credit for looking beautiful at eighteen, it is either nature given or makeup given. The real beauty of a person is a soul attribute demonstrated by loving kindness whether eighteen or eighty. A plain face is beautiful by reason of the inner qualities of the soul. For that reason a woman can be more beautiful at eighty than at eighteen!

  • People can generally tell the kind of person you are by the way you treat others. How you treat people is more of a reflection on yourself then it is on them. If you treat people with contempt then you are deemed a contemptible person. If you treat people with respect then you are deemed a respectable person. How people view you is mostly your choice!

  • It takes a lot more creativity to find out what is right than to find out what is wrong. It also takes a lot of integrity to admit you are wrong when you find out what is right. That is why it is wise not to cement what you believe as truth in stone because you may find out that it is not truth after all! Is what you are being fed as TRUTH, really THE TRUTH or is it an institutionalized belief of man?
  • People reap the greatest dividends from the right investment. Investing in family and friends before you invest in your career will give you a life. Making a living is not the same as making a life!

  • To live life wallowing in SELF-PITY, to be consumed with SELF-GRATIFICATION, to be absorbed with SELFISHNESS is to live WASTED DAYS and WASTED NIGHTS resulting in a WASTED LIFE!
  • If someone does something to make you angry and you react in anger in return, you have just let that person CONQUER you and CONTROL you. If ANGER begets ANGER you LOSE! Be a WINNER and a PEACEMAKER by reacting to ANGER with KINDNESS and a CALM SPIRIT!
  • Women have a more important and influential role than the leader of any country, in being a GOOD MOTHER. A GOOD MOTHER raises GOOD CHILDREN, they become GOOD ADULTS and GOOD CITIZENS making for a GOOD COMMUNITY and a GOOD PROVINCE, resulting in a GOOD COUNTRY! One of those GOOD CHILDREN then will be a GOOD LEADER of a GOOD COUNTRY!
  • Some church leaders and members are so CONSTITUTED that they would rather forsake TRUTH and lose people than to admit to some DOCTRINAL ERROR that they have promoted has being DOCTRINAL TRUTH for so long. Don't be so DOCTRINATED that you treat people who are LIBERATED enough to question your DOCTRINE as heretics. Yes there are Godly DOCTRINES, but there are also manly DOCTRINES and devilish DOCTRINES! Therefore the questioning of DOCTRINE is valid!

  • You know you are successful as parents when your adult children are making you feel safe, wanted and loved. Adults who are now providing this security to their parents usually felt safe, wanted and loved by their parents as children.
  • The Bible is a book that has been translated into many versions, all have been tainted by man's ideas in interpreting the original manuscript. That fact in no way negates the truth of Gods plan found throughout the scriptures, but by far the best and most influential version of God's Word is to allow the living WORD direct our DAILY LIVES on a DAILY BASIS for people to observe!

  • Verbalization through the mouth gate does not a lasting influence on people make. It is who you are and what you do in action that has a more lasting influence on peoples participation. As the old adage states: “Actions speak louder than words!” Let your verbalization be be backed up by your living.

  • Being attractive and likable has nothing to do with nose jobs, boob jobs, tummy tucks, face lifts, six pack abs or arms of steel. It has all to do with a positive, caring and a giving attitude in living life. It is what is on the interior and displayed outwardly by loving deeds that will make your and other peoples day, it is not what is visible on the exterior for that will always fade away!.
  • Sometimes relationships between loved ones are strained. Because you know not when you leave loved ones if it will be the last time you see them, always leave loved ones with a hug, kiss, kind loving words and pleasurable memories from your visit. A GOOD RELATIONSHIP is the most IMPORTANT VIRTUE in LIFE for HAPPINESS and CONTENTMENT!
  • Look for the WORST in life you will will be sure find it. Look for the BEST in life and you will be sure to find IT...So why not make your life richer and more meaningful for you and others by looking for the BEST that life has to offer and by being the BEST person you can be.
  • The winner in an argument is the first one who says, “I am sorry I hurt your feelings, I love you, please forgive me". The greatest satisfaction is not found in laying blame on who may have started the argument, but by taking the initiative to end the argument, even if you did not start the argument!
  • Many people desire and strive to amass great assets, houses, lands, cars and a large bank account. But, the greatest asset that anybody can acquire is a GOOD REPUTATION demonstrated by KINDNESS in CHARACTER!

  • COURTESY and RESPECT are ingredients that will enrich a relationship while OBNOXIOUSNESS and APATHY will deteriorate and destroy a relationship. Be a relationship enhancer by being COURTEOUS and EMPATHIZING

  • If you pursue love and happiness it will elude you, but if you focus on being loving to, and making others happy, love and happiness will pursue you. Be LOVED and HAPPY by LOVING and making others HAPPY!

  • The greater a person's sense of guilt the more they tend to blame and shame others for their problem. Live and practice a forgiving and loving attitude thus, ending the blame and shame game! You will find that the guilt ridden complex will disappear also.

  • Some people believe you are against the establishment because you debate and question the status-quo. Is it not better to debate a issue without settling it, than it is to settle a issue without debating it? It is possible to DISAGREE without being DISAGREEABLE! AGREE to DISAGREE! Without DIALOGUE all you have is MONOLOGUE and the speakers point of view, that my friend has caused a lot of people to believe a lie!


  • If someone speaks nasty things about you that are not true, the best way to dispel the rumor is live your life so that no one will believe what is said. All of their negative talking can be silenced by your positive living!

  • The good thing about being Kind and NICE is that it is one of the few things in life that does not cost you anything, plus it will add MEANING to your life and make you LIKABLE. So if you have the choice to be brilliant or pleasant choose being pleasant.

  • The beginning of WORRY is the end of TRUST! The beginning of TRUST is the end of WORRY! WORRY to LIFE is like water to fire, it destroys its LUSTER and BRILLIANCE and WEAKENS its POWER. Trust to LIFE is like fuel to fire, it BRIGHTENS its LUSTER and increases its POWER! The best antidote for WORRY is TRUST!

  • What have you deposited into the BANK of LIFE? Are you trying to make a withdrawal of something you have not deposited! The only thing you can take OUT of a BANK that you have not put IN is a LOAN, of which you pay dearly for! Deposit POSITIVE things into the BANK of LIFE so your account won't be in the NEGATIVE when you want to make a withdrawal!

  • If you act in ANGER you are in DANGER! You may have a reason to be ANGRY but is it really a good enough reason to put yourself and others in DANGER? ANGER prevents you from thinking straight and blows out the minds ability to rationalize!

  • If in this LIFE you have missed out on LOVE and LOVING, FRIENDS and being FRIENDLY, and a RELATIONAL journey with God then you have missed the meaning of LIFE itself! LIVE LIFE by LOVING, being FRIENDLY and in RELATIONSHIP with God. Even DEATH cannot destroy such LIFE!

  • The FACT of TRUTH is never a motivation for FEAR or to SCARE you, but a means to PREPARE and SPARE you. When that FACT is NEGATIVE, INVESTIGATION and PREPARATION will lead to PARTICIPATION to understand its RAMIFICATION. TRUTH is the best INOCULATION against FEAR.

  • If you are a person who admits you cannot do GREAT things in a BIG way, remember that more people do LITTLE things in a GREAT way than do GREAT things in a BIG way. Doing LITTLE things in a GREAT way makes YOU GREAT! By the way...the LITTLE things you do are BIG things for the people you are doing it for!

