The Name of Jesus

The Name of Jesus is not a magic formula you say at the end of a prayer to provoke God to answer your request. The power that is in the Name of Jesus is because of relationship.

Before my son (Sheldon) or daughter (Vanessa) were born the names they now have didn’t mean much to me. But say one of their names now and my heart fills with emotion, I can smell the freshness of their babyhood, I hear the sound of their voice as a toddler, I feel the pain they endured when they hurt themselves, their crying made me cry, what brought them joy brought me joy, that is the kind of power their name has on me now. If they ask me for something and it is in my power and their best interest they know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I will do it. Their names erupt with power as does mine to them because of our relationship.

It is being in relationship with Jesus that gives His Name power in your life and because of His LOVE and the relationship between you and Him, His NAME is POWERFUL! It is not in the chanting of His Name or the saying of His Name with loudness and vigor at the end of a prayer, it is relationship and His LOVE that initiates His response.

I wonder, is that why there are so few answers to prayer...LACK of RELATIONSHIP with JESUS!

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