August 2010 Truth Nuggets

  • Becoming Christlike does not mean we try to impersonate Jesus by doing as He does. Being Christlike is the process by where we allow what motivated Jesus to motivate us. Being Christlike is living the character of Christ, not his personality or mannerisms. If what you do to be like Christ is not motivated by Christlike LOVE you are not Christlike! Christlike LOVE is “others seeking” not “self-seeking”!

  • The “word’ that God spoke the world into existence, is assumed to be a language with structured words of vocabulary, but it is much more. Before the worlds were formed was the “WORD”, He was with God in the beginning. The “WORD” that was in the beginning by and through who God created everything was....and is....a living being with a mind, will, emotions and intellect! What an AWESOME God!

  • Performance based religion leaves people every striving to perform to the expectations of respective denominations while never quenching peoples thirst or hunger for TRUTH! This leaves people THIRSTY for the LIVING WATER and HUNGRY for the BREAD of LIFE! Religion is no substitute for RELATIONSHIP with JESUS!

  • Jesus’ prayer for UNITY means more than being in unity with people of “like faith”. Brethren dwelling together in unity is referring to the community of believers in Jesus having a love and compassion for each other that manifests in loving people into the community of fellowshipping believers. It is not a sect of people segregated by their own religious views housed in religious buildings known as the house of God trying to get people to join their brand of religion!

  • The words we speak are a result of thoughts and images that we form and or meditate on in our mind. We make the choice to verbalize our thoughts either with positive words or negative words. It is far better to speak faith positive based words rather than negative fear based words. Faith based words will give substance to circumstances hoped for. Fear based words may give rise to circumstances not hoped for. It pays good dividends to articulate your thoughts with positive speech.

  • Why do so many of the do gooders who profess to be the best, play so loose with the truth, thus causing hell by what they tell and try to sell? Don’t they know that a lie by any other name is still a lie! Confess that playing loose with the truth is not the best way to profess that you are the best.

  • Religious people read the Bible and interpret it in light of what they believe instead of allowing the Scriptures to formulate what they believe. Reading the Bible that way, their mind sees the doctrines and beliefs of their denomination. Rarely will they find new truths. That is why different denominations have different emphasis on the gospel. The same way Jews were baptized into Moses, (1 Cor. 10:2), so are people baptized into their denomination. Through indoctrination their minds are immersed into a pool of teaching that leaves them more conformed to the image of their denomination rather than being conformed to the image of Christ!

  • Is it possible to fall in LOVE, if it is, is it not also possible to fall out of LOVE? True LOVE is not something we fall in or out of. It is not an emotion or feeling. True LOVE is giving to another without any conditions or expectations attached. If there are expectations or conditions attached, then it is not LOVE, it is MANIPULATION!

  • The earth is enveloped by an ocean of air and is 71% water, the combination of air, water and sun sustains life on this planet. The combination of the SON, LOVE and FORGIVENESS without EXPECTATION sustains RELATIONSHIP that will weather the storms of life for a lifetime with influence beyond a lifetime!

  • Jesus while on earth was God made visible to mankind. Jesus has now taken up residence in believers via His Holy Spirit, we now are to make God visible to our fellow man! What kind of Deity are we making God out to be?

  • The greatest danger that we may face in life may be the danger of our own arrogance and ignorance in thinking we know it all when it comes to God and His interaction with mankind. Many so called religious gurus are spiritually blind and have caused their followers to be spiritually blind and both will fall into the ditch and many will hear “depart from me, I never knew you”, even though they expect an abundant entrance!

  • You are more than what you see, you are more than what you feel, you are more than what you accept, you are more than what you know, you are more than what you understand, you are more than what people say about you, you are more than what people think about you. You are more than a conqueror, you are ALL that GOD says you are! You may not realize it yet, still God sees you as a finished product.

  • The MAIN thing is to keep the MAIN thing the MAIN thing by not focusing on the LESSER thing. By focusing on the LESSER thing you lose focus on the MAIN thing and make the LESSER thing the MAIN thing.

  • LOVE is not defined as to how it can benefit you personally. LOVE is defined as to how you can benefit the other person extravagantly. LOVING to get is SELF-LOVE and is LOVELESS. LOVING to give without expectation is LOVING to LOVE because you LOVE to LOVE and that is LOVELY.

  • Working from within His presence with Him is far better than working with out His presence for Him! Working for Him is religions way, working with Him is the relationship way! God is not interested in you working for Him He is interested in you working with Him.

  • FORGIVENESS is giving up the hurts and failures of a bitter past for rest and peace in the present with the hope of a better and brighter future! Forgive the past so you can have peace in the present because when the future arrives it will be the present and un-forgiveness in the past will give you a peace-less present.

  • Preachers preach that people need to repent because the JUDGMENT of God is at hand, but I read in the Bible in Romans 2:4 that it is the GOODNESS of God that leads to repentance not His judgment. I wonder, is that a contributing factor as to the reason that religion has failed in fulfilling the great commission. People need to see the LOVE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS and the GOODNESS of God in action, that is what will draw them to HIM!