  • Sow in the lives of people: A positive outlook, a smiling attitude, a trusting perspective, a forgiving spirit, a caring hug, a understanding mind, a helping hand, a respectful tenderness, a kind heart, a loving fondness and be to them a FRIEND. You will reap a bountiful harvest for you will always reap more than you sow.

  • If you are tossed on life's stormy sea, unable from the wind and waves to break free. Don't worry... all storms do pass, the howling and fury never last. Trust in your FRIEND to help you through and He will provide comfort for you. Rest and trust, the waves will cease and He will guide you to the port of PEACE.

  • It is possible to do the RIGHT thing the WRONG way. Doing the RIGHT thing the RIGHT way is the BEST way and is sometimes learned by doing the RIGHT thing the WRONG way. But KNOW this, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do the WRONG thing the RIGHT way!

  • Dying is not our decision to make as to how, when or where, it is usually decided on by circumstances beyond our control. We do however, decide how we are going to live and what our attitude will be while living in the present! The ATTITUDE we chose to have while living in the PRESENT will determine our quality of life in the FUTURE!

  • If the benchmark to determine we are disciples of Jesus is our love for others, how do we measure up? “My Children let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.” “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, by the love you have for one another.” These quotes from the Bible verify that...Verbalizing LOVE minus ACTION equals DISTRACTION! Verbalizing LOVE plus ACTION equals PARTICIPATION!

  • The best argument for what we believe is not verbally articulated by mouth, but rather a demonstration of kindness, love and compassion by doing...Sermons observed by life living has far more impact for eternity than sermons articulated by the mouth of a good orator.

  • Your future yesterday is today! Your future tomorrow will also be a today! Your future in one month, one year, one decade will be a today! You cannot live your future tomorrow because tomorrow is always a day away. The life you live today was your future yesterday. In essence you can only live your FUTURE TODAY! LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST TODAY!

  • LIFE is meant to be LIVED! One should never for any reason turn their back on LIFE. Even though you may be LIVING in a dark period at the moment, still LIVE LIFE because the dark cloud will pass, dawn is breaking and the SUN will SHINE again.

  • Sometimes what we hear is dependent on what we are listening for. Sometimes we see things not as they are, but as we are. Our understanding of what we hear and our perception of what we see is somewhat shaped by what we believe and our attitude. Listen to understand and to see with your heart so what you hear and see will be felt in your soul.
  • Why is RELIGION the human response to the fear of DYING...Shouldn't RELIGION be the human response to the joy of LIVING in the LOVE of God. Responding to God out of fear is a potent incentive for the short term but not for the long haul. It does nothing to change people, it controls people as long as their fear can be stroked. Fear doesn't lead to lifelong transformation, but only to a brief reformation in behavior. The perfect LOVE of the Father casts out all FEAR. Where LOVE and TRUST reigns in LIFE, FEAR DISAPPEARS!

  • Nothing is more satisfying or fulfilling than to be BEFRIENDED by someone. Being receptive of that Friendship will release you to be LOVING, KIND and FRIENDLY to other people. Why do people BEFRIENDED by the CREATOR act so UNLOVED and so UNFRIENDLY? Live life knowing that you are LOVED by God, not because of what you DO but because you are YOU. To be LOVED is to LOVE being a FRIEND who is FRIENDLY!

  • The fulfillment of life is not in the getting for oneself, but in the giving of oneself. Leaving a spiritual inheritance by being a loving, caring and giving person far outweighs leaving a materialistic inheritance and not leaving a legacy of love!

  • Some people quit when criticized, others seize the occasion to use it as fuel and determination to try again and not succumb to defeat. The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, say nothing and be nothing. Do something, say something and be something so the critics, who who do NOTHING will have SOMETHING to talk about!

  • The atrocity in life is to awake to the discovery that we have been living in the trappings of doing life and have missed life itself. If we never know the delight that comes from a relational relationship with the Father and with people, have we not missed LIVING LIFE? LIVE LIFE to its fullest by developing a relational relationship with God, your family, friends and with new people you meet!
  • Shaming and blaming does not a relational relationship make, it signifies that a relationship is a fake! True relationship is based on open confession by both parties knowing that love and forgiveness will be initiated. In an open confession relationship there is nothing hidden from the other person, thus no surprises, therefore having to be sorry and needing forgiveness is kept to a minimum.

  • The most important thing in life are relationships that are built on love, trust and understanding. If you amass worldly treasures but fail to develop lasting, loving, caring relationships you are of most men most miserable. For in the wealth of and ...for yourself there is emptiness. But in the wealth of relationship there is fullness and completeness.

  • Some issues in life are hard to bare, but made easier, if with a friend you can share. A friend who listens to understand and hold you up with a helping hand. A friend who will not condemn or put you down, but guide you to recovery's path with a... smile, not a frown. A friend who will stick with you through thick and thin. Are YOU to someone, that kind of FRIEND?

  • People may misunderstand you...Love them anyway. People may not appreciate you...Love them anyway. People may disappoint you...Love them anyway. People may slander you...Love them anyway. People may backbite you...Love them anyway. People may judge you wrongly...Love them anyway. The nature of TRUE LOVE is to LOVE unconditionally as God LOVES you!

  • Is WAR, brought about be GREED, HATE. and the want of CONTROL and POWER really the way to PEACE? Or is DIPLOMACY, UNDERSTANDING, SHARING, and LOVING the way to lasting PEACE! Why must differences, whether in a relationship or among nations, be settled MY Way to MY SATISFACTION, why can't things be settled OUR WAY to OUR SATISFACTION for the good of all concerned!

  • If you want WISDOM help others to be WISE. If you want HAPPINESS make others HAPPY. If you want LAUGHTER make others LAUGH. If you want KINDNESS be KINDLY. If you want FORGIVENESS be FORGIVING. If you want APPRECIATION be APPRECIATING. If you want LOVE be LOVING. If you want FRIENDS be FRIENDLY. You will REAP what you SOW even though there may be WEEDS to overcome.

  • Why do people treat people that are different, differently? No matter the nationality, the disablement, inside we are all the same. People should not be judged by their handicap or the skin color of their face. All people are God's creation and are the same human race. When we treat people differently we cause them such pain, they just want to run away from the society of cruelty and shame. What joy would be in their life if we would stop being so insane, for in God's eyes we are all the SAME!

  • Do we expect too much from our friends? Is that the reason they can seldom live up to the performance expectations, therefore leaving them frustrated and the expectation setter disappointed. What if we just let people be who they are, would we not better see their positive qualities in which we can share their joy and realize that in their faults we can also see ourselves and be forgiving to them rather than being judgmental.

  • People who make a positive difference in others lives are not so much the ones with the most credentials, the advice givers, the silver tongued orator or the most popular. They are not the people who control and manipulate you to conform to their ideal. They are the people who genuinely LOVE and CARE for YOU and show it in life by their living.
  • In LIFE, if you can stop one HEART from BREAKING or mend one HEART that is BROKEN, if you can ease the pain and aching of one LIFE, if you LOVE the UNLOVED and give them HOPE, if you show KINDNESS and MERCY to all people, your LIFE will not have been LIVED in vain! Now, can you see that it is possible for EVERYBODY to LIVE a FULFILLED LIFE!

  • It is not so much how long we live life that matters. It is the depth of life we lived while living that matters! The length of life is influenced to a degree by what we get but, the quality and depth of life is determined by what we give. The knowing of being loved and loving adds richness, depth and meaning to life! In LOVING you are LOVED, deepening the depth of LIFE!

