Religion is an event-driven, performance driven Christianity where spiritually is measured by the rules, regulations and in meeting the expectations of a particular religion. Salvation is a relational related love relationship with God through Jesus that manifests in loving to love people without expectation meeting required of them! Religion equals bondage! Salvation equals freedom!
Every community has hurting, despairing, lonely and lost people. Churches are known to offer help to such people by event-driven outreach. The problem is; in most cases, once the event is over the person is forgotten.

A true relational relationship with God is moving beyond event-driven-outreach to building a more authentic lasting relationship with people as a outflow of God’s love. This love is not a forced love, or an out-of-pity love, His love is literally a part of us and we cannot help but love others lovingly and it will outlast any event-driven-outreach.

Event-Driven-Outreach stems from EVENT-DRIVEN-CHRISTIANITY whereby your connection to God is measured by attending the Sunday-go-meeting church service or the midweek prayer-less meeting event one day a week, where the programmed performance is performed over and over each Sunday. True authentic spiritually goes far beyond showmanship where a relationship with the bible is demonstrated more than a love relationship with God through Jesus! The Bible is a book that points to Jesus, and no matter how well versed we are in scripture, if we fail to allow it to lead us to Jesus and develop a love relationship with Him on a daily basis rather than some specific Sunday-event-driven attendance or week long spiritual event we have missed the mark!

A love relationship with God will extend a love relationship to and with people that will translate into far more than event-driven-programs to show that we love and care about them!


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