  • Don’t come to the end of your life with the regret of not seeking forgiveness for saying or doing something you wish you hadn’t said or done, nor saying or doing nothing and wishing that you had said or done. It is not that you shouldn’t or couldn’t but that you wouldn’t seek or give forgiveness! Forgiveness equals peace now and at the end of life’s journey.

  • To be FREE from bar-less prison bars ensure that any UNFORGIVENS are FORGIVEN!

  • Being correct is not the same as being truthful. TRUTH is a person with personality (Jesus) and that personality is LOVE. TRUTH and LOVE are interwoven. If you remove LOVE from TRUTH you also remove TRUTH. The message of LOVE cannot be communicated with words of anger. LOVE must be properly communicated and demonstrated. TRUTH is not TRUTH if it is not spoken in LOVE or demonstrated in kindness!

  • If a rich man in his WEALTH is without good HEALTH, he is poor indeed. A WEALTHY person would give all their WEALTH for good HEALTH. It is better to be HEALTHY than WEALTHY, in fact, if you are HEALTHY you are WEALTHY!

  • By touching someone’s life with love, you may not go down in history as one of the greats who influenced the world but, you will be remembered as touching someone’s HEART and bringing a smile to their face, that my friend, is a legacy worth leaving behind. So in this journey of life leave the impression of kind and loving footprints in someone’s HEART and in their life you will always be a PART, even after you DEPART!

  • Thoughts have no power over you unless you act on them. Thoughts are words that are not spoken and have no meaning until you give them meaning. Do not give power to destructive thoughts through action, instead cast them down. If you are going to speak and act on your thoughts let it be kindly and wisely for you are what you think, speak and act.

  • WHETHER the WEATHER in your life be good, WHETHER the WEATHER in your life be bad, whatever the WEATHER, WHETHER the WEATHER, WHETHER you like it or not! WEATHERING the WEATHER in your life will reduce the stormy WEATHER of stress and anxiety that you may sail through.

  • ‘You’ve been in a storm, seems like forever.” Rest in the VICTORY and the LOVE of Jesus and you will ride out the storm:
    of disappointment!
    of discouragement!
    of loneliness
    of stress!
    of reject!
    of misunderstanding!
    of a loveless relationship!
    of lost friendships!
    of sickness!
    of a lost loved one!
    Keep you compass set on the port of HOPE and you will ride out the storm!


  • To LOVE...I mean to truly LOVE, we must see a person the way God sees them...not through their faults, but through the LOVE lens of God as His finished product. Showing TENDERNESS, KINDNESS and LOVE is not a sign of weakness but of strength and maturity.

  • The flaw with religion is that it offers a man-centered theology, rather than a God-centered theology. Instead of the Jesus of the bible it has a Jesus shaped by the particular denomination. It caters to human selfishness and sense of well being. Religions tendency is to make God serve human interests and desires. Religion’s economy is based on do’s and don’ts, should’s and would’s. In God’s economy and kingdom there are no strings attached.

  • A great irony in life is our failure to show how much we love, care about and appreciate our family on a daily basis. When it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, one of the most important ingredients to HAPPINESS and CONTENTMENT in LIFE is family INTERACTION and PARTICIPATION fostering the REACTION of family SATISFACTION bringing “SMILES...SMILES...SMILES!”

  • Difficult times on the road of life are not STOP signs where we stop living and get off! Difficult times are but DETOURS that allow us to grow, and prepare us to be able to help others on the road of life. DIFFICULTIES are OPPORTUNITIES in DISGUISE! Treat them as such and you will be amazed at the outcome.

  • Jesus is:
    God showing compassion!
    God forgiving!
    God showing mankind how to live upright in an upside down world!
    God providing salvation through relationship!
    God not boasting!
    God not judging!
    God destroying religion and freeing people from the manipulation and control of performance based religion!
    God manifested in the flesh!
    God loving!

  • Folks, to many people have discovered that when they come to the end of life’s journey that SATISFACTION in life includes FAMILY SATISFACTION. To realize this prior to the end of life's journey is LIVING LIFE ALIVE. Live so that at the end of your life your family will not be happy to lose your physical PRESENCE but they will be happy about your spiritual PRESENT!

  • Look at your mom and see your PAST! Look at yourself and your see your PRESENT! Look at you sons and daughters... you see your FUTURE. Ensure you ENJOY the PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE by LOVING and INVESTING time in your family!

  • Deposit priceless treasures in the vault of your parent’s, siblings, spouse’s and children's memory bank, it will provide hours of comfort and bring smiles to their face as they withdraw from the bank over the years. It will be the greatest inheritance you can give them and are more valuable than any worldly goods you may will to them!

  • Only intimacy will bring satisfaction and contentment in life. This applies both to the physical realm (intimacy with people) and the spiritual realm (intimacy with God). INTIMACY only happens through RELATIONSHIP! To try to have INTIMACY without genuine involvement sinks the SHIP in RELATIONSHIP, FELLOWSHIP and FRIENDSHIP!

  • A person may travel this earth in search of what they think they need and never find it! Why? Because what they need is at HOME...spouse, children and friends! A happy, contented and lovable family is but a foretaste of heaven! Ensure you enjoy HEAVEN on EARTH!


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