  • The greatest way to ensure your needs in life are met is to help meet other people's needs To lend a helping hand brings JOY to LIVING and JOY is the medicine that dispels sadness which allows gladness followed by laughter. Laughter is better medicine because in its healing properties there are no negative side effects, only positive ones. Therefore HELP somebody for your HEALTH'S POSITIVE HEALTH!

  • The greatest refreshment in life is to be blessed with a FOREVER, FAITHFUL FRIEND. One with whom you can share your heart, knowing that the contents won't be spilled. One who cultivates you to become a better person and not manipulate you for their own purpose. One who loves you for you, not for what they can get from you. One who LOVES from their HEART and SOUL! If you find one such a person in a lifetime you are truly BLESSED!

  • If you were to watch your life play before you on a big screen, would it be worth watching? It is said that there comes a time when everybody's life flashes before them. You are the producer, live your life so that it will be worth watching. LOVE, LAUGH, SMILE, FORGIVE, HOPE, SHARE and CARE and you will enjoy the debut of the production when it comes.

  • Has Christendom elevated HEAD-KNOWLEDGE of the WRITTEN WORD (the letter of the law) to a place in believers lives that usurps the RELATIONAL-KNOWLEDGE of the LIVING WORD (Jesus)? The Bible is not a rule book to follow but a book that points to a RELATIONAL JESUS. It is a mirror that reflects His image therefore, the image that He wants us to reflect of Him. The Bible is His LOVE LETTER to us, it is not our LOVER! To abide by rules or principles does not ensure RELATIONSHIP but, TRUE RELATIONSHIP will live within principles, not because they are seen as rules to obey but as the self-activating fruit of RELATIONSHIP.

  • Will spiritually dead preachers preaching spiritually dead sermons to spiritually dead people in spiritually dead religion cause some spiritually alive people to leave rule regulated, performance based, spiritually dead religion to seek a deeper SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP with God resulting in a LOVING RELATIONSHIP with everyday people as well as Sunday meeting people?

  • Relational leaders are free and love flows from their heart to guide and inspire other people to a relationship with Jesus. They do not legislate behavior and demand conformity through creeds and regulations. Leaders who threaten God's displeasure when people do not follow rules is spiritual manipulation, a form of witchcraft and does nothing to improve relationship with God. Leaders are shepherds and guides, but not the ultimate judges of human behavior. That belongs only to God.
  • The DOGMA of scripture is not up for debate and is irrefutable, ex: “Jesus is the son of God”. DOCTRINE on the other hand should be up for debate. Although is is based on a DOGMA it can come from three sources, God, devil, or man and should be tested by SPIRIT of TRUTH to validate its origin. ERROR and TRUTH cannot be established by DOCTRINE because they are SPIRITUALLY discerned. Having our doctrinal ducks all lined up in a row means little for validating DOCTRINE, the Spirit of TRUTH from God and not the spirit of ERROR from devil or man is the true test for DOCTRINE. Many DOCTRINES are validated by the spirit of ERROR rather than the SPIRIT of TRUTH ! All DOGMA is DOCTRINE but all DOCTRINE is not DOGMA!
  • It is no use to cry over spilt milk...laugh at your mistakes and grow from them. Laugh at yourself, you know others will. Mistakes provide you with knowledge of what not to repeat. Instead of sitting and stewing in a pot of self pity, start stewing a pot of laughs to share with the people around you and everybody will feel better. Use your MISTAKES as STEEPING STONES to greater ACHIEVEMENTS!

  • The formula for SUCCESS I cannot give, it depends on the decisions you make while you live. The formula for FAILURE I can give to you, try to please everybody in everything you do. Some people will tell you it can't be done, you're bound for FAILURE if that advice you don't shun. SUCCESSES in life are built on FAILURES my friend! You are not a FAILURE because you FAIL, FAILURE results if you do not try again!
  • The Church Jesus is building and the temple He resides in are people, not programs, buildings, religious organizations, or a system of ethics, rules and guidelines for conduct. What the Bible calls "the Church" does not mean a "religious edifice." It refers to the global, spiritual assembly of people that are in relationship with God and who together comprise His body. The Church is "God's people" not religions or religious buildings.
  • Would you say that someone who watches TV for 20 minutes a week worships TV? Would you say that someone who plays sports for 20 minutes a week worships sports? Would you say that someone who spends 20 minutes a week with their spouse worships their spouse? say. Why then are people who go through 20 minutes of what is called worship unto God on a Sunday morning considered people who worships God?
  • NARCISSISTIC RELIGIONS have a BIG HEAD and a SMALL HEART. There is to much LOGICAL THINKING and to little CONCERN about what PEOPLE are FEELING. There is to much of how can I grow my DENOMINATION and not enough of how can I help people grow their RELATIONSHIP with God. There is to much CONFORMATION and not enough TRANSFORMATION. There is to much catering to the FROZEN CHOSEN because of their CONFORMATION to the DENOMINATION and not enough LOVING the TRANSFORMED body, the CHURCH BUILT by Jesus.
  • People who are leaving churches doesn't mean they are leaving “THE CHURCH” that Jesus is building nor leaving because they have given up on God or spiritually. Many leave because they want to get to KNOW God through a more RELATIONAL and PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP in daily living, rather than jumping through the hoops of the PERFORMANCE trap and living up to the EXPECTATIONS of RELIGION'S meeting oriented Christianity!
  • God favors NO group of people no matter their denominational persuasion. Only RELIGION does that! By segregating the body of Christ into different denominations maintained by a particular religious belief system set out in man-made by-laws and constitutions under which they function, has hindered some people from KNOWING Jesus and settle for KNOWING ABOUT Him as seen through denominational spectacles . There is a DIFFERENCE between the two!
  • No matter your biblical knowledge or the degrees behind a name, you can't impart the understanding of the love of God in a manner that people will live in the truth of that love, if you do not live it yourself. Teaching is more than articulating... and running off at the mouth, it is better done by being a living example. When a disciple lives the reality of what was exemplified, that is what constitutes impartation.
  • The traditions of men, and denominationalism has made of none effect the word of God among His people. The truth of Jesus Christ the “Word” must be given priority over the traditions of men and denominational by-laws and constitutions. Religious activity is no substitute for a relational journey with God. The Church that Jesus is building is not a place to go, it is PEOPLE BEING the CHURCH DAILY in everyday LIVING!
  • Does FORGIVENESS mean that the perpetrator receives a free get-out-of-jail card and continue to hurt you? Absolutely NOT! Forgiveness requires CONFESSION and REPENTANCE. Confessing and saying I am sorry without repentance is meaningless if I continue... doing the deed that caused the hurt. For RELATIONSHIP to be restored it requires FORGIVENESS from the hurt person plus CONFESSION and REPENTANCE from the perpetrator.
  • FELLOWSHIP is more than hello or a casual greeting in a Sunday-go-meeting. It’s about people intersecting with other people in ways that allow each to encourage the other, stimulating each other to love and good deeds. That’s not about, Sunday-go-mee......ting attendance but how we live our lives each day as we interact with people. TRUE FELLOWSHIP is sharing in people's lives on a intimate level through LOVING them.
  • The rain falling from the sky moistens the earth so it can yield its bountiful supply to bless you with its fruit thereof. So don't look upon the rain as a negative that ruins your day, it is as necessary as the sun's rays are to enable you to enjoy your day. Allow the rain of difficulties that are a part of life to moisten your heart so you can grow quality fruit such as patience, joy, kindness, peace, gentleness, self-control goodness, faithfulness and love by trusting in God . Growth and maturity will happen during the difficult times of life.

