June, 2010 truth Nuggets

  • If God be for you who can be against you?....Well, the worldly system will be against you....religious people will be against you.... controlling power hungry people will be against you....but have no fear....God and you are more than all that can be against you, with Him you are more than a conqueror!

  • People who favor the rich and famous but despise the poor and lowly show that the true value of their inward character is controlled by worldly standards and reveal their true character as coveting and prideful.

  • Living a life of LUXURY is not so much what you have around you as it is having PEACE and CONTENTMENT within you knowing that at the end of life’s journey you will have a LUXURIOUS life.

  • Don’t give GRUDGES, UN-FORGIVENESS or HATRED a ride on your journey of life, if you do they will eventually be in the DRIVER’S SEAT and not only CONTROL your life, but DESTROY it as well!

  • The INTRUSION of CONFUSION in your mind is shielded by the ILLUSION of DELUSION received through your ear-gate and processed by your thought process as truth. This will cause CONTUSION of the brain as it accepts the CONCLUSION that the DELUSION INTRUSION is truth, adding to your CONFUSION.The INFUSION of TRUTH is the antidote for DELUSION!

  • The older we become in this journey of life the more our PRIORITIES change as we realize the futility of their importance compared to what really matters in life. The earlier we realize that the IMPORTANT things in life are not MONEY MATTERS, but that PEOPLE MATTERS, life will be more fulfilling as we LOVE people more than things.

  • The ANTICIPATION of the EXPECTATION of the fullness of your SALVATION ought to bring you LIBERATION form the FIXATION on any negative SITUATION you may experience in the STATION of life.

  • Anger and hatred shipwrecks the closest of friendship relationships, kindness and respect bonds friendship relationships together securely no matter how stormy circumstances get.
  • Jumping to the wrong CONCLUSION can lead to a embarrassing and humiliating fall. Before CONCLUDING what you CONCLUDE make sure the CONCLUSION you CONCLUDED is correct!

  • We are well able to BEAR our own FAULTS, why not BEAR others FAULTS rather than SHARING or CORRECTING their FAULTS. If we must correct FAULTS let’s resolve to correct our own FAULTS because FAULTLESS we are not.
  • My Dad was not born a FATHER but upon my birth he became a FATHER. By the time I was mature enough to realize that he was wise in his wisdom and right in his advice I had a son who thought I was wrong. Although my FATHER was not rich in worldly riches, he left me a rich inheritance. Though from this earth he has gone, I can still hear him sing his song and for his presence I do long. Forever a FATHER he will be!
  • The most honorable name is not given to a man at birth, it’s the name given to him at his offspring’s birth. This name is so great that God Himself is named the name. How privileged we are to be awarded the name that God has chosen for Himself. He is FATHER God. Are we the FATHER to our son and daughter that portrays God as a loving, caring, understanding, kind and compassionate FATHER that they desire Him as their DADDY? You help shape the world by being a FATHER. HAPPY FATHERS DAY

  • SELF-SERVING, SELF-CENTEREDNESS and SELF-CENTERED AMBITIONS characterize the age we live in. SELF-CENTEREDNESS, SELF-CENTERED AMBITIONS and SELF-SERVING also characterizes most religions of the world and is the essence of worldliness therefore, to be a SELF-CENTERED person belonging to a SELF-AMBITIOUS group that is SELF-SERVING is to be at ENMITY with God!
  • Having a love for God results in fearless confidence and trust in God that is manifested in a love for people. If you don't love people, you don't love God for it is love for people that confirms love for God ! The perfect love that casts out fear also removes hate!
  • When love is FAT faults are LEAN, when love is LEAN faults are FAT. If you are always finding FAULT in people check your LOVE. LOVE covers a multitude of FAULTS! Being LOVING every day will help keep BITTERNESS away and reward you with SMILES as pay!
  • As a believer it is not so much what we can do that counts, it is what we can trust God to do that counts. The FACT of FAITH requires the ACT of FAITH to see the RESULTS of FAITH. Godly FAITH does not DEMAND miracles, but Godly FAITH accomplishes miracles. One of the greatest miracles Godly FAITH produces is TRUST in God no mater the circumstance!
  • FRIENDSHIP is COMPANIONSHIP based on RELATIONSHIP between people who want FELLOWSHIP involving COMRADESHIP. Establishing FRIENDSHIP is one way of WORSHIP unto HIS WORSHIP (God)!

  • A COMMITTEE is usually a group of people who are UNINTERESTED, UNWILLING and UNPREPARED to do the UNNECESSARY but do a good job in keeping people UNINFORMED about the UNDONE job! Thank God that to redeem mankind He sent His Son and not a “church COMMITTEE”.
  • It is okay to POSSESS POSSESSIONS, but it is not okay to let your POSSESSIONS POSSESS you! Being POSSESSED by POSSESSIONS will prevent you from POSSESSING PEACE, HAPPINESS and CONTENTMENT.

  • LOVE is something you give and in giving LOVE is returned to you. LOVE is not demonstrated by lip service, either by the saying or by the kissing. LOVE is demonstrated in showing LOVE by your actions and is substantiated by the saying and the kissing.
  • The problem is not trying and failing, the problem is failing to try. Failing is a sure thing if we fail to try after failing the first time we try.
  • I wonder....If Father were to speak to His children at the Sunday-go-meeting would people hear the words ...”I desire to have custody of my children, not just weekend visits.”
  • Does the spiritual diet from most pulpits today promote TRUTH DECAY? Could that be the reason TRUTH DECAY is so prevalent in every aspect of society today? Are we at the point where it is honorable to believe a lie just because it is supported by the majority?
  • I want to invite you on a trip of a lifetime, and it is at no cost to you! I have no idea how many kilometers you will have to travel to get there but I know that you can be there in the twinkling of an eye. An open invitation is issued by Father to EVERYONE to take this HEAVEN bound trip but, the choice to travel is yours!
  • It is not so much how you start out on the journey of life that counts but, the way you travel along the journey will influence others. What really counts is how you end the journey of life. If you set your course on the Sea of Hope and follow the LIGHTHOUSE you will ensure that you will at the end of life’s journey, anchor in Peaceful Harbor!
  • Being all wrapped up in one’s self is not a good way to dress for your Sunday-go-meeting!
  • It is far better to be known as a FORGIVER rather than an ACCUSER. It is far better to be an UP-LIFTER rather than a DOWNER. It is far better to be a SMILER rather than a FROWNER. It is far better to be a GIVER rather than a TAKER. It is far better to be a LOVER rather than a HATER. Chose to FORGIVE, UPLIFT, SMILE, GIVE and LOVE and you will LIVE life!

  • You will NEVER, EVER have a good relationship until you LOVE someone more than you NEED them! A good relationship is built on LOVE not NEED!
  • For most people Church is a meeting that they attend once, twice or maybe three times a week and that is about the extent of it. Church is not a meeting, Church is not an event, Church is not a program, Church is the body of Christ living the life of Christ, doing the works of Christ with the love of Christ daily as they “one-another” with people they meet. The Church may meet in a building on times but, the Church is not a building!
  • When things in life go WRONG and robs from your soul your SONG, remember that it is passing through the things that go WRONG that helps shape your character and makes you STRONG, so don’t lose your SONG no matter how LONG you may go through the WRONG!
  • Our greatest concern is not in the believing that God doesn't care or love us because He does. The bigger concern is…DO WE LOVE and CARE ABOUT GOD! If we do LOVE God it will manifest in how we treat people!


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