October 2010, Nuggets

  • Just because something is invisible to the natural sight does not mean it can’t be seen. It means it has to be seen with the heart through the eyes of your understanding. You heart allows you to see things as you would have them, not as they now are.

  • Truth is not decided by the number of people who believe that something is truth, nor is truth determined by how long something is proclaimed as truth.Truth is truth wholly and solely because it it truth! If nobody believes truth is truth that still does not negate the fact that it is truth! The truth is that truth is!

  • The people who know usually don't run of at the mouth, the people who run of at the mouth usually don’t know! It is usually the silent, listening person who knows!

  • Some people believe that God likes taking revenge on people by making them suffer if people do what they deem to be wrong. They use scare tactics to persuade people to see things as they see them by threatening with God’s vengeance. God is not about giving people what they deserve, He is about delivering them from what they deserve because of his love and grace. God’s vengeance is never against people, it is against the devil! If God gave you what you deserved, what would you have!

  • Many people consider themselves as being sharp and smart because they know much about other people, and maybe they are but, he who understands himself is wise and intelligent and has a better understanding of people. You can KNOW without UNDERSTANDING, but you cannot UNDERSTAND without KNOWING!

  • Can you imagine how much you could care if you would care all you can care!

  • What use is your religious rules, regulations and routines, if you fail to live out faith in the totality of your living? All you are doing is going through religious motions without knowing, or you are forgetting the heart of God!

  • It is sad that when a person’s spouse is gone and they feel restless, bored, dejected and lonely, it is sadder still when their spouse is home they feel restless, bored, dejected and lonely!

  • One thing that people, including those who expound the scriptures, need to realize...adding to truth does not add more truth to truth...it dilutes truth by subtracting from truth!

  • Don’t allow what other people think about you determine how you live life. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out the small voice of your heart. Follow your heart in making your choice, base your decisions on kindness and love for people and you will be heeding God’s voice.

  • The way of doing church today is a combination of performance and grace. The performance part is a carry over from the Old Testament mixed with the grace message of Jesus in the New Testament. That mixture has not worked, is not working and will not work. Presenting salvation through Jesus alone, then maintained through self-effort is a flawed gospel and is not good news. It has left many spiritually dry wondering why “church” is not for them.

  • The doing of the “GREAT COMMISSION” because you are COMMISSIONED is not SUFFICIENT. The object is not to build your ministry, not to build a healing ministry, deliverance ministry, or increase your denomination’s membership. The OBJECT is to have a LIFE that oozes with the LIFE of JESUS, to walk as He walked as He demonstrates His LOVE through you.

  • In living life everyone is allotted time and space, it is up to you what you fill the time and space with in living your life? Remember what you fill other lives with is what your life is filled with. A picture of what is in your life is shown by how you treat others!

  • Hurting people may try to cover their pain, be the listening ear that hears the hurt in their speaking and the eyes that sees their hurt through their smiling. By hearing and viewing someone elses pain your life will not be in vain especially if you help their pain to wane!

  • The ultimate test that two people love and care for each other is that they can disagree while holding hands while smiling at each other!

  • If anger and hate can be provoked that means anger and hate can be prevented! “An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of CURE” PREVENT rather than PROVOKE.

  • Don't ever forget, even though people may not forgive you, it will not hurt you unless you do not forgive them...if you don't forgive them you destroy yourself! One surefire way to get even with somebody is to forgive them. If you get even some other way it will keep you in the prison of un-forgiveness!

  • There are times when the waters may get rough in a relationship, but there is always a course to peaceful waters if you truly love and are are committed. You may not be able to stop the waves of adversity in life but you don't have to sink, you can ride the waves on love and understanding to peaceful harbor!

  • Preacher, there is no use in preaching if your living is not preaching what you preach! Believer, there is no use in verbalizing your beliefs if your living is not believing what you believe! There is no uses in saying "I love" if your living is not loving!

  • It is a fact...we cannot help everyone...nor were we created to help everyone....but everyone was created to help someone. Who have you helped today?

  • The magnitude of darkness that discouraged and despondent people find themselves in is debilitating rendering them unable to get out of the darkness they are in. You can help lift them by the blowing winds of LOVE and KINDNESS and UNDERSTANDING beneath their wings lifting them out of their despair of darkness providing them with HOPE.

  • It is okay to be DISAGREEABLE on some things. It is rare for two free thinking people to go through life AGREEING on everything. But, be AGREEABLE in AGREEING that no DISAGREEABLE DISAGREEABLENESS on any DISAGREEMENTS will cause one ounce of DISAGREEMENT over your love and care for each other.

  • The choices you make in life may not exemplify who you are at the moment you make the choices, but they do exemplify who you want to be, where you want to go and how you want to live. Once your choices are made and worked on you will become and live by the choices you made, therefore make wise choices in life!

  • Far to many people feel that WEDLOCK is a PADLOCK that keeps them in MATRIMONY PRISON. Wedlock is not a padlock because marriage is not a prison. MATRIMONY is to be a PARADISE where LOVE for each other reigns supreme. If you are in wedlock and feel that it is a padlock use the keys of FORGIVENESS and UNDERSTANDING to open the padlock to the storehouse of LOVE within wedlock.

  • People crave for joy but few possess it. Joy is not a result of good circumstances in the natural realm, it is a state of mind in the soulish realm that is manifested in the physical realm independent of circumstances. Joy is not a state of being...you are, therefore you have joy, it is more a state of the mind...you are, but you have to choose to be joyful! Don’t confuse joy with being happy! Being happy or unhappy is a result of circumstances, being joyful is a choice in spite of circumstances.