  • Immature love says: 'I LOVE you because I NEED you and want to GET from you all I can'. Mature, love says: 'I NEED you because I LOVE you and I want to GIVE you all I can'. It is not about DOING to be LOVED, but DOING is unavoidable if your LOVE is mature! DOING from a heart of LOVE is not a CHORE it is a PRIVILEGE. Mature LOVE is based on more than what you SEE with your EYES. Mature LOVE is based on what you SEE and FEEL with your HEART.
  • Your SELF WORTH is not found in the things you DO! TRUE SELF WORTH is found in WHO you ARE! If you draw your SELF WORTH from the exterior things you do, you are only inflating your EGO! True SELF WORTH comes from WITHIN by remembering your state of GRACE which allows you to establish your TRUE SELF WORTH by being WHO you ARE. Your SELF WORTH is not gained by DOING. Your SELF WORTH causes you to DO the DOING!
  • LIVE LIFE KNOWING you are LOVED by God! Not because of conformation to some religious system, performance of religious duties or by achieving their expectations by obedience to their established rules and regulations, but simply because He LOVES YOU for YOU. There is nothing you can do to make God LOVE you any more and there is nothing you can do to make God LOVE you any less! There is NOBODY that GOD LOVES any more than He LOVES YOU. Now LIVE a LIFE of LOVE for other people.
  • Heartaches, sorrows and setbacks are temporary, the pain will pass. There is a BRIGHTER TOMORROW where the PAIN of TODAY has passed away and where the JOY of LIVING is your portion. How you react to the adversity you are facing TODAY determines the quality and amount of JOY you have TOMORROW. React to adversity in a manner that ensures your LIFE will be overflowing with JOY.
  • Many people seem to think that TRUTH is more important than LOVE by the way they bash people with, and poke TRUTH or what they deem to be TRUTH down people's throat. But in actual fact the most important ingredient in TRUTH and the presentation of that TRUTH is LOVE. Without LOVE being the motivator behind TRUTH, TRUTH is just another way to hurt and shame someone. If you are using TRUTH to hurt someone rather that heal or help someone, you are ABUSING instead of USING TRUTH. Use WISDOM with LOVE to know when to keep your mouth shut and TRUTH to yourself.

  • Everything that is a FACT is a STATMENT of TRUTH but everything that is a STATEMENT of TRUTH is not a FACT! For years it was believed and STATED that the world was flat. Therefore the STATEMENT that the world was flat was a STATEMENT of TRUTH because it was STATED truly, but that did not make it a FACT. Even though what you may STATE may be a STATEMENT of TRUTH by you, ensure that it is also a FACT. Then let LOVE determine if you will make a STATEMENT of or on the FACT.

  • Lasting RELATIONSHIPS are built on mutual TRUST. TRUST is built on mutual LOVE. LOVE is built on mutual FAITH. And really FAITH is TRUST. Therefore, TRUST, LOVE and FAITH make up TRUE RELATIONSHIP where each gives of oneself to help the other be the best they can be. When two people live for YOUISM instead of MEISM, you have RELATIONSHIP that will LAST and not be broken.
  • God's WRATH is not about JUDGMENT in the sense of PUNISHMENT or DESTRUCTION. It is about setting things right. God's WRATH is never a product of His ANGER and HATE for people, it is a product of His ANGER and HATE against sin and wrong. God's WRATH is a product of His LOVE for people.
  • People who LIVE to EAT, SUFFER to LIVE, and EAT themselves UNHEALTHY unable to enjoy LIVING. People who EAT to LIVE, are EXCITED to LIVE and EAT to keep themselves HEALTHY while enjoying LIVING. Instead of LIVING to EAT try EATING to LIVE so YOU can enjoy LIVING!
  • COMMUNICATION is more than verbal diarrhea! Because you may be a motormouth who can talk over the speed limit in a manner to get the upper hand in a discussion does not mean you have communicated well. A good COMMUNICATOR is first of all a good LISTENER, one who listens to understand the others point of view, instead of listening to respond to refute their point of view just to validate your point of view!
  • What would happen if instead of the segregation of believers into different religious groups with each group trying to promote their own brand of religion and doctrine, they were identified as a community of LOVERS that causes non-believers to take note of their FRIENDLINESS!”

  • Who are we to conclude that Jesus' criterion for authentic discipleship is irrelevant as a witness that we are followers of Christ? Did Jesus say that the world would know you are my disciples by your doctrinal beliefs, by how many times you attend denominational services, by a healing ministry, by the amount of money you give, by your worship style or by your ability to preach? NO! The true sign of that you are a believer is LOVE for one another, characterized by you LOVING people on a daily basis. If the believing community took seriously that the sign of our LOVE for Jesus is authenticated by our love for people, it would change the world and the commission of the Church would get accomplished.

  • Be a WITNESS by your LOVE for people for how can you LOVE God whom you cannot see if you do not LOVE the people whom you do see. LOVING God results in LOVING people! We are denying people the one witness Jesus asked for, LOVE!

  • Live in the PRESENT, remembering that your brightest FUTURE is based on a forgotten PAST. The PAST is over, let go of your PAST failures, heartaches, and even your successes in order to enjoy life in the PRESENT and ensure a bright FUTURE. You cannot go back in the PAST and make a new start, but you can start in the PRESENT to make a brand new FUTURE.
  • Believers are one body, members of one Church under God, established, built, and led by Jesus Christ our Shepherd. GOD is voluntarily DENOMINATIONALLY BLIND! So why do we try to build HIS Church DENOMINATIONALLY by maintaining a segregated denominational mindset and assert that denominations are Gods creation, “HIS CHURCH”? God may bless sincere believers in IT, but don't mistake His blessing people as blessing IT!
  • When a door of OPPORTUNITY CLOSES, another door of OPPORTUNITY OPENS, but to often we gaze and stare at the closed door in remorse because of lost opportunity, we fail to see the new door that has just opened before us. FORGET the CLOSED door, go through the OPEN door of the PRESENT and seize the OPPORTUNITY to set your course for the FUTURE.
  • We are one people, living on one planet, under one God. We all are human beings with red blood coursing through our veins. That blood is compatible for all people no matter the skin color, ethnic group, or nationality. So let's LOVE and not HATE, live in PEACE and not make WAR and be KIND instead of SELFISH. No one people are more important than another, we are all equal. Red. yellow, black and white and every color in between are ALL precious in His site. Let's make the world, HOME for FAMILY to SHARE!
  • SEEING people with HEART SIGHT allows you to view beyond what you SEE with your EYE SIGHT so that you will not jump to conclusions based on outer appearances alone. HEART SIGHT is more accurate than EYE SIGHT. HEART SIGHT not only SEES it also FEELS allowing COMPASSION to rise in the HEART, hopefully resulting in ACTION!
  • Some people are difficult to LOVE because of their negative, abrasive, insensitive and inconsiderate nature, or they may be the down and out of society. But in LOVING them you make them LOVABLE! LOVE will cause you to give of yourself to make an UNLOVELY life LOVELY.
  • The Churches COMMISSION is not a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! But it cannot be done by SUNDAY CHRISTIANITY inside four walls of some 'HOLY BUILDING' while SUNDAY CHRISTIANS listen to SUNDAY SERMONS by SUNDAY PREACHERS. It must be done by daily Christians being the Church daily, preaching by their life rather than just verbalization by mouth, demonstrating the LOVE of the Father to each other and to the people of the world.
  • You are your own individual! Don't let any religious organization, clergy or person breathe their identity or belief system into you, binding you by their particular brand of religion. Let God by His Holy Spirit as you follow Jesus do it. Jesus did not segregate Himself by belonging to a specific group, He fellowshiped with ALL believers. A particular brand of RELIGION is not the WAY, JESUS is the WAY!

