May 2010, Truth Nuggets

  • I am who I am, I cannot be anyone else. I am not you so why try to make me be like you or try to change me to your way of thinking or to believe the way you believe because, it may be that your belief system is based on untruth rather than truth. If you found out that you convinced someone to believe an untruth as truth how would you feel?

  • The circumstances that you may find yourself in is more malleable than you may realize, it is just waiting for you to hammer it into shape with the hammer of attitude. You can use the hammer of negative attitude or you can use the hammer of positive attitude. The choice is yours!
  • A contented life is found not in the absence of difficulties or hardships, but in your reaction to such!

  • Doing GOOD to look GOOD seems to be the order of the day especially in the religious world. Covering up that which is not GOOD, IS NOT GOOD! Doing GOOD to LOOK GOOD is not GOOD. What is honorable is to do GOOD because you ARE GOOD!
  • Though things may look bleak, it is God that you must continue to seek. He has your ultimate good in mind and it will work out in His time. Be strong and trust Him through the storm for He will not leave you forlorn. You plus God equals victory!
  • The GRACEFUL GRACE of our GRACIOUS Savior is GRACIOUSLY GREAT. Be thankful that it is by GRACE and GRACE alone that allows people to be in relationship with God. “AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET THE SOUND”
  • God is not so much concerned about getting us to heaven or joining some “church” as is religions prime objective. God is more concerned about getting heaven’s atmosphere into us so the earth can be filled with His glory as He lives His life through us by loving and serving people in our daily living.

  • You are not a victim of circumstances unless YOU CHOSE to be! Circumstances will make you better or bitter, the choice is yours and is dependent on how you respond to the circumstance. Let circumstances make you a better person.
  • Living in a GRACE-FULL relationship with Jesus as your only source of life and acceptance is an affront to performance based religion who believe you gain God’s approval by the religious behavior of obeying constitutions, bylaws, rules and regulations. Performance based religion has given their followers a distorted image of God and the GRACE of God, including the GRACE-FULL LOVE RELATIONSHIP He desires with people.
  • Religion regulation is about system preservation which promotes God revelation according to the viewpoint of the denomination more than God revelation via His Spirit who, according to scripture, reveals to us all things spiritual.
  • LIFE in CHRIST far exceeds LIFE in RELIGION! LIFE in RELIGION stunts growth, LIFE in CHRIST promotes growth. LIFE in RELIGION shackles with chains of bondage, LIFE in CHRIST promotes freedom from religious bondage. LIFE in RELIGION is exterior showmanship to look good in the eyes of men, LIFE in CHRIST is an inner change where your relationship with God shows in your living.
  • Give a smile to and be a little kinder to the people you meet today. More than likely they are going through some kind of battle. Your smile and kind action may brighten their way and help them through their day.
  • Any methodology that may be used to enforce a performance standard or to keep a religious system intact is a false god or IDOL. Anything you serve, or anything from which you derive your sense of life, worth or acceptance other than God is an IDOL. This false god affirms your worth by how you appear and how you perform to standards set out by the organization and your confirmation is confirmed by what people think. Religion is a system where APPEARANCE is more important than REALITY!
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about problems that you may encounter. Because you talk about problems in a organization does not mean you caused the problem, it means that you EXPOSED the problem. The “can’t-talk” rule is meant to conceal wrong doings for the sake of maintaining a proper external image to look good to the public.
  • If you feel the load of guilt and pressure being under the yoke and burden of spiritual performance by adhering to rules and regulations, it is time to switch to God’s yoke for "His yoke is easy and His burden is light.” You will not find your identity in the spiritual performance of religious gymnastics. You will only find the freedom and joy of your new identity in a love relationship with Christ.
  • Positive external actions does not necessarily mean you have inner virtue but, if you have inner virtue it will show forth in positive external actions.
  • Living right because you fear God leads to external religious adherence to what is expected of you because of fear and is far less honorable than living right because because you love God and leads to adherence motivated by loving God! Living in the fear of God will never bring you to living in the love of God and living as His loved child!
  • Dreaming is the first step to accomplishment, but to fulfill that accomplishment action is required. Stop dreaming and you will grow old before your time, a dream helps keep you young in heart, and if you stop dreaming you have no dream to come true! Take action on your dream to fulfill the dream!
  • If an UNTRUTH is presented as TRUTH long enough and you listen to it long enough you will accept the UNTRUTH as TRUTH, even though it is not TRUTH. TRUTH is TRUTH whether you believe it to be TRUTH or not! UNTRUTH is still UNTRUTH even if you believe it to be TRUTH! Be careful what you believe is TRUTH!
  • Are we a nation of apathetic sheep governed by a government (religious or political) of ravishing wolves in sheep’s clothing? Are these sheep clothing wolves concerned about the sheep they govern or are they more concerned about sheering the sheep for their own profit? A true shepherd looks after, shelters and provides nourishment for the sheep and does not exploit them.
  • In losing your temper and lashing out in anger you put yourself on display by advertising the type of person you are in that you lack self control. One way to control your temper is not to use it!

  • It is not the number of friends you have that makes a difference in your life, it is the quality and character of the friends you have that makes a difference. A true friend is a treasure that the wealth of the world can’t buy because the value of the world’s wealth is far below that of a true friend.
  • Why is it that most institutions, whether secular or religious, teach you what to believe and what to think instead of how to believe and how to think. To have someone program your way of believing and thinking renders you a puppet dancing by the strings pulled by a particular organization and closes your mind off from understanding deeper truth. A CLOSED MIND is a STALLED MIND that is like concrete, all "MIXED up and PERMANENTLY SET." Keep your mind OPEN to learning,

  • If you take pleasure in slandering or destroying people with words your soul is filled with evil, for it is from within a person that the tongue is hinged to wag as the mouth speaks what is in your soulish nature. “From within the heart of man the mouth speaks.” EVIL THOUGHTS PRODUCE EVIL WORDS, PRODUCING EVIL ACTIONS!

  • My KNOWER KNOWS that I KNOW far less, than I KNOW I KNOW or even think I KNOW. Life's realities are an ever expanding and learning process. KNOW your abilities but also KNOW your limits so you can turn your limitations into situations to expand your KNOWING!
  • Discouragement and disappointment reeks havoc to the mind and soul as a thunder and lightening reeks havoc to the atmosphere.
  • One of life’s greatest failures is not being TRUE to the TRUTH you know or refusing to change from what you thought was TRUTH to TRUTH when it is proven the the TRUTH you thought was TRUTH is not TRUTH!

  • There is no LOVING God without LIVING for God and LOVING people.

  • A life that is ill spent though it be long is not as rewarding as a life well spent though it be short. Spend your life well so that it will be rewarding!
  • A loving touch, a kind smile, a listening ear, a honest compliment has the potential to turn someone’s life around. Why not turn someone’s life around today!


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