  • Are you in LOVE or in LUST! LOVE is about giving...LUST is about taking. LOVE comes from the heart...LUST comes from the flesh. If it is LOVE you will never lose interest in each other...if it is LUST you eventually lose interest in each other. LOVE is about pleasing the other person...LUST is about pleasing yourself. LOVE is born in the heart of God...LUST is born in the heart of Satan!

  • Being BLESSED is a BLESSING from God. Why not BLESS others with the BLESSINGS that God has BLESSED you with. BLESS others with the BLESSING of LOVE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, FORGIVENESS, HOSPITALITY, and FRIENDSHIP. All of these BLESSINGS God has given to you to give to others, don’t hoard these BLESSINGS for yourself because the more you give them away the more you have to give away! Be a BLESSING giver not just a BLESSING taker!

  • The strongest ammunition that Satan fires from his arsenal of weapons that he shoots from his foul mouth that renders people paralyzed is FEAR! The best ammunition against the weapon of fear is the ammunition of LOVE because “PERFECT LOVE CASTETH OUT ALL FEAR!” Now that FEAR is cast out shoot the ammunition of FAITH at the devil and put him to flight! Don’t let him kill your TRUST in GOD!

  • Spoken words are a powerful revealing tool! The words we speak expose our spirit to people that hear us, for it is “out of the heart that the mouth speaks.” If we speak GRACE, LOVE and COMPASSION and LIVE a ATTITUDE that substantiates such, we are showing our spirit. If we speak CONDEMNATION with a JUDGMENTAL ATTITUDE we are showing our spirit. People know our spirit by the ATTITUDE we PORTRAY after the WORDS we SAY!

  • If we desire to captivate people and influence them for good, let’s captivate them by demonstrating the GRACE and LOVE of God on a daily basis like we should. When they see the GRACE and LOVE of God in action they won’t need manipulation or fear mongering to desire participation!

  • The ammunition of shame shot from your mouth will only keep a person in a cycle of repetition doomed to repeat shameful acts. The ammunition of forgiveness shot from your mouth will set a person free to repent and break the cycle of repetition. Let us destroy the ammunition of shame and stock up on the ammunition of forgiveness. If we shoot only forgiveness from our mouth the world would be a much better place.

  • We seek friendship without relationship and end up with a wrecked-ship! We seek companionship without relationship and end up with a wrecked-ship. We seek fellowship without relationship and end up with a wrecked-ship. We seek partnership without relationship and end up with a wrecked-ship. We worship God without relationship and end up in a wrecked-ship. The world is filled with WRECKED-SHIPS‌

  • God does not establish your future by your past, your past is forgiven and there is no record of it. Therefore your future is bright. Live in the present free of the past with great hope for the future because you are in relationship with God in the present.

  • To always remain good friends with a person the person and you must be good forgivers!

  • We have learned how to make a living but have forgotten how to live, we have added years to life but failed to add life to years? We have conquered outer-space but what about our inner-space. We are all for cleaning up a polluted environment, yet we have polluted our minds. We have increased our possessions but reduced our values. We know a lot about religion, yet we know little about God.

  • Instead of asking what kind of church do you go to, ask what kind of church am I? If every person that is a part of the body of Christ were exactly like me, thought like me, acted like me, cared like me, shared like me, loved like me, would the “Church” be all that God wants her to be? We are one body fitted and jointed together to complete the body of Christ thus, we are all different but all needed.

    You may not think like me but think kindly, you may not act like me but act friendly, you may not care like me but care deeply, you may not share like me but share willingly, and you may not love like me but love unconditionally.

    You see, when we ask what kind of church am I we are not referring to a religious denomination that meets in a building that is called a church. Rather it is more about our daily life, living and demonstrating the qualities of the Church that Christ said He would build, to people in our daily lives!

    What kind of Church are you?

  • Religion says, if I obey the rules and regulations, God will love me. The gospel says, God’s love for me is not based on my performance. There is nothing I can do to make God love me more and there is nothing I can do to make God love me less...He LOVES me!
    Religion sees people as good or bad. The gospel sees people, as repentant or unrepentant.
    Religion values growth in in numbers. The gospel values growth in character through relationship.
    Religion depends on my performance to makes me good. The gospel depends on what Jesus has done and there is nothing I can do to make me good, the gospel is Jesus plus nothing.
    Religion is about getting from God. The gospel is about relationship with God and giving His love to people.
    Religion is about me and my church. The gospel is about Jesus and His Church.
    Religion believes APPEARING to be a good person is acceptable. The gospel believes that BEING a good person makes you acceptable.
    Religion has an uncertainty of standing before God it is based on what I do. The gospel has certainty of standing before God based upon Jesus’ accomplishment plus nothing else.
    Religion sees Jesus as the means to something to gain. The gospel sees Jesus as the gain.
    Religion is filled with pride and ends in despair. The gospel is filled with humility and ends in peace.

  • Grace is not grace if it is has to be earned.
    Faith is not faith if trust is not trusted.
    Love is not love if expectations are expected.
    Love is not love if fear is feared.
    God’s GRACE is free, His FAITH is trustworthy, His LOVE is expectation-less and fearless. Launch out in FAITH to GRACE others with His LOVE!

  • Never take away someone’s hope because hope may be what keeps them going. You see, hope sees the unseen, feels the un-feelable and accomplishes the impossible. Don’t lose or allow anyone to steal your hope!

  • PEACE is not the absence OUTER CONFLICT, PEACE is the absence of INNER CONFLICT during the presence of OUTER CONFLICT! Whether you have INNER PEACE which is necessary for OUTER PEACE or not depends on your reaction to the OUTER CONFLICT you are going through.

  • Don’t compare yourself with other people. God made you unique, one-of-a-kind, you are an original...don’t settle for being a copy. Be the original God created you to be by focusing on your God given potential instead of the limitations people put on you. Remember the Greater One lives in you.


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