  • DENOMINATIONALISM and TRADITIONALISM have turned CHRISTIANITY into CHURCHANITY, where a denomination and its particular doctrines, constitutions and by-laws are elevated above following God or loving people and must be followed to be in RELATIONSHIP with THEM or with GOD. Their particular practices and beliefs, weather biblical or not, have been held onto and taught for so long that it is deemed to be truth and is treated as DOGMA of scripture rather than a DOCTRINE to be tested by scripture. DOGMA cannot be rescinded it is a biblical fact, ex: Jesus is the express image of His FATHER God. DOCTRINE can stem from three sources, the scriptures, devils, or man and should be questioned to validate its validity is of God.
  • The real test of true FAMILY FRIENDSHIP with our offsprings is not when they are children and doing what they are told to do because they are expected to obey as they mature into adulthood. The test of TRUE FAMILY FRIENDSHIP is when they are adults and have lives of their own. When our adult offsprings want you to spend time with them and they want to spend time with you enjoying each others company, that is TRUE FAMILY FRIENDSHIP.
  • The SUN gives life to the array of beauty in nature, and is reflected by the moon to provide light at night. The SON of God gives life to the spirit of man and provides light as he travels the path of living. Without the SUN the plants beauty would not bloom. Without the SON the spirit of man will not bloom to show forth the glory and love of God.
  • The work of God in your community and the world is conveyed better by developing FRIENDSHIPS and interacting with people in all walks of life on a daily basis and demonstrating LIFE LIVING CHRIST REALITY rather than observing the activities of preachers and the chosen few during Sunday living Christianity in Sunday go meeting services as pew warmers. LIVE the REALITY of CHRIST DAILY!
  • Where do people find the irritable god of different moods, the partisan god partial to a religious persuasion, the aggravated god disappointed by failures, the waring god of the “just war”, the strict god who punishes us when we fall short of his expectations, or the perfectionist requiring god of the spiritually elite. The true GOD is a God of unlimited LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, shown by JESUS who is the express image of His FATHER our ABBA FATHER...DADDY.

  • Our PRAYER life typifies the religious portrayal of what it is to pray. Ought not PRAYER to be characterized by the joy, infinite trust, and familiarity of a child in papa's lap? An assured understanding that he knows that his child has chosen to be with him. Should that not be the spirit of our personal PRAYER life? God wants us to spend intimate time with Him as FATHER. My name is _________ and I am Daddy's child.
  • The MAIN THING is to keep the MAIN THING the MAIN THING. If the MAIN THING from God’s perspective are people, people should be the MAIN THING for us as people. The MAIN THING in life are people, the MAIN THING in death are people, the MAIN THING after death are people therefore, treat people as the MAIN THING by showing them friendship, love and respect. THINGS were made for PEOPLE. PEOPLE were not made for THINGS!
  • Being BEAUTIFUL on the EXTERIOR attracts the attention of some but, that BEAUTY is only SKIN deep. It is greater to be BEAUTIFUL on the INTERIOR attracting the attention of all, that BEAUTY penetrates to the core of your being! EXTERIOR BEAUTY shines for a season then fades with age. INTERIOR BEAUTY shines beyond time and brightens with age. EXTERIOR BEAUTY is attention getting, INTERIOR BEAUTY is attention giving.
  • RICHNESS, what is it really? Being RICH is an inward quality and is not determined by exterior holdings. There is one thing that is beyond being priced, YOU! Your value is beyond your comprehension. Society will try to put their belief system into your head so they can program you for their own benefits. The world's system is to get all you can and can all you get. True wealth is determined by what you GIVE and not what you GET. And what you give does not have to be MONETARY! TRUE RICHES are what you can retain when you cross to the other side as well as in the now and you cannot take money with you. Therefore everybody can be RICH! YOU be RICH!
  • MATURITY is a continuous life long journey that results in you developing into the person you are intended to be. Maturity stems from wisdom, and wisdom comes from God. Wisdom will protect you from devious people and their cunning and deceptive practices. Have you ever been scammed by someone? Most all of us have in some way, don't allow people to continue to mislead you. Don't be taken by deceptive people. Be WISE!
  • Although KNOWLEDGE is valuable, the LOVE of Jesus is beyond KNOWLEDGE. It is time to let go of our impecunious, impoverished, traditionalist, legalistic, human understanding of God and open ourselves to the FATHER in Jesus Christ. The understanding, compassionate, forgiving, loving and caring God. God is not lurking in the shadows to catch you in your wrong doings. He is waiting with open arms to FORGIVE you.
  • God's LOVE for us does not depend on the status of our relationship with Him. He LOVES you whether you are in a state of GRACE or DISGRACE. His LOVE is never based on our PERFORMANCE even if it is “RELIGIOUS DUTIES”. His LOVE is never conditioned by our moods of euphoria or despair. His LOVE is unchanging, it is always gentle and steadfast. He LOVES people, even people who do not know Him or only know about Him.
  • The greatest POWER on earth is not military strength. The greatest Power on earth is not nuclear armaments. The greatest POWER on earth is not hate. The greatest POWER on earth is LOVE! As LIGHT is stronger than DARKNESS and dispels it, LOVE is stronger than HATE and dispels it. You cannot LOVE and HATE the same person, people, or nation at the same time. Where LOVE reigns there no SELFISHNESS, no HATE thus no WAR.
  • The greatest gift that you can give is not something money can buy! The greatest gift that you can give or receive is the gift of TRUE FRIENDSHIP!
  • If you are to BUSY to develop your RELATIONSHIP with God, you are to BUSY! If you are to BUSY to develop your RELATIONSHIP with people, you are to BUSY! If you are BUSY DOING “christian work” instead of BEING a Christian you are to BUSY! If you are BUSY being a BUSYBODY you are to BUSY! If you are BUSY JUDGING people instead of LOVING people you are to BUSY!
  • RELIGIOUS BUSYNESS does not equate SPIRITUALITY! RELATIONSHIP equates SPIRITUALITY! DOING things FOR God is not the same as BEING in RELATIONSHIP WITH God which develops into DOING things WITH God.
  • What you have NEGLECTED to do, let go off! Some of the saddest words of the tongue are "It might have been." No one escapes missed opportunity it happens to everybody. We fail more by what we NEGLECT to do than by what we try to do. We could have helped, loved, and shown compassion. But by pursuing our own interests we left words of gratitude unspoken and acts of kindness undone. There is no solace in failure by NEGLECT! There is no shame in failure while trying to do.
  • Doing things that distract from your positive heart value system (backbiting, hating, holding grudges, despising, etc.) will weaken your relationship status with God and with your fellow man. Do things that will strengthen (love, forgive, respect, befriend, etc) your relationship with God and your fellow man.
  • Use WISDOM in in setting and reaching your GOALS, your greatest accomplishment and victory today may be your worst defeat tomorrow.
  • Do not use people as a benchmark to COMPARE or EVALUATE yourself by, God made you a unique person, so BE YOU. Also do not BRAG about your own accomplishments or status in life, arrogance is not a winning quality. BOAST not about your abilities, it tends to foster a SUPERIOR and PRIDEFUL attitude. Remember PRIDE leads to DESTRUCTION. Live a HUMBLE life in LOVE and GRATITUDE to God and to your fellow man!
  • TODAY'S BLESSINGS are TOMORROW'S JOYS! Being a BLESSING to someone TODAY will not only BLESS them, but you will be BLESSED as well and ensure that they and you experience JOY for TOMORROW. TOMORROW'S JOYS are TODAY'S BLESSINGS, BLESS someone on a daily basis so you will experience JOY in all your TOMORROWS.
  • Be CAREFUL to be THOUGHTFUL and WATCHFUL to be PRAYERFUL, HOPEFUL, HELPFUL, PEACEFUL, CHEERFUL, JOYFUL, resulting in you being RESTFUL and BEAUTIFUL! Being this way will also ensure that you are not TEARFUL, FEARFUL, SPITEFUL, REVENGEFUL or HATEFUL, but it will cause you to be THANKFUL and LOVABLE.
  • Your ATTITUDE sets the course for your day. If you are experiencing rough waters, maintaining the right ATTITUDE will ensure you sail through the storm without losing your JOY or PEACE. The ATTITUDE of SELF-PITY and ANXIETY will guide you to the port of DISTRAUGHT and DESPAIR. The ATTITUDE of TRUST and HOPE will guide you to the port of PEACE and CONTENTMENT.
  • Don't let CRITICISM plunge you into the depths of despair and hopelessness. CRITICISM does not equal the DEATH of you or your project. Neither let PRAISE by people cause your EGO to soar to where you think you are better than others! PRAISE does not equal LIFE. EGOTISM equals MEISM. MEISM equals SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS equals SPIRITUAL DEATH rendering you ineffective as a positive influence on people for the kingdom of God. Accept PRAISE GRACEFULLY.
  • The purpose of life is: To be LOVED by God...To LOVE God...To LOVE people. True SATISFACTION cannot be found in: your status, your wealth, or the things you have or don't have. SATISFACTION is only found in unconditional LOVE relationships! LOVE is not about getting, it is about giving! EVERYBODY is LOVED by God, your LOVING God is a decision you make and only by KNOWING and LOVING God can you truly LOVE people.
  • Don't depend on the company of other people to dispel LONELINESS. Some of the LONELIEST people are in the crowd, yes even in religious meetings. God is our EMMANUEL...GOD WITH US. Depend upon Him to dispel your LONELINESS. In an intimate relationship with Him LONELINESS flees even if you are ALONE. He will bring people in our lives to fellowship with, but being ALONE does not translate into LONELINESS!
  • When you KNOW that you KNOW, that you KNOW that you are truly LOVED by God and you rest in that LOVE, the feeling of doom, gloom and despair in your mind will be replaced with a song in your heart, a dance in your step, bring a smile to your face and a twinkle to your eye and will translate in demonstrating that LOVE to the "crowning glory" of God's creation, "PEOPLE".
  • If you do not KNOW God or experience His LOVE and live in LOVE for Him and live in LOVE for people, people may conclude (and rightly so) that you are not a member of the Christian community. For it matters not how many times you may have repeated the "sinners prayer" or attend religious meetings, Jesus said, "it is by LOVE that people know you are my disciples." Let your testimony be LOVE for God and LOVE for people!
  • As important as all of God's creation is, there is nothing more important to Him than PEOPLE. This is borne out in the fact that He no longer dwells in temples made with hands (church building, temples, synagogues) but in the lives of PEOPLE. Reflect the true character of God by the way you live life. It will influence PEOPLE to want to know Him better!
  • The work of the Church is outside the four walls of the institution called the church. The work of the Church is in the world! Nowhere are the people exhorted "to come to Church" But the Church's mandate is clear: she must go to the world. The institutionalized church believes this is accomplished by sending missionaries all over the world to evangelize the lost. For almost 2000 years this practice has not accomplished its goal. The only way the CHURCH can go into all the world is by every member of the CHURCH (the BODY of CHRIST) being the CHURCH on a daily basis and not relegating CHURCH to programmed meetings led by professional clergy.
  • The CHURCH that Jesus said He would build was not to be separated from secular society but be a part of secular society without subscribing to the world system. The separation of CHURCH and STATE has fostered ISOLATIONISM and has caused the church to look INWARD to its own selfish needs instead of OUTWARD to the needs of society! INFLUENCE the people of the world by being the CHURCH DAILY!
  • Being a member of a society club or church group does not dispel LONELINESS. CROWDS prevent TRUE FELLOWSHIP. TRUE FELLOWSHIP is more than greeting somebody with a good morning, or God is good, isn't He? TRUE FELLOWSHIP requires companionship, mutual support, togetherness and being intimately involved in a person's life. This does not happen in some meeting. It requires being a FRIEND
  • Give your face a lift by smiling at people today, It will encourage and cheer as they go along their way. A smile is contagious, they will pass it along to people they see, making the world around them a better place to be.
  • Do not let life's difficulties, adverse circumstances, hindrances, setbacks, sickness, or barriers to relationships, CONQUER you. You CAN and WILL CONQUER them. You are MORE than a CONQUEROR. God is GREATER than any dilemma that you may face. His STRENGTH and POWER to OVERCOME is available to you by TRUSTING Him. TRUST in Him will free you from FEAR and WORRY so that whether you are delivered from the problem or given grace to go through the problem you will be VICTORIOUS!
  • There are more people imprisoned outside of jail then there are behind iron bars inside jail. People imprisoned by unforgiveness, negative attitudes, hatred, egotism, narcissism, loneliness, conceit, concepts, philosophies, ideologies and denominational traditions. Release yourself from the prison of self by tearing down the above STRONGHOLDS and step into the FREEDOM that is available in Jesus Christ.
  • Your ATTITUDE affects the way you feel, the way you treat people, the way people view and treat you, and the influence you have on people. Therefore realize how IMPORTANT you are to people and portray a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.
  • There is an innate desire in us to experience the concept of PEACE and CONTENTMENT which brings a sense of wholeness in RELATIONSHIPS. When that PEACE and CONTENTMENT is broken, our spirits know it even when we try to conceal it inwardly. The blessing of FORGIVENESS and RECONCILIATION from a heart of LOVE and COMPASSION is the art of building TRUE RELATIONSHIPS.
  • Spiritual MATURITY is not measured by the number of meetings you attend, how well you can preach, how much bible knowledge you possess, the size of your particular "church", what office you may hold or what degree you may have from seminary. If we judge ourselves only by what we hear and know, according to James we are "deceiving" ourselves. True spiritual MATURITY is living a life of TRUST in God and living the FRUIT of the SPIRIT while showing COMPASSION to all humanity stemming from a relational relationship with God..
  • SELF-DECEPTION begins with a wrong concept of yourself, a wrong concept of others and a wrong concept of God. This leads to an elevation of egos, even to the point where sometimes people think they know better than God, or at least that is what is shown by their actions!
  • True LEADERS of the CHURCH are not heading up some religious group, devising procedures of worship order or building up their own empires. Nor are they clergy who prescribe to their own brand of religion by following agendas set out by the hierarchy structure of a particular denomination. True LEADERS are pointing people to reality of life in CHRIST, the only HEAD of the CHURCH, and sharing that reality by the life they live as being the CHURCH on a daily basis. The New Testament CHURCH lived this reality and as such people were added to the CHURCH daily.
  • Jesus didn't leave the building of HIS CHURCH to man. He HIMSELF is the builder. He didn't leave a model to build by, but an example to follow. CHURCH LIFE isn't experienced because we meet in a certain place, but because we learn to listen to God together and let him teach us how to SHARE HIS life DAILY. If we substitute a methodical system for that process, we will will end up following the process instead of HIM.
  • It is far better to TRUST even though on times that TRUST may be misplaced or destroyed than it is to live a life of suspicion and accusation and be wrong. The ramifications of being wrong in your accusation and suspicion of people is far worse than being hoodwinked by someone who would misuse your TRUST. Be TRUSTING and TRUSTWORTHY!
  • SORROW causes you to look back and live in the PAST. Don't SORROW as those who have no HOPE. WORRY causes you to FEAR and live in the FUTURE! Don't WORRY, it destroys your PEACE? FAITH, causes you to look up to the source of your HELP while living in the PRESENT. TRUST in God will give you STRENGTH, CONTENTMENT and PEACE..
STOPS wort taking:
STOP treating friends as pawns as a means to boost your own ego.
STOP and destroy the barrier of pride centered around your own self esteem.
STOP treasuring things above people.
STOP frowning and start smiling,
STOP hating and start loving.
STOP crying and start laughing.
STOP complaining and start praising.
STOP setting yourself up as judge and jury
STOP yelling and start talking.
STOP taking and start giving.
STOP being so self-focused so you will feel the pain others feel.
STOP hardening your heart so you will show compassion.
STOP putting your relationship with religion above your relationship with God and people.
STOP losing God consciousness because of worldly idols.
STOP viewing yourself as a mistake in God's Plan. God does not make mistakes.
STOP relegating Church to Sunday meetings in buildings and be the Church in daily life.

  • A TRUE FRIEND will help correct your FAULTS without condemning you, strengthen you when you are WEAK without hurting you, and will never magnify the WORSE about you to others. A TRUE FRIEND will always praise you for your ACCOMPLISHMENTS, credit you for your STRENGTHS and magnify the BEST about you to others. A TRUE FRIEND LOVES unconditionally!
  • Never underestimate the POWER of your ACTIONS. ACTIONS will influence people POSITIVELY or NEGATIVELY. One small gesture or saying, can change a person's life for BETTER or for WORSE. God brings people across our path so we can impact them in a POSITIVE manner to make their life BETTER.
  • Mothers are at the top of the ladder when it comes to VIP's. Without mothers giving life to offspring, nurturing and shaping the characters of children there would be no civilization of humans on earth, not to mention VIP's. God knew women were the most important people because He designed you to be a MOTHER! So you men out there who think you are VIP's, take a back seat to MOTHERS! Have a Happy Mother's Day Moms!
  • Four phrases if practiced in your daily life, will make your life miserable. 1. Holding grudges. 2. Remembering the hurtful things done to you. 3. Being hateful to and jealous of others. 4. Crying and wallowing in self pity. Four words if applied to daily life will make your life worth living. 1. FORGIVE, it will set you free from the prison of self. 2. FORGET, intentionally do not recall the wrongs of the past. 3. LOVE, it brings peace and is kind to others. 4. LAUGH, it doth good like a medicine and will prevent you from sinking into despair.
  • Relational Christianity is not a series of religious meetings held on selected days of the week! It is life itself. The true nature of CHURCH is not reflected by religious gatherings programmed and dominated by professional clergy or a select few, held in holy places specifically reserved to experience God. God doesn't dwell in temples made with hands. Rather, CHURCH is reflected in the relational way followers of Christ live their everyday life in the spiritual extended community, demonstrating the life of Christ working through them in love and compassion, where it counts the most...everyday living! Coming together as believers ought to be a celebration of Church life as a result of everyday living where all share with the body as functioning parts!
  • True WEALTH is not so much based on DIAMONDS, SILVER or GOLD. True WEALTH is more contingent on HEALTH in BODY, SPIRIT and SOUL and by the love of FAMILY and FRIENDS, Be thankful for the gifts of HEALTH, FAMILY and FRIENDS!
  • The storms you may be facing in life are temporary. Worrying and fretting only causes FEAR that narrows your vision leaving you without a compass and costs you your PEACE. Try to see the bigger picture, put your TRUST in God, this will allow you to acquire His REST and PEACE while remaining CALM through the storm and you will come out of the storm a WISER person because of the KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING gained.
  • To live a FULFILLED life: Be willing to admit your mistakes and learn from them. Be humble and anchored in treating people with respect. Be sincere, caring and giving. Be a positive person rather that a negative person. Realize the difference between reality and dreams. Be more than successful, be significant. Have a warm heart, a forgiving spirit and open arms. Do not allow a rain cloud to darken the whole day. Establish a relationship with God that results in a relationship with people. Live with hope, joy and peace.
  • Your STATUS in life matters little, if you fail to prepare for your STATUS in the afterlife. Your STATUS in life is temporary, your STATUS in the afterlife is eternal. Ensure that your STATUS in the afterlife will be far greater that your STATUS in this life.
  • The FACT that something is STATED TRULY does not ensure the FACT it is a STATEMENT of TRUTH! If you repeat something as it was told to you, it is TRULY STATED. But it is not a STATEMENT of TRUTH if what was told you is not TRUE. SPEAK THE TRUTH WITH WISDOM!
  • True FRIENDSHIP is not based on manipulation, obligation or expectation. It is only in FREEDOM and unconditional LOVE that you can fathom what true FRIENDSHIP really is. In a true FRIENDSHIP RELATIONSHIP there are no disappointments due to expectations not being met, because there are no expectations set to live up to. You relate to each other on a LOVING RELATIONAL level, not a EXPECTATION level.
  • Growing older is is not considered a joyful experience by some because of the difficulties that are associated with the adventure. But growing older is a blessing, it means that you are still on this side of the green sod. So in considering the alternative, GROW old GRACEFULLY. Even in old age there is a lot of living to do and a lot blessings to give!
  • The QUALITY of INFLUENCE you have on people is much more important than the QUANTITY of people you INFLUENCE! INFLUENCE someone today by being a POSITIVE QUALITY person.
  • It is not so much WHY you are WHERE you are or even WHAT you have that determines your fulfillment and satisfaction in life. It is more dependent on "WHO" you are with and "HOW" you love and are loved. WHY you are WHERE you are and WHAT you have becomes more fulfilling and satisfying by HOW you love, and HOW you are loved by WHO you are with!!
  • TIME is one of the most valuable commodities that you possess in life. The QUANTITY of time allotted to you is the same for everybody, 24 hrs. a day, no matter what your status in life is. The QUALITY of your time is dependent on you. The only TIME you really run out of TIME is when you run out of life. TIME...passes your way only once. Use "TIME" wisely!
  • Don't let your PAST control you... Don't let your FUTURE control you... Learn from your PAST but don't fret over it or live in it. Anticipate your FUTURE but don't worry about it or live in it. God has given you the gift of the PRESENT. Make it the best PRESENT you have ever received!
  • TODAY is Yesterday's Tomorrow. TODAY is Tomorrow's Yesterday. By being a blessing TODAY, you won't regret Yesterday or worry about Tomorrow. God has given you TODAY, enjoy it!
  • To KNOW God is to LOVE Him. To LOVE God is to KNOW Him. To be LOVED by God does not depend on you KNOWING or LOVING Him. He LOVES you as you are, and is longing for you to develop a LOVE relationship with Him. The CHOICE is up to you. KNOWING about God is not the same as KNOWING Him.
  • Performance based Christianity stems from manipulation and control to keep you in line by rules and regulations resulting in judgment of your performance by your peers and the hierarchy. Relational Christianity is a relational experience with God based on knowing you are loved by Him and loving Him and extending that love to people without judging them.
  • The true measure of the beauty of a person is not measured by their outward qualities no matter how eye catching their appearance may be. The true measure of the beauty of a person is measured by their inner qualities outworked through their life with genuine COMPASSION and LOVE.
  • God is not a RELIGIOUS God requiring you jump through hoops of conformity and performance in order to be accepted by some religious group. God is a RELATIONAL God who desires to have a relational journey with you personally so you can have a relational relationship with people by demonstrating God's LOVE without judging them.
  • BLESS someone today by your touch. TOUCH someone today by your love. LOVE someone today by your actions. Then cherish the SMILE that comes to their face.
  • The FAMILY relationship works best when each member puts the needs of the other members before their own and LOVES unconditionally.
  • God does not exist to fulfill our will or selfish desires; we exist to fulfill His will on earth. We are here because God wants to demonstrate His love and power through our lives to people. He wants to get us to the place where no matter what we face or go through, people will see that we trust Him and remain true to Him in the good times as well as the bad.
  • The FACT of FAITH will not produce results without the ACT of FAITH that makes FAITH a FACT. That ACT is total TRUST in God that He will work things out for His good and His glory. That TRUST will result in His PEACE being our portion no mater what we are going through.
  • FAITH is not so much about God getting things done to please you by eliminating the adverse circumstances in your life. FAITH is about you trusting HIM to work things out for HIS glory and your good from the circumstances you may be going through in life. On times this may be deliverance from, but more often than not, He provides GRACE and STRENGTH to go through and you come out on the other side more like HIM.
  • While sailing through the sea of life you will encounter storms on times. The winds of adversity may blow with such force that it seems that you will shipwreck, but with your compass set on HOPE and TRUST in sailing to the port of "Father Glorify Yourself In Me", you will come out on the other side of the storm BLESSED.
  • Worry will not empty tomorrow of its problems or struggles. Worry today about tomorrow will drain you of your strength and your trust in God, leaving nothing to face tomorrow's problems with!
  • Your SUNDAY go-meeting PARTICIPATION may not necessarily be a true REPRESENTATION of the "CHURCH" in ACTION!
  • People do not exist to build or maintain the church. Church exists to build up and maintain people. Church is not about programs and religious meetings in buildings. Church is about people demonstrating the love of Jesus. The "CHURCH" is people indwelt by God.
  • The true beauty of a person in all their splendor is not really seen with the eyes. To see the beauty of a person in all their splendor, you must see and feel them with your heart!
  • Forgiving is not so much about setting the accused guilty person free. Forgiving is more about setting you, the victim, free.
  • Friendship is not about manipulation and control to get what you can out of the relationship. It is about loving and giving what you can to enhance the relationship.
  • The important people in life are You, Me and Them!
  • When what seems to be the greatest calamity in life assails you, we need complete Trust in God in order to partake of His Comfort and Peace.
  • Impacting people with a positive influence along life's journey is not determined by your position, but by your disposition.
  • It is not the adverse circumstances that we face in life that defeat us. It is how we react to those circumstances that determines if we give up in despair or rise in victory to grow in maturity!
  • Satisfaction in life does not stem from the STUFF you accumulate, but from the positive influence you leave with people. Life is not about loving things, it is about loving people!
  • Purity rises like a sweet smelling aroma to God. Purity is not gained by outward religious conformation, but by inward spiritual transformation. It is not a working from the outside in, but a working from the inside out!
  • Your may not be able to see the sun because of the dark clouds of circumstances you are facing. But always remember that above the dark clouds the SUN is always SHINING. Even though you may not be able to see the SUN, remember the SON is always with you to help you!
  • If you are not feeling the way you want to, start acting the way you want to feel and you will soon begin to feel the way you are acting.
  • If you don't know your Bible, you will believe the preacher!
  • Not necessarily in a Sunday meeting will people see the reality of God, for He is more correctly seen in the acts of love, kindness, compassion, and in faces of men and women who are in a RELATIONAL journey with Him while BEING the "CHURCH" seven days a week.
  • A SMILE causes a SMILE to come to the face of the one it is given and it travels a long way. So why don't you start a smile on its journey by SMILING at people today. It will cause a bright spot in their day.

Truth Nuggets by Others.

George Barna
"You should realize that the Bible neither describes nor promotes the local church as we know it today. The local church many have come to cherish—the services, offices, programs, buildings, ceremonies—is neither biblical or unbiblical. It is abiblical—that is, such an organization is not addressed in the Bible.”

Henri J.M. Nouwen
We are called to be fruitful - not successful, not productive, not accomplished. Success comes from strength, stress, and human effort. Fruitfulness comes from vulnerability and the admission of our own weakness.”

Donald Miller
“I believe that the greatest trick of the devil is not to get us into some sort of evil but rather have us wasting time. This is why the devil tries so hard to get Christians to be religious. If he can sink a man’s mind into a habit, he will prevent his heart from engaging God.”

Jake Colsen
We humans are notorious for taking something Scripture describes as a reality, giving a term to it and thinking we’ve replicated the reality. Paul talked about the church that gathered in various homes, but he never called it ‘house church’. Houses were just where they ended up in their life together. Jesus was the focus, not the location.

Brennan Manning
“When religion replaces the actual experience of the living Jesus, when we lose the authority of personal knowing and rely on the authority of books, institutions, and leaders, when we let religion interpose between us and the primary experience of Jesus as the Christ, we lose the very reality that religion itself describes as ultimate.”

Christoph Blumhardt
"Brothers and sisters, break free from whatever ruts you have settled into! Whoever does not want to be set free - well, suit yourself, but don’t say you are living in Christ’s spirit. You can continue in the old ways and be a part of Christianity, but not of God’s kingdom. You can live in Christianity but not in Christ; the gulf between the two is great."

Henri Nouwen
"Much Christian leadership is exercised by people who do not know how to develop healthy, intimate relationships and have opted for power and control instead. Many Christian empire builders have been people unable to give and receive love."

Wayne Jacobson
"We value God’s power over human effort, transformation over conformity, mutuality over hierarchy, authenticity over entertainment, modeling over celebrity, following Jesus rather than implementing models, and the presence of the Living Christ above all else."

Dallas Willard
"Even in its ruined condition a human being is regarded by God as something immensely worth saving. Sin does not make you worthless, but only lost."

Anne Lamott
"Expectations are resentment waiting to happen."
"Not forgiving is like swallowing rat poison and waiting for the rat to die."

Dave Barry
"Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic."

Brennan Manning
"Ruthless trust comes down to this: faith in the person of Jesus and hope in his promise in spite of all disconcerting appearances."

Rose Kennedy "Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?"

Chinese Proverb "You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair."

When TRUTH is found it stands in judgment of us, we never stand in judgment of TRUTH!

Quoter Unknown
If you don't know who you are, anybody can give you an identity!
If you don't know where you are going, any old road will take you there!
If you don't know what you want, you will accept anything!

Without Christ you are not ready to die. With Christ you have every reason to live.

You can be confident about your future if you walk with God in the present.

Never fear criticism when you are right, never ignore it when you are wrong.

God uses ordinary people to carry out His extraordinary plan.

After all is said and done, there is far more said than done.

Blaise Pascal:
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.

Jonathan Swift:
We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.

Denis Waitley
Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.

Mother Teresa
If you judge people, you have no time to love